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Open Thread – August 24, 2012

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If Pleas From Maine Hunters Won’t Spur More Action on Deer, Perhaps a Decimated Economy Will

“We don’t care if we get a deer, but you want to see deer or at least deer tracks. Seems like they weren’t there anymore. We don’t know the reasons why. But now we go to Pennsylvania. They’re not big deer like up in Maine, but at least you see deer during the week.”

Those were the words quoted from an out-of-state hunter in the Morning Sentinel today. And that statement says it all.

Hunters have cried for many years now about a dwindling deer herd. Make no mistake about it, the back to back bad winters took their toll on deer but the problem has been around for a lot longer than that. I had hunters pleading with me to help them do something about fixing the deer problem in northern Maine long before snow began falling those two winters. But any pleading fell on deaf ears.

So, if the powers that be, that is those who have forgotten who pays their salaries, can’t in their hearts agree with the hunters what the problems are, then perhaps the notion that the annual $241 million dollars brought into the state is drying up will do the trick……but don’t hold your breath.

I haven’t had a good laugh in several days but I did this morning. Here’s what I read as it pertains to Maine lawmakers getting into the act to “fix the problem”: “It’s a problem that lawmakers and state officials hope to solve. Sen. Tom Martin, R-Benton, co-chair of the Legislature’s Inland Fisheries and Wildlife Committee, said the Legislature recognized the dire situation and appropriated $100,000 for Inland Fisheries and Wildlife to fix the problem in 2013.” (Emphasis Added)

I suppose that IS the problem. Latest rumor out of Augusta is that the windfall tax revenue, of about $1 million – coming to the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife (MDIFW) from Pittman-Robertson, much of it is going to be spent on fixing rifle ranges. I guess that’s the “dire situation” we are in. It’s so DIRE that rifle ranges are more important than addressing issues like habitat and predation. MDIFW doesn’t want to seriously discuss predator issues and have incessantly harped about loss of habitat and need to protect deer wintering areas and yet a mere $1 million should be spent on rifle ranges. Kick me in the head. I can’t make the connection.

Does Sen. Tom Martin really believe $100,000 is going to “fix the problem” or has somebody been stirring his Kool-Aid? Wouldn’t it be of vital interest to first agree on what the problem is that needs fixing?


Animal Protection Zealots Intend to Sue Montana to Protect Canada Lynx

While Maine and much of the eastern one-third of the United States waits in anticipation of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) to magically fabricate a new subspecies of wolf, groups calling themselves conservationists have announced their plans to sue the state of Montana to stop a proposed wolf trapping season that begins this fall.

Maine has been under strict guidelines for trapping in so-called lynx occupied habitat due to an agreement reached as the result of a lawsuit brought against the state of Maine several years ago. That agreement is to remain in place until such time as the state can obtain an Incidental Take Permit to cover liability in the case of incidental trapping of lynx in traps not intended for lynx. Maine has an extremely good record for not incidentally killing Canada lynx.

However, that doesn’t seem to stop the anti hunting zealots at the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service who have announced their intentions to pile on ridiculous and unnecessary restrictions to trapping based on no other reason than politically driven agendas.

This all may become a moot topic should the USFWS become successful in its concoction of a made-up subspecies of “eastern” wolf. Make no mistake about it. The intent here isn’t about protecting any wolves as it is about destroying the trapping industry. An invented canine, strategically placed on the Endangered Species List throughout all of Maine and New England, would systematically and effectively put an end to virtually all trapping of larger game.

I doubt that Montana can fight and win a lawsuit as Maine’s lawsuit has set precedence, which leads me to conclude that offering the wolf trapping season in Montana was an act intended to foster a lawsuit of this kind. This is the direction all fish and wildlife departments have taken over the years. They intend to no longer manage for surplus harvest of any species and are actively promoting what they have affectionately embraced; non consumptive wildlife management.


Open Thread – August 23, 2012

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America’s Top 10 Threats to Trapping

Courtesy of the U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance/

There are many forces in America working to end trapping and wise wildlife management. Here are a few of those anti-trapping groups:

1. Sierra Club—this group’s board of directors has let America know it opposes any and all trapping—period. The official Sierra Club statement reads: “The Sierra Club considers body-gripping, restraining and killing traps and snares to be ecologically indiscriminate and unnecessarily inhumane and therefore opposes their use.” This position earns this group a No. 1 spot.

2. PETA—best known for being wackos, this group opposes fur, trapping and anything non-vegan. PETA also wanted to “trap” and euthanize problem hogs in Florida to prevent them from being hunted.

3. Humane Society of the United States—this radical animal rights group lists trapping as wildlife abuse. This group is currently being sued for violation of federal racketeering laws.

4. American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (alias ASPCA)—states openly on its website that “The ASPCA is against the use of leg-hold or body gripping traps to capture wild animals because of the pain and distress that they cause.” The group also opposes hunting.

5. Defenders of Wildlife—this group opposes wolf hunting and trapping, and launched an aggressive on-line campaign to skew an Idaho wolf trapping survey in its favor. DOW reported it had 39,000 followers overwhelm the Idaho Game and Fish Commission’s website.

6. Born Free USA—this radical animal rights group labels trapping as “barbaric” and has a trapping victims fund to help cover veterinarian costs for animals—including wildlife—caught in traps. It distributes a free “How to Organize an Anti-Trapping Campaign” booklet through its Animal Protection Institute group.

7. In Defense of Animals—opposes trapping and has created a “furkills” website to promote the group’s propaganda—and to collect funds. The group also encourages followers to create a display in their local public library to display leaflets, posters, and books about the cruelty involved in trapping or leg-hold traps.

8. Animal Welfare Institute: Opposes trapping and is pushing the Refuge from Cruel Trapping Act in Congress to end trapping on national wildlife refuges. Filed a lawsuit in 2008 to stop coyote and fox trapping in Maine under the guise of protecting Canada lynx.

9. Center for Biological Diversity: has campaigns underway to stop wolf trapping and hunting in Montana, Wyoming and Idaho, and another in New Mexico to save Mexican gray wolves. Some of the group’s “urgent letters of action” also includes requests for donations to end trapping.

10. Footloose Montana—works to oppose wolf trapping and the management of these large predators in Montana while other wildlife species, like elk, dwindle in numbers at the hands, or paws, of wolves. Also works to end trapping on public lands.

Trapping plays an important role in sound wildlife management practices and helps numerous wildlife species, including song birds and waterfowl populations. As you can tell, trappers and hunters need to work together to overcome these radical forces.


What The Hell Is Wrong With This Country?

Imagine that you are out on your property, and you are approached by three Police Officers, one of them armed with an assault rifle. They tell you that you are inconveniencing a large developer [who happens to give lots and lots of money to the Governor], and that you have to leave your own land. This is the same developer who has been willfully trespassing on, and vandalizing your and your neighbors properties for weeks, with no intervention from authorities.

It is a scene almost too terrible to contemplate…..

What would you do?<<<


Open Thread – August 22, 2012

Please use this open thread to post your ideas, comments and information about issues not related to articles published on this blog. Thank you.


Tom Remington Releases Second Book

I have finally released my new book and it is available in ebook only at this time. Follow this link for information about the book and your options for purchasing a copy.

The new book is titled, “Nobody in Their Right Mind Should Want to be an Innkeeper”. The content of this book may surprise some as most readers here know me to write mostly about hunting and other outdoor issues. In a prior life, my wife and I spent several years in the hospitality industry, owning our own bed and breakfast to top motel and hotel management. This book is very much a humorous and sometimes shocking diary of many events we experienced over those years.

Below is what is written in the book under “About the Book”. Follow the link and you can also read the Foreword and about 21 pages of an excerpt from the book.

About the Book:

It seems that for so many times I would gather with friends and family and inevitably the topic of conversation would end up being a storytelling session of all the whacky things that happened over the course of years of being in the business of inn keeping and hotel and motel management. The reactions I got ranged from shock to uncontrolled laughter.

As much as I would find pleasure in making people laugh, for certain, friends would always say, “You really need to write a book!”

And so, here it is. I left the hospitality industry nearly a decade ago, and haven’t regretted it, and it has taken that long to get this book together. Working on it in fits and starts I believe has been instrumental in crafting what I hope to be a masterpiece that, not unlike the hours of sitting around the kitchen table or open fire, I can cause people to pause in shock or laugh out loud, for that is my intent.

Too often the nonsensical dreams of wannabe inn keepers, clouds the realities of what may lie before them. I had no such chimera as my fantasies more resembled those of nightmares. I’m not sure that I can say the same for my wife as is displayed in the opening sentence.

In my storytelling, my wife has often remarked that to her it appeared all “these weird things happen to you”. Without fail my response has been that these “weird” things happen to everyone. It’s just that not everyone pays attention to what’s going on around them.

I have paid attention and I hope that I have been able to present those observations in an entertaining fashion worthy of your time. I am not one to write in adult or cursing language, however there are, on rare occasions expletives to be found that become only necessary because I am quoting someone and I feel it necessary to maintain the moment.

To all those people who have ever thought of and seriously considered becoming an innkeeper, the authenticity of that lifestyle might be more than you had bargained for.

This book is not a “how to” get started in the inn keeping profession but it contains a lot of valuable information, based on experience, than can be useful to anyone in this business or interested in jumping in. It helps to give those with such thoughts a better understanding what the commitment actually means. It’s not all roses and demands a special person.

Anyone who has been an innkeeper, a hotel or motel manager or employee, should read this book. They will find themselves in it and can relate. For anyone who has ever stayed at a bed and breakfast, inn, hotel, motel, etc., you might just find out I’m writing about you.


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