August 6, 2020

Fascist Feinstein Isn’t Only Government Fascist

drudgefeinsteinMatt Drudge, justifiably, was irate over Sen. Diane “Fascist” Feinstein’s proposed amendment to a journalist protection bill. Drudge isn’t the first to label Feinstein a fascist. I’ve been doing that for several months now, perhaps even years, but then again I’m not Matt Drudge either. The fascist label nicely can appear in front of many, many operatives in Washington, D.C. You just have to look for them and then honestly recognize the truth.

Lost in the uproar over Fascist Feinstein’s proposed amendment, which would limit freedom of the press and free speech to only those who work for, “an entity or service that disseminates news and information”, is that the bill itself, without the amendment is fascistic and limits freedom of the press and freedom of speech. So where is the uproar?

“The fundamental issue behind this amendment is, should this privilege apply to anyone, to a 17-year-old who drops out of high school, buys a website for five dollars and starts a blog? Or should it apply to journalists, to reporters, who have bona fide credentials?” Feinstein asked.

In essence Fascist Feinstein is advocating that only certain “privileged” or “elite” or government approved people are entitled to free speech and free press. That is understandable when you consider the fascists in Washington that place themselves in the hierarchy of privilege, above the law and yes, even members of “the Posterity.” Since almost forever in this country, we have been taught that those items in the Bill of Rights applied to everyone. Evidently that was or has become a damned lie.

Consider, if you will, this statement by Fascist Feinstein:

I can’t support it if everyone who has a blog has a special privilege … or if Edward Snowden were to sit down and write this stuff, he would have a privilege.

I am of the opinion that it is Fascist Feinstein and the rest of her fascist friends in Washington that orchestrated the entire Edward Snowden event, part of which is to bring the slaves of America to this point where rights are further shoved down the toilet hole in favor of government granting special rights, privilege and protection to their elite and selected members. Her statement admits her desire to grant privileges and at the same time remove rights she deems undeserving.

If you will recall, I have stated often that the biggest deterrent that exists in this country, that keeps us from total tyranny from our own government, is the millions of guns privately owned. Another of those deterrents is the freedom of the Internet that allows and provides people an unlimited base of flowing information…..some good and some bad, but freedom of speech should not be about good and bad. Freedom of speech no longer exists when limits are placed on it and/or that so-called freedom is handed out to only a select few by a fascistic government.

It becomes necessary for any tyrant, fascist, dictator, etc. to quell rights, destroy real freedom of the press and freedom of speech. This is nothing new. History has shown this to be a fact for centuries. Isn’t this what really behind Barack Obama’s and the rest of Washington’s attack on the Internet? They have done everything they can to this point to put in place a complete ceding and takeover of the Internet once the conditions are right for the event to happen. Limiting that speech in cyberspace is just a small part of the big picture.

Imagine if Fascist Feinstein’s amendment were put in place in 1700s Philadelphia. Benjamin Franklin would never have been given a chance to write and publish. But then again Franklin was a part of that “Posterity”, as are folks like Feinstein and all the other pimps in Washington and would have been granted special privileges. Wouldn’t he? Let’s be honest here.

The important thing to realize in this report of outrageous actions by a privileged senator is to not be distracted by the reports of outrage by Matt Drudge to her amendment. Where is the outrage that our government feels the need to grant special privileges where once a Bill of Rights did this for all…..or did it?

It appears that throughout most of history rights are accorded the people when the granting or authorization of such rights doesn’t interfere with the ruling Posterity or better yet it plays into the hands of the Posterity. It has taken over 200 years for this country to get to a point where government fascists openly grant special rights and privileges while further taking away the rights most of us never had through government and were only allowed to practice until it became a problem.

While you focus on the one hand that is creating a major distraction between Matt Drudge and Fascist Feinstein, the intention here is to bring people more willing to passively concede any thoughts of rights while eagerly accepting something not quite so bad.

And the end result is?


Wolves Gang Up Attack Black Bear in Wyoming

Wolves Attack Black BearWatch Video!

And what is the common talking points about this event occurring? Well, first we are incorrectly told wolves don’t attack bears. Secondly, we are told that wolves don’t have any effect on other wildlife.


U.S. Government’s Brainwashing of Students on Climate Change

polarbearoniceWhat utter nonsense and I’m pissed that some of my tax dollars are being spent to spread propaganda used to brainwash students about the fabricated lies of man-caused climate change. At a time when all indications disprove the lies about man-caused climate change, when scientists are now saying we are entering a phase of at least 30 years of cooling, when Arctic sea ice is growing at a rapid pace, tax dollars are continuing to be used to indoctrinate our kids with lies.

Why do we stand for this?

The Environmental Protection Agency (protecting us from what?) makes available, on a tax-funded website, lesson plans for teachers so they can fill our students’ heads full of lies and deception. Lesson plan titles include:

1. Weather and Climate: What’s the Difference? (The liars perpetuating fake climate change don’t know the difference.)
2. Mapping Greenhouse Gas Emissions Where You Live – (Teaching our kids to be spies?)
3. Carbon Through the Seasons – (Scientists don’t have all the answers to the role carbon plays in our climate.)
4. Getting to the Core: Climate Change Over Time – (You wonder if they use data taken from the University of East Anglia where the fudged climate data was used to promote more research money and fulfill agendas. Climategate ring a bell with anyone?)
5. Tree Rings: Living Records of Climate – (More fake data.)
6. Sea Level on the Rise – (Hokus-Pokus and now scientists are claiming sea levels have stopped rising.)
7. Coral and Chemistry – (I wonder whose)

Utter nonsense and a damned waste of taxpayer money. We don’t care anymore what we stuff into the heads of our kids. Let the government do it. That’s what we are programmed to do.


Habituated Large Wild Predators and Liability

bearinfeederHumans share living quarters with wildlife and as a result there are inherent risks we assume. Therefore, no one or entity is liable should a bear, wolf or mountain lion decide to attack a human while lounging in a hammock in their back yard……right?

One would think. BUT……..

This morning I was reading another article about “nuisance” bears. It seems all summer long that’s all I’ve read are stories about bears and humans crossing paths, and the idiot responses and comments by wildlife officials as well as law enforcement.

In Michigan there seems to be a problem in the Iron River areas with what is being described as “multiple reports of nuisance bears” and “habituated, showing no fear of humans.” It appears from comments and actions that the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (MDNR) thinks people are feeding the bears, whether intentionally or by utilizing irresponsible habits, like leaving out garbage, that feeds the bears unintentionally.

Is there a liability issue here? I’m not lawyer. I’m just a writer asking questions and providing readers with some interesting case histories to ponder.

Michigan, like most states, has some kind of immunity law they believe protects them for actions or responsibilities undertaken as a function of their governmental entity and duties. I did some brief research into that and what I found, I saw no direct mention into anything concerning wild animals. I believe what I also found was that there are no laws restricting the feeding of wildlife in a person’s backyard….or front yard for that matter. There are many guidelines for feeding and baiting game animals.

What if people were intentionally feeding bears or some other large predator, and private property gets damaged or worse, personal injury or death? What if someone was feeding deer and the neighbor next door contracted Lyme disease? Is there liability? Somewhere?

In 2009, Charles E. Vandergaw, was charged with illegal feeding of bears at his remote cabin in Alaska. His cabin was named, “Bear Haven” and Vandergaw was featured in an Animal Planet show about his close encounters of the Alaska wild bears kind. According to a Daily Record article dated May 20, 2009, Alaska wildlife officials, “consider feeding bears a danger to humans.” What Vandergaw was charged with was improperly feeding the bears through a bear baiting permit he had obtained through the Alaska fish and game.

In October of 2007, Tom Holman fed bears in his backyard. Holman was a professional photographer. He lured bears in for the purpose of taking photographs and selling them. When I first reported on this event in 2007, information available said that “Tom lives in an area of Idaho where many neighbors like to feed wildlife. It’s not like he is the only one.” Was he targeted because he was making money? Did this somehow make him more liable?

But there is a different twist to this story. A grizzly bear, an endangered species in Idaho by federal standards, regularly came to Holman’s feeder. It was determined by the government officials that the bear was “habituated”, and as a result had become a danger to other people. The bear was killed.

Officials wanted to bring charges against Holman, not for feeding wildlife, as there are no laws prohibiting it in Idaho, but for violation of the Endangered Species Act……causing the avoidable death of a protected species. I do not believe any charges in that regard were filed but we see the beginnings of liability here.

Recently in Utah, the State Supreme Court issued an interesting ruling as it may pertain to liability and responsibility of protecting people from dangerous wild animals. Over time, this ruling may have sweeping consequences on how states and the courts view liability and whether or not people will be allowed to feed, intentionally or not, wildlife in their back yards, or be held responsible.

In 2007, Sam Ives was camping with family at Uinta National Forest. During the night, a grizzly hauled Sam Ives out of his tent, into the forest and killed him. A sad and unfortunate event. However, earlier that same day, the same grizzly bear attacked another man at the very same campsite. The courts not only ruled that the state didn’t do enough to protect Sam Ives from grizzly bears, their interpretation of Utah’s immunity laws leaves us wondering if other states will begin interpreting immunity laws, as they pertain to wildlife, in a similar manner.

In Francis v. State of Utah, the Utah Supreme Court ruled that wildlife are not a “natural condition of the land”, meaning the state’s immunity in this area does not include wildlife.

The differences that I can see in the issues in Michigan as opposed to those in Utah is that the bear attack on Sam Ives occurred on public land and in a designated campsite. But one does have to ask to what degree of liability is the state assuming when, as in Michigan, officials are doing what they can to provide public safety and protect people from being harmed by habituated bears. They are assuming responsibility for the problem. Will that make them subject to lawsuits, especially if a court rules on immunity as was done in Utah? In addition, what amount of responsibility is then put on the person(s) that deliberately feed wildlife?

So, long as there are greed and lawyers, lawsuits will be forthcoming; the result being the implementation of more and more laws prohibiting the feeding of any wildlife, including birds. This may appear all well and good, but this action will do little for the results of too many bears or large predators and/or not enough natural food to go around.

Who becomes liable for that action?


Wolf Whoas of France

siddowaysheepHistory be damned! Rights be damned! Making a living by damned! Farming be damned! People be damned! The damned environMENTALists are determined to protect their precious nasty wild canines no matter the cost to humans. That’s the brunt of the truth. I just wish that enough sensible people would stand up and speak up and yell, ENVIRONMENTALISM BE DAMNED!

But that won’t happen will it.

Here in the United States, a small, but vocal, and well-funded bunch of irrational, totalitarian and fascistic thinking people, are mounting their campaigns to protect wolves, coyotes, bears, lions, etc. If the predator is an effective enough tool to carry out their dictatorial missions, by God they will use it and have proven that they can.

Probably there are few people alive in the United States today that had the experience of living with wolves in this country, or if they did, they really don’t remember. But now that wolves are protected, more than the lives of human beings now and more so around the globe, the creeping up of the number of livestock kills, spread of disease and encounters with humans is becoming more and more public.

Recently in Idaho, the Siddoway Sheep Company lost nearly 200 sheep in one killing event by wolves. Within the environmental machination no sympathy or understanding is displayed. Instead, an increase in the assault against the American way of life, against heritage, against tradition, against family business, against ranching, demanding that if ranchers like the Siddoways would stop grazing on land the environmentalists call theirs, wolves attacking livestock would go away. How ignorant…..among other things.

This kind of destruction of livestock, property and personal life has been prevalent in certain areas around the globe since man decided to domesticate wild animals. France is no exception.

France, not unlike the U.S., killed off the wolves by the 1930s. If environmentalists, at all levels, would research, study and understand history, they would know why wolves were killed off and they would cease with their putrefying apophthegm, “wolves are misunderstood.” The only thing “misunderstood” is that environmentalists have no clue to the realities of attempting to “live with wolves.”

Due to environmentalists’ oppressive efforts to protect the wolf, even at the expense of human life, France now is seeing a return of the wolf and it is disagreeing miserably with sheep farmers. And yet the environmentalists show the perverted mental affliction by working even harder to protect the damned disease-infested wild dog, caring little, if any, for the human way of life.

According to National News Service, there are 60,000 sheep herders in France tending approximately 6 million sheep. Is it any wonder it is a wolf’s paradise? In the past five years alone, wolves have killed at least 20,000 sheep and the country states its official wolf count at around 250 animals. There is at least one account of 70 sheep dieing in one wolf attack.

French authorities reimburse sheep herders for their losses, and any idiot knows this is substandard compensation regardless of which communistic country it occurs in. In addition to the great losses and attempts by the government to keep wolf numbers in check, according to this article, nothing is helping.

French authorities spend millions each year to reimburse herders for lost animals and to subsidize the hulking Great Pyrenees guard dogs that now pad alongside many flocks. Despite the protestations of conservation groups, the government has also organized the shootings — “samplings,” in official parlance — of a handful of wolves. Nothing seems to have worked, though; sheep and goat losses doubled in the past five years to nearly 6,000 in 2012.

A bit odd isn’t it that many Americans would not hesitate to call France a communist country, at least a socialistic-run government and yet what is going on in France with ranchers trying to carry on their traditions and way of life, is being decimated by the exact same efforts and methods found here in the United States. So what does that make this country?


To Catch a Wolf by Tom Remington

wolfattackswomanAs I continue working to improve my website library for readers, part of that task is to provide free e-books for my readers that may be interested for themselves and to pass on to others. Please do. Today, I finished a task I had started several weeks ago. If you might recall, perhaps 4 or so years ago, through lots of reading and research, I composed a 4-part series called, “To Catch a Wolf.” The series was geared toward educating readers of historic accounts of the problems experienced globally by people to deal with wolves.

At the time I began the series, Idaho was announcing it’s plans for licensed wolf hunts in hopeful anticipation that the Federal Government would remove Endangered Species Act protection of the grey wolf. Idaho fish and game also devised ridiculous rules on how a hunt would be allowed to take place, i.e. one hunter, alone with his gun and nothing else.

The 21-page PDF, To Catch a Wolf, recounts the bizarre, extreme and frightfully dangerous schemes people went through to kill this hated beast. While the contraptions and best laid plans were unbelievable and at times laughable, at times mass killings of wolves took place but in the end, the wolf won the war as they are still around and still growing at a fevered pitch.

Presently, some claim the wolf is misunderstood. Make no mistake, once you have read, To Catch a Wolf, you will quickly discover those who are misunderstanding the wolf are those claiming the wolf is misunderstood. The beast was never misunderstood by those who lived with and dealt directly with it.

I took the original 4-part series and joined it together to make the reading flow a bit better, adding small edits and updates. I believe this piece is interesting, entertaining, educational and holds much value, but only if it is shared in mass quantities.

Please follow the link to a page listing of “Free E-Books” and click on the link and title “To Catch a Wolf” by Tom Remington. And please feel free to share this and the other books with friends and people on your email lists.

I am planning to add other titles over the next days and weeks. Please check back to my library regularly.


Tonight at 9:01, Play BULLSHIT BINGO!!

Playing is simple and free. Simply print out a copy of your BULLSHIT BINGO card.

Follow the rules for fun, drama, and excitement as someone yells out, BULLSHIT!


1. Before Barrack Obama’s next televised speech, print your “Bullshit Bingo”
2. Check off the appropriate block when you hear one of those words/phrases.
3. When you get five blocks horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, stand up and shout “BULLSHIT!”

bullshit bingo

Tip: Save your BULLSHIT BINGO card for all rare, but future addresses by President Obama. Three more years of this.


George Monbiot: For more wonder, rewild the world

watchvideo150Isn’t it amazing that an environmental writer/activists, can gather together people in order to spread his idealistic propaganda that he has selectively taken from outcome-based science and presented it as something amazing. And the people listening probably are believing every word of it.

All old topics of rewilding, trophic cascades and far out myths of how wolves change the paths of streams, while leaping tall buildings in a single bound.


Obama’s EPA Slithering Around in Secrecy

lisajacksonDoes it effect Americans when government personnel and entire departments slither around in secrecy, doing all that they can to skirt around transparency in government regulations? How would we know if it is? We are, more than likely, being hidden from the truth. That is what government does best!

Former Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) head Lisa Jackson is going to appear before Congress on Tuesday, September 10, 2013 to begin answering questions about her using secret email accounts, along with many higher ranking members of the EPA. In addition hiding, cheating, stealing, forging and manipulating of documents sought through requests supposedly authorized by the Freedom of Access Act laws, were a common thing…….oooops! This is where I insert the word “allegedly.”

If the EPA has something to hide, which when this behavior is being used, is it wrong to assume that corruption exists?

But should this come as a shock to those who have some background on Lisa Jackson, aside from the fact she was hired by Barack Obama?

According to the Washington Examiner, Jackson’s EPA was awash with secrecy and thus corruption. But didn’t she learn from one of the most crooked politicians/money men/bankers in America and was then hired by one of the most crooked presidents and administrations of all time? Sorry if you don’t agree.

Lisa Jackson was the environmental administrator in the State of New Jersey under Governor Jon Corzine. Corzine is the corrupt scumbag who duped millions of dollars out of unsuspecting investors. A former Goldman Sachs corruptocrat, and close buddy with all the banking elites, Corzine, after leaving the office of governor, founded MF Global where he raked in millions, stealing money away from investors. For those not of mental capacity, stealing is illegal and for us serfs, general we get punished.

And so what prison is Corzine now serving time in? Oh, wait! No, no! He’s not serving time. He’s serving more lies, cheats and thefts. He’s up to his business as usual working with one of his cronies at MF Global.

So while Lisa Jackson probably learned how to be a corrupt politician under Corzine, or if not she sure upped her learning curve, (I hadn’t seriously considered that maybe she taught him) should anyone who cared have suspected she wouldn’t bring her corruptness to the EPA and blend in magnificently with this administration?

With all the things going on in this country and around the globe, why should any of us believe for a second that trotting Lisa Jackson up to Capital Hill to answer a few pre-planned questions will accomplish anything? Let’s see. What has become of Benghazi? How about Egypt, Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, NSA, IRS, Fast and Furious… god how long is this list that has no answers and no resolves?

The majority of screwed up Americans are more interested in a “twerking” Miley Cyrus than how many people Obama wants to kill in Syria. And so, who is this Lisa Jackson broad anyway?


Go To The City to View Wildlife

homereagles - CopyYesterday, or I should say last evening, was an interesting time here in the community where I live in Florida; a community nestled among about 80,000 people citywide and about a million countywide. I have written about the abundant wildlife I find sharing space with all these people here.

I grew up in the country in the state of Maine. I lived in the woods and saw my share of wildlife but for many species, viewing that wildlife in Maine, then and now, pales in comparison to the abundance I find here.

I’ve written of the coyotes and shared photos of hawks, etc. But last evening, in between thunder storms, I went on a bicycle ride around the neighborhood. I rounded one corner just as a large bald eagle was flapping his wings to land on the light pole above my head. I stopped and got off the bike and we had a conversation….well, actually it was more of a monologue.

I told the eagle that he had much prey to choose from in this neighborhood. I encouraged him to go find the coyote dens and pointed in the general direction. There he could find pups that would make excellent table fare.

We have tons of wild rabbits in our community, which is, I’m sure, the main reason the eagle was visiting. In addition I tried to entice the eagle to go after the cats, especially the ones that come to my house and piss in my flower gardens and leave a nasty smell. And then there are the dogs, the yappers. Please Mr. Eagle, couldn’t you do something about that? There are plenty of them and the ones where the owners open their front doors and let their doggies run free dumping and peeing on everyone’s lawn. Yummy! Wouldn’t those taste good?

Ok, I’m getting off the subject here.

I observed the massive bird for quite some time, until he flew off, making a few circles before he disappeared among the trees in the distance near where the coyotes hang out.

I crawled into bed about 10:00 p.m. and fired up my Kindle. Yeah, yeah, yeah! I’m still working on getting through Gangs of America. But I’ve had other reading assignments.

As I settled down, trying to get my head in the right position so I wouldn’t be so uncomfortable I wouldn’t want to read and yet just so, so that when I fell asleep reading, the Kindle wouldn’t fall and hit me on the nose, I heard a noise.

The noise was feint. Enough so that I couldn’t tell if it was a mourning dove sitting on my roof cooing himself to sleep or something else. I tried to ignore it but I’m anal with such things.

I got up and turned on my fan thinking it would drown out the noise enough that it wouldn’t distract me in my reading and more importantly, keep me from falling asleep.

That didn’t work. I knew I was going to drive myself crazy if I didn’t go chase this thing away. So, I got up and threw on my shorts and headed outside, craning my neck up toward the roof looking for the cooing, whooooing culprit.

Then came the distinct, whoo, whoo, whoo-whoo-whoo! It was just down the street a bit. I walked in that direction. He wasn’t too far away but I couldn’t fix my eyes on it. Surely an owl but I’m not sure what kind. He, or she, hooted repetitiously, the same cadence for several minutes as I listened. What was he doing this for?

And then off in the distance came the return of hoots, seemingly an echo of what I was hearing from the owl closest to me. This continued for some time, even as I retreated to my house and back to the bedroom.

Crawling back into bed, fan still running and Kindle waiting my return, I went back to reading, still hearing the hoots outside.

Odd that had I heard this at my camp in Maine, it would have been cool. Hearing it here was cool but somehow a bit annoying.

When I turned out the light to go to sleep, I listened intently but it appeared the hooting was gone.