February 21, 2017

My Preferred Special Hunting Interest is Bigger Than Yours

Last week I offered some comments about upcoming bill proposals in the Maine Legislature. George Smith, outdoor writer and activist, says on March 2, 2017, there will be several proposed hunting bills brought before the Joint Standing Committee for Inland Fisheries and Wildlife. In last week’s article I wrote: “In general, I am opposed to […]

A Most Excellent Quote of How Statistics Prove Statistics Can Prove Anything

In a rapidly growing email exchange about effects of ungulates, particularly deer, on forests, I read the following most excellent statement contained within a larger E-mail response: “…if folks want to play with words or numbers, as I’ve often seen done in the name of “science”, one could produce almost any number desired.  For example, […]

Killing Ticks With Foods Laced With Anti-Parasitic Meds

What could possibly go wrong? I read an article this morning about how in one area of Texas, where a certain tick carries a disease known as cattle fever. The plan, on deer ranches, is to lace the corn being fed to deer, with this anti-parasitic drug. Hmmm. One small paragraph in the article states: […]

Gun Free Zone?

Massachusetts Releases Deer Harvest Data – Maine Still Searching for Tag Reports

But Old Hunter say:

More Proof That the Scientific Method Has Gone to Hell

I just finished reading an article in which the author claims that utilizing “spotlight surveys” to count deer is a “waste of resources.” Spotlight surveys are when an individual or a biologist sets up cameras in the forest in order to “spot” deer, identify them and try to determine how many deer inhabit a prescribed […]

Report to the Joint Standing Committee on Inland Fisheries and Wildlife

*Editor’s Note* – This report really sounds terrific…well, with the exception of the continued focus on giving social demands toward wildlife management too much credence. What readers may not understand in this report and the changing of management plans, strategies and techniques, is we may not actually know what is truly taking place within each […]

Biggest EVAH!

This non typical rack was taken from a buck in Tennessee by a farmer there. It has been scored at 312-3/8 and is a new world record.

If I Were In Charge of MDIFW

The Maine Sportsman, a print publication, carried an article in their January 2017 edition written by Joe Saltalamachia, Director of Admissions at Unity College in Maine. The title was, “If You Were in Charge of DIF&W…” In the February, 2017 edition, the magazine published comments left by readers who responded to Mr. Saltalamachia’s suggestions of […]

Glyphosate Spraying Killing Whitetail Deer in New Brunswick

KJIPUKTUK (Halifax) — The Halifax Media Co-op has acquired a series of internal communications from New Brunswick’s Department of Natural Resources that comprise literally hundreds of pages of emails related to newly-retired, whistle blowing, provincial deer biologist Rod Cumberland. These communications are interesting for a variety of reasons, the least of which because they provide […]