October 4, 2022

Operation COVID-19: When You Discover the Ass You Really Are

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For those that are actually locking themselves up, scared of getting sick and more scared THEIR government is going to come down on them for not obeying, it’s been just about long enough that many are probably finding out they can’t stand themselves…more or less what many others have already known.

I live near an Outward Bound center where “troubled” people often would come and as part of their “therapy” would be sent out into the woods for a month, by themselves, practicing some basic survival skills and “getting in touch with the real them.” Yeah, that one!

Some people I know (and they probably think the same of me) I figured if they had to be by themselves for any length of time, discovering the inner being, would go completely nuts, especially if and when they found out they couldn’t stand to be with themselves…real asses.

So here we are heading into a month of Operation COVID-19 where fascist governments are placing millions of people under virtual house arrest. The time has been long enough that many should be just about ready to pop, especially having had to spend greater amounts of time with themselves.

I would then predict that with this nuttiness will come social “unrest,” whatever exactly that is.

Operation COVID-19 at work. And by the way, how is that coronavirus thing going? Are you ready for YOUR vaccine? Need an “implant” so you can go back to work?