September 25, 2022

When The Left Hand Does Know What the Right Hand is Doing

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Have you noticed that lately companies (larger corporations) are pushing/promoting better “deals” on products and services if you sign up for automatic payments (withdrawn from your bank)? I would suppose, if you follow the process of making “automatic” payments, one could easily conclude that if the Internet went down, these companies, where people have signed up for automatic withdrawals, would still get their money.

We have been hearing for some time that there may be times in our future when the Internet will go down. Some have expressed this might happen for long periods of time. I have figured that, at a minimum, it would be an easy way for governments to censor information they don’t want the public to know about. But, I have also thought, Internet shutdowns for extended periods of time, could make paying of bills, buying and selling products and services, etc. difficult or impossible to do…unless, of course, you are set up with automatic payments.

Hmmmm…maybe there are those who know something the rest don’t.

Maybe think twice before being lured into a better financial deal and signing on to auto pay.