February 10, 2016

Lawsuit Challenging Wildlife Services’ Authority to Kill Oregon Wolves

The totalitarian group, Western Environmental Law Center, and their puppet regimes, have filed a lawsuit to end the killing of wolves in Oregon by the Federal Government’s Wildlife Services. This is but another money-making scheme promoted by totalitarians forcing the ideals onto others at great cost. I refuse to provide any links to this story, […]

Marenisco, Michigan Fighting Wolf Problem

“It’s a big problem up here,” he said. “I know the DNR’s hands are pretty much tied as far as what we can do about these wolves since they’ve been relisted (on the endangered species list) by court order, but I live this every day and I’m responsible for the safety of these people. I […]

Az Sen Flake Proposes Amendment to Energy Act to Delist MGW

I have received information from Veritas Research Consulting, that Arizona Sen. Flake has introduced Amendment #3164, as part of the Senate Energy Act (S.2012) to remove from the Endangered Species Act List Mexican gray wolves (MGW) from federal protection and placing management within the appropriate states where MGWs live. The amendment – found at this link […]

Senate Panel Backs Bill to End ESA Protection of Wolves in 4 States, and Prohibit Court Interference

A Senate committee has approved a Republican amendment to strip federal protection from gray wolves in three Great Lakes states and Wyoming. The measure also prohibits courts from intervening in those states on behalf of the embattled predator. Source: Senate panel backs bill to drop wolf protections in 4 states, including Michigan

What is the Species Conservation and ESA Initiative?

What is the Species Conservation and ESA Initiative? Wyoming Governor Matt Mead currently serves as the Chairman of the Western Governors’ Association.  As Chair, Governor Mead announced that his Chair’s initiative would be Western Governors’ Species Conservation and the Endangered Species Act Initiative. The initiative will: create a mechanism for states to share best practices […]

Are Lawsuits In The Works Where Congress “Delisted” Wolves?

We find in the news that certain environmental groups who make their living filing lawsuits, have petitioned the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to continue monitoring state wolf management even after the five-year mandate, as part of the plan that approved wolf delisting in Montana and Idaho, which expires this year. The petition claims that […]

Colorado Faces Fascist Government Dealing With Wolves

*Editor’s Note* – I’ve highlight the most relevant part of any discussion involving the spreading of GI toxic wolves across the entire landscape of the United States. We live in a fascist state where the Federal Government dictates to everyone what will be. Colorado, Utah, New Mexico and any other state can oppose wolf introduction […]

Polar Bears Love Global Warming

The scientists found that contrary to claims made by Gore in his 2006 film, polar bears have adapted to past warm periods. This is in line with Cronin’s work which has found that polar bears have been a genetically-distinct species long enough to have survived past periods where the Arctic had little to no ice. […]

The Satanic Evil of EnvironMENTALism

Wolves are a danger to us

*Editor’s Note* – What I highlighted below is a comment that few Americans understand or are aware of. It is the intent of those who advocate for large predator protection to make sure people cannot use public land. In 2014, a federal judge from Washington D.C. decided to put the gray wolf back on the […]