May 26, 2016

Bread and Circuses

*Editor’s Note* – This article first appeared in the Bethel Citizen: Bread and Circuses It was the Roman writer Marcus Tullius Cicero who wrote, after the fall of the Roman Republic, that: “The evil was not in bread and circuses, per se, but in the willingness of the people to sell their rights as free […]

F**k George Clooney


EPA Caught BUYING It’s “Independent” Science Advisers 

The Energy & Environment Legal Institute (EELI) is suing EPA on behalf of the Western States Trucking Association and Dr. James Enstrom, a retired University of California-Los Angeles epidemiologist who was blacklisted for challenging EPA claims about particulate matter. “The EPA has stacked the panel, which is required by law to be independent and unbiased, with […]

Wildlife and Hunting Heritage Conservation Council; Public Meeting

SUMMARY: We, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, announce a public meeting of the Wildlife and Hunting Heritage Conservation Council (Council). The Council provides advice about wildlife and habitat conservation endeavors that benefit wildlife resources; encourage partnership among the public, sporting conservation organizations, States, Native American tribes, and the Federal Government; and benefit recreational hunting.<<<Read […]

The Sportsmen’s Alliance Foundation needs your help!

Press Release from the Sportsmen’s Alliance: The Sportsmen’s Alliance Foundation needs your help! We are seeking event coordinators to help plan activities and recruit volunteers for a national family event being held on July 9 at the following Cabela’s locations. Event Coordinators will work with individual stores for the event and be responsible for the […]

The 2016 Maine Moose Permit Lottery Drawing

Press Release from the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife: The 2016 Maine Moose Permit Lottery Drawing will take place on June 11 at Kittery Trading Post We are so pleased to announce that the drawing for Maine’s moose permit lottery will be held on Saturday, June 11, 2016 at Kittery Trading Post in […]

Open Thread – Wednesday, May 25, 2016

If you owe the IRS more than $50,000, you can avoid paying. It’s not the same for all taxpayers. The IRS is a private enterprise disguised as government. Please use this open thread to post your ideas, information and comments about issues not covered in articles published on this website. Thank you.

Battles Lines Have Been Drawn

What then, should we expect in the future? Yesterday, I wrote about the announcement of the NRA that they were going to put a stop to the animal rights movement. In response, the Wildlife Alliance of Maine, on their Facebook page, responded to the NRA’s announcement by saying: “Be aware that we are going to have […]

Wildlife’s Modern Management: Thousands of Trail Cameras

It doesn’t get any poorer than this. Wisconsin has decided, along with NASA (?) to litter the forests and fields with 6,000 trail cameras, make the photos accessible to the WORLD for identification, so that the fish and wildlife department can better manage wildlife. “Photos will be uploaded to a crowd-sourcing website; viewers will be […]

All Eyes on Trump at NRA Convention

The National Rifle Association didn’t surprise many attendees in Louisville, Kentucky with their endorsement of presumptive Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. Pro-Trump shirts, hats and stickers worn by the NRA members in attendance left little doubt who their selection would be. Others, sporting shirts supporting “Hillary for Prison on 2016” left little doubt how they […]