December 18, 2018

Eugenics Disguised As Environmentalism 101

The corporate controlled opposition environmentalism groups, such as the Sierra Club and all offshoot affiliated groups are supporting the fortune 500 corporations and their false claims and criminal actions in every state and across the nation in this massive takeover of all resources public and private. A deep forensic analysis into the authors of the documents these groups are advocating for, those very idealisms are the intellectual property of these large fortune 500 multinational corporations. This leads us to the IMF, the World Bank, The Club of Rome, UNICEP, UNIDROIT, UNEP. Agenda 2100, for the purpose of Sacrificing the American citizenry on the Altar of the Bankers Lie of Economy for a Pretended Exchange of Sustainable Stability through The UNEP and Agenda 21’s Genocidal, Depopulating, Impoverishment and Enslavement New Green Order programme through economic strife, scarcity and financial ruination. All of these environmentalists are liars.

This 1926 Eugenics Exhibit Sums Up What the Elite Think About You and Your Family

This 1926 Eugenics Exhibit Sums Up What the Elite Think About You and Your Family

“Again, eugenics didn’t end when it fell out of favor during World War II; it was simply forced to go underground. It got renamed and buried in what they hope would sound like more benign scientific areas, like genetics, human ecology, and bioethics. The Rockefeller Foundation and other elite family foundations quietly continued their quest for population control of the general “riff raff” through different means.”


Being implemented in every town city rural region county state in the USA..And Canada and the world..




Cake And Ice Cream At Satan’s House Every Night And Day

We Know You’re Coming On By…It’s All You Can Eat…






It’s A Rough Trail

Matthew 7:14 1599 Geneva Bible (GNV)

14 Because [a]the gate is strait, and the way narrow that leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.


  1. Matthew 7:14The way is straight and narrow we must pass through this rough way, and suffer and endure, and be thronged, and to enter into life.

And not only that, men cannot seem to grasp Get out of her my people that you not suffer her plagues.. Deceptions, myths, fairy tales, false hope, words and terms and images used to mislead.. He does not say get to work improving her plagues so that you will be more comfortable via her politics. Those are her politics not HIS.. Of this world not in its deceptions in any way.. And he will protect us from her. And so it is true.


Revelation 18:4 1599 Geneva Bible (GNV)

[a]And I heard another voice from heaven say, [b]Go out of her, my people, that ye be not [c]partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues:

That Ye Be Not Participants In Her Deceptions, In Her False Credibility..


  1. Revelation 18:4The second prediction, which is of the circumstances of the ruin of Babylon: of these there are two kinds: one going before it: as that beforehand the godly are delivered unto the ninth verse: the other following upon her ruin, namely the lamentation of the wicked and rejoicing of the godly, unto the twentieth verse.
  2. Revelation 18:4Two circumstances going before the ruin, are commanded in this place: one is, that the godly depart out of Babylon: as I mentioned, chapter 12, to have been done in time past, before the destruction of Jerusalem: this charge is given here, and in the next verse. The other is, that every one of them occupy themselves in their own place, in executing the judgment of God, as it was commanded the Levites of old, Exod. 32:27, and that they sanctify their hands unto the Lord, verses 6, 7, 8.
  3. Revelation 18:4Of his commandment there are two causes to avoid the contagion of sin, and to shun the participation of those punishments that belong thereunto.

All kingdoms of man are temporary and corrupt, and cannot stand.

Revelation, Chapter 18…
“Then a mighty angel picked up a stone the size of a great millstone and cast it into the sea, saying:
“With such violence
the great city, city of Babylon will be cast down,
never to be seen again.
22And the sound of harpists and musicians,
of flute players and trumpeters,
will never ring out in you again.
Nor will any craftsmen of any trade
be found in you again,
nor the sound of a millstone
be heard in you again.
23The light of a lamp
will never shine in you again,
and the voices of a bride and bridegroom
will never call out in you again.
For your merchants were the great ones of the earth,
because all the nations were deceived by your sorcery.”


By their words/terms and their actions and the obvious subjugation under duress we are experiencing the reality versus the myths is easily definable.. Of course 99% are under confusion, or as the Bible states, under strong delusion.. Tyrannical despotic rule by deception is freedom.. And freedom is scary horrifying anarchy and chaos… Uh huh…

2 Thessalonians 2:11 1599 Geneva Bible (GNV)

11 And therefore God shall send them [a]strong delusion, that they should believe lies,


  1. 2 Thessalonians 2:11 A most mighty working to deceive them.

Some excerpts from the Book, The Myth And Reality… Of this Babylonian USA Empire of LIES!!

” When a change of government takes place, from a monarchial to a republican government, the old form is dissolved. Those who lived under it, and did not choose to become members of the new, had a right to refuse their allegiance to it, and to retire elsewhere. By being a part of the society subject to the old government, they had not entered into any engagement to become subject to any new form the majority might think proper to adopt. That the majority shall prevail is a rule posterior to the formation of government, and results from it. It is not a rule binding upon mankind in their natural state. There, every man is independent of all laws, except those prescribed by nature. He is not bound by any institutions formed by his fellowmen without his consent.” CRUDEN v. NEALE, 2 N.C. 338 (1796) 2 S.E. 70. Emphasis added.”

“By this very principle espoused by the court you cannot be made to “retire elsewhere” because, if anything, you retire from the corporate STATE and live upon the land of the Lord in the geographical place any where in their U.S.A. rather than the any where in their Nations State within any of their estates . Go back and look at the Hamilton case where they said that you “* * * shall take an oath of abjuration and allegiance, or depart out of the State.” Let them keep their corporate State; depart out of it. Isn’t that what the Bible tells you “Come out of her?” What do you need it for? To continually be robbed by legal plunder? Not that they are going to stop if you do, because maybe, just maybe, the masses will wake up and want out also, thereby destroying the State’s power over you.”

“You see, the whole game is to control you by making you, the man, into a artificial entity called a “person.” In ordinary street language you can use the term person. But the minute you step into ANY legal arena you CANNOT use the term “person.” For to do so the other artificial person, the State, can come after another artificial character. As the court stated above “man” is not bound by other men’s laws unless he consents. You consent when you answer to any statute containing any reference to person. The clever trick is that the statute 26 USC 7701(a) of the IRC is the definition part and it says “person” means; an individual, partnership, corporation, association. Notice that all terms defining the word “person are corporate fictions. BUT, you say, individual is not a corporate fiction because am I not an individual? Yes you are in average common street terms, but in the legal arena “individual is corporate or artificial by legal definition, because “individual,” in and of itself is defining an artificial thing as a “person.” So how can it be a natural man? It goes against all reason and logic. The IRC Code Statute only pertains to man, who, as stated above by the Professor, takes on the artificial character and becomes a “person” by legal definition. Therefore he is subject to all the legal disabilities that come with the term person and that means being subject to all the laws of the parent corporation. The parent corporation is the United States, the State is the artificial child and you are the artificial grand child. That is the best way to describe it so you can start to equate terms and meanings.”

“In Anderson’s Business law on the Uniform Commercial Code, I think around the Sixth Edition, it states that when a statute refers to artificial beings, natural people are not to be included. So, 26 USC 7701 (a) (1) uses all artificial characters to describe the artificial “person” and individual. By all reason and logic it has to be an artificial term. Just like a third grade reader shows 5 pictures and asks which one does not belong. The pictures are, a baseball, a bat, a base, a glove and a football uniform. You circle the football uniform as not fitting the idea, but the football clothes is a uniform, the same as baseball clothes is a uniform. Only one uniform fits the scheme while the other is left out, but both are uniforms. The same as individual. It is a “leading word” as the professor stated and has to be further defined the same as individual or person has to be defined. Did not the professor state the term individual and person are one in the same? Did he not also state that it is well settled in law that “person” is always an artificial person? Refresh your memory by finding that part of his statement.”

“YOU ARE A NONRESIDENT ALIEN if there is no CONTRACT. IT has nothing to do with a geographical place where you live. Those that have read my “Which One Are You” book know what I mean. The IRS placed it there for your way to get out, and not one, so-called patriot, ever picked up on it since the statute and reg was written. I am talking to people that this is a loaded gun ready to back fire on them if they don’t know rudimentary functions of what they are dealing with. Never argue Constitution or anything dealing with the corporation called US or State. IT’s NOT yours, so get used to it.”

ITEM 4. a non resident who is NOT a fiduciary, so you cannot be a person of incidence with respect to a person of inherence; then the income tax is not imposed, under subtitle A, chapter 1 on a non resident alien. So you fit the description under 26 USC §§ 2 (d) & 872.

If you are a nonresident alien that DOES fit one of the 4 items above, then you come under 26 USC § 871 and are taxable. If, as a non resident alien, you make income in the statutorily defined U.S., you are subject to the tax if you carry on a “business or trade” as defined by Congress.

26 CFR § 1.1402 (b)-3 (d) Nonresident Alien. “A nonresident alien individual never has self-employment income.

26 CFR § 1.6015 (i)-1. Nonresident Alien Individuals. (a) Exception from requirement from making a declaration. No declaration of estimated income is required to be made under section 6015 (a) and § 1.6015 (a)-1 by a nonresident alien individual

There are 100 pages more of this legal evidence.

The Lord Almighty must destroy them because they will never back down..




Fairy Tales And Myths Rue The Day In The Fraudulent U.S. Of A..

The land area of the lower 48 states is approximately 1.9 billion acres. The U.S. has 2.3 billion acres of land, 375 million acres are in Alaska. There are 670 million acres of forests deserts Wilderness and National Parks..  Termed public lands.. And a lot of multiple users actually believe those lands belong to them. That is a myth of course. As this claimed ownership is by the government, which is a privately owned corporation.

Public welfare” means government welfare, NOT your welfare. How many believe when they say “public,” that it means you and me? Probably 99 percent of you think this way. Not so, the government is termed public. Ever hear the term “public office?” That is easy to understand it means government office. Why is it  so difficult to understand the “public welfare clause “means government welfare and not your welfare?

“So far as the requirement of due process is concerned, and in the absence of other constitution restriction, a state is free to adopt whatever economic policy may reasonably be deemed to promote public welfare, and to enforce that policy by legislation adopted to its purpose. The courts are without authority either to declare such policy, or, when it is declared by the legislature, to override it. “. .Nebbia v New York 291 U.S. 502

The Bill of Rights, as originally adopted, DID NOT belong to the people that lived in the states and they did not, contrary to the big lie they are led to believe, create the Bill of Rights, just like they did not create the Constitutions of the United States, much less the state constitution where they live. The common man never ratified any constitution. In fact when these arguments over “Rights” were taking place the majority of the populace was not in attendance representing themselves. These rights in this republic intended to use the democratic process being a common wealth, is a Jural Society with man made statutory rights, privileges granted the subjects. When men started doing this they stepped in front of the RIGHTS GIVEN EACH MAN by our MAKER.. Men playing gods with GODS RIGHTS.. Kings=Dictators..

The fact is the U.S. and its estate franchises owns all lands, all 2.3 billion acres are public lands. Don’t think so? Don’t pay your tenant status property tax rent and see where that gets you..

They can suspend any privilege at any time based off the simple rule within their COTUS.. Necessary And Proper.

I did this because I’m tired of their confusion, and I’m tired of people passing along their confusions. Or better as Heavenly father called them, plagues. As in get out of her my people that you not suffer her plagues. Disinformation and word term twisting certainly are plagues..



4th Of July Palatable Slave State Day


The Occult Of 4th Of July-Hells Bells – And the Blind Sheep

In The Land Of The Blind The One Eyed Man Is King…


Hiding In The Shade in 98 Degrees

That paint be Rattler;




We travel from first light to noon.. Hole up until six p.m. and travel until dark.. Then do it again..

This below pic shows what is about 100′ from where we’re holing up..


Day after tomorrow I’m heading to another lake..


The North During the Civil War Committed Genocide Against “Freed” Black Folks

It was just economics.. Oh and one other thing, it was legal. YOU KNOW, WHEN LEGAL IS WRONG? Thats right, thats what dumb people never want to think about, when legal is wrong..

Did You Know That Thousands Of Free Black People Were Killed In Concentration Camps In The U.S?



It’s legal for some folks to point their guns at other folks.. And force them to live like rats..



Gun Control Works Great If You Have Disarmed Your Victims

And what else did these governments do that resorted to the genocides they are known for? Why they made it legal of course.. In the picture you are observing soldiers carrying out a legal action ordered by the authors of the legal action.. The legal mob was following the legal law when performing these legal executions of people that did not believe in following legalese written up by insane legalese authors.. What is astonishing is the fact that people keep repeating these atrocities over stupid political philosophies.. THINK IT WON’T HAPPEN HERE IN THE ESTATES? THEY’RE HEADING US TOWARDS THIS OUTCOME NOW.. Are your philosophies and politics worth this? Some of you out there had best look around yourselves a bit closer..Those of us studying this countries “laws” have come to realize this is already legal here.  When they start doing this where will you be standing?



All They Needed To Do Is Harness The Masses


They knew they would not control all of the minds out here, but they knew they’d get most of the minds out here.. And so they have..