May 27, 2017

Scientist Debunks Warming Myth At Congress

Many fairy tales can be debunked by researching Congressional Globes – Annals and Records of Congress.. Supreme Court Decisions and right on down the officially documented line.. It’s actually quite simple to unravel myths and comprehend how these various Corporations called “governments” who are simply the largest privately owned businesses in the world conduct their business. Albeit terms translation for many so called educated people educated beyond their own intelligence can be quite confusing..



Which Reality Are You In?


Geoengineering, Weather Modification, And Weaponizing Nature

Hey George Wuerthner.. It isn’t the cattle and the sheep.. THERE ARE MASSIVE RECORDS OF THIS WEATHER MANIPULATION SCIENCE!!! DUH!!!

Weather Modification History

Who’s really in denial George? YOU ARE!!!.. Or you’re intentionally distracting from the actual cause.. Note in the video what is stated about annual weather modification over the Rocky Mountains..  Cattle and sheep causing climate change would be hilariously funny if it wasn’t so damn stupid.. It be two legged scientists doing it..

The U.S. Congress has numerous historical records discussing this science in the Congressional Globes, Annals and records of Congress.. I’m sure the genius Wuerthner can read search those on his own..

Environmental Groups as Climate Deniers

Truth is “environmental” groupies are Geoengineering, weather modification, and mad scientists really are weaponizing the weather deniers.. This has only been going on under your noses since Tesla..

Cows farting? Hahahahahahohohohohoheheheheheheheh!!!



Coexisting Too Close With A Sea Lion

coexist (v.) Look up coexist at

1670s, from co- + exist. Of political/economic systems (especially with reference to communism and the West) from 1931. Related: Coexisted; coexisting.
coexistence (n.) Look up coexistence at
also co-existence, mid-15c., “joint existence;” see co- + existence. As “peaceful relations between states of different ideologies,” 1954, a Cold War term.
incompatible (adj.) Look up incompatible at
“that cannot coexist or be conjoined,” mid-15c., from Medieval Latin incompatibilis, from in- “not, opposite of” (see in- (1)) + compatibilis (see compatible). Originally of benefices, “incapable of being held together;” sense of “mutually intolerant” is from 1590s. Related: Incompatibly.

stupid (adj.) Look up stupid at Dictionary.com1540s, “mentally slow, lacking ordinary activity of mind, dull, inane,” from Middle French stupide (16c.) and directly from Latin stupidus “amazed, confounded; dull, foolish,” literally “struck senseless,” from stupere “be stunned, amazed, confounded,” from PIE *stupe- “hit,” from root *(s)teu- (1) “to push, stick, knock, beat” (see steep (adj.)). Related: Stupidly; stupidness.

Native words for this idea include negative compounds with words for “wise” (Old English unwis, unsnotor, ungleaw), also dol (see dull (adj.)), and dysig (see dizzy (adj.)). Stupid retained its association with stupor and its overtones of “stunned by surprise, grief, etc.” into mid-18c. The difference between stupid and the less opprobrious foolish roughly parallels that of German töricht vs. dumm but does not exist in most European languages.stupidity (n.) Look up stupidity at Dictionary.com1540s, “want of intelligence,” from Latin stupiditatem (nominative stupiditas) “dullness, stupidity, senselessness,” from stupidus “confounded, amazed; dull, foolish” (see stupid). It also at various times meant “lack of feeling or emotion” (1560s); “stupor, numbness” (c. 1600).stupe (n.) Look up stupe at“stupid person,” 1762, shortening of stupid.

People ought to know better than this.. Must be the Disney Syndrome. This Sea Lion even warned these people once before it came up at the girl a second time and pulled her into the water. We have been coexisting with wildlife all throughout recorded history.  Offering ourselves up as sacrifices to wildlife is not coexisting. It’s stupid. I’ve never had food say hello and offer itself to me before..



U.N.E.P. – Agenda 2100 Smart Cities: Orwell’s Dystopic Nightmare Being Implemented

Ushering In A Totalitarian Police State In Cashless ‘Smart Cities’

Agenda 21 Smart Cities: Orwell’s Dystopic Nightmare Comes True

Big Brother is Back – ID Cards Were Nothing Compared to This Government’s Snooping Plans

The Great Dumbing Down of Humanity and the Depopulation Agenda…

What Can The New Urban Agenda And Sustainable Development Goals Do For Cities?

India Elected To Run UN Habitat To Promote Sustainable Human Settlements Around Globe

UN Released And Approved New Monitoring Details For New Urban Agenda

Bonner Cohen: UN Habitat III Pushes ‘Compact Cities’

Those looking down at their toes because of lack of interest are self defeated via Silent Acquiescence.. It is assumed by their weak and incorrect non word term arguments against this alleged Sustainable Development being implemented against them that they approve of it, or are actually incapable of intellectually resisting it.. The left right paradigm is in fact facilitating it..


Healthcare Or Disease Management?


Over Focused On Only UNEP Wolf Issues Is A Huge Mistake

This is what you’re leaving your grandchildren because of your lazy lack of interest in the entire aspect of The United Nations Environmental Policies Biodiversity Assessment – Agenda 2030-2050-2100 Depopulation of Direct Drivers {Thats your children and grandchildren} Population Management of people objectives being implemented all around us in every aspect of today’s reality.. Banking, business, agricultural,slow removal of the hunting model, meat intake, goods and services, medical, legal.. All of course connected to a certain document that can do no wrong since Congress Assembled which is the Corporation Board room for the United States Corporation {privately owned business} via their COTUS deciding these changes of depopulation dynamics are Necessary and Proper.. In other words your beloved constitution is a device to subjugate and even eliminate your bloodline.. This effort is so out in the open to ignore it and continue looking down at your toes is simply completely redundant.. Lazy.. What do these monsters have to do to get your attention? Shoot at you?

Article I Section 8 Powers Of Congress


From There Is No Debt.. Numerous blogs within a blog..




The Privacyless, Freedomless Smart City of 2030 the Elite Are Engineering

Note –

Concentration camp smart city inmates, feudal serfs, citizen-slaves, subjects etc., all names synonymous with slaves, cannot of course own anything, and their movements will be restricted and limited within certain boundaries. (The Wildlands Project ensures restricted movement by implanting tracking microchips both in vehicles and personal identifying items and finally people, providing for invisible fences, without the necessity of crude barbed wire, that alerts the Self-Ennobling Ones and their self-validating clergy’s countries authorities to any attempted escape from smart city concentration camp imprisonment).—ThereIsNoDebt

Rosa Koire : Smart Cities are Future Agenda 21 Hi-Tech Monitored Concentration Camps

Reference material:

Scroll down to Appendix title heading –






AGENDA 21 – 2030 Genocidal Depopulation, Land Eviction, & Concentration Camp Human Settlements Disguised through the ‘WILDLANDS’ PROJECTS –

Uploaded on 2 May 2009
Henry Lamb on Wildlands Project

Reference source:

The Global Agenda presented by Henry Lamb
Henry Lamb: Agenda 21

Henry Lamb on Global Governance and the Future of the United States



How To Have HEALTHY Kidneys For Life DESPITE Medical Eugenics

Listen very carefully.. Wake up..

The Think Tanks who think they are saving the earth from YOU don’t want you to know how to have HEALTHY Kidneys.. They want you dumb so you will keep helping them depopulate YOURSELVES.. What a coincidence this all is aye?


Photon Genius Client With Cancer Grateful To Ed Skilling


The Divine Right Of White Skinned Kings Aye?

The Color Of A Kings Skin is Proof That All Men Of Color Including Men The Color Of White Will Be Corrupted By Power..Before Colonialism of Africa The African tribes were raiding each other, taking property, taking slaves, slaughtering each other. The South American Tribes were doing this also.. And the North American tribes.. And because Siberia which is a vast wilderness region albeit laced with Russian settlements having studied on those indigenous Natives I’ve come to the understanding that they were also raiding looting enslaving other tribes.. Is Colonialism bullshit? Of course it is.. The Chiefs and their council members of these various tribes of these various continents were tyrants..

The problem lies not with the common folk, it lies with man made Governments.  Power and money hungry politicians controlled by bankers who are controlled by priests have schemed to enslave the masses since the beginning of time. Government and various types of man made up Religion isms have killed more common folk than any plague with the time honored excuse…  “we know what is best for you” .  Ah yes, eyebrows raise at the mention of religions isms and even so called environmentalism, but, have you heard the terms; Inquisition, Crusades, Witch Hunts, or Ethnic Cleansing…??? Are the missionaries going to teach the ignorant natives real history of the rack, beheadings, branding, burning at the stake, or mass executions in order to save someone from themselves…..?  No.. Are the words and terms smiths clever enough to identify the New Age Ethnic Cleansing in play this very moment called the United Nations Environmental Policies Assessment of the Biosphere? Apparently not.. All leaders of all races are betraying their own races while bending their knee to the Pontifex Maximus Pope, Caesar Dagon white dude wearing the robes and the pointy hat playing god man over us all sitting on his butt in Rome..

What we have is;

Just another group of psychopaths wanting to rule the whole freaking world according to THEIR ideas of environmentalism-religionism resources management in a one world government model as laid out in the UNEP document.. Funny how the IMF and World Bank have been in the thick of this social engineering for this new age environmentalism ideology.. They are being specific on who gets depopulated and who doesn’t in those terms.. I certainly wouldn’t be advocating for that idea since my bloodline is slated for removal according to their terms.. It is my opinion that advocating for ones own bloodlines demise is the ultimate in stupid..Their opinion of sustainable Population objectives for slave classes to be concluded at 2100.. Then maintained..They apparently know who the superior bloodlines are… Themselves.. And how special themselves are as they have a select superior bloodline out of every racial group on their team..

I’m White And I’ve Never felt inferior nor superior of any man, color is irrelevant.. I’ve experienced some of the worst betrayal by white friends than by brown or black friends.. Although I’ve been betrayed by brown and black friends.. Guess what? The majority of people irregardless of their skin color are betraying their own race right along with any other race they come into contact with..

Enough of this broad brush painting of the white colored skin folks.. Because all colors have been doing it..

Nothing has changed since Cain killed Abel…

Abel wanted to serve the Creator life giver Cain wanted to serve Cain.. And his bloodline is still serving itself..

It’s always about the land and what the land gives isn’t it…

What bloodline is at the top?

Matteiano, Flaminio, Vaticano, Dogali, Solare, Lateranense, Minerveo, Macuteo, Sallustiano, Quirinale, Agonallis, Pinciano, Esquiline, Ancient bloodlines of Saturnia. The Saturnalian Brotherhood.

House of Borja, House of Breakspear, House of Somaglia, House of Orsini, House of Conti, House of Chigi, House of Colonna, House of Farnese, House of Medici, House of Gaetani, House of Pamphili, House of Este, House of Aldobrandini {Satan}, House of Pallavincini. These are the Egyptian Ptolemaic Dynasty Rulers in full control of the Company of Jesus, High Grey Council of Ten pulling the strings of the Jesuit Superior General, The Black Pope, controller of the White Pope. This is the Ultra hidden ruling fist from the grey zone. The foundation and binding for the visible white and black Egyptian duality system.