October 4, 2015

New Mexico says no to wolves, creating quandary for federal officials

*Editor’s Note* – The author of this article states that the Feds “can go over the state’s head” but questions whether or not the Feds will do that. The answer is simple: Of course they will. They have a history of breaking laws and doing just as they damned please anyway. So, why act as […]

Who Needs ESA When There’s a Fascist Government?

Interior Secretary Sally Jewell announced at a ceremony yesterday outside Denver that the greater sage grouse will not be listed for protection under the Endangered Species Act. Jewell also announced final approval of the federal grouse plans that amend 98 BLM and Forest Service land-use plans to incorporate grouse protections that buffer the bird’s prime […]

What Does Agenda 21 Sustainable Development Mean?

Why is it when we put forth real intensive deep research concerning the Babylonian Agenda 21 the alleged readers of this open thread stay stuck in the writings of con artists who only explain in part what the document means, and offer no viable solution for exposing the document? What does that god damnable document […]

Endangered Species Act a Golden Parachute for Inept Wildlife Management

Recently I read an editorial in an online media outlet originating in Wisconsin. The editorial was actually a rebuttal in which the author, accused the first author of taking tactics and using information that was contradictory and incorrect (if only in the mind of the author). Laughable was the fact that the person rebutting the […]

Save All Our Public Lands for Wild Horses and Burros?

Guest posting by John Koleszar – Arizona: As an advocate for all wildlife, I found the recent furor over the horse situation in the Salt River Recreation area to be tremendously sad because of the lack of education of the general public. From State legislator Kelly Townsend to all of the horse lovers of America, […]

And the Golden Horse Excrement Award Goes to…..

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s Mark McCollough who, according to the Associated Press, says about Canada lynx: “…the goal is to recreate the conditions to prevent a big drop in the number of lynx in Maine.” The devastation of the spruce bud worm outbreak of the 1970s, resulted in large areas of clear-cuts to […]

USFWS Red Wolf Corruption or Incompetence?

*Editor’s Note* – I was sent the following email. It is an update to the ongoing farce in North Carolina, disguised as some sort of mongrel dog experiment but labeled a red wolf introduction and management program. The author of the email, Mr. Ferebee, had sent an FOIA to USFWS director Ashe, seeking a map […]

Read How We Got Where We Are – Then Use Just Two Facts to Expose the Truth about Wolves

*Note* – The following article is published on this website with the consent of the author. Please support The Outdoorsman by clicking on the link to your right on the computer screen and subscribing to the print publication. The only way this honest and accurate work can continue is with your support. Thank you. by […]

Maine Trappers Required to Use “Exclusion” Device to Avoid Lynx Capture

According to an article in the Press Herald, Maine trappers will now be required to use an exclusion device that is intended to prevent Canada lynx, a falsely declared “Endangered Species,” from entering a killer-type trap, along with other restrictions on non-lethal restraint devices. Last December, the department effectively shut down trapping for most above-ground […]

Maine Lynx Protection: The Absurdity Never Ends

We knew it was coming…I knew it was coming and here it is. Another lawsuit. All previous attempts at placating the perverted animal righters (better recognized as hunting haters and people haters) have failed in these people’s eyes and as has been predicted for decades now, they will not stop until it has all ended…laws […]