May 2, 2016

The Future of Deer and Deer Management in Maine is NOW

Maine Antler & Skull Trophy Club

Societal Emotions and Ignorance Rule New Hampshire Fish and Game Management

Emotional idiots, who cannot see their own destructive ways, fueled by ignorance and hatred took over wildlife management at the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department, saying hunting and or trapping of 50 bobcats, out of 1,400 was a dangerous thing to do for a “recovering” population of bobcats. Even members of the New Hampshire […]

The Hocus-Pocus of Estimating Deer Harvest….or Something

I recall at a very young age learning the true meaning of the word “assume.” For those not fortunate to have had such a high degree of education, let me help you out – ASSUME = ASS(out of)U(and)ME. Yup! That’s what often happens. I was reading an article just a few minutes ago by someone […]

Reproduction and Nutrition of Desert Mule Deer With and Without Predation

Abstract Desert mule deer (Odocoileus hemionus eremicus) in central Arizona declined from 11 deer/km2in the early 1960s to 2 deer/km2 in 2006. We had the opportunity to examine the causes of desert mule deer population fluctuations in Arizona from 1960 to 2006 by contrasting deer density, body condition, productivity, and diet quality inside and outside […]

Does Maine Fish and Game Dept. Really Need a Marketing Program?

George Smith has his undies in a bunch over one of his apparently failed bill proposals that would have forced the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife (MDIFW) to establish a marketing position. Why? Is it really the responsibility of MDIFW to “market” its programs? Is the idea to market MDIFW so as to […]

Filth and Decadence to Prop Up Wolf Protection

It’s the way of the world. Filthy and perverted “Hollyweird” reprobates moronically speaking out against anything that someone has told them is inhumane treatment of animals, often while wearing furs and sporting alligator purses, etc. Treatment of animals is “inhumane” because animals are not human and certainly are not men and were not created in […]

Has MDIFW Lost It’s Collective Minds?

I didn’t attend this meeting of the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife (MDIFW) in Orono, Maine to discuss “big” game. However, I make reference to what Bangor Daily News reporter, John Holyoke, reported as a comment by Matt Latti of MDIFW: Mark Latti of the DIF&W hinted at things to come after a […]

Moose Mortalities Providing Secrets About Moose Survival |

*Editor’s Note* – I changed the title of the Inland Fisheries and Wildlife (MDIFW) moose study update and changed the word “clues” to “secrets,” as it appears that MDIFW is more interested in telling us they are collecting data and less about sharing any of the “clues.” In the comment section, one readers says, “I […]

Maine Legislature Approves Amended IFW Mission Statement

A pig with lipstick? Perhaps. About three weeks ago I reported that the Joint Standing Committee of the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife endorsed wording to be added to the Mission Statement that some think will strengthen the support for sportsmen looking to hunt, fish and trap. The Maine Legislature voted to approve that amendment, […]

Maine Has Too Many Bears – Problems Forthcoming

A “cute” story is found in the Bangor Daily News of a “picturesque” and a “beautiful” bear’s den just 80 yards from a home and a residential neighborhood in the Bangor, Maine area. The “picturesque” and “beautiful” den had a mother bear and two yearling cubs living in it…BUT WHY? We don’t often get wildlife […]