October 17, 2017

So Something Happened In Vegas

Real or fake in Vegas the same old anti gun BS comes up… So apparently from reading around the internet various leftist enlightened gurus are singing the same old more gun control song.. Ok, so the left want Donald Trump’s Administration to disarm us apparently..

People who dislike Donald Trump and who, rightfully so, call out the problem of police brutality in America, want to give all the guns in the country to Donald Trump and the police. So the leftists are ok with Donald Trump and that administration disarming the 99% of the gun owning collective that did not go insane and shoot up a concert’s attendees?

Are you leftist boys and girls certain you want to be disarmed with a Donald Trump Administration running the show?

Or just the AR-15s AR-10s which are not full auto weapons and the 50 BMG toys? And that little bump stock.. Meanwhile the Donald’s government has M-16s, MP-5s M-60s, General Electric Mini Guns, full auto 50 BMGs, Apache Helicopters and various tanks at their disposal..And that’s just the short list..

And you’re going to feel safer from those convenient mentally ill lone nut cases that pop up at politically convenient times..


Somebody please place an order for more leftist diapers… they’ve shit themselves again…


Tribute To Hugh Hefner’s PlayBOY Illusion


Donald Trump Surreptitiously Approves Climate Change Agreement


So you thought Trump would make this Sustainable Development go away aye?


The State Of Total Demoralization In This Post Truth World


Perfect Condition


Dear Immer Treue

I’m coming towards your property with a D-10.. I’m going to bulldoze everything so the land can regenerate wild all over it.. Make a moral argument in your own defense.. You cannot stop me because if you try you’ll be considered a rebel dissident and thus hauled off in cuffs.. Here comes the D-10… Why is what I’m doing wrong…. Look up the road, here it comes.. Hurry… Convince me to turn the D-10 around… I’m coming to help harmonize mankind’s numbers to the earth’s ability of providing sustenance for sustainability to be viable for future generations and you’re in the way of that progress… Hurry Immer, I’m coming…Will you keep advocating for our demise when you find yourself in the bullseye?

It really is that simple…

Me Me Me Me Me… Or UNEP UNEP UNEP UNEP… Now get outta ME Way…

The Social Engineering Dozer…


Fiction Of Legalism

The assumption that a certain thing is true, and which gives to a person or thing a quality which is not natural to it, and consequently establishes, a certain disposition, which, without the fiction, would be repugnant to reason and to truth. It is an order of things which does not exist, but which the law prescribes or authorizes. It differs from presumption because it establishes as true, something which is false; whereas presumption supplies the proof of something true. The law never feigns what is impossible. Fiction is like art; it imitates nature, but never disfigures it. It aids truth, but it ought never to destroy it. It may well suppose that what was possible, but which does not exist; but it will never feign that what was impossible actually is. Fictions were invented by the Roman praetors who, not possessing the power to abrogate the law, were nevertheless willing to derogate from it under the pretence of doing equity. Fiction is the resource of weakness which, in order to obtain its object, assumes as a fact what is known to be contrary to truth: when the legislator desires to accomplish his object, he need not feign, he commands. Fictions of law owe their origin to the legislative usurpations of the bench. It is said that every fiction must be framed according to the rules of law, and that every legal fiction must have equity for its object. To prevent their evil effects, they are not allowed to be carried further than the reasons which introduced them necessarily require. The law abounds in fictions. That an estate is in abeyance; the doctrine of remitter, by which a party who has been disseised of his freehold and afterwards acquires a defective title, is remitted to his former good title; that one thing done today, is considered as done at a preceding time by the doctrine of relation; that because one thing is proved, another shall be presumed to be true, which is the case in all presumptions; that the heir, executor, and administrator stand by representation in the place of the deceased are all fictions of law. “Our various introduction of John Doe and Richard Roe; our solemn process upon disseisin by Hugh Hunt; our casually losing and finding a ship (which never was in Europe) in the parish of St. Mary Le Bow, in the ward of Cheap; our trying the validity of a will by an imaginary wager of five pounds; our imagining and compassing the king’s death, by giving information which may defeat an attack upon an enemy’s settlement in the antipodes; our charge of picking a pocket or forging a bill with force and arms; of neglecting to repair a bridge, against the peace of the king, his crown and dignity are circumstances, which, looked at by themselves, would convey an impression of no very favorable nature, with respect to the wisdom of our jurisprudence.” FICTION OF LAW – http://www.lectlaw.com/def/f111.htm ASSUMPTION OF RISK – http://www.lectlaw.com/def/a083.htm PRESUMPTION – http://www.lectlaw.com/def2/p149.htm DISSEISIN – http://www.lectlaw.com/def/d181.htm


Who Is And Who Owns The Crown temple


The New CC=33 Climate Change Economy Means Your Demise


A statement taken from the Paris Agreement Ratification Tracker:

US withdrawal from the Paris Agreement
On 1 June 2017, the American President Donald Trump announced his intent to withdraw the United States from the Paris Agreement, stating that “as of today, the United States will cease all implementation of the non-binding Paris Accord …this includes ending the implementation of the nationally determined contribution”.
Article 28 of the Paris Agreement permits a Party to withdraw by giving written notification to the Secretary-General of the United Nations, which notification may only be provided “after three years from the date on which [the Paris Agreement] entered into force for a Party.” Withdrawal then takes effect upon expiry of one year from the date of receipt. The Paris Agreement entered into force for the US on 4 Nov 2016. Hence the earliest the US could give written notice is three years later, 4 Nov 2019, and the earliest the US could leave the Paris Agreement is 4 Nov 2020.
Until this time the US will remain a Party to the Paris Agreement and is obliged under international law not to frustrate or obstruct its implementation. Until such time as the US legally withdraws from the Paris Agreement, the US will be listed in our ratification tracker.

Paris Agreement Ratification Tracker

United Nations
Framework Convention on Climate Change
Paris Agreement – Status of Ratification

Paris Agreement – Status Of Ratification


As we can see when we read search into the internationalists documented details we discover the followers of left and the right in their political fight paradigm for foolishness often do not know what they are speaking/typing/complaining about…

The charade of politics moves on through the fog of double speak by double tongued political rascals…


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