August 30, 2015

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Right to Peaceably Assemble…Where Government Dictates

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Court: Second Amendment also covers those in US illegally

The 7th Circuit panel, however, ruled unanimously Thursday that the term “the people” in the Second Amendment’s guarantee that the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed also applies to those in the country illegally.

Source: Court: Second Amendment also covers those in US illegally

Service Announces 2015 Expansion of Hunting and Fishing Opportunities on National Wildlife Refuges

Press Release from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service:

Hat tip to Shake, Rattle and Troll

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Director Dan Ashe today announced the agency will expand fishing and hunting opportunities on 21 refuges throughout the Service’s National Wildlife Refuge System. The final rule also modifies existing refuge-specific regulations for more than 100 additional refuges and wetland management districts.

Hunting will be available for the first time on Tualatin River National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon. Fishing will be offered for the first time on four national wildlife refuges in North Dakota: Ardoch Refuge, Lake Alice Refuge, Rose Lake Refuge and Silver Lake Refuge.

“The National Wildlife Refuge System is a national treasure that conserves millions of acres of wildlife habitat and provides Americans with unparalleled opportunities to hunt, fish and experience the wonders of the natural world,” said Ashe. “By expanding those opportunities, we are enhancing the lives of millions of Americans, stimulating the national economy to which hunting and fishing contribute significantly, and generating much needed additional funding for wildlife conservation.”

More than 560 national wildlife refuges and 38 wetland management districts make up the National Wildlife Refuge System. There is a refuge within an hour’s drive from most major metropolitan areas. The Service manages refuge hunting and fishing programs to ensure sustainable wildlife populations, while offering traditional wildlife-dependent recreation on public lands.

Under the National Wildlife Refuge System Improvement Act of 1997, the Service permits hunting and fishing along with four other types of wildlife-dependent recreation when they are compatible with an individual refuge’s purpose and mission. Hunting, within specified limits, is now permitted on 336 wildlife refuges. Fishing is now permitted on 275 wildlife refuges.

Hunting, fishing and other outdoor activities on refuges help stimulate the economy and generate funding for wildlife conservation. The Service’s report Banking on Nature shows that refuges pumped $2.4 billion into the economy in 2013 and supported more than 35,000 jobs. More than 47 million people visit refuges every year.

The Service’s final rule opens the following refuge to hunting for the first time:


The Service’s final rule opens the following refuges to sport fishing for the first time:

North Dakota

In addition, the Service expands hunting and sport fishing on the following refuges:









  • Seney National Wildlife Refuge: Expand migratory bird hunting, upland game hunting and big game hunting. The refuge is already open to sport fishing.



New Jersey/New York



To view a complete list of all hunting and sport fishing opportunities on refuges, click here. The final rule will become effective upon publication in the Federal Register on August 26, 2015.

Other wildlife-dependent recreation on national wildlife refuges includes wildlife photography, environmental education, wildlife observation and interpretation. Visit to learn more.


Wyoming man files suit over massive EPA fines for building pond

A rancher is taking the Environmental Protection Agency to federal court, asking a judge to stop the agency from fining him more than $16 million because he built a small pond on his property.

Andy Johnson of Fort Bridger, Wyoming says he made sure to get the proper permits from his state government before building the pond.

Johnson is facing millions in fines from the federal government after the EPA determined his small pond — technically a “stock pond” to provide better access to water for animals on his ranch — is somehow violating the federal Clean Water Act.

Source: Wyoming man files suit over massive EPA fines for building pond | Fox News

Second Amendment: a “FUCKING BOY’S COAT?”

*Editor’s Note* – Progressive are really stupid. No really, they are! They so much epitomize the “True Believer” that they are willing to destroy all the good in order to protect the “belief.” Progressives believe that government, laws, social morality, etc. etc. all must change with a changing society. Instead of preserving and protecting those things of value that made us once great, a country of morals and values, along with a strong belief and following of the Word of God, because we desire a decadent lifestyle, along with central control, socialism achieved through fascism, and communism and a ban on self-determination, because it is Progressivism it must be carried out without consideration of the results.

I have said for many years that gun ownership of 30, 50, 80 or 100 million Americans holding onto 100, 200, 300 million guns, is the last and ONLY deterrent from complete dictatorial rule. Progressives, who believe society no longer has a need for guns, evidently desire dictatorial rule. Instead of working to destroy the Second Amendment, they should be thanking those Americans who understand what a RIGHT is and are willing to protect that right instead of pushing for a lifestyle that resembles that of the days of Noah. Yeshua told his disciples, when asked how they would know of His Second Coming, that times would be as they were in the days of Noah. Maybe it’s time to go study up on how things were in the days of Noah.

Talk is cheap, but persuading Americans to surrender their rights will be expensive, difficult, and time-consuming.

Seriously, try it. Start the process. Stop whining about it on Twitter, and on HBO, and at the Daily Kos. Stop playing with some Thomas Jefferson quote you found on Google. Stop jumping on the news cycle and watching the retweets and viral shares rack up. Go out there and begin the movement in earnest. Don’t fall back on excuses. Don’t play cheap motte-and-bailey games. And don’t pretend that you’re okay with the Second Amendment in theory, but you’re just appalled by the Heller decision. You’re not. Heller recognized what was obvious to the amendment’s drafters, to the people who debated it, and to the jurists of their era and beyond: That “right of the people” means “right of the people,” as it does everywhere else in both the Bill of Rights and in the common law that preceded it. A Second Amendment without the supposedly pernicious Heller “interpretation” wouldn’t be any impediment to regulation at all. It would be a dead letter. It would be an effective repeal. It would be the end of the right itself. In other words, it would be exactly what you want! Man up. Put together a plan, and take those words out of the Constitution.

Source: Rant: Second Amendment Repeal | National Review Online

Dylann Roof and Vester Flanagan: Compare and Contrast 

Conversely, in the aftermath of Vester Flanagan’s appalling crime, liberals have no desire to explore the roots of Flanagan’s hateful ideology. No one is blaming President Obama or suggesting that he should take responsibility for dividing the nation along racial lines, for the sake of political gain. No one is saying that the Black Lives Matter movement should disband, and stop stirring up race hate. Instead, the focus is on demands for more gun control, however useless the liberals’ prescriptions may be. The difference between the two cases is entirely political.

Source: Dylann Roof and Vester Flanagan: Compare and Contrast | Power Line


Maine Residents Seek to Add Gun Measure to 2016 Ballot

*Editor’s Note* – This is not new news. Neither is the BS found in the Newsweek propaganda piece. But there are two things to point out. First, Newsweek is a garbage publication and nobody there is smart enough to figure out why. They can’t sell their rotten copy and thus, when you follow the link, you are subjected to numerous pop-up ads, I suppose hoping they can somehow pay for their propaganda. Which brings me to the second point. The article is so full of lies and misleading information and the comments that follow the written garbage proves the point. Readers are beginning to understand that the brainwashing propaganda is no longer subtle. It’s a blatant attempt at simply lying and they get away with it…just like Barack H. Obama and every stinking rotten politician in Washington.

Supporters want universal background checks for all firearms sales.

Source: Maine Residents Seek to Add Gun Measure to 2016 Ballot

RMEF Land Project Opens Access to 6,000 Acres of Public Land

Press Release from the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation:

MISSOULA, Mont.—A 93-acre land transaction brokered by the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation opens the door to approximately 6,000 acres of previously difficult-to-reach public land just in time for Montana’s big game hunting season.

“Access to our public lands is a key component to RMEF’s mission and is important to sportsmen and women as well as all Americans who seek to enjoy the outdoors,” said Blake Henning, RMEF vice president of Lands and Conservation. “This particular project permanently secures access to huge tracts of public land that are home to elk, mule deer, antelope, sage grouse, bighorn sheep and other wildlife.”

Located near the Missouri River watershed’s Upper Missouri River Breaks National Monument and the Charles M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge in north-central Montana, the property is primarily grassland habitat accompanied by rugged features associated with the Missouri Breaks region.

RMEF plans to transfer the property to the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) in 2016. Until that happens, BLM will assist in managing this property and provide immediate public access to it as well as adjacent public lands.

“The RMEF has secured access to thousands of acres of BLM land for public use and enjoyment with this acquisition. It also secures an important access for natural resource management,” said Stanley Jaynes, BLM Havre field manager.

Hunters, hikers and others previously parked on a county road (Cow Island Trail Road) and had to walk more than two miles to reach lands administered by the BLM and the Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation. Now, they will have access to the 6,000 acres of public land by foot, and even greater acreage by horseback.

A RMEF member and hunter who lives nearby notified the RMEF about the property after reading in Bugle magazine about a similar 2013 project that opened the door to access 18,000 acres of public land.

Project partners include the BLM, Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks, and the Cinnabar Foundation.

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Global Governance: Because you are a threat if you are Self-Determined

Please use this open thread to post your ideas, information and comments about issues not covered in articles published on this website. Thank you.

Slain Christian’s head allegedly bashed by Muslim ‘refugees’

A judge on Monday unsealed the court documents of a grisly murder of a Christian man, allegedly at the hands of three Muslim immigrants in Portland, Maine. In those documents, which had been sealed since the three men were charged Aug. 11, police said they found […]

Source: Slain Christian’s head allegedly bashed by Muslim ‘refugees’