May 26, 2020

Day Eleven – No Executive Orders

Barack! What ya Hiding?

Nothing posted here. According to the government-run news media, President Obama signed 23 executive orders. If so, where are they?

And Fascist Feinstein says she won’t make public the details of her proposed “assault weapons” bill until it makes it’s way to committee. Why is that Ms. Feinstein? Hiding something?


Blocking Commenters

In the decade or more that I have been administering my own blogs and websites, I have never had cause to block people from commenting. However, I have been forced to do just that because of poor behavior and abuse by several people. If you find you have been blocked on this website, well, I guess you have earned it.

Free speech is about presenting opinions and information of value. I have never block opposing opinions. As a matter of fact I encourage opposing opinions and the presentation of facts. I have been extremely lenient and liberal in allowing certain conversations and attacks on people take place. This continuous barrage of personal attacks and the most crude and vial slander is not about free speech, no more than yelling fire in a movie theater. It’s childish and to be quite honest I am sick and tired of it.

Those who have been blocked have repeatedly offered NOTHING to the process of reading, learning and education on this site. Their only purpose seemed to be to attack a person(s) and respond to attacks. Many of these responses originating at some other website.

Dedicating 10 years and more of my life to building a valued website, I will not allow its destruction for such self-serving, childish and outlandish reasons. This is not middle school nor is this censorship. It is protecting my property from something that no more resembles free speech and most resembles actions from a sanitarium for the mentally ill.

Some have been blocked and some have been warned. I will not tolerate personal attacks on anyone, any longer. I control the articles that get published here and, as in this case, I am forced to control the comments left behind, all at the same time attempting to keep open a website that promotes the free and open discussion about prominent issues.

For the overwhelming majority of my responsible and valued readers, I have heard your complaints and I hope I have answered them adequately. For the rest of you, it should be clear where I place my value.

Thank you.


Open Thread – January 26, 2013

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NBC Says Only 4 Handguns Used At Sandy Hook, Lanza Got in Fight At School Days Earlier

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Is Claim Obama Wants Only Generals Who Will Kill Americans Real?

Unless you’re living in isolation, you should know by now that there are claims that President Obama is administering a new litmus test to his leading military personnel to determine, if asked to, would they follow orders from their superiors and kill American citizens. The claim seems to have originated in an interview with Dr. James Garrow, touted as being a one-time Nobel Peace nominee, I believe now living in Toronto, Canada. Garrow claims, in the 21-minute video below, that his source, described as being a legend among Americans, wishes to remain anonymous but at the same time requested Garrow to go public with his information.

Continuing with my own belief that the ultimate goal of Obama and the global ruling class is to create enough distrust and anger among and between the American citizens to drive them into the streets in violent protest in order that the president can declare a “national emergency”, I have valid reasons to be suspicious and skeptical of what Dr. Garrow is saying.

If I am wrong, rightfully, Americans should be shocked and outraged that any commander in chief would seek such a litmus test to determine the leadership capabilities of his generals.

Consider my concerns:

1. Obama seeks to become a dictator in order to force his ideology onto Americans to prepare for a one world government in which the United States becomes an also ran. In combination of historic bills passed in Congress, dating back many years and the number of power grabbing bills and executive orders signed into law during Obama’s first four years, the stage is properly set that once a “national emergency” is declared, the sitting president becomes a dictator. Is this reason enough to find ways of angering the masses and driving them into the streets?

2. In the video, Dr. Garrow states that he has “worked with the Catholic Church”. In that role he was on the board of Crisis Magazine, a Catholic publication whose function was the “standing by Catholic tradition and letting it animate ideas and action in the temporal order.” Pay attention in the video to the list of names in which Dr. Garrow says his work on Crisis Magazine allowed him to “meet”; Zbigniew Brzezinski is on that list. The Catholic Church wants the U.S. disarmed as well. Oddly enough, there is not a lot on the Internet about Dr. Garrow and his past.

Also note that at the end of this video, Garrow evokes the name of god. Those of knowledge understand that the use of such tactics can be meant to deceive. Garrow was the founder of the Bethune Institute, an establishment created to honor Dr. Norman Bethune, who after traveling to Russia to study their system of health care, became a committed communist, eventually carrying out his communist work in China. Dr. Garrow is actively working in China through a program called Pink Pagoda, so save girls doomed for infanticide. Garrow points out that China wishes very strongly that the American citizenry is stripped of their weapons for much the same reasons as the emperor of Japan was at the onset of their attack on Pearl Harbor.

3. Garrow specifically declares that he thinks the intentions of the Obama Administration, supported by his conversation with his source, is to kickoff a civil war. He says that if Americans really knew what was going on they would be preparing for a civil war and that Obama has been really surprised at the amount of resistance there has been to his gun grab proposals. He states that America is now better prepared to rise up against Obama. Is he inciting this action or warning us it is the plan?

4. Many of the keywords and phrases used in this video are used to incite emotions in people. Every possible anti Obama talking point is brought up in this interview; never any agreement and always polarity.

5. If this “legend of the American people” is such a legend and has so much concern for the American people against a despotic ruler, then why the need to hide behind an anonymous identity? And Garrow states that he doesn’t believe his source will come forward. Consider for a moment. Someone, claimed in this video, achieved the highest rank in the U.S. military, believes that Obama plans to kill Americans in order to fulfill his dreams of progressive socialism, and he chooses to remain anonymous. This is so outrageous. If this is true, then impeachment proceedings on Obama should begin immediately and stop hiding behind some imaginary wall of safety while Americans may be at risk for their lives. If this is true, then a “legend among Americans” would certainly give the claim credibility or at least give people a chance to scrutinize the source. Makes no sense.

6. Pay attention in the video because it is brought out that this information that Obama has a new litmus test doesn’t come from Garrow’s anonymous “hero” source, but a third party. Red flag?

7. Garrow says the message that needs to go out to military personnel is they don’t need to resign commissions but to stand firm and wait and see what happens. Really?

I may be wrong. I am still sticking with my contention that all this rancorous debate of guns and executive orders is intended to anger the American people. Don’t get me wrong. I believe Obama and his totalitarian buddies want to disarm the American people but I also think he knows he’s not going to get it done with gun control laws and executive orders. Through a national emergency, resulting in his dictatorial rule, he believes he then will TAKE arms away from the public and thus the need to find out if his generals will do that. Or, he may not need his own generals at all. There’s always NATO and the UN.

What you may be seeing in this video is, in fact, the future plan that you and I are going to be subjected to and the purpose of this video, complete with the story of an “anonymous” source, a “legend among Americans”, is nothing more than a tool to be used to lead us like cattle down that path. Think before you get the cattle prod.

You watch the video, do some serious research and decide for yourself.


Award-winning TV Hunting Host among New RMEF Board Members

MISSOULA, Mont. – ?The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation is pleased to welcome six new members to its board of directors. Among them is Randy Newberg, host of the popular television hunting show, ?On Your Own Adventures.?

“?Randy is a longtime friend to RMEF,”? said David Allen, RMEF president and CEO. ?”But even more than that, his passion for conservation, public access and wildlife management, and his leadership will offer a clear, wise direction for our organization for years to come.”?

“?My vision is the RMEF will continue the valuable conservation work that has made such a difference in my life, all while adding to access efforts RMEF has provided for those of us who use these public lands,”? said Newberg. “?My vision is also that RMEF will provide leadership on important land and habitat issues during a time when funding for conservation is being cut, when public lands are being looked at as a liability, and when hunting can be even more valuable to our society. The ultimate vision being that all Americans understand that Hunting is Conservation.”?

In his role as host and producer of ?On Your Own Adventures,? Newberg is an avid self-guided public lands hunter from Bozeman, Mont. While filming, he hunts all Western states for all species; researching and planning his hunts, then heading to the hills like most hunters, on his own. Newberg?’s passion is sharing those experiences with others while also teaching them tactics and strategies to increase their success, and hopefully giving them the encouragement and enthusiasm to go and create their own hunting adventures.

Newberg serves as a volunteer for many conservation organizations. In addition to his work for RMEF, he is also an advisory member to the chairman of the Congressional Sportsmen?s Caucus in Washington, D.C., and a fundraising volunteer for local hunting and fishing groups. He is involved in national and regional policy efforts to improve and protect public land access, specifically access important to hunters.

“?I am excited for the opportunity to be of service to a group I have been a part of for more than 20 years, yet balanced by my realization that great responsibility comes with the position,”? added Newberg. “?I have great enthusiasm to make a difference on behalf of the many hunters, much like me, who if not for public lands and conservation work on those lands, probably would have never had the chance to become an elk hunter.”?

Randy and his wife, Kim, live in Bozeman, Mont. Randy is a certified public accountant by vocation and, more importantly, a hunter and conservation volunteer by passion. Sportsman Channel recently named him the Sportsman of the Year at the 2012 Sportsman Choice Awards in Las Vegas.

RMEF will announce other additions to its board of directors in the near future.


Utah Sheriffs Promise Obama They Will Defend Constitution



In Tuscany, Italy Wolf Attacks Near ‘Crisis Levels’

It was George Bernard Shaw who said, “If history repeats itself, and the unexpected always happens, how incapable must Man be of learning from experience.” Many pretend to have truth as to why settlers all across America and around the world went out of their way to kill wolves. Not intending to discuss those reasons, the fact remains that wolves were killed by the people and rational thinking leads us to believe it was for good reasons…..mostly.

But we have failed miserably as a society, “incapable” of “learning from experience” and thus a handful of “True Believers” insist on recreating history and the misery endured by the people of decades ago by protecting wolves and large predators, seemingly at the cost of human life.

In reading an article this morning in the AOL Travel section in the United Kingdom, it seriously took on the image of reading history from the adventures of settlers moving into the landscape of the West, except in reverse.

Due to circumstances in the Tuscany region, wolves are being forced into populated areas, where the food is. As a result, livestock and pets are being killed and attacks on humans are imminent. Once again I am reminded of Dr. Valerius Geist’s seven stages of when wolves become dangerous to humans. We must learn.

According to the report, heavy snows and cold have driven the prey base of the wolves to lower elevations. This of course being the living habitat of humans. As a result…..disaster!

Perhaps the words of Conservation biologist Claudio Sillero at the University of Oxford say it best:

There are wild wolves galore in Europe.

‘They have recolonized vast areas of their former range and live almost unnoticed in populated areas.’

‘While we think of wolves as masters of the wilderness in Europe, they thrive in human-dominated landscapes.


Sounds of Morning

I was sitting at my computer this morning before daybreak reading and writing. As the dawn began creeping up on me, outside in the trees, two cardinals (the bird variety) were loudly singing their songs. I thought, what an alarm clock. I guess they woke up the neighborhood and moved some place else to wake them up as well.

What a wonderful start to the day.


Open Thread – January 25, 2013

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