March 22, 2017

Disclosure – Absolutely Free

Nowhere Man

Freewill, freedom, then liberty are not the same things.. Man has traded away freewill for alleged freedom via granted liberty as long as we always have the price for admission into their game. In that process man lost his right to own land. Go to the first law book and find the quote where the […]

Colonial Penal Prison And Rehab Center

The Goat God King Of The Dorks

  Fascinating. The Evil GOAT God Is Rising… The War For Morder is simply a perverted Biblical take off of the Baphomet Goat god making another attempt at world domination other wise known as the Great Tribulation or the worst time in mankinds concluding history.. Tolkien was a Roman Catholic.. I don’t know if he […]

Skiba Excellence In Amsterdam


Cartoon Of The Day

We’ve all likely heard those infamous comments such as ” Sure and the earth is flat and you can fall of the edge”.. I got one for ya, The earth is a ball don’t fall off the edge.. Oops.. I guess Newton’s theory of “gravity” would not work on a flat earth aye? Gravity must […]

Sportsmen’s Alliance, Maine Trappers Victorious in Lynx Lawsuit

Press Release from the Sportsmen’s Alliance: On Wednesday, Feb. 15, U.S. District Judge Jon Levy issued his ruling in a lawsuit that sought to revoke the state of Maine’s Incidental Take Permit (ITP), which would open individual trappers to Endangered Species Act (ESA) violations. Judge Levy ruled the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s use and […]

Is The Agenda A New Civil War

The Agenda is depopulation of the masses.. The power elite admit it in this tome..

Trump Listens To Obama-Clinton On Immigration

They’re all making fools of the U.S. citizens and of the immigrants..  

Sustainable Developments World Global Eugenicist And Enslaving Infrastructure Is Being Rapidly Put Into Place While Your Attention Is Continuously Being Deflected

From There Is No Debt. They Come To Bring Death WE COME TO BRING DEATH Smart City Forum SMART CITY – za?o?enia i perspektywy | Kraków Google translator – SMART CITY – assumptions and perspectives | Cracow ~ Countering Propaganda and Disinformation _______ It should not be too difficult, by now, to […]