March 22, 2017

Undercover Intelligence Agency Discovers Trump Smoking Gun

The secret intelligence community at TomRemingtondotcom, as unearthed what is surely the smoking gun that will get President Donald J. Trump impeached, if not executed by lethal injection. The RIA (Remuit Intelligence Agency) has obtained documents that prove that on March 3, 2003, while exiting his limousine in front of Hillary Clinton’s house, he farted. […]

Predicting The Future

Eyes Focused on Right Hand, You Never Know What the Left Hand is Doing

There is No Difference

Or is there?

Dare To Dream

Wednesday Without Women

Pope Look-Alike


Does Crying Bear Shit in the Woods?

Or, if a bawl-baby cries in the woods, and nobody is around to hear it, or cares enough to listen, is he still a blooming idiot?

Spare The Rod – Don’t Mean Fishing Rod

Makes A Lot Of Sense….To Some

White Snowflake Smoothie

This from The People’s Cube: