May 2, 2016

Everyone Shits On Congress But Nobody Seems to Recognize Who Congress Is…Or Something

Congress “got something done!” Whooptie bison dung! I recall a United States Senator from Maine once saying that she was sent to Washington by the Maine people to “make laws and pass them.” It showed her ignorance along with her perception of her power OVER THE PEOPLE. Anyone would be a hero if they pledged […]

Proposed Revisions To ESA Raise Concerns, Questions

Doyel Shamley, CEO of Veritas Research states, “As originally proposed, numerous entities that are the most adversely effected by erroneous listing procedures, local governments and localized industries, widely supported the revised changes. However, with the newly added revisions inserted into the proposal, the agencies will once again ignore the input of local government and the […]

Americans, Like Bison, Stampeded Over Cliffs

Evidently this Congress believes that the United States should name the bison as an official National Mammal. A report filed by the Maine Public Broadcasting Network says, “The measure says the bison is considered a “historical symbol of the United States”. At first I disagreed with that assessment until I remembered that one of the […]

Open Thread – Monday, May 2, 2016

Slavery>Death Please use this open thread to post your ideas, information and comments about issues not covered in articles published on this website. Thank you.

Why Two Political Parties?

Some may ask why does the United States operate within a “two-party” political system? Few will be interested in the answer. Most think it is best for everything. I put “two-party” in quotes because few understand or want to believe that what they perceive as two distinct parties are actually one in the same, at […]

When Pocket Warming is Perceived as Being Global

This morning I was reading an article in Scientific American. I have decided not to provide a link to the story, because I’m sick and tired of providing readers with links to go and read mostly utter nonsense – or as Jim Beers calls it, Romance Biology and the marriage of Romance Biology and Voodoo […]

The Future of Deer and Deer Management in Maine is NOW

Maine Antler & Skull Trophy Club

Open Thread – Saturday, April 30, 2016

Protesting is Free Speech. We are protesting to prohibit YOUR Free Speech – DUMB Please use this open thread to post your ideas, information and comments about issues not covered in articles published on this website. Thank you.

Random Thoughts and Comments

Well, perhaps not so random. Evidently there were violent protests outside a Trump rally in Mexifornia, where protesters, mostly of Mexican decent, jumped on police cars and other outstanding acts of idiocy, while waving Mexican flags. My comment is a question. If it so goddamn wonderful here in the United States, then why not wave […]

Government-Allowed Killing of Eagles With Windmills

If you follow this link, you can read where the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has crafted a Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) for the construction of up to 500 windmills as part of the Chokecherry and Sierra Madre Wind Energy Project. The DEIS is for the allowance of how many golden and bald eagles […]