January 28, 2023

Image of the Beast: This Perverted Society of Animal Lovers

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Below is a television commercial that I keep running into when I watch TV. I find it extremely repulsive and sends a message that is nauseating and borders on the edge of complete Beastiality.

What do you see? Not what I see? Who can see and who can’t? Who wants to see?

The message is clear. I young woman is settling down. She pulls a cold beer from the fridge, makes her way to her sofa, and when she pops the top, her dog receives the message that it’s his time. But, time for what?

She pulls the comforter over her feet and prepares a place where her dog can lay down and cuddle with her. The message comes on the screen that says, “The Official Beer of Skipping Cuffing Season.” Of course I didn’t know what Cuffing Season was, so I looked it up: “Cuffing season is basically when content singles suddenly pair up.”

Most would exclaim I am just getting old – which I am and find less and less reason to want to hang around this place run by a scorpion race.