December 1, 2022

When Robots Take Over

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Have you ever wondered what would happen WHEN Marshal Law was declared and law enforcement (people) were told to go and confiscate or arrest/control masses of people? Did you ever wondered if those military or police people could actually carry out the task of arresting or shooting other people?

Wonder no more. Those “people” will not have to do it. The governments will send out their regiments of drones armed with loudspeakers, cameras, microphones for eavesdropping, weapons; biological weapons, chemical weapons, guns, lasers, whatever the incident calls for.

Below is video taken by a drone in China, sent out to tell people to get into their houses and off the street, because of a man-caused “pandemic” Coronavirus.

What will the drones, at the control of some government official, do when someone refuses to obey their orders? I have an idea we will find out sooner than later.