May 25, 2019

Automaton Deprogramming


Cesare Borgia The Cup of Poison


“St. Peter’s” Alter Is A Dead Sheep


Dizzy Witches Casting Myths And Spells From These Lands


St. Peter’s Sexual Altar, A Story Of Artistic Stories

Rome Italy June 27 2015 : View towards the main altar and dome of St Peter’s in Rome

That’s one interesting graven image within a graven image building packed to the hilt with graven imagery… Of penises, vagina’s, semen dripping like honey, a penis shooting a seed into a vagina, dead sheep, serpents, demons, falling angels and only the Almighty Lord God knows what all.. Which he will use in part as to their many lawless acts to condemn them of including their graven image idolatry.. To fully grasp what is being stated in those art works authoring a story one must shade in the shadows with colors to help one to see the evil genius of Michelangelo and Bernini.. Among other artists and architects.. By the way it’s not my building, not my arts, not my altar not my bug eyed god and I don’t frequent crowned snake houses nor do I bow down with Roman Priests to graven images covered in sexual content, so don’t be calling me a pervert..


Rome’s Lust For Domination Never Changes


Your False Church Worshiping A False God Will Not Be My Judge

All 501c3 Church doctrine (Elements of Ecclesiastical Ecclesiology) has ALL been PAGANIZED which began after the 3rd Century when the Roman Emperor and Sun god High Priest CONSTANTINE merged Christianity with the BABYLON-SUN God Religion. That’s where ALL brick and mortar churches get their roots from today including the PAGAN ROMAN CATHOLIC Church.

Your Catholic God is the God of this world.. H430.. Not the Almighty Lord GOD YAH, H3068… Judgement from YOU and H430 doesn’t concern me…YOU Roman’s better wake up..


Pedophile Haven Burns In France


Is the U.S. A Collective of Cowards?

Doing the God of this world’s will on earth through his blind followers and their customs and traditions of falsehoods, corporations portraying themselves as governments, to finish what Nimrod started. They remember, they have rebuilt, they have come back they believe they are stronger.. They believe they are going to defeat the Almighty Lord GOD.. They are insane..

Northern California, U.S. Politicians, musicians, actors having their annual ritual..

Wars, legalisms, customs and traditions of men.. Sending your children to die in wars managed by liars..

Face of the Dragon in Vatican, the Divine Synagogue of the Crowned Serpent

Demonic graven image on Notre Dame Synagogue of Satan

They are ruling this world through their world system.. Through their turning of the law of the almighty upside down and claiming that as their system.. And some are worried about offending those whom openly state through their languages they intend to bring you death… That is their worship, your death.. All of mankind.. The God of this world is dying, and his only intent is take as many of us with him as possible.. To DEATH…

So I am offended that you are offended that my FATHER the ALMIGHTY GOD through me warns you that you are being lead by your noses to your own slaughter.. Yes, you have offended the ALMIGHTY LORD YOUR GOD who offered us life.. But you chose to follow death..

Doing this in secret in darkness is the acts of cowards.. Your leaders are cowards..

And those who do not comprehend what they have openly stated in plain sight through words, terms, numbers, symbols, numerical definitions of Hebrew to Englsh Anglish, If you did comprehend it you’d never go along with them like you are doing..

It is quite clear, they have come to bring us all death..


Wake Up Colorado Wake Up! The Wolf Be Coming If’n Ya All Don’t Wake Up!

Colorado’s population is 5.76 million.
Approximately 575,000{of which 86,000 are non residents} hunters hunt large and small game in Colorado..
Colorado in 2017 totaled 33,800 ranches and farms..
The Population of Denver, roughly 700,000
So if the state does a pole or vote on wolf introduction….
Democrats control the three vital centers of state political power—the office of the governor, the state House, and the state Senate, a political trifecta…
Oh you better wake up there in Colorado..
Wolves be coming to Colorado..
But go ahead and keep pissing in the wind…

Idaho has been a political trifecta since Idaho got slammed with wolves..

Wake up Colorado Wake Up….

Excuse me while I go giggle at the hysteria of the willfully ignorant playing their parts in a politically controlled charade…