December 4, 2022

The Great Tribulation is Here

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It appears to my eyes and my ears that it is no longer necessary to try to convince anyone that the COVID-19 is a sham. Other than I hope and pray that somehow I can convince but one person that we are at the threshold of the Great Tribulation, by pointing out the fraud, my work would be a victory for the Almighty EL.

The result of what the serpent race governments and world leaders have produced is affirmation enough that it really doesn’t matter what COVID-19 is. It doesn’t matter whether it is actually a virus, or some made up name that means that Satan is gathering up Yahweh’s sheep with the intention of slaughtering them. It doesn’t even matter that COVID-19 just might be the culmination of years of work to poison and kill all of us through low-level radiation poison – i.e. 4G and 5G; smart phones; smart meters; televisions; computers screens; low-level radiation emanating from our automobiles; airport screening devices; etc. etc. None of that really matters anymore.

What does matter is that the ruling serpent race has managed to scare millions of people into compliance with slavery and servitude. With such fear programmed into blind masses of people, this is the beginning of the end. It is here. The Great Tribulation will soon begin. I want to tell you that for those that remain, it will be terrible, but there is still hope. You can still turn your backs on Satan and defy him and Yeshua will still welcome you with open arms. Just say NO to Satan/Antichrist and YES the ALMIGHTY EL.

When I no longer post anything on this website, you will know that I am gone. I hope to see you in heaven. A big party awaits. The race is over.