July 1, 2016

The 666 Black Horse

Thank You Rich Landers and Spokes Review for my recent BADGE OF HONOR

I wondered when they’d get around to it. Gnostics hate truth. They hate men and women that can still THINK for themselves. Thank you Spokes gnostic controlled disinfo Review for showing the world who you really are; Protect the dunces at all costs.. Mainstream Media Yellow Journalism Prostitutes.. Likely because of the content of my […]

Should the “Old Wild West” move over for the “New Age re-Wilded West?”

Well now lets think about that for a moment shall we.. Environmental groups want free grazing wild buffalo herded around by wild wolves. They want more grizzlies. They want wilder W{w}ilderness regions in the west with safer fenced roads with fences paid for by cattle producers. One way of having safer roads is no open […]

Better Control of Comments Section

Due to the mere FACT that there exists a constant increase of paid trolls and users whose intentions are only to disrupt and destroy a website’s function, I am considering getting rid of Disqus and returning to a different commenting software that will allow me full administrative power of the comment section of my website. […]

Down Site

My apologies for the site being out of commission for a good part of the day. It appears we are back to an operating status again.

Apologies – Server Issues

We’ve been down and are still having issues. Please be patient with me and the site.

High Pressure Gas Tanks Explode in Highway Accident

This is quite incredible, especially watching gas cylinders becoming projectiles propelled by pressurized gas.

Welding With Jumper Cables and a Pair of Batteries

VIDEO: Great information for those who spend great deal of time in the bush.

Apologies! Hacked I’m Guessing

I was up and at my desk at 6:15 this morning but I couldn’t access my own websites. It appears everyone else could, but not me. That is why I have not been able to post any news stories and articles today until now. The tech nerds at the server are trying to figure out […]

About Editing Your Comments in Disqus

Attention: I have discovered that it appears that some registered “Disqus” members are editing their comments after they have been posted under articles on this website. I cannot control most aspects of how Disqus is designed to work and it is the privilege of all Disqus members to be able to edit their own comments. […]