March 28, 2017

Hollyweird Insanity

I remember reading a long time ago how “Liberalism” is a mental disorder. That might be, but when one honestly considers such a statement, isn’t that qualification based on the perception of someone a “Liberal” would perceive as having a mental disorder? Leftism, is another thing, although few recognize and understand that. I’ll save that […]

More Fascistic Wildlife “Management” Rooted in Environmentalism

Here’s but one more glaring example of how wildlife biologists and managers of today are representing their “EnvironMENTALism” mind controled and manipulated educations. Maine stupidly introduced Canada geese to Maine for various reasons (at a time when the world was overrun by Canada geese), including to provide more geese hunting opportunities for both of the […]

The Goat God King Of The Dorks

  Fascinating. The Evil GOAT God Is Rising… The War For Morder is simply a perverted Biblical take off of the Baphomet Goat god making another attempt at world domination other wise known as the Great Tribulation or the worst time in mankinds concluding history.. Tolkien was a Roman Catholic.. I don’t know if he […]

The Basic Principle of Product and Process

I was a very young man the first time I heard any reference to the child-rearing principle of working and earning those things that become important to you. I recall, many times, my parents making comments like: “Nobody can ever truly appreciate things given to them. You must work for what you want. It makes […]

“Lady” Gaga {Gag} A Fitting Name For A Tranny


Is The Spinning Globe Model The Strong Delusion?

Dear Reader Did You Drool Over A Tranny?

What is the Baphomet? Their gOd is a Hermaphrodite.. ITS THEIR RELIGION! Baphomet penis with boobs they have to pervert/corrupt body so the demonic spirits can inhabit it. Demons cannot fully dwell in a normal man or woman body MADE IN THE IMAGE OF GOD. They  need one made in the image of inversion/perversion/deception.. Huedman-woman.. […]

Attention Readers: Don’t Trust Google Search?

Or perhaps we should not trust ANY search engine. I’ve written sparingly on this topic but perhaps it is time to expand on it just a bit. Please understand one thing. If you, the reader, are not willing to devote the time to “vet” any and all “news” stories, don’t waste any more of your […]

A Clear Example of How Environmentalists Want to “Change the Way We Discuss Wildlife Management”

I have two words to say to those who think, for one second, for any reason, that this should be allowed to happen. My God! Heavenly Father what has this world become? Come quickly I pray…I beg! And pay very close attention because the major EnvironMENTAL organizations of this severely disturbed, evil world support this […]

How To Gematria

There is nothing wrong with knowing this and using it to understand this fake world we live in.. BECAUSE then one can COMPREHEND how it is being used to dupe the GULLIBLE masses involved in various hoaxes. Such as POLITICS, Professional and Collegiate level rigged sports. In other words It is Mithraism, Kabbalah, Satanism.. The […]