March 29, 2017

Spare The Rod – Don’t Mean Fishing Rod

Makes A Lot Of Sense….To Some

White Snowflake Smoothie

This from The People’s Cube:

He Couldn’t Be More Deserving!!

Put on Your Pussy Hats You Corrupt Fake Politicians

Cry me a river – or more fitting today would be Crimea River…or something. Over the weekend, Senate Minority criminal Charlene Schumer pored on the tears claiming Trumpet was mean spirited and un-American. Waaaaaaah! Before that we had Baroness Obama, working as hard as he could to drum up some tears, while at the same […]

Ever Really Wonder the Purpose of a Hoodie?

If You Can’t Laugh, See a Shrink

“Progressive” Sexual Assault is Acceptable….I Guess

Yes, Yes, Yes! They DO Love It

From The People’s Cube:    

Paradox: Leads to a Self-Contradictory or a Logically Unacceptable Conclusion