March 25, 2017

Conservation Biology II

By James Beers More on the Term “Conservation Biology” Two days ago I wrote an article titled “The Etymology of ‘Conservation Biology’”.  The transmittal e-mail was titled “Word Games”.  In that article I attempted to explain the origin of the term “Conservation Biology” 100 years ago as a description of the American effort to describe […]

The Etymology of “Conservation Biology”

By James Beers: (Part II) etymology, (et-e-mol-oji), n. The study of historical linguistic change, especially as applied to individual words. conservation, (kon-ser-va-shun), n.  1. The act of conserving; preservation.  2. Official supervision of rivers, forests, wildlife, etc.  3.  A District under such supervision. biology, (bi-ol-oji), n.  The science of life or living matter in all […]

A Wolf Letter to the Denver Post

(Kept to 151 words) As a 32 year Biologist/Refuge Manager/Special Agent employee of USFWS: Wolf presence or absence is not and should not be a decision for persons outside Colorado. Wolves kill livestock; reduce big game herds, hunting opportunities and licenses,; and they kill dogs. Wolves are extremely effective vectors of over 30 diseases and […]

Beware of Professors

The following is a Letter sent to the Editor of the Spokane, Washington Spokesman Review.  It answers an article “Kick cows off refuge lands” by a Professor at Eastern Washington University that appeared in the paper. The article appears after the Letter..   Jim Beers “Once proud” is a term overused in today’s dwindling newspaper publishing […]

Who Shot That Mongrel Red Wolf?

By James Beers I just received this attachment and the e-mail that follows my note here from the men in North Carolina who are giving their all to rid North Carolina of the “red” wolves that have always been no more than hybrid dog/coyote/wolf mongrels. The name “red” is about as biologically significant as is […]

Anecdotal Wolf Stories

Presented by James Beers: I recently changed dentists and last week had my first appointment. The dentist asked me if I was the same person who writes about wolves in the Wisconsin Outdoor News. I said, yes, I am, and he proceeded to tell me how much he hates wolves and how frustrated he is […]

How Long Can a University Go?

By James Beers Cornell U – From University to Disgraceful Nursery for Radicals The first (#1) article below is a current report of Cornell University’s latest and most shameful bid for notoriety. It is self–explanatory. Anyone sending any children to this disgraceful den of academic iniquity masquerading as a center of “learning” should seriously reconsider […]

Dingoes = Wolves = Coyotes = Dogs

By James Beers: Dingoes, wolves, coyotes and dogs are all Canids. The name Canid comes from the Genus name Canis. All four of these animals are called species within the Genus Canis: Dingoes (Canis dingo); Wolves (Canis lupus); Coyotes (Canis latrans); and Dogs (Canis familiaris) but that identification of these as four “species” is misleading. […]

Active Shooter Video

By James Beers: This video below is worth watching to prepare you for something we hear about but don’t really know what we would do when caught in such incidents. There is one problem I have with it however. Since it was created by the Los Angeles (CALIFORNIA) Sheriff’s Department and several federal agencies, my […]

Buffalo as Metaphors

By James Beers (METAPHOR, n. a figure of speech in which a term or phrase is applied to something to which it is not literally applicable, in order to suggest a resemblance, as “A mighty fortress is our God”.) I have just finished reading the latest federal EIS/Plan/Federal Register Notice/Request for Comments written by the […]