June 2, 2023

A Virtual “Reality” That Becomes Worse Than Our Present Internet-Based Reality

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In a sure sign the LORD God is at hand, this world can seemingly only probe the topics within “Virtual Reality.”

The other day I shared with readers that Facebook/Meta was planning to introduce technology (nanotechnology) that would capture a person’s vision. Facebook presented it as being able to know what a person was looking at. I asked why? I’ll also ask if it is reasonable to conclude that if this were technologically possible, why stop at vision? Why not capture a person’s thoughts and then project them as reality, which is then fed back to the thinker/seer and anyone else participating in a group theater of virtual reality…which is actually reality of a collection of all participants’ thoughts combined with what they are looking at and thinking. YIKES!!

I was reading about this technology this morning. The author was struggling with the reality of the realities. And yet, I read this, “We already have quite a bit of evidence that people can construct sophisticated realities from experiences they have over a screen-based internet. Why wouldn’t that be the case for an immersive internet?” (Facebook/Meta or any other platforms to promote anything that will remove a person from the “reality” of a personal relationship with the LORD God.)

This escape from reality began a long, long time ago, but in modern history the real push began with the propagation of the wonders of illicit drug use and/or hallucinogenics. Since I was a young man, I always wondered what was up with anyone and their life that they felt the need to escape into a manufactured reality, looking, I would suppose, for peace and happiness, if not just the simple wish to check out of the realities of this world and check into a chemical-induced, fake reality.

This trend has not only grown, but along the way it was changed from chemically induced reality escapism to one of preferential reality based on immersion into digital media/social media, hand selecting those things which please a person’s desired reality, locking out most parallel realities. (simulation hypothesis) So why not bring like-manufactured realities together to join in peace and tranquility? Why not become a “therapy” group of similar virtual realizers?

Before you continue with this bizarre thought process about reality, consider that a “virtual reality” created by a person employing a digital contraption to collect their thoughts and ideas, transforming those images back to the person with the thoughts, or anywhere else, is but reality. The difference may be complete isolation from any contrary of uncomfortable “realities” of other people.

I’m reminded of the book by author Eric Hoffer, “The True Believer,” in which he presents all the reasons a person might choose to believe in something of their own choosing, mostly because the need to feel like you belonged to something which includes like-minded people. A sense of false power and security then exists, giving believers an escape from the influences of other’s realities, shoring up their own. And this is reality? At what dimension?

Not to be lost in this effort is the reason people have a need and desire to escape the world in which we live, for short or long periods of time.

The only reality that is Truth-based is the Truth that comes from the LORD God. John 8:32 says that if you seek the LORD God, and believe in Him, “You will know the Truth and the Truth will set you free.”

I don’t believe for a minute that the LORD God would allow for life on this earth to continue to a point where the only existence is that of “virtual reality.” However, I believe that is the real goal of those members of the “Serpent Race,”…under Satan’s control, to do whatever is possible to keep people from enjoying the realities of the LORD God and His Holy Spirit.

Those who cannot break the chains of Satan’s slavery, are being sucked into any means of escaping the realities of this world. And, I ask, can you blame them? I hate this place. I loathe what Satan has done, through his control of people’s minds, to create a society that is so lost it is seeking digital technology (man made) to escape, even for a short period of time, to break out of the relentless pursuits of evil.

Considering the dangers and the long term effects of such an existence are frightening (if you have eyes to see). Isolating into an existence of man-made ideology, an existence created for them by those with sinister plans, is sure death (spiritual).

If you are looking to escape the current reality, there is only one that is the Truth and thus, only one that can give eternal peace without the need of putting on goggles and/or a headband that can “read your mind and collect your thoughts,”…placing you in a void absent the Holy Spirit of the LORD God.

Examine what spending so much time on cell phones/computers has done to this society. You are being bombarded by some else’s thoughts, with every attempt at making them your thoughts; controlling your mind. To do this requires a person to begin to hate other people who think differently, from someone else’s thoughts as well. What insanity! The real God doesn’t operate that way.

Seek him. Seek His Truth, and the Truth will set you free.