August 18, 2019

Fairy Tales And Myths Rue The Day In The Fraudulent U.S. Of A..

The land area of the lower 48 states is approximately 1.9 billion acres. The U.S. has 2.3 billion acres of land, 375 million acres are in Alaska. There are 670 million acres of forests deserts Wilderness and National Parks..  Termed public lands.. And a lot of multiple users actually believe those lands belong to them. That is a myth of course. As this claimed ownership is by the government, which is a privately owned corporation.

Public welfare” means government welfare, NOT your welfare. How many believe when they say “public,” that it means you and me? Probably 99 percent of you think this way. Not so, the government is termed public. Ever hear the term “public office?” That is easy to understand it means government office. Why is it  so difficult to understand the “public welfare clause “means government welfare and not your welfare?

“So far as the requirement of due process is concerned, and in the absence of other constitution restriction, a state is free to adopt whatever economic policy may reasonably be deemed to promote public welfare, and to enforce that policy by legislation adopted to its purpose. The courts are without authority either to declare such policy, or, when it is declared by the legislature, to override it. “. .Nebbia v New York 291 U.S. 502

The Bill of Rights, as originally adopted, DID NOT belong to the people that lived in the states and they did not, contrary to the big lie they are led to believe, create the Bill of Rights, just like they did not create the Constitutions of the United States, much less the state constitution where they live. The common man never ratified any constitution. In fact when these arguments over “Rights” were taking place the majority of the populace was not in attendance representing themselves. These rights in this republic intended to use the democratic process being a common wealth, is a Jural Society with man made statutory rights, privileges granted the subjects. When men started doing this they stepped in front of the RIGHTS GIVEN EACH MAN by our MAKER.. Men playing gods with GODS RIGHTS.. Kings=Dictators..

The fact is the U.S. and its estate franchises owns all lands, all 2.3 billion acres are public lands. Don’t think so? Don’t pay your tenant status property tax rent and see where that gets you..

They can suspend any privilege at any time based off the simple rule within their COTUS.. Necessary And Proper.

I did this because I’m tired of their confusion, and I’m tired of people passing along their confusions. Or better as Heavenly father called them, plagues. As in get out of her my people that you not suffer her plagues. Disinformation and word term twisting certainly are plagues..



4th Of July Palatable Slave State Day


The Occult Of 4th Of July-Hells Bells – And the Blind Sheep

In The Land Of The Blind The One Eyed Man Is King…


The North During the Civil War Committed Genocide Against “Freed” Black Folks

It was just economics.. Oh and one other thing, it was legal. YOU KNOW, WHEN LEGAL IS WRONG? Thats right, thats what dumb people never want to think about, when legal is wrong..

Did You Know That Thousands Of Free Black People Were Killed In Concentration Camps In The U.S?



It’s legal for some folks to point their guns at other folks.. And force them to live like rats..



Gun Control Works Great If You Have Disarmed Your Victims

And what else did these governments do that resorted to the genocides they are known for? Why they made it legal of course.. In the picture you are observing soldiers carrying out a legal action ordered by the authors of the legal action.. The legal mob was following the legal law when performing these legal executions of people that did not believe in following legalese written up by insane legalese authors.. What is astonishing is the fact that people keep repeating these atrocities over stupid political philosophies.. THINK IT WON’T HAPPEN HERE IN THE ESTATES? THEY’RE HEADING US TOWARDS THIS OUTCOME NOW.. Are your philosophies and politics worth this? Some of you out there had best look around yourselves a bit closer..Those of us studying this countries “laws” have come to realize this is already legal here.  When they start doing this where will you be standing?



All They Needed To Do Is Harness The Masses


They knew they would not control all of the minds out here, but they knew they’d get most of the minds out here.. And so they have..


The SCIENCE Of Biometrics






Electronic Media Voodoo Ritual The Maimstream Media Is Just The Hooting Ululations Of The Organ Grinder’s Monkeys

The News is fake, they lie, and they use image deception.. They create made for TV terrorists events.. They have fake court trials.. fake science.. Its fake.. Merely entertainment.. It is almost impossible to know real news from faked news..THIS SHOULD COME  AS NO SURPRISE TO MANY WHO RESEARCH AND OBSERVE MYSTERY BABYLON.

Domestic espionage crisis acting social engineering

These actors and their helpers/handlers have unlimited resources. They are experts at disguise. Historically actors were used in espionage as well. And that is what this is. They are well spoken articulate speakers. They are all high level masonic initiates with extremely higher educations than the average citizen. Most of them comprehend legal terms at a very high level, in fact many actors are lawyers. They have access to the best disguise materials used by Hollywood. As well those filming them can do some digital work on the film alter the light.. Ear face and hand bio-metrics are legitimate sciences used for identification. Prosthetic facial components are being used.

Computer Generated Imagery – masking frames.. Smoking frames, masking and matting.. Look for elements out of sync.. CAMERA ANGLE AND PERSPECTIVE, and FORESHORTENING..
They have numerous clever methods..

Abstract-The shape of the subcutaneous vascular tree of back of hand contains information
that is capable of authenticating the identity of an individual. In this paper a hand vein
verification system was prototyped and statistical performance measures were analyzed.

I lived and worked in an area where there are several retired Hollywood special effects people, and actors of tv and movies. I got to know a couple of them, both were in special effects operating digital video film altering equipment working in special effects cinematography. Upon reviewing the FBI ambush video of the Finicum{IS ACTOR ED HARRIS} death both said it is likely digital fakery’ video fakery in play.. That is why I’m calling bullshit on the death of this man. This in my opinion was crisis social engineering. There are various players involved in an attempt to foment a civil war or revolt. Who would this benefit? The authors of legalese tyranny thats who. Now these two people know me because they know whats up with this world. They’ve been on the inside of it so to speak and got out. The Bundy thing,{BUNDY IS T. BOONE PICKENS} the Oregon deal, all a huge psyop {NOW ORLANDO}.

Now they’re playing up on the murder and ambush theory. Trying to piss people off. Any way my friends tell me never believe any video. And they say the videos of that deal on the highway are highly edited. Digital fakery’ of the imagery. CAD : “Computer-Aided Design” There ARE elementary animation possibilities with the newest versions of Photoshop today.—Anon-Special effects on various big time movies over the last 50 years. Movies we’ve all seen in our lives. I’ve seen this persons photo collections of different works they have been on in various movie sets. Neither of these two people believe anything they see in the news, none of it because they both say it is all fake. a movie and the masses swallow it up, either the films altered or the story is bogus. In all of it.

YOU AND I LIVE IN THE WORLD OF DISINFORMATION: VIDEO FAKERY-Digital Fakery – Holograms – Lens Distortion-wide angle and telephoto. They have the technology to fake anything.. The technology they have is well advanced beyond the technology that this society is aware of, knows of..






They’re screwing with your heads big time..




Satanic Ritual Opening Gotthard Base Tunnel

Switzerland has gone occult.  Opening ceremonies using satanic practices.


Ryan NRA Poised to Further Give Away Second Amendment

Here’s some more of “I told you so” nonsense from the fake “conservative” Speaker Ryan and the fake Second Amendment supporters from the NRA. In what appears to be a “compromise,” which is nothing more than a lie to the people to give away our rights to self defense, and capitulating into the arms of more centralized government, further setting the stage for a rapid take over of arms and a disarming of the American people, Speaker Ryan plans a vote, after the current recess, on some kind of bill that we are lied to that will prohibit “terrorists” from being able to buy guns. Plans are also underway to destroy more rights disguised as a bill to prohibit “mentally ill people” from buying guns.

What can possibly go wrong? All the while idiots, so deeply mired into the lie of conservative/liberal, right/left, republican/democrat still think Paul Ryan, who once was wholeheartedly propped up to be vice president under another liar, Mitt Romney, will support and protect our Second Amendment rights. Stop supporting the fake NRA. Stop supporting the fake conservatives. They only lie! LIE, LIE, LIE!


Things are moving so rapidly now few can see what’s taking place. What once was considered a last bastion of hope for freedom of speech, the Internet, is soon to be highly regulated – in other words censored and controlled more than it already is. When this happens, I am finished with all of the techno-junk bull crap!

Today, with thoroughly brainwashed people addicted to places like Facebook, which is already government controlled, censorship is in full swing.


You think we live in a free country but we don’t – a far cry from it. You and I helped to create it. Only those with their eyes open don’t like the outcome.


Continue your willful disobedience to TRUTH!