January 19, 2019

The Deep State


U.S. Capitol.

U.S. Capitol.

Their god of this world..

Their current puppet..


The Hidden All-Seeing Eye in Washington D.C.


Ford Steering Wheel

Largest Alter in the world inside Divine Serpent’s mouth in Rome..

The bug is the face of the infamous predator…

It’s all there… They’re busted..

Their not hiding anymore…


Red Mixed With Blue Equals Purple

The World Governing Body That governs it’s Political Puppets in it’s Politically Chartered Nation Estates All members of it’s United Nations.. They are BUSTED!!


Food For Thought If Still Possible In A Dumbed Down World

Largest False Idol Graven Image and Alter in the Vatican=Divine Serpent

U.S. Capitol

Notice the latest Toyota steering wheel.

A continuation of the steering wheel, which is a replica of the largest alter in the world

inside the mouth of the Divine Serpent Vatican.. With one eye open, one eye closed, it’s a

vagina sitting above the lap of the male drivers.. This is this world, that is

very sick… Stench has to be reaching Heaven..

This thing owns this world system.. All actors, musicians, politicians corporations are mocking YOU

all who have no eyes that see nor ears that hear… And the best part for them is, you’re

whats being hunted for Dinner… You’re their food.. You’re their energy..

Time to get a clue..


Mankind And Their Bug God Beast Owner Of This World System


The Snare Of Leftism versus Rightism

The restoration of nationalism. Nothing but the left right paradigm of Luciferian Utopia.. Which is complete destruction of all life, it is complete and unavoidable death… The thing is the law of nations creates the family of nations which was used to establish this nation into the family of nations.. Then the league of nations now the United Nations.. This NWO BS started a long time ago.. Well before any of us were born here.{All the man made anti Biblical  law of Hammurabi}. These so called revolutions have been in the past and here in the present are all leading to a false conclusion thus are fake… The earth is going to burn.. PERIOD.. Inside yourselves is the key to the problem.. The right side of yourself must over power the upside down side of yourself with the key Yeshua turning that lock.. If you are participating in salvaging this Luciferian system you are failing.. Falling…

I don’t need the hell of high-maintenance human-kind friendship anymore… fake friends always disappear..  Friends I once thought were true but weren’t were friends who only befriended me because they needed to use me in some way to exploit myself for some selfish purpose of their own. And with each friendship proven false I became stronger from it… After all the betrayals, the abandonment’s, the exposed lies and uncovered truths I ended up a lot more friendless but even stronger.. Yeshua is my only friend.. Yeshua shows me this world and all of its corruption.. Yeshua will never take his meat away from my table because some old fake friends lied about their interactions with myself… “This is My commandment: that you love one another, as I have loved you. Greater love has no man than this: that a man lay down his life for his friends.”—John 15:12-13  By telling “friends” and  acquaintances the results of doing a deep in-depth forensic analysis of this world systems owners who’s only intentions and purpose is to lead them to destruction through deception and false hope false hoods thus I did my due diligence and showed true friendship to those who ultimately betrayed me for doing it… “You are My friends if you do whatever I command you. I no longer call you servants, for a servant does not know what his master does. But I have called you friends, for everything that I have heard from My Father have I made known to you.”—John 15:14-15

I have done as I was told to do… All the glory goes to my King Yeshua..


The Present American Revolution? Or the Ongoing American Revolution

“Almost everything we have seen in just the last three months — the Kavanaugh chaos, the “caravan,” the ongoing Mueller octopus, recounting election results until they are deemed “correct,” the Beto and Gillum neo-socialism craziness, the swarming of a Fox News anchor’s home, driving public officials out of restaurants, the media circus at presidential press conferences — are symptoms of revolutionary America. In this conflict, one side believes it is not only not fair but also not allowable that it lacks the necessary power to make us all equal — but equal only in the eyes of a self-anointed elite.”<<<Read More>>>

A dear friend, who is forever sending me information to read and I am grateful, sent me Victor Davis Hanson’s latest article “The Present American Revolution.” It is an intellectual perspective of the obvious, perhaps based upon his own observations rooted in the very cultural changes that have brought us to a point in which the author believes we are in the middle of a revolution. I might suggest that we have been in some fashion of a “revolution” since the beginning of time.

Of course, it’s the Left’s fault, this upheaval of the culturally good. It’s but one side of the equation and it is, in and of itself, all a part of any American Revolution active today. The actions of the Left are not prompted by original thoughts or actions. Isn’t it the actions of the Right that drive the revolutionary symptoms of the Left? Isn’t this paradigm a design by men to perpetuate a revolution? Doesn’t history show us that there has always been opposing sides, opposing thoughts, opposing idealisms, and thus revolution?

It seems the author thinks our Constitution is being destroyed by a Leftist agenda. That may be the obvious truth, to those promoting a Rightist agenda. However, isn’t or shouldn’t the bigger question be what or who gave us the Left and the Right and for what purpose other than revolution?

All of this, which I find fascinating on many levels, reminds me of a piece written by Richard Fernandez not that long ago about our “Foundational Libraries.” These so-called Foundational Libraries are what most influences and drives our culture of the moment in history. I shared this information with readers and provided my own perspective.

My thoughts are that Hanson’s work and Fernandez’s work are much one and the same. Isn’t what Hanson relates to readers the effects of the ever-changing Foundational Libraries?

Here’s what I wrote in regards to Wretchard’s work:

…“foundational libraries” are what gives us our identity while guiding and directing us. Is there little doubt about that? It seems a fair conclusion that these libraries are and have been forever changing. The question might become who is really responsible for the changing foundational libraries? Doesn’t such changes also give cause to even change the reference title of “foundational libraries” to “social controlling libraries” as with these changes so also does the actual foundation deteriorate until it is gone, replaced by controlling social demands as expressed in the article?

If any of this is true, then the question becomes who actually controls the Foundational Libraries?

The Global Power Structure is designed with seemingly unlimited numbers of organizations whose purpose is nothing more than to manipulate and control our minds by inundating us with mass media. Programmed to feed off this useless garbage, that at the same time is crafted to take away our ability or desire to think for ourselves, we essentially become the techno-zombies or automatons the Global Power Structure wants us to be – easily manipulated and controlled acting out the roles designed for us.

So, why are we now of the mindset that we are in the midst of a new or “Present American Revolution?”

…one on the Left blames the destruction of our culture on the Right. While the Left and Right are eagerly mired in the false paradigm of Left vs. Right, blinded by the fabricated hatred toward others of unlike idealisms, the real powers continue to pull all the strings that bring the Foundational Libraries to a point that best benefits them.

It would appear that the Global Power Structure finds benefit in a new American Revolution. We must look at what could be the results of a revolution.

One might think that a Foundational Library would offer some semblance of stability, a grounding in moral behavior and existence. It’s easy to blame the Progressives for the radical destruction of the foundation, but both “sides” are to blame. Because I tend to identify more closely with a conservative perspective, certainly the Left is radically pushing to upend all things that offer stability in conservative reasoning. It works both ways and that is why there is such animosity, anger, and hatred toward “the other side.” It is designed to be so. It is part of the destruction of our Foundational Libraries, to bring us into an existence void of common moral decency, separated from the love and life of our Creator God and his simple plan of salvation -further proof that Satan rules this world and we are being manipulated by his evil powers.

There are so many great writers capable of pointing out the obvious and at the same time participating in the propagation of this “Present American Revolution.” It would really be a great event if some of these people would actually share if they know or research to find out, what and who is behind such things as the manipulation of our Foundational Libraries and the Present American Revolution.





The god of this world system of everything..

Upside down shows Alien Bug..

If this nauseates you that’s a good thing… This is the wizard behind the curtain of this world system…

Welcome to the land of OZ…


Pipe Bombs?? Sunrise?? 10019?? REALLY??

Bad Dems Bad Dems Whatcha Gonna Do Whatcha Gonna Do When the Locusts Come For You.. Bad Dems Bad Dems…