November 28, 2023

Coronavirus/Wuhan: Are We Being Scared to Submission?

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It amazes me (well, not really) how lacking truthful thought is worldwide. I was reading an article in ZeroHedge about the possibility that there is perhaps deliberate deception, through intentionally manipulated data, concerning how many people are dead and dying from Coronavirus.

How I got to the ZeroHedge article was from an email I received this morning from Guns America Digest, claiming over 24,000 people dead from Coronavirus, with a link to ZeroHedge.

Both articles focus on a suspicion that the “official government” casualties don’t agree with “leaked” numbers, all coming from the same media source in China. Both want to know what’s going on and who’s behind it.

These two articles have something in common. Let’s look at the Guns America Digest article first which states: “Somebody is wrong or lying. Either the WHO [World Health Organization] should not have pulled the trigger on calling it a pandemic, or the Chinese are lying. None of the information adds up.”

The author offers one of two options as to what the “truth” is behind conflicting data, and no other options.

Let’s look at the ZeroHedge article: “…two camps have emerged: one, the more optimistic, speculates that a coding problem could be causing the real “internal” data to accidentally appear. The other, far more pessimistically inclined, believes that someone behind the scenes is trying to leak the real numbers, as “the “internal” data held by Beijing may not reflect the true extent of the epidemic.”

Why should we believe anything found in the Media? There is no reason that we should, but our addiction prohibits thoughts beyond the scope of our indoctrination. Media, it is said, is almost as distrustful and dishonest as the United States Congress, and yet we still believe what they tell us, even when conflicts like this arise.

Consider this. Emotional bias can be defined as, “a distortion in cognition and decision making due to emotional factors.” If we first look at emotional bias, we can understand that “bias” is when we make prejudicial decisions that are unfair, influenced by information which can be both true and false that undoubtedly is driven into us as an emotional distortion of reality – very, very powerful.

Fear is one of, if not the most, powerful of emotions. It certainly conquers rational thought. Those capable of instilling fear in people wield a very effective power of control over them, bringing them to a point where a scared mass is ready and eagerly willing to do anything if they believe it will make them safer.

An honest perspective of all the facts should show us that we are being manipulated by oppression. History has shown us, and our fear prohibits us from remembering. It overpowers and controls rational thought turning our emotions into thoughtless submissiveness.

Coronavirus, like SARS and many others, is a man-made disease. It was deliberately placed into a populace of people to control them through fear. A scared populace will submit to anything. The Hegelian Dialectic is at work – create a crisis, embellish a crisis, present a solution.

Now that I have established the power of fear, let’s return to the media and the numbers game that is being played by the media.

The two examples I have given shows that with each only two options can be seen by both authors. I assume because of their ignorance. They are not stupid, just ignorant…willfully.

The obvious explanation of varying numbers about the Coronavirus (or any other media sensation) is corruption, i.e. that a government is trying to hide something. Note the assumptions that somebody “good” is working against evil. Fear and distrust of government begins the climate of fear. Most media reports play this one on one game of which one side is to blame, almost always with government on one side.

There is more to this than simply control through fear. Some of us know that media presentations use numbers, beyond embellishment, as a means for the Beast System (Satanic Oppression) to communicate their intentions and/or the results of their oppression. The Light in the Dark Place presents an example of how these numbers are used by whom and for what purpose.

Numbers are more than merely for adding and subtracting. Numbers provide a complete other language few are aware of. For this reason, numbers that we see in news reports are, many times, meaningless, except to those who understand the language.

The Holy Scriptures use numbers as part of the translation and understanding of the original Hebrew and Greek languages. The Great Oppressor knows those numbers and uses them, for instance, through his influence and control of all things within his Beast System. What a great means of deception. He is the master of such.

The Beast System wants all the people of this world to be forever scared. That is the simplest way to control you and I. This fear, which, if you will recall from above, overpowers our rational thoughts destroying our ability to think properly. This is also a distraction, forcing us away from a focus on our Creator, the Almighty EL. GOD’s children need not be afraid.

So, when we see and hear news reports about catastrophes and chaos, with it will come numbers, almost always in conflict. The reasons are more than a simple government corruption event. Satanic messages are being sent, and through his domination of this world, that controls things like governments and media, it is intended that we live in fear.

Fear is no good. Fear compels us into irrational actions.