September 22, 2018

My Wolfed Down And Burned Down Wilderness Experience

I noticed something yesterday as I did a 14 mile hike on single track, off trail, then back to single track in the Frank Church Wilderness.. I’ve wandered around in this particular spot since the 1970s.. This section is along elk creek going towards Porter creek and beyond to Sulpher creek.. The place has mile wide and miles long seemingly endless meadows surrounded by once pristine lush forests and under story now all burned to the ground and is a maze of dead fall.. The single track paths are clogged shut for miles now..

The place used to be an incredibly amazing wildlife observation hike and even a early fall excellent hunting experience.. Along with incredible fishing in lakes and streams.. I was attempting a 16 mile in and out into one of those lakes and within about a mile I decided to give up on the lake.. I was tired of the down timber maze after fighting four miles of that maze of waist and chest high obstructions.. I knew I needed to turn back.. I made a loop out of the hike..

I noticed not one single bear scat, wolf scat, Wolverines were not in there usual hang outs making tracks and scat either, No elk scat, with two coyote scats and one deer scat on this walk.. A place where it was normal to see herds of elk, various deer sightings, bears, fish in the streams.. Even the bird and squirrel life in there was boring.. I did see a dead bull elk.. While bushwhacking four miles I nearly tripped over a bloated, by my estimation dead for 24-36 hours bull elk.. Nothing had fed on it, I could not determine a cause.. I suspect arrow though and to far back from the lungs and heart into the liver area..I did not have time to put a knife to work to validate my suspicion..

Kinda strange I thought, after reading about the grizzly man fight over a dead elk in Wyoming upon first stumbling onto this prize dead elk in this ruined dead place in these deep dead sterile woods.. I immediately started looking for a charging black bear.. What are the odds of in all of that devastated by wolves and fires area do I stumble over this dead bull.. As i walked around in this once paradise I thought of Val Geist’s predictions of the aftermath of over populated wolves.. I thought to my self, the damned wolves came in here and eventually delisted themselves..

They had to leave here or die, and they did.. They cleaned the place out.. In 2006 through 2009 on various excursions into this area I observed them doing exactly that.. Running the trails like police dogs, inspecting every camp, devouring everything not fast enough to out run them.. I did bump into a pair of wildlife photographer about a mile in from the trailhead.. Out of Oregon.. He asked me what happened to this place.. I say’s to him, wolves and fires, and fires and wolves.. So I noticed something yesterday, wolves eventually delist themselves.. The place was sterile, wolfed down and burned down… I’m going back in there to salvage the horns and ivories in late spring..

And to cut the trail open for my horses so I can once again fish the best fishing hole I’ve ever known.. It’s ironic what Wilderness was and became here in this place and how we as people have varying definitions of what it is, was, could have been, should be and currently is.. I prefer a wilderness of abundant green forests with teeming wildlife myself.. While others are determined that a Predator pit and burned out wilderness is preferable.. Real Wilderness then by the UNEP and UNEP clones definition is a dead place, a place of ruin.. That then was my wolfed down and burned down wilderness experience yesterday September 20th 2018.. I will add that the photographers I passed admitted they did not like what they had come to see.. Shameful were their final words…


The Buck Stops Nowhere … One Man’s Thoughts By Jim Carrell

There is always a rest of the story; Unfortunately most people fear the facts..

The UNEP campaign to “rewild” America is not just about the apex predator paradigm that has been unleashed against the ranching and hunting industry and the rural citizens.. It is an entire economic shift designed to cause appropriation of private lands to be added to the “public” lands and relocation to cities of rural residents, and the new type of eugenics brought forth by economic warfare.. A campaign to clear the rewilded sectors of people.. It’s almost the same thing that happened to the indigenous natives, appropriation relocation and genocide for land for settlement.. Now it’s land for rewilding.. Those orchestrating this hell on earth are the financiers of the 1995 UNEP-1992 Programme of Action clique.. The World Bank, the IMF, The Windsors, the Club of Rome.. The various “conservationist” groups owned by the Rothschild’s family.. The Royal Society of Wildlife Trusts or RSWT…was previously known by the names Society for the Promotion of Nature Reserves and Royal Society for Nature Conservation. “The forerunner of the RSWT, the Society for the Promotion of Nature Reserves, was established by Charles Rothschild in 1912. It aimed initially to draw up a list of the country’s best wildlife sites with a view to purchase for protection as nature reserves, and by 1915 it had drawn up a list of 284, known as Rothschild Reserves.” Nathaniel Charles Rothschild (9 May 1877 – 12 October 1923), known as “Charles”, was an English banker and entomologist and a member of the Rothschild family.

“It was believed that it was better to fence off nature and leave it to its own devices, rather than practically manage it…”

World Wide Fund for Nature, WWF (formerly named the, World Wildlife Fund, WWF)
World Wildlife Fund / World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF)
Founders –
Bernhard of Lippe-Biesterfeld
Julian Huxley
Max Nicholson
Peter Scott
Guy Mountfort
Godfrey A. Rockefeller

“The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) is an international non-governmental organization founded on April 29, 1961, and is working on issues regarding the conservation, research and restoration of the environment. It was formerly named the World Wildlife Fund… It is the world’s largest conservation organization with over 5 million supporters worldwide, working in more than 100 countries, supporting around 1,300[5] conservation and environmental projects. WWF is a foundation,[6] in 2010 deriving 57% of funding from individuals and bequests, 17% from government sources (such as the World Bank, DFID, USAID) and 11% from corporations.”

“The group’s mission is “to stop the degradation of the planet’s natural environment and to build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature.”[7] Currently, much of its work focuses on the conservation of three biomes that contain most of the world’s biodiversity: oceans and coasts, forests, and freshwater ecosystems. Among other issues, it is also concerned with endangered species, pollution and climate change.”

The above is a short list of the founding fathers of the early 20th century to the 21st century modern times environmentalist movement we are currently oppressed by… Fact is it is not environmentalism it is evolved eugenics..

Below in bold by Jim Carrell;

Ah, where to begin with this conundrum in a quagmire that is grizzly bear management in Montana? I can assure you that this isn’t a story that can be told with few words. For the sake of time I am going to give you the short version.

    Let us go back 30 or more years to a time before our State and Federal wildlife and land agencies took up residence with what has been deemed as “environmental” organizations. A time before nearly 100 years of sound wildlife and forest conservation was abandoned along with the North American model of hunting. A time when said agencies had the respect of the people that paid their wages, a respect that was earned based off their performance. A time when hunting organizations were actually hunting organizations, not decoy groups for environmental extremist organizations whose mantra is- “the end justifies the means.” A time when the livelihoods of all Montanans was considered. Starting to lose you? Please be patient and I will do my best to explain.

    In those days, Montana was a place that captured the heart and soul of every outdoor enthusiast, hunter and fisherman that lived there or who visited. It had it all. Wide open spaces that traveled seemingly endless across its badlands and into the Great Plains and prairies before finally being interrupted by one of multiple mountain ranges, each with its own unique characteristics and beauty, and none more iconic than or as large as the Rocky Mountain range. In all, these mountains held over 80,000 square miles and Montana as a whole encompassed just over 147,000 square miles. Streams and rivers for endless miles to the delight of many an angler and recreationalist. An abundance of wildlife, even grizzlies. It was a place whose heritage of Native Americans, hunting, fishing, ranching and farming rang so loud the whole world could hear it. It ran in the veins of so many people that called this place their home. Like grizzly bears, it was a big part the essence and pride of modern-day Montana.

    In many ways, the same holds true today but it has had a special kind of twist added to it. Moving forward now to the year 1995, when the Northern Rocky Mountain Wolf Recovery Plan was implemented. I am sure some of you reading this are wondering what wolves have to do with grizzly bear management. Stay tuned as I give my best explanation in this too short of space. Honestly, it would require a novel to give it the explanation it deserves.

    This was the transition period that changed everything. The years following this “non-essential” and “experimental” wolf recovery project began to reveal that something very different was going on with the agencies/departments that manage our wildlife and land. This was the time when grizzly bears should have been taken off the Endangered Species List (excluding grizzly in areas that should have never been put on the list in the first place) to be managed in an appropriate manner that ensured their existence in Montana’s vast landscape for all the years to come, while also taking into consideration their impact on human livelihood. A time when our governing bodies should have taken a stand to uphold the oath they took.

    Instead something very different happened. This became the time when the buck stopped nowhere. Something that continues today as an agenda seemingly from hell for many people in Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Oregon, Washington and the Mid-West, continues to unfold. A time when the ranchers, hunters and people in general were betrayed. As the years rolled by it became a time when heavy losses of deer, elk, moose, pets and livestock were witnessed in the western parts of Montana, all of Central Idaho, and into its northern regions and also Northwest Wyoming. This epidemic is now being realized in eastern Oregon as well as Eastern Washington and other parts of our nation. These losses have been well documented by many people although it rarely, if ever, makes the headlines. Calls for help have been largely ignored as the agenda of the expansion and overpopulation of apex predators continues by our powers that be, as does the havoc it wreaks.

    So what went wrong with this “non-essential” and “experimental” project? The deal that was made: 100 wolves or 10 breeding pairs (later changed to 150 wolves or 15 breeding pairs) in each of the three states (Idaho, Montana and Wyoming) was broken. This deal was stated and agreed upon by collaborators such as MT FWP, IDF&G, other state and federal agencies/departments, USFWS, and “environmental” organizations. As soon as that “goal” or “objective” was met the agreement was that management of these cherry picked wolves from northern Canada (canis lupus occidentalis), which were introduced on top of our native wolf (canis lupus irremotus), was to be handed over to each prospective state. Well, that goal or objective was met in each of the three states by the year 2002 (and that is being conservative) yet management did not begin until 2009 and it was lackluster at best. In 2010, “environmental” organizations filed yet another lawsuit and successfully stopped management efforts for that year. Between the years 2002 and 2010 these non-native and unchecked wolf numbers exploded and they were allowed to do a magnitude of damages that may never be forgiven by many people. As seen above this was not enough damage for the environmental extremist organizations nor was 10 times (at least) the wolf numbers than was agreed upon.

    This same time period, 2002 through 2010, was when the buck literally stopped nowhere. State agencies blamed the Feds and the Feds blamed the deal-breaking environmentalists, whose endless lawsuits and campaign to “rewild” America with apex predators pressed on as their in-house judges ruled in their favor 95% of the time. All the while the collaborators collaborated on, and still to this day blame one another for the fall out of the ill fated deal. Something worthy of noting is that these introduced wolves – canis lupus occidentalis (the largest sub-species of wolves in the world) are now being referred to as canis lupus irremotus, our once-native wolf that, contrary to popular belief, did still exist but has now been lost forever due to illegal introduction of a non-native species. Just one example of many of the scientific fraud that has been committed within the criminal enterprise known as wolf reintroduction. Genetic connectivity, right? Got to hand it to you all, that was a good one . I can already see the thrashing as people rush to disprove these claims with false “facts” that have been plastered all over the Internet while the truth has been scrubbed. I got a feeling there are some hard copies that are saved though.

    I am just curious, is there anyone else out there who has wondered if the real intent of this rewilding agenda was an intent to compromise the ranching and hunting industry and perhaps rural living in general? Perhaps even to destroy it all together? Just a thought.

    Through this time period, state wildlife officials really showed their true colors to the sportsmen of Montana and Idaho as well as many of its ranchers and rural Americans. There are many examples of this, but one prime example is that instead of advocating for us, they lied to us and the world about how many wolves were on the landscape and about the true amount of wildlife loss, how many were left on the landscape, and how their calf recruitment was doing (elk and moose). A loss due to depredation largely by an overpopulation of introduced wolves, but also by unchecked populations of other apex predators such as grizzly bears. This may sound like just an opinion to some, but for many it is a reality they lived, myself included. I have many personal experiences relating to this both in the field and with communication of multiple biologists and game wardens, as well as by paying close attention to what information these agencies/departments and “environmentalists” were releasing to the public at the time. What they didn’t share with the public is what concerns me the most. There are many people who can attest to this and many who have tried, only to have their voice silenced by our bias mainstream media, the “environmental” (indoctrinating the masses specialists) organizations, and of course by those who were supposedly serving us – the people. There is evidence of this that has been archived by more than a few people.

    Many people in Montana live east and north of and in Idaho south of where the impact of wolf introduction has been felt. I am sure to some of those folks and many others this all seems at least somewhat irrelevant. Anyways that has been my experience with many people I have encountered regarding wolves and other apex predators…they really never were too concerned until the impact reached them…such is human nature I suppose.

    So what does all this have to do with grizzly bear management now? Today these same entities are still collaborating together and we really don’t need any more of their “experimental” projects.

    Moving on to nowadays. Let’s do a short review of what has happened regarding the agenda of spreading apex predators across the west and midwest. I am going to put the focus on Idaho and Montana because that’s what I am most familiar with and there are others that will be offering information about other areas, but keep in mind this is a small sample. Let’s start with the Lolo elk herds of Idaho. Over the years I have been in contact with many people of this area who have lived and hunted there all or most of their life. I have personally visited the area myself. The destruction of wildlife there, particularly elk due to introduction of non-native wolves and their gross mismanagement is something that will continue to bring shame to IDF&G and their collaborators for decades to come. Where their Johnny-come-lately attempts to correct the mistake are appreciated and a step in the right direction, the damage was already done. Still, it is more than can be said regarding Montana’s efforts to rectify the mistake. The local people’s lives have been impacted to levels they will never forget and I can assure you the betrayal will never be forgotten by many of them.

    Lolo elk herds 17,000+ strong have been decimated to levels that will take generations to recover under proper management of all wildlife. The black bear population there has reached a saturation level, they have lived large over the years off the surplus kills of the non-native wolves. Wolf numbers remain strong there even after eating themselves out of house and home and even after their massive dispersal over the divide and into Montana and west to Washington and Oregon, where they have continued their destruction of other wildlife, pets and livestock. A hungry apex predator is a dangerous predator to humans.

    IDF&G and USFWS, if you are still continuing to blame habitat loss for the decimation of the Lolo herds, please stop. Leave the lies up to the environmental extremist organizations…they are much better at it than you. The gig is up on that excuse and it only serves as fuel on the fire towards the resentments of your betrayals.

    I want to touch on the Northern Yellowstone elk herds of Southwest Montana. There are others that will be covering this area in detail so I will save the space. In short, it has suffered heavy losses and I can assure you the sentiment of the people of that area is similar to the sentiments above.

    As for our moose populations in northwest Wyoming, western Montana, central and northern Idaho, and inside Yellowstone National Park and out, the decimation of their numbers due to an overpopulation of apex predators is a shame you will never live down so my advice is don’t even try… just own it and wear that badge proudly because you earned it. Forever the champions of the eco-terrorists… and believe me they are celebrating it as a great success and victory.

    As for our ranchers here in the west and the massive losses many of them have suffered, I want to remind all of you who are directly responsible for the war you have waged on them, it has been well documented and it will not be forgotten anytime soon. A legal rectification is in order.

    It is at this point where I should make an important acknowledgement. While referring to said agencies/departments both State and Federal, I have used the terms you, our and their quite loosely. Because the fact of the matter is many of the men and women working within them are some very good people. Average every day American people who are just trying to get by like the rest of us. Many of whom have recognized the dysfunction within but who also have careers, some long, with pensions and their livelihood to protect… some of whom have retired. They are people that were forced to go along or else. Something that is well documented in their minds I am sure. Then, there are others that simply belong behind bars for their contribution and involvement in the greatest wildlife disaster of modern times. Mixed in with these departments/agencies are some new age and not so new aged people that have had the finest training radical environmentalism has to offer. A weeding session is in order.

    Starting to see the correlation between wolf introduction and overpopulated grizzly bears yet? Let’s put the focus directly on the grizzly bear. First, I would like to point out that no one I have ever spoken to has ever expressed the wish to see them eliminated from Montana’s landscape, so let’s be clear on that. They will always have a home here.

    As to how these bears should be managed well, that is open to a great debate. One thing that has been made very clear is that management of grizzlies has been grossly mishandled for so many years, with the very broken, misused and abused Endangered Species Act as the excuse. (I wonder how much the Yellowstone Park Service killing of 240 grizzlies between the years 1971 and 1972 has to do with the poor decision making of grizzly bear management since?) Perhaps one of the best examples of this lies on the eastern front of the Rockies in Montana. An area that has always had an abundance of grizzly bears that were never endangered. Due to gross mismanagement, grizzly bear population in this vast landscape has exploded to numbers well over 4 times the threshold. Said bears have been dispersing for a number of years out onto the flats well over 100 miles way across human inhabited land including towns and small communities. In the most recent years, grizzly bear and human conflict has soared. Some ranchers are now experiencing heavy losses of their stock–more on that in a bit. Schools in long-established Montana towns are having to put electric fences around their playgrounds in an attempt keep the children safe. A fear of safety by many who call this area home has developed.

    The right of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness has been compromised by the desire of some within our wildlife agencies and by “environmental” organizations who continue to push an agenda that “creates the opportunity of connectivity to other ecosystems” for large apex predators who very much pose a threat to human livelihood and safety. I want to know this: who gives these people the right to make these calls? A paid off judge? Some person working for some agency or department? Some “environmental” organization? – Or, perhaps the people they have spent millions upon millions of dollars indoctrinating with false information as they rake in their donations? People most of whom have no idea how life actually is in the places that are literally being affected.

    From the many areas in this vast landscape that are feeling real repercussions from grizzly overpopulation, I would like to focus on one example: the Black Leaf area west of Bynum, Montana. Here on one ranch that only amounts to a pin point on the map of the greater area of the eastern Rocky Mountain Front, a MT FWP confirmed (by camera) number of 36 different grizzly bears are holding this rancher’s sheep operation under siege. This is the minimal number of grizzlies in this area, with a strong likelihood of more considering game cams only cover a small portion. This rancher’s losses continue to mount up despite his large investment in sheep guarding dogs. There has been, from my viewpoint, a very lackluster effort by wildlife agencies to do anything to help this man with the overpopulation on and around his ranch. Orders to trap bears was issued and two indeed were trapped, only to be released to some other area for someone else to deal with and with a strong likelihood of returning to wreak more havoc on this man’s livelihood. Such has been the protocol for so many years by the governing bodies that “mange our wildlife.”

    It should be noted that this individual has been ranching this area for many years. Dealing with life with predators including grizzly bears has always been something of a normality for him. Dealing with an overpopulation of this level has not. He is now not only concerned for his operation’s livelihood but also the safety of his family and himself every time they step out the door. Examples like this one do not stop here, it spreads far and wide to areas of the west and it is truly a disgrace that is owned by those who are supposed to be serving us as they uphold the oath they took.

    The food our ranchers raise feeds not only this country but also the world. Ranchers are very important members to our society and our economy and they are often the best conservationists of the land. In part because their livelihood depends on it, but also due to their deep connection and love of the land. They have been forgotten by many. Many of them have been put out of business by this agenda of increasing and expanding apex predator populations. Something I want to point out to those people who insist that ranchers live on wildlife’s land and that they should either just accept predators killing their stock or move – whether you folks realize this or not, the fact is that most all of us who live in this country live where wildlife of all sorts once roamed, even the big cities. Here in the west, perhaps unbeknownst to many people who are not from here, there are vast areas of land that are not and will never be inhabited by man that is more than capable of sustaining grizzly bear populations for the rest of time. The idea that they should be able to sprawl out into human inhabitance here is unreasonable and it begs the question of those who disagree: do you want them in your backyard? If so, perhaps we can arrange that because we have plenty to spare.

    This is a call out for help to all of our governing bodies to end this blatant discrimination of so many of the fine people of rural America as well as the discrimination of sportsmen who carry on a tradition that captures the essence of all of our existence. Yes, hunting has always been a normal part of human existence. This is a request to these bodies to put an end to radical environmentalism that has caused so much damage to this country’s pristine forests and cherished wildlife due to the failed policies of the past 30 or more years. We are tired of watching our forests burn and tired of breathing the smoke (to those who remember, the spotted owl saga comes to mind). Please put an end to these organizations’ ability to continue to pimp our wildlife for their political and personal gains, often times at the expense of the American tax payer. Also, PLEASE hold them accountable for their crimes, a large scale investigation is in order. Please put an end to the unnecessary expansion and overpopulation of apex predators. Please delist all apex predators that are not endangered and restore sound conservation and management for all wildlife and land. Please stop locking us out of our public lands and please stop poisoning our mountain streams with the quest of getting rid of the Eastern Brook Trout. Why are they not okay but a non-native wolf is? Creeks that once teamed with fish are now sterile. What impact has this had on the native sculpin, aquatic bugs, and the native cutthroat, who co-existed for many years with the Eastern Brook Trout? From what I have observed it doesn’t look good.

    I would like to call out to all Americans, regardless of your political affiliation or beliefs, regardless of your race or religion. Regardless of your recreation of choice. A call to all ranchers and to all stock and cattle associations, to all non-decoy sportsmen’s organizations and to all sportsmen. To anyone this reaches who can relate to the above, to anyone that wants to help people who are being affected by this war on the west. We need to come together as one voice and stand against this agenda and any agenda that stands in the way of our right as humans to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. It is time for America to once again come together, united as one. We cannot erase the wrongdoings and the mistakes of the past, we can only learn from them. Together we can forge a future that works for all of us, wildlife and land. Now is the time to let your voice be heard!

    The debate over public lands has been hijacked by “environmental” organizations and their affiliates who could truly care less about our public land rights and who vehemently appose hunting. In fact they are involved with the countless “wilderness studies” that keep us locked out of much of our public lands with gates galore. We now have so called “sportsmen’s” groups or organizations that receive most of their funding from these organizations. Do not be fooled by this decoy deception. As sportsmen, to which there are many of us in this country, we will never completely agree on every aspect of how things should be, but if we stand divided we risk losing our way of life. We must stand united as one. The gap between sportsmen and private property owners will not be bridged by these organizations. Sportsmen share way more in common with ranchers and private property owners than we do organizations who oppose hunting. Just food for thought.

    Where does the buck stop?



Jim Carrell Adds …

If you find the time, please comment during this public comment period with MT FWP regarding management of grizzly bears in Montana.

Comments are due by October 26, 2018. Comments can be submitted in writing, by email, or at the following public hearings:

Public Hearings

September 18 – Great Falls, Great Falls College-MSU, 2100 16th Avenue S., 6:30 p.m.

September 19 – Conrad, High School, 308 S. Illinois St., 6:30 p.m.

September 26 – Missoula, Holiday Inn Downtown, 600 S. Pattee St., 6:30 p.m.

September 27 – Kalispell, Flathead Valley Community College, Arts and Technology Building, 6:30 p.m. 

                                                                                                                                              Comments can also be submitted by mail to: Grizzly Bear ARM, Wildlife Division, Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks, P.O. Box 200701, Helena, Montana, 59620-0701; or by e-mail at, and must be received no later than October 26, 2018.Comments can also be submitted online at:                     


I Pay Taxes And I Don’t Want My Tax Money Subsidizing This That or The Other

I pay taxes and I don’t want my taxes subsidizing public lands ranching;

“I don’t want my taxes subsidizing”.. It’s fascinating reading complaining tax payers gripes about how that money is used by someone else, specifically the government.. What nobody seems to comprehend is the taxation negotiable debt instruments taken out of the citizens pockets is not the citizens negotiable debt instrument credits, it’s the negotiable debt instrument collectors credits.. The citizen is paying a fee, more like is charged a fee for using this system, this corporate system which is someone’s intellectual property.. They own it. It’s registered with Manta..

It’s a business.. The citizens name is not on those negotiable debt instruments.. The government is allocating and spending those debt instruments which belongs to the federal reserve and the government which belongs to a group of private owners, however they want it spent.. It’s no different than saying this, “I don’t want my grocery store negotiable debt instruments subsidizing” the grocery store owners… Or like this, “I don’t want my motor vehicle money subsidizing” the motor vehicle factories..

Because once you give over those negotiable debt instruments they’re theirs to do whatever they want with not what you want them to do with them.. It’s theirs, it isn’t yours. The employee never possess those credits either, the credits are withheld from the employee. The Citizens do not own the public lands nor that corporation called the United States.. Citizens are owned by the corporate entity the citizens don’t own it… Goddamn people today are stupid.. Fken fairy tales in this country are getting out of hand..

I pay taxes and I don’t want my taxes subsidizing that lying NASA…
I pay taxes and I don’t want my taxes subsidizing welfare bums driving around in $100,000 vehicles..
I pay taxes and I don’t want my taxes subsidizing to big to fail banks, corporations or whatever..
I pay taxes and I do want my taxes subsidizing public lands ranching and the agricultural community because a famine in this country would be horrible…
I pay taxes and if we do have a famine I certainly want my taxes subsidizing the clean up of all of those dead people…Especially the dumber ones who are asking for it.. They advocate for the downsizing of the agricultural infrastructure that feeds them, and for REWILDING, which means relocation and depopulation of people..

Advocating for that is not just stupid it is insane..

“The ultimate ownership of all property {Federal state and private} is in the State; individual so-called “ownership” is only by virtue of government, i.e, law, amounting to mere user; and use must be in accordance with law and subordinate{property taxes, lease agreements for federal and state} of the State.”—Senate Document #43; Senate Resolution No. 62 {page 9 para 2} April 17 1933.

ALL PROPERTY! GOT IT! You wanted a big daddy you got you a big daddy…

The only thing the tax payer pays for is the fee for using this privately owned corporate system, it’s their intellectual property and they’re charging you for using it.. They do whatever they want and have since the IRS was assembled..


Cancer Health Rant


Who Needs Enemies When You Have Nutso Trump?

For those who had some grand notion that Trump was on “their side” in the realm of Environmentalism, think again. What’s he doing? Has he actually gone insane? Or is his seemingly insane tactic nothing more than a plan to ensure that windmills will continue to go up everywhere, subsidized by the government – a means of continued payback to the supporters of political campaigns?

It is a known fact that windmills, including noise pollution and the obvious total destruction of the environment in which these mammoth eyesores sit, kill birds that fly into the path of the rotor blades. These deaths have included eagles and other “protected” bird species.

So much of the rational attempt to educate people about the dangers against wildlife these wind turbines cost. With insane comments from Trump: “You can blow up a pipeline, you can blow up the windmills. You know, the windmills. Boom, boom, boom. Bing. That’s the end of that one. If the birds don’t kill it first. The birds could kill it first. They kill so many birds. You look under those windmills, it’s a killing field, the birds.”

Another case of animal crackers!!


NRMs/Western U.S. Fires and Wicked Men

Claiming the Northern Rocky Mountains fires are due to “climate change” is beyond absurd. These Luciferian bastards are CAUSING these intense fires with directed scalar intense light beam energy weapons, combined with HAARP and the Air Force term known as chemtrail spraying combined with “geo-engineering” technology. They are ENGINEERING all of this, Extreme Weather/Droughts/ – and doing so to support their own published United Nations Environmental Policies “Global” Biodiversity Assessment which is a continuation of the Agenda 2100 script.

One of the main ingredients in chemtrails is aluminum. Go research it. Why spray so much of  it?

Perhaps people are slowly learning why..

Aluminium fires are quite terrifying,” says Andrea Sella, chemistry professor at University College London.

“When you take aluminium and you burn it, you get a very, very intense fire.”

They have been and still are filling our skies with fine particles of aluminum on a daily basis. What goes up comes back down.

Powders, dusts, chips, and swarfs (metallic particles and abrasive fragments removed by a cutting or grinding tool) of alkali earth or transitional metals present the greatest hazards to fire crews dealing with combustible metal fires. Powders and dusts are by far the greatest concern; they have a greater surface area and a high explosion potential should they become airborne in a natural environment or secondary to attempts to extinguish the fire.

Aluminum powders have the highest KST rate (a measurement of inherent explosive power) of all the combustible metal dusts.…/proper-handling-of-combus…

The website states:

“In the case of aluminum, explosions can result if ignition occurs while particles are suspended in the air as a dust cloud, as the burning extends from one particle to another with extreme speed.”…/electrical-faqs-and-handbo…/safety

WICKED PEOPLE are causing this stuff to happen not Yahweh or nature. Depopulation. Evolved Eugenics..

For those of you allegedly speaking out against Agenda 2100, 2030, 2050, UNEP… And only focusing on .1% of the REWILDING Eugenics of us depopulation Agenda in full attack mode such as SWW, and other bogus teachers of the UNEP REALITY I say this, you’re the worst kind of cowards I’ve ever experienced in my life..




Saboteurs Strategy Western Wildfires


Deep State, the Swamp and Willful Blindness

Americans love their coined phrases even when they are clueless to their meaning. It’s the result of willful ignorance and insanely wishful thinking.

A couple of very popular catchphrases or terms are “Deep State” and “Swamp.” Some have chosen to believe the Swamp is the Deep State. According to Wikipedia, Deep State is: “…used in Republican and conservative political messaging to describe a conspiracy theory of influential decision-making bodies believed to be within government who are relatively permanent and whose policies and long-term plans are unaffected by changing administrations. The term is often used in a critical sense vis-à-vis the general electorate to refer to the lack of influence popular democracy has on these institutions and the decisions they make as a shadow government.”

To assist in enhancing the Deep State theory, the term “conspiracy theory” has been changed to “Fake News.” Fake News, like Conspiracy Theory, is the smoke screen that is put up against anyone or any idea that doesn’t fit the current narrative or that threatens the existence of corrupt government and the REAL Deep State…a condition of which few even know about or care to spend the time to examine.

In reality, the use of the terms Deep State and Swamp is a display of Fake News crafted within the Swamp which is part of the Deep State. It is the REAL Deep State that allows Trump to use these terms for other sinister reasons – more than likely a continuation of divide and conquer (the masses).

To refer to an uncontrolled government that involves members (the Swamp) who are unaffected by changing administrations and new elections “deep” is akin to claiming that Lee Harvey Oswald acted independently in the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

As such, it is more than just ideology to actually think any president is going to “drain the Swamp.” It, therefore, becomes fools play to think this Fake News Swamp Draining digs into the roots of a Deep State and changes anything. But that doesn’t stop the eager-for-change crowd from thinking it is and does. None ever examine truth beyond what they see and hear in the media and thus are left ignorantly convinced there are actual changes taking place and that a new administration is going to get them what they want.

We become our own victims when we act this way, but we can’t help it I guess. Years of programming and mind manipulating have brought us to a point where we are head over heels in love with a centralized government (even though we might give lip service to the opposite) that performs daily as a two-party rigged system. Until one is enlightened to a point of understanding the false paradigm of Republican and Democrat, it will continue to be business as usual.

What brilliance Trump and his planners (more than likely the planners are members of the REAL Deep State most are blind to) achieved in devising the Swamp and the Deep State. Quickly this group of campaigners (lying bastards with one thing only on their minds) covered their dishonest tracks with the “Fake News” smoke screen – another mark of understanding, not just human nature but the nature of people programmed to react a certain way under certain conditions.

The truth is a “Deep State” has always existed and could not exist at any level, led by anyone, without a Swamp to operate from. You can choose to believe the contrary and most likely will because that is how you have been programmed.

All that has changed over the years as far as the operation of the Deep State, is that the Deep State or the Global Power Structure (the REAL Deep State) has a tighter grip on the masses through years and years of propagandizing, mind control, changing history, fake science (scientism), social perversion, media mind control, the list is endless.

In the excitement of some over Donald Trump’s use of Swamp and Deep State, there also exists a false sense that this administration will effect changes wished for. This has become obvious in ongoing discussions with those who believe this administration will actually do something to amend the Endangered Species Act and/or remove wolves from the protected list and give control over these predators back to the states.

Few understand that wolves, grizzly bears, and every other animal, protected or not, fall within the confines of the United Nations Environmental Policy “treaty” of which the U.S. is held hostage as “the supreme law of the land.” (BUT DON’T GO LOOK!)

Those caught up in the whirlwind of Trump mania fail to understand what a REAL Deep State is and waste their time, programmed as such, with perpetuating myths like Swamp, Deep State, and Fake News. With this insane mindset, many go about seeking solutions from a corrupt, rigged, centralized government that created the problem to begin with.

The only things that actually change are those things the Global Power Structure (the REAL Deep State) allow to change. Everything else is theater, a “Bread and Circus” if you will, designed to keep the masses content and ignorant of the realities of the REAL Deep State.

Nothing will change until we change. This first requires a willingness to consider that most of what you have been taught is a lie. If you can get beyond that, there is hope…that is if you are willing to take the time to learn the truth…which is NOT found on Facebook.

Which is why you undoubtedly will never learn anything.


Wolves Coming Colorado II

No matter how many people go to Symposiums against wolves or for wolf management, leave comments on web site articles, hide on Facebook and cry like bitches, the Nation/State members of the U.N. are ALL still incrementally implementing the 1995 United Nations Environmental Policies and “Globall” Biodiversity Assessment which is the extended version of the 1992 Agenda 21 Charter which means Contract… Which means as long as they’re in charge your incompetent protesting against what they are intentionally doing to you is not going to stop. Time to stop following and believing in amateurs who are making non arguments against the case for REWILDING yet have never read the UNEP case book for REWILDING..


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