November 18, 2018

How A Corporation Made YOU A Corporate Citizen


I must start out with this prelude after writing the article below on sovereignty loss. I realized that people have not understanding of sovereignty and others that still control this land and people. This is similar to the Wizard of Oz after the curtain was lifted to just who the Wizard was. The curtain has not been lifted enough for the people of America to see.

To be absolutely correct on sovereignty, the people of 1776 to the present, have never been sovereign, period. Because the United States is a controlled corporation of the Crown, the people could never have been sovereign. All the people did, after the so-called revolutionary war, was trade the Corporation of England to be controlled by the Corporation of the States. These were plantation colonies of the Crown in corporate structure before the planned war. Those agents of the Crown, the founding father lawyers, controlled by the middle and inner temples of the Crown, took control of the states (colonies) in the 1787 contract/covenant/constitution. So technically and legally, and even lawfully, the common people like you and I have never been sovereign.

Think about it and reflect on what I say. When Governor Caswell of north Carolina immediately eliminated the quit rent tax of the Crown and laid a property tax on the people and land, after becoming the first Governor, how on earth were the people sovereign? If they were sovereign there would be no way to lay a property tax and take that property if the people did not pay this tax. This happened in every state at that time, proving people were still controlled and were not sovereign. The article below was written with the mindset that all people have an understanding that the myth of sovereignty existed in this country for the common people.

When was State Sovereignty Lost?

The real beginnings of the demise of State sovereignty was 1787 with the erection of the US Constitution. The 1791 debacle of Washington was the second attack and the third started in earnest circa 1819 with the Bank case of McCulloch v Maryland. You have to know that Justice Marshall was a major stock holder in that bank with 7700 shares and was declared a A foreign stockholder.” Yes, he was a Federal US judge and “citizen” of the U.S., but the bank was the foreign controlled Exchequer of England. That’s why he was deemed a A foreign stockholder.” To rule contrary to his decision would have put his stock in peril. Money rules, correct? It does today and it did then.

Eastern and Northern States almost unanimously praised the decision of McCulloch. On the other hand, the papers of the States upholding the theories of Jefferson and the strict States’ Rights doctrines bitterly assailed it. Niles’ Register of March 13 said:

“A deadly blow has been struck at the Sovereignty of the States, and from a quarter so far removed from the people as to be hardly accessible to public opinion….We are awfully impressed with a conviction that the welfare of the Union has received a more dangerous wound than fifty Hartford Conventions, hateful as that assemblage was, could inflict . . . and which may be wielded to destroy the whole revenues and so do away with the Sovereignties of the States.” The Richmond Enquirer said: “If such a spirit as breathes on this opinion is forever to preside over the judiciary, then indeed it is high time for the State to tremble; that all their great rights may be swept away one by one, that those sovereign States may dwindle into paltry and contemptible corporations.”

{{{“This opinion in the Bank case continues to be denounced by the democracy in Virginia. An effort is certainly making to induce the Legislature which will meet in December, to take up the subject and to pass resolutions very like those which were called forth by the alien and sedition laws in I799 ….If the principles which have been advanced on this occasion were to prevail, the constitution would be converted into the old Confederation.”—Chief Justice Marshall wrote to Judge Story, May 27, 1819}}}

Please note above that the states were corporations, not that they were going to be. They were corporations of the Crown in the newly formed King’s government named the States and United States. They were absorbed under the U.S. Constitution and became members of the Motherland corporation. This goes with exactly what was stated in James Montgomery’s works on the Crown controlling. Wizard, if you so wish to see after the curtain raising.

In 1821, the great question of State Sovereignty was again the important subject before the Court; and on March 3-5 Marshall rendered his opinion in Cohens v. Virginia (6 Wheaton, 264), reaffirming the supreme power of the Court to review The real beginnings of the demise of State sovereignty was 1787 with the decisions of the State courts in criminal as well as civil proceedings. Philip P. Barbour I and Alexander Smythe appeared for the State of Virginia, and William Pinkney and David B. Ogden for the plaintiff.

The decision caused much excitement in the newspapers of the country, and was bitterly attacked by the upholders of States’ Rights in letters and speeches. Niles’ Register said, March 17, 1821:

“The decision was exactly such as expected for we presumed that that high tribunal would act consistently and on the termination of the case about the bank of the United States, McCulloch v. Maryland, we had no manner of doubt as to the result . . . and that the State Sovereignty would be taught to bow to the judiciary-of the United States. So we go. It seems as if almost everything that occurs had for its tendency that which every reflecting man deprecates.” On July 7, 1821, Niles’ Register said:

“The decision . . . still claims the attention Of some of our ablest writers, and the correctness of it is contested with a fine display of talents and profound reasoning by `Algeron Sidney’ in the ‘Richmond Enquirer and Hampden’ in the Washington City Gazette – – to which we refer those who are not already satisfied on the subject. For ourselves, though not exactly prepared to submit, it seems as if it were required that all who do not subscribe to their belief in the infallibility of that court are in danger of political excommunication.” Of the criticism on the case, Marshall wrote to Story, June 15, 1821:

“The opinion of the Supreme Court in the lottery case has been assailed with a degree of virulence transcending what has appeared on former occasions . . . I think for coarseness and malignity of invention Algernon Sidney [Spencer Roane, Judge of the Virginia Court of Errors and Appeals] surpasses all party writers who have ever made pretensions to any decency of character.”

Corruption of the courts ran rampant then as it does now, only not quite as bad as now; see the next case. You can also see that Washington was a corporation then, as it always has been via the Crown’s control. This just bears out what James has and I have, on the corporate structure, via our researched documents. Jefferson’s views of the opinion were vigorously expressed by him two years later in a letter to Judge William Johnson, June 12, 1823:

“On the decision of Cohens v. State of Virginia in the Supreme Court of the United States in March, 1821, Judge Roane (presiding judge of the Court of Appeals of Virginia) under the signature of Algernon Sidney wrote for the Enquirer a series of papers on the law of that case. I considered these papers maturely as they came out, and confess that they appeared to me to pulverize every word that had been delivered by Judge Marshall of the extra-judicial part of his opinion, and all was extra-judicial, except the decision that the act of Congress had not purported to give to the corporation of Washington the authority claimed by their lottery of controlling the laws of the States within the States themselves.

“The practice of Judge Marshall of traveling out of his case to prescribe what the law would be in a moot case not before the court is very irregular and very censurable.” The most alarming effect of the opposition to the strong centralizing tendency of the Supreme Court opinions was the steady increase of propositions to limit the powers of that Court by legislation or constitutional amendment. Those who favored such measures pointed to the fact that between 1809 and 1822 the Court had exercised its power to declare unconstitutional, in whole or in part, nine statutes in eight States (Georgia, New Jersey, Virginia, New Hampshire, New York, Maryland, Louisiana and Pennsylvania).

Jefferson wrote, January 19, 1821:

“I am sensible of the inroads daily making by the Federal into the jurisdiction of its co-ordinate associates, the State governments. Its legislative and executive branches may sometimes err, but elections and dependence will bring them to rights. The judiciary branch is the instrument which, working like gravity, without intermission, is to press us at last into one consolidated mass.” On September 2, 1821, he wrote: “To consider the judges as the ultimate arbiters of all constitutional questions, is very dangerous doctrine indeed and on which would place us under the despotism of an oligarchy. Our judges are as honest as other men, and not more so. They have, with others, the same passions for party, for power, and the privilege of their corps. Their maxim is ‘boni judices est amplifcare jurisdictionem,’ and their power the more dangerous, as they are in office for life and not responsible as the other functionaries are to the elective control.

The Constitution has erected no such single tribunal, knowing that to The real beginnings of the demise of State sovereignty was 1787 with the ..whatever hands confided, with the corruptions of time and party, its members would become despots.” Well, this is a revelation for those of you that just love the Supreme Court in all it’s corruption. We researchers have known this for a long time and they have become despots as have all other bar member judges.On December 25, 1820, Jefferson had written to Thomas Ritchie:

“The judiciary of the United States is the subtle corps of sappers and miners constantly working underground to undermine the foundations of our confederated fabric. They are construing our Constitution from a coordination of a general and special government to a general and supreme one alone …. Having found from experience that impeachment is an impracticable thing, a mere scare-crow, they consider themselves secure for life; they skulk from responsibility to public opinion, the only remaining hold on them, under a practice first introduced into England by Lord Mansfield. An opinion is huddled up in conclave, perhaps by a majority of one, delivered as if unanimous, and with the silent acquiescence of lazy or timid associates, by a crafty chief judge who sophisticates the law to his mind by the turn of his own reasoning.

A judiciary independent of a king or executive alone is a good thing; but independence of the will of the nation is a solecism, at least in a republican government.” See Writings of Thomas Jefferson, Vol X, pp. 169, 184, 197, 246. And again, on March 4, 1823, he wrote:

“There is no danger I apprehend so much as the consolidation of our government, by the noiseless and therefore unalarming instrumentality of the Supreme Court.” Already in 1807-1809, soon after the Burr trial, attempts had been made in each branch of Congress to amend the Constitution so that all judges should hold office for a term of years and be removable by the President on address by two-thirds of both Houses. This proposition was supported by resolves of the Legislatures of Pennsylvania and Vermont, as well as by the actions of the House of Delegates in Virginia and one branch of the legislature of Tennessee.. Well there you have it, the board of directors of the corporations of Washington and States are just doing what corporate officers want
Now comes the proof as to why you all are part of these corporations that James and I have stated over and over – – that citizenship is the bane of man, whether state or United States. Go ahead and vote . But, as Lysander Spooner said, it is a vote thrown to the winds and also snares you into their corporation as you vote for the CEO of that corporation as a “stockholder.

If you don’t believe me read on and you make the decision because corporate citizenship did not start with the 14th amendment, much to your surprise. One other decision of the United States Supreme Court during this period had immense effect on the growth of modern corporate commerce. From 1809 to 1844, it had been held by that Court, ever since the decision of Chief Justice Marshall in Bank of the United States v. Deveaux (5 Cranch, 61), that the Federal Courts had no jurisdiction on the ground of diverse citizenship, in a case where a corporation was a party, unless all the individual stockholders of the corporation were citizens of a State other than that of the other party to the suit. Such a doctrine of course greatly restricted the rights of a corporation to sue in a Federal Court, and made such suit almost impossible. In 1844, however, in Louisville R. R v. Letson (2 Howard, 497) Chief Justice Taney delivered an opinion, taking the broad ground that a corporation, although an artificial person, was to be deemed an inhabitant of the State of its incorporation, and to be treated as a citizen of that State for purposes of suit. Of this case, Judge Story, wrote to Ex-Chancellor Kent, August 3I, I844:

“I equally rejoice, that the Supreme Court has at last come to the conclusion, that a corporation is a citizen, an artificial citizen, I agree, but still a citizen. It gets rid of a great anomaly in our jurisprudence. This was always Judge Washington’s opinion. I have held the same opinion for very many years, and Mr. Chief Justice Marshall had, before his death, arrived at the conclusion, that our early decisions were wrong.” Now remember people, the states and United States are corporations as stated above. An inhabitant is a resident — is a citizen of that corporation and deemed an artificial character. Just look at the case of the United States v Penelope, Fed. Case 27 no. 16024 in my book The New History of America, page 69.

“Inhabitant” and “resident” mean the same thing so said the court. Now you ask how did I become an artificial? By joint venture. This is also found in my New History at pages 10, 11, 21, 31,46, 47, 56, 69, 70, 75 and 90 because it is the lynchpin to your problems. Pull the N.C. Supreme court case 207 N.C. 831; 178 S.E. 587. In here is the explanation as to why they can tax you. In 1853, in Marshall v. Baltimore and Ohio R. R. (16 Howard, 314) it was held that there was a conclusive presumption The real beginnings of the demise of State sovereignty was 1787 with the …of law that allthe shareholders were citizens of the State of incorporation; and this was further strengthened by a decision in 1857, in Covington Drawbridge Co. v. Shepherd (20 Howard, 227) that parties were to be held estopped from denying such citizenship.

Although talking about railroad the same principle applies to states. As stated above, irrefutably, Washington is a corporation and has citizens. States are corporations and have citizens. Are you a citizen of either? Are you then in a “joint venture”? Do you claim to be a “resident” or “inhabitant?” Are you then a “person” by association with either corporation? Is this word in the definition of 26 U.S.C. 7701 (a) (1)? Therefore, under this principle a “U.S. citizen” is a citizen of the incorporating United States and that is why in 26 U.S.C 7701 (a) 39 it states what it does.

Are you starting to get the picture? Not quite? Well read this as printed in my book. Under “joint-venture” principle all people who are “citizens of the State” are United States citizens, and are in contract with the State in its corporate capacity. Therefore, if and when they buy property privately from the United States it does revert back to the State. They are only holding the property of the State in a fiduciary capacity paying rent in the form of an ad valorem tax. This is where the government has conned us again. It is a vicious cycle. Therefore, the U.S. can tax the fiduciary holding State property because they are citizens, or joint-venturers, with the State in its corporate capacity. This is because the states are nothing more than “Districts” of the U.S. [as stated in my book when quoting the 1868 Inaugural address of Governor Holden of north Carolina at page 10] and due to the War Powers Act they are also “agents of the federal government.” This was discovered by Dr. Eugene Schroder in the “Health and Human Service Acts” of the states. This allows the U.S. to seek out and tax its subjects, people claiming “citizenship” of the state, for they are also U.S. citizens by congress’ definition of “individual,” See 5 USC 552a A 2. Definition of Joint venture found in N.C. Supreme court case 207 N.C. 831; 178 S.E. 587 “In order to constitute a joint venture, a joint enterprise, or common purpose there must be an agreement [your claim of citizenship and/or registering to vote for the CEO] to enter into an undertaking in respect of which the parties have a community of interest and a common purpose for its performance. [don’t all citizens have a common interest?]
* * *

There is no legal distinction between the phrases `joint enterprise’ and `prosecution of a common purpose.’ The effect of the formation of a joint enterprise is to make all members responsible for the negligence of any member available who injures a third person and to make the negligence of any member available as a defense by a third person to a recovery by another member.” [does this sound like social security?] End of quoting my book at page 10 and 11. These decisions not only opened the door wide to interstate commerce by corporations, but they were of vast importance in breaking down the barriers sought to be erected by the political supporters of the narrow States’ Rights doctrines, and in increasing the strength of the Federal power.

In one direction, the great growth of corporations made necessary the development of a branch of corporate law to which little attention had hitherto been paid — the limits of the scope of corporate action and the doctrine of ultra vires. As stated in the preface to the first book on this subject,

Brice on Ultra Vires published in 1874, it is said:

“The doctrine of ultra virus is of modern growth. Its appearance as a distinct fact and as a guiding and rather misleading principle in the legal system of this country dates from about 1845, being first prominently mentioned in the cases, in equity of Colman v. Eastern Counties Ry. Co. (10 Beavan, 1) in 1846, and at law of East Anglian Ry. Co. v. Eastern Counties Ry. Co. (11 C. B. 775) in 1851.” In the United States Supreme Court, however, in 1858, it was referred to as “not a new principle in the jurisprudence of this Court.”

For interesting articles on this subject see A Legal Fiction with its Wings Clipped, by S. E. Baldwin, in Amer. Law Review, Vol. XLI (1907). Abrogation of Federal Jurisdiction, by Alfred Russell, Harv. Law Review, Vol. VII (1892). Corporate Citizenship a Legal Fiction, by R. M. Benjamin, Albany Law Journal, Vol. LXIX (1907). Well that’s about enough for you to absorb and please check this out as I am not perfect.

The Informer
April 10, 2002


How You Are Controlled By Private Corporations

All U.S. citizen subject slave debtors are on welfare because they’ve all been conned.

This article is to Inform you of only one aspect of government and banking that you do not know about. How you are controlled in this country by private corporations. Now as you’re reading this keep in mind these are the people that financially established the modern days environmentalist movement via UNEP-Agenda 21-Our Global Community-The First Global Revolution-The Limits To Growth-Our growth not theirs. This is why I call all environmentalist groups corporate controlled opposition because that is exactly what they are.. All limited hangouts..

This is called fascism and how Mussolini operated in WWII. We have it here today and the people (slaves in reality) think it is wonderful. With no real money in the hands of the people, its all debt, they have no idea what real money is. Gold standard is a scam devised by bankers way back in 1788 to put paper money into effect that had no value unless backed by paper on a par basis. By that I mean a coin containing a certain amount of silver or gold was the same value of a paper dollar. The paper dollar could be exchanged for a dollar of metal coin. Today you cannot do that because there is no parity and the bankers have seen to it that it cannot exist so as to unjustly enrich themselves at your expense.

Fawcet, in a work on Gold and Debt, says: “It is a trick of capital in all countries to persuade the people that their honor is at stake in the payment of war debts at the highest valuation the avarice of the holders may set on them.”

Gold advocates declare that it is dangerous to allow the gold reserve in the Treasury–created ostensibly to maintain the parity or equal value of the American dollars-to fall below $100,000,000. In March, 1894, it dropped below this amount and in February, 1894, it went down to $65,000,000–at which time the American paper dollar was bringing a premium.

At this time, as of old, through the past history of bond issues by the United States, the international bankers and saviors of the credit of nations appear upon the scene and enter into a secret contract with the Secretary of the Treasury, and approved by the President of the United States, whereby, Morgan, Rothschild, and associates buy $62,000,000 of United States bonds at about 1041/2 in gold–at which time these bonds were worth $117.00 in the open market, and a little later went up to $120.00. The syndicate, therefore, bought these bonds at about $10,000,000 less than their value and the American people were saddled with an unnecessary debt, which they have to pay, principal and interest, through taxation.

In one of my articles on the e-mail I described how the real bank of the United States, the Independent Treasury, was causing fits with these International Bankers. The real bank of the people of this country was called sub-treasuries for some strange reason. The international bankers had to get rid of it because they could not control the money supply and actually control Congress or the President until they had complete control. They did in 1921 and I described in detail how this came about and the result of it and I also mentioned it in my book The New History of America. So with that in mind I quote from another book by T. Cushing Daniel, published in 1924.

“The visit of Morgan in company with Baker, and Assistant Secretary of State, Robert Bacon, former partner of J.P. Morgan, was described in the public press as follows:


“Washington, D.C., November 22, 1907.–The establishment of a Central Government Bank has been earnestly discussed within the Administration circle for the last week. “Two things have contributed toward making the Administration favor the plan. “First, as has been stated, the relief funds released by the Government have not been handled by the banks in a way to bring aid to the real business interests of the country, but rather to build up cash reserve and favor specialized interests, the real business demands being ignored. “Second, in the issue of the $100,000,000 certificates of indebtedness, the banks practically have demanded that the Government turn the money over to them without recompense of any sort. The Secretary of the Treasury was compelled to compromise with the bankers in order to get anything at all.
“Mr. Cortelyou announced this evening that he purposed to return to national banks subscribing for the certificates, as a deposit of public money, 75 per cent. of the cash paid for them. The remaining 25 per cent. will go for the time being to strengthen the cash balance of the Treasury. “The transaction in the certificates of indebtedness leaves the Secretary of the Treasury in a ludicrous light as a financier. Briefly, summed up, it is revealed that for the first time in the history of the world probably a Government pays interest on its own deposits in the banks.

“Taking a round million as a basis under the terms made with the banks, the following transaction takes place: The banks put up $250,000 and we promptly returned $1,000,000 in This article is to Inform you of only one aspect of government and certificates of indebtedness exchangeable for currency.” “These certificates of indebtedness carry 3 per cent interest. The other $750,000 supposed to be put up is promptly returned to the banks as deposits. “The purpose of the Treasury as announced by the Secretary to-day is to leave the money in the banks and to increase the supply in the banks in every manner possible.

“In order to carry through the arrangement with the banks in the most expeditious manner, the Secretary and the banks have completed described and the issuance of bank note currency may all be accomplished simultaneously. “The banks will include in their offers for certificates applications for increased circulation.They will make the payments for the certificates in cash and securities to the sub-treasuries, and receive in return, not the certificates themselves, but bank notes to the full amount of the certificates purchased.”

This last deal with the United States Treasury occurred less than a month after the Secretary of the Treasury had given these men the use of $34,033,000 of the money of the tax-payers of this country, at a critical time during the panic. This was in addition to over $150,000,000 that had already been deposited of the people’s money in national banks without interest, and by December 31, 1907, amounted to $245,556,944. This enormous amount of the people’s money was deposited in these banks, when by the testimony before the Banking and Currency Committee of Congress these national-banks were unable to pay into the United States Treasury the 5 per cent. cash guarantee to the Government to protect their bank-note circulation.

This brings to mind the one-sided partnership that exists between the Treasury of the United States and the banks. Here is a specimen on how the business is carried on by the fiduciary department of the Government representing the people, and the present banking system. “The United States Treasury does queer things. On August 22, 1907, I personally directed the attention of Secretary Cortelyou to some $4,000,000 of false entries made daily at the sub-treasury in New York. These entries are described in the report on fiscal system (page 76) as receipts of checks ‘converted into cash before final credit is given in the accounts involved ‘–that is, checks’ are received from the clearing-house and paid with other checks sent there for collection, the checks being exchanged or swapped without handling any money except the difference–but the amount balanced is falsely entered as gold certificates, for the most part, with additional entries of United States notes, silver certificates, fractional silver, nickels, and copper to make up the exact sum. My letters to Secretary Cortelyou detailing falsifications to the amount of $1,279,563,526 for the fiscal year 1906 were printed in the Congressional Record March 2, 1908, pages 2829-31.

“False entries engender false ideas. The false entries I complain of are made to conceal the fact that every year checks aggregating several hundred million dollars are received at the sub-treasury in New York and paid by balancing accounts.

“In 1907 the Treasury Department had over $250,000,000 of available cash balance on hand or in banks, and $111,000,000 of United States bonds to pay off. By the use of bank deposits and checks drawn on them the operation would have been as simple as checking $111 out of $250 deposited. The Treasury seems to have considered the operation impracticable. Secretary Cortelyou paid $61,000,000 of the bonds and to pay off $50,000,000 more, instead of using the cash on hand or in banks, borrowed $50,000,000 to be repaid in 23 years (1930), with $1,000,000 a year interest, that is, the Secretary bound the United States to pay $23,000,000 before paying the principal, which was as purely a waste of $23,000,000 as if it had been stolen.

“JAMES C. Hallock, Washington, D.C.”
It can be clearly seen that Congress and the United States Treasury no longer represent the people. The greatest standing reflection upon the boasted intelligence of our people is their thoughtless submission to the present infamous currency system–money based on debts, Banks of Issue, and gold redemption. And so it is today with the people believing that somehow these banks of today are theirs. They believe they are government banks and Congress has control. Even patriots say why not audit the banks? That is like saying that the government should audit your neighbor or they should audit Wal-Mart. The government cannot audit private concerns period.

The banking industry is private and the federal courts have so stated as late as 1992. Robert Rubin is Governor of the International Monetary Fund today which was created by the private federal reserve bank in 1916. You should all be aware that the Bank of England owns every federal reserve bank and affiliates in this country. They cut deals all the time that you have no idea what is going This article is to Inform you of only one aspect of government and on. The deal cut in 1908 is now put before you. It is not in its entirety but the important parts are included:

“This agreement entered into this 8th day of February, 1895, between the Secretary of the Treasury of the United States, of the first part, and Messrs. August Belmont & Co., of New York, on behalf of Messrs. N.M. Rothschild & Sons, of London, England, and themselves, and Messrs. J.P. Morgan & Co., of New York, on behalf of Messrs. J. P. Morgan & Co., of London, and themselves, parties of the second part. “Witnesseth: Whereas it is provided by the Revised Statutes of the United States (section 3700) that the Secretary of the Treasury may purchase coin with any of the bonds or notes of the United States authorized by law, at such rates and upon such terms as he may deem advantageous to the public interests; and the Secretary of the Treasury now deems that an emergency exists in which the public interests require that, as hereinafter provided, coin shall be purchased with the bonds of the United States, of the description hereinafter mentioned, authorized to be issued under the act entitled ‘An act to provide for the resumption of specie payments,’ approved January 14, 1875, being bonds of the United States described in an act to Congress approved July 14, 1870, entitled ‘An act to authorize the refunding of the national debt.’

“Now, therefore, the said parties of the second part[Rothchilds/Morgan] hereby agree to sell and deliver to the United States 3,500,000 ounces of standard gold coin of the United States, at the rate of $17.80441 per ounce, payable in United States 4 per cent. thirty-year coupon or registered bonds, said bonds to’ be dated February 1, 1895, and payable at the pleasure of the United States after thirty years from date, issued under the acts of Congress of July 14, 1870, January 20, 1871, and January 14, 1876, bearing interest at the rate of 4 per cent. per annum, payable quarterly.

“First. Such purchase and sale of gold coin being made on the following conditions:
“(1) At least one-half or all coin deliverable here under shall be obtained in and shipped from Europe, but the shipments shall not be required to exceed 300,000 ounces per month, unless the parties to the second part[Rothchilds /Morgan] shall consent thereto. “(2) All deliveries shall be made at any of the subtreasuries or at any other legal depository of the United States.(1) “Second. Should the Secretary of the Treasury desire to offer or sell any bond of the United States on or before the 1st day of October, 1895, he shall first offer the same to the parties of the second part;[Rothchilds / Morgan] but thereafter he shall be free from every such obligation to the parties of the second part[Rothchilds /Morgan]. “Fifth. In consideration of the purchase of such coin the parties of the second part[Rothchilds /Morgan], and their associates here under assume and will bear all the expense and inevitable loss of bringing gold from Europe here under; and as far a lies in their power, will exert all financial influence and will make all legitimate efforts to protect theTreasury of the United States against the withdrawals of gold pending the complete performance of this contract.

“In witness whereof the parties hereto set their hands in five parts this 8th day of February,; 1895. “J. G. CARLISLE,
“Secretary of the Treasury. “AUGUST BELMONT & CO. “On behalf of Messrs. N.M. Rothschild & Sons, London and themselves. “J. P. MORGAN & CO. “On behalf of Messrs. J.P. Morgan & Co., London, and themselves.

In return for a profit of about $10,000,000 these gentlemen obligate themselves not to raid the gold reserve of the Government by the use of outstanding credit money until they complete their contract. This article is to Inform you of only one aspect of government and Footnote 1- This would allow the gold to still remain in the banks as depositories of the United States.

The only way to stop this private cartel and its private collection agency, the IRS, is to stop using banks for anything. Use cash or U.S. Postal Money Orders. Insist that Congress issue U.S. Notes that are interest free? Not on their dying bed will they do that because of their contracts are with the banking system, NOT YOU. Besides, you cannot, by law, obligate a private contract. If you could, no contract that you ever made with a friend would ever be safe. No, the only way will be
to use coin which is minted by the government and not the banking system. Start using Susan B dollars, quarters, etc., even though these are a fraud upon the people also, because these have cost the government money to coin that they cannot afford to stop using.

However, people are so used to plastic and paper checks that they will still let the banks rape them gleefully. So it is a folly to think anything will change by the writing of this article. Just think of the other contracts besides that of 1908 that have taken place behind closed doors that you don’t know about.

People will have to become so destitute, such as a mass loss of foreclosures on houses to wake them up. But alas the bankers will “come to the rescue” and lull the people into thinking they will be saved by the kind hearted banker and they will become even further enslaved by the system. And don’t think that for one moment that the fortune 500 companies don’t have a hand in controlling the people as they are tied totally to the banking system. Of course these corps and banks control Congress and is of absolutely no meaning and is a waste of time to go, write or ask anything from Congress. They could care two tinker’s damn about you. They know which side their bread is buttered on, everyone of them and that goes all the way down to local government as well.

The Informer


Systemic Conspiracy Theory Is A Valid Part Of Political Science.

“Political science is a social science discipline concerned with the study of the state, nation, government, and politics and policies of government. Aristotle defined it as the study of the state.[1] It deals extensively with the theory and practice of politics, and the analysis of political systems, political behavior, and political culture. Political scientists “see themselves engaged in revealing the relationships underlying political events and conditions, and from these revelations they attempt to construct general principles about the way the world of politics works.”[2] Political science intersects with other fields; including economics, law, sociology, history, anthropology, public administration, public policy, national politics, international relations, comparative politics, psychology, political organization, and political theory. Although it was codified in the 19th century, when all the social sciences were established, political science has ancient roots; indeed, it originated almost 2,500 years ago with the works of Plato and Aristotle.”—Britannica Concise Encyclopedia: political science

“Everywhere and at all times groups, organizations and leaders meet in closed meetings, before going ‘public’. A minority of policymakers or advocates meet, debate and outline procedures and devise tactics to secure decisions at the ‘official’ meeting. This common practice takes place when any vital decisions are to be taken whether it is at local school boards or in White House meetings. To label the account of small groups of public officials meeting and taking vital decisions in ‘closed’ public meetings (where agendas, procedures and decisions are made prior to formal ‘open’ public meetings) as ‘conspiracy theorizing’ is to deny the normal way in which politics operate. In a word, the ‘conspiracy’ labelers are either ignorant of the most elementary procedures of politics or they are conscious of their role in covering up the abuses of power of today’s state terror merchants.”~Prof. James Petras

“… those who formally rule take their signals and commands, not from the electorate as a body, but from a small group of men… the Establishment. It exists even though that existence is stoutly denied, it is one of the secrets of the American social order. A second secret is the fact that the existence of the Establishment – the ruling class – is not supposed to be discussed. A third secret is implicit in what has been said – that there is only one political party of any consequence in the United States… the “Prosperity Party.” The Republicans and the Democrats are in fact two branches of the same (secret) party.” —Professor of Political Science Carroll Quigley, GEORGETOWN UNIVERSITY; author Tragedy and Hope.

“America is no longer a democracy — never mind the democratic republic envisioned by Founding Fathers. Rather, it has taken a turn{SINCE 1783} down elitist lane and become a country led by a small dominant class comprised of powerful members who exert total control over the general population — an oligarchy … .”—Washington Times

Worse there never was any such thing as a minimalist government here ever. History proves it. What was lacking before the full spectrum dominance we are observing today was the capacity of the government to force its dominance upon us all.. Hang on because it gets much worse the longer this goes on..



A Brief Thought On Stupidity

If everyone you’re against is very stupid, unscientific and as hateful as you claim they are how can you possibly even think you’re going to communicate anything to them that they will comprehend? You yourself would have to be relatively intelligent to realize these allegedly stupid unscientific and hateful people don’t realize they’re stupid people. So are you stupid or something because you should know you cannot fix stupid. What if you’re stupid too? If you’re stupid how can you possibly realize your own stupidity? Because again, you’d have to be relatively intelligent to know how stupid you are. And relatively stupid to think you can communicate with stupid people. You know whats really stupid? Everyone on these web site comment boxes yelling at one another about how wrong they are. And nobody likes to be told they’re wrong, including YOU, and all of these other stupid people. So again, are you sure you’re not stupid? Are you sure you’re immune to being deceived tricked delusional and under strong delusion? Are you sure?

There are liars all around us, except on your side of these issues. Are you sure? There are deceivers yelling from the 501c3 church pulpits. And there are deceivers yelling from the pulpits of scientism.. Are you sure you’re immune to all of the deceptions? If you cannot find your way out of that chaos then you really are stupid. Because that world system out there with its countless set of false of delusions is obvious. Those U.S. courts out there have a saying, in their records, that if you cannot represent yourself in their court system, speak their terminology at various levels of expert communication, then you need a representative to speak for you because you are illiterate. To be terms illiterate in the world of terms literacy is ignorant. They term it another way, especially when you use words to argue against their terms. They call that insanity.

Now on another note if all of your politicians who are lawyers are speaking in terms how is possible you are qualified to make a determination as to which one is the best  for us all? How can you possibly make a determination for yourself if they are being honest or dishonest. Shouldn’t the fact that they are  using terms to speak to people that have various levels of word comprehension raise your eyebrows a tad? Just the fact that they can do  this to you shows, and in their minds justifies that you’re incompetent thus they must make all of the decisions for all of you. If that works for you well I’m sorry but I think you’re stupid. Who in their right mind would keep falling for this trick over and over repeatedly for an entire lifetime? Only stupid people. or maybe the courts are right, insane people. Are you stuck within their systematized delusion? If so, they created it thus they also created your stupidity, your insanity. The best part of all of this is they tell you repeatedly all over the place what they’re doing because they’re mocking your stupidity and insanity. Now I’m going to cut you some slack and explain something to you, you’re not really stupid or insane, you’re simply ignorant of how you’re being abused. By them.. Not by me, by them.. But hey, they love the Stockholm Syndrome because that works for them as well. It should be emphasized that school books in particular are PROPAGANDA from inception to publishing and distribution. Spook business from top to bottom. Yeah they nailed us with their history tall tales too..

Insanity is repeating the same mistakes over and over again and expecting different results.

A “systematized delusion” is one based on a false premise, pursued by a logical process of reasoning to an insane conclusion ; there being one central delusion, around which other aberrations of the mind converge. Taylor v. McClintock, 112 S.W. 405, 412, 87 Ark. 243.

If you must be “re-presented” you must be insane since you can only be represented as such. Because, who in their RIGHT MIND would remain subject to a system of abuse and torture? Who would NOT be competent to administer their own affairs? Only the insane and incompetent.

If the entrenched power interests behind the its free public schools welfare “education” system did not want the “education” to be so bad, it would not be. Their is your insanity, the dumbing down of society for allegedly better management of society. Mental hospitals are for the ones that drool, crap their shorts and try to harm themselves or others..The first thing addressed in the US Code is the definition of insane people, otherwise known as Wards of the Court or Wards of the State. These are persons of unsound mind or minors who may not be able to speak for themselves. Thus, they need representation, be it a parent or guardian and in cases where the parents competence may be uncertain, representation can be in the form of a State appointed Attorney. Or in the case of government over a non-self-governing people, a Representative may be elected by those non-self-governing people to represent them. Insane people according to the U.S. Code, are also, legal terms illiterate thus they require someone who is legal terms literate at a high level to speak for them. Your society itself is a mental hospital.

If they dumbed down everyone that means everybody.. If only your “leaders” are terms literate it stands to reason that they would protect themselves by keeping societies they control – manage terms illiterate..

Those people doing this to anyone who they can attract dislike them. They hate us. I’ve been around some of them and they despise us. They mock you because you are not in on the scam they are victimizing you with. That and they feed off of their false sense of superiority and power over their victims. Plus they have a self preservation thing going on, they fear you in mass catching on to their game. Additionally the economy we all use was created and is managed by them. It’ll do whatever they want it t o do. And its a great distraction. Economies can be used as weapons.. YOU dear reader figure that out.

The object of the game is to discover the object of…. The Game being played all around us..

Deception Management.

Hate your neighbor love the Kings..

Not in their club? Then you are their enemy.


Depopulation Against Mankind In Play

Their Manual of Death.



Carroll Quigley Told Us In 1966 Then George Carlin Reminded Us

Still you don’t see it for what it is.. Carroll Quigley was Bill Clinton’s political sciences professor.


“The argument that the two parties should represent opposed ideals and policies, one, perhaps, of the Right and the other of the Left, is a foolish idea acceptable only to doctrinaire and academic thinkers. Instead, the two parties should be almost identical, so that the American people can ‘throw the rascals out’ at any election without leading to any profound or extensive shifts in policy” — Tragedy and Hope, 1966.)

“… those who formally rule take their signals and commands, not from the electorate as a body, but from a small group of men… the Establishment. It exists even though that existence is stoutly denied, it is one of the secrets of the American social order. A second secret is the fact that the existence of the Establishment – the ruling class – is not supposed to be discussed. A third secret is implicit in what has been said – that there is only one political party of any consequence in the United States… the “Prosperity Party.” The Republicans and the Democrats are in fact two branches of the same (secret) party.” —Professor of Political Science Carroll Quigley, GEORGETOWN UNIVERSITY; author Tragedy and Hope.

“George Carlin’s Final Vulgar Words To The World…George Carlin on “The American Dream”.

“There’s a reason education SUCKS, and it’s the same reason that it will never, ever, ever be fixed. It’s never going to get any better, don’t look for it, be happy with what you’ve got. Because the owners of this country don’t want that. I’m talking about the REAL owners, now. The REAL owners, the BIG WEALTHY business interests that control things and make all the important decisions — forget the politicians. The politicians are put there to give you the idea that you have freedom of choice. YOU DON’T. You have no choice. You have OWNERS. They OWN YOU. They own EVERYTHING. They own all the important land, they own and control the corporations; they’ve long since bought and paid for the Senate, the Congress, the State houses, the City Halls; they’ve got the judges in their back pockets, and they own all the big media companies so they control just about all the news and information you get to hear. They gotcha by the BALLS. They spend billions of dollars every year lobbying — lobbying to get what they want. Well, we know what they want — they want MORE for themselves and less for everybody else. But I’ll tell you what they don’t want. They DON’T want a population of citizens capable of critical thinking. They don’t want well-informed, well-educated people capable of critical thinking. They’re not interested in that, that doesn’t help them. That’s against their interests. That’s right. They don’t want people who are smart enough to sit around the kitchen table and figure out how badly they’re getting F—-ED by system that threw them overboard 30 f—kin’ years ago. They don’t want that. You know what they want? They want OBEDIENT WORKERS. OBEDIENT WORKERS. People who are just smart enough to run the machines and do the paperwork, and just dumb enough to passably accept all these increasingly shittier jobs with the lower pay, the longer hours, the reduced benefits, the end of overtime, and the vanishing pension that disappears the minute you go to collect it. And now they’re comin’ for your SOCIAL SECURITY MONEY. They want your f—kin’ retirement money. They want it BACK. So they can give it to their criminal friends on Wall Street. And you know something? They’ll get it. They’ll get it ALL from you sooner or later — ‘cuz they OWN this f—in’ place. It’s a big CLUB. And YOU AIN’T IN IT. You and I are NOT IN the big club. By the way, it’s the same big club they use to beat you over the head with all day long when they tell you what to believe. All day long, beating you over the head in their media telling you what to believe — what to think — and what to buy. The table is tilted, folks. The game is rigged. And nobody seems to notice. Nobody seems to care. Good honest hard-workin people — white collar, blue collar — doesn’t matter what color shirt you have on. Good honest hard-workin people CONTINUE — these are people of modest means — continue to elect these RICH COCKSUCKERS who don’t GIVE a f–k about them. They don’t give a f–k about you, they don’t GIVE A F–K ABOUT YOU. THEY DON’T CARE ABOUT YOU — AT ALL. AT ALL. AT ALL. You know? And nobody seems to notice, nobody seems to care … that’s what the owners count on, the fact that Americans will probably remain willfully ignorant of the big red, white and blue dick that’s being jammed up their assholes every day. Because the owners of this country know the truth — it’s called the American Dream … ‘cuz you have to be asleep to believe it. —George Carlin

And don’t be fooled by Carlin, he was no hero he was working for them.. He was mocking you and you all laughed at yourselves.

“What is called “education” in the postmodern world is Kindergarten: 12 years of enforced warehoused conditioning and programming. And in the “Professional” caste from 4 to 8 more years of deeper more intense reinforced conditioning. This is of course triply reinforced through media and entertainment, and social pressures to conform. A self regenerating multigenerational loop of conditioning, all of this hard-capped with governmental coercion and force.”—WW.

“Governments have universally exercised a despotic control of consumptions, sometimes from humane, but chiefly from fraudulent motives. Laws for limiting the prices of consumable articles, unattended by the desire of transferring property are of the former description; and laws for controlling consumptions, with the covert intention of transferring property, of the latter. But whether the motive by which such laws have been dictated has been good or bad, their effects have been uniformly tyrannical or pernicious. They have even sometimes created the famines they intended to prevent. The whole code of these laws is a commentary upon the policy of subjecting consumptions to the absolute control of governments, however constituted. When these laws designed to provide the multitude with bread, they starve them; when they pretend to supply the multitude with money, they impoverish them.” ~John Taylor: Tyranny Unmasked

Members of the public have no right to petition for a redress of grievance. [UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA in the case of “We the People Foundation, Inc. et al. v. United States,” No. 1:04-cv-01211 EGS, admitted in the Civil War era, however, the U. S. Congress enacted Rules abolishing the duty to respond, a change later sanctioned by the Supreme Court [see: 96 Yale Law Journal 142, 164 (1986); Bieregu v. Reno, 59 F.3rd. 1445, 1453, (3rd. Cir. 1995)]

“We The People” is a Capitonym: A capitonym is a word that changes its meaning (and sometimes pronunciation) when it is capitalized… “But indeed, no person has a right to complain, by suit in Court, on the ground of a breech of the Constitution. The Constitution, it is true, is a compact (contract), but he is not a party to it. The States are a party to it…” (emphasis added). [Padelford, Fay & Co. vs. The Mayor and Alderman of the City of Savannah, 14 Ga. 438 (1854)]

Monopoly Capitalism which has been in operation here since the late 19th century is not a “free market”, the use of this term in a monopoly capitalist market is simply Newspeak. What has not been attempted since the end of the republic in 1872 is actual free trade. Socialism has been tried countless times, in fact the present system in America today is a synthesis of corporatist monopoly socialism and communitarianism. And it is failing big time.. Worse, this country has been under the illusion of a minimalist form of government since 1783.. It never was any such thing..  Its time to kick the BS lollipop history story can down the road..  Read the History of The Great American Fortunes by Gustavus Myers. They called him the Muckraker.. He tried to tell you. You people are still not listening.. They own it all now.. Including You.. They have you people calling yourselves property.  Human resources..  Time to get into the law dictionaries… Are you property? Citizen-yes-human resource-yes… It is way past time for the men of this country to get into the founding of the colonies legal historical paper trial.. That paper trail eventually takes us into the legal paper trail of the establishing of the United States of America Company.. You believe you’re owner time share shareholder stockholder stakeholders so whats the problem.. doesn’t your alleged ownership warrant a valid inquiry into your actual status and position of being an owner?


Eugenics Environmentalist Depopulation Of People Sympathizers Defined


I’ve been out there amongst the fools.

“useful fools and silly enthusiasts” – Useful innocents – Useful Ignorance.. – Political Warfare..

Useful idiot is a term for people perceived as propagandists for a cause whose goals they are not fully aware of, and who are used cynically by the leaders of the cause. In the case of the pseudo environmentalism cause both the advocates for and against this cause are being used because they are ignorant of the foundation of the cause itself.. Written by Eugenicists is the foundation of the cause. The 1100+ page tome known has the UNEP Global Biodiversity Assessment officialdom of both political persuasions is following to the letter.. Nobody understands this document because very few people have bothered to get a copy of it and work at comprehending it. Anyone of a sane mind would know not to advocate for any aspect of the document if they did comprehend it. Both sides of this issue are implementing it.  And they don’t even know it. It is the complete destruction of everything all people on either side of the issue participate in.. Ignorance is a facilitator. Ignorance is self defeatism. Ignorance is silent acquiescence which gives rise to the implementation of this insanity put together in this tome by elite madmen who’s only agenda is depopulation of the direct drivers causing all of the destruction of in their minds their property the earth..What utter stark raving mad insanity this is. The people at the top are degenerates.. They should be in straight jackets and then put away in padded cells..


Additionally 300 more pages of complete insanity.


Feel good garbage..


Where it all began.. Actually beyond this insane tome is the Iron Mountain Report.. I have the first edition of that tome as well..



Vatican Orders Destruction Of Evidence




Putting The Lollipop Historical Fairy Tales To Rest


by The Informer

Once upon a time before the year 1066 the people of England held Allodial title to their land. Not even the king could take the land for not paying a tithe. William the Conquer came in 1066 and stole the Kings Title and took the land of the people. From William I, 1066, to King John, 1199, England was in dire straits. It was bankrupt.
The King invoked the Law of Mortmain, the dead man’s hand, so people couldn’t pass their land on to the church or anyone else without the King’s permission, (modern day probate?). Without Mortmain the King would lose the land he controlled. The Vatican didn’t like that because the King owed a lot of pounds to the Vatican.(WHY?)(1). King John refused to accept The Vatican’s representative, Stephen Langton, whom Pope Innocent III installed to rule England(religious or in fact?)(2) In 1208 England was placed under Papal interdict(?). Interdict means a prohibition.)

King John was excommunicated and in trying to regain his stature he groveled before the Pope and returned the title to his kingdoms of England and Ireland to the Pope as vassals, and swore submission and loyalty to him. King John accepted Langton as Archbishop of Canterbury, and offered the Pope a vassal’s bond of fealty and homage. Two months later, in July of 1213, King John was absolved of excommunication, at Winchester, by the returned Archbishop of Canterbury, Langton. On October 3, 1213, by treaty, King John ratified his surrender of his kingdoms to the Pope, as Vicar of Christ who claimed ownership of everything and everyone on earth as tradition.
Question 1. Where in the Bible did Jesus give any man this kind of power over all men and land? He didn’t. He did not create a religion nor did he create the office of Pope.
Question 2. Can you have a third party break a contract between you and another person under duress..? Don’t those of you who are forced into a contract reserve all your rights under modern UCC 1-207 and claim UCC 1-103?
The contract (treaty of 1213) was between two parties. Now the Barons of England would not put up with being slaves anymore so they took to the sword and made King John sign the Magna Charta. So doesn’t this act of the Barons violate the principle of natural law, when they created the Magna Charta, as having no force and effect upon a contract between two parties? Well Pope Innocent III, the other contracting party thought so, for he declared the Magna Charta to be: “. . .unlawful and unjust as it is base and shameful. . . whereby the Apostolic See is brought into contempt, the Royal Prerogative diminished, the English outraged, and the whole enterprise of the Crusade greatly imperiled.” Quoted from G.R.C. Davis: Magna Charta. Trustee of the British Museum. London. 1965.
The Pope, in order to introduce strife in England and Ireland that would help him, used Jesus teachings to his advantage that is verified in the Gospels by two of His Apostles. So St. Levy (Mark 2:14; Luke 5:27), alias Matthew, cites Jesus at Matthew 10::34-36 and Luke 12:49, 51-3. Nothing reveals the antithesis of government and religion more clearly than these facts.
Question 3. What did the contract of 1213 A.D. create? A TRUST or CONTRACT. Only the two parties, the King’s heirs and the Pope, can break the contract. For the Trust /Contract cannot be broken as long as there are heirs to both sides of the contract.
At this time in history we now know who controlled the Kings of England and the land of the world. For Now we have the Pope claiming the whole Western Hemisphere besides Europe. The Holy See of Antioch ruled all the easterly side and the Holy See of Alexandria ruled the western side, so there was a conflict. (3)

So, on with the story. The King’s explorers had come to America to claim dominion over land by deceiving and murdering the natives, the American Indians. The King operated under the treaty of 1213 and everything was going along okay until the 1770’s when the bunch of rogues called the “Founding Fathers” decided they wanted the benefits but not pay the taxes to the King. They, being lawyers, and professional educated men, didn’t know they were still under the Pope’s control? Their lies and fraud now would affect the American colonies and the people who lived on the land.

Those common people who fought in the American Revolution were unaware that the 1213 treaty still ruled despite the fact they THOUGHT the Magna Charta was a viable piece of work.(4) The Declaration of Rights in 1689 declared the Rights of the British subjects in England. At the end of the English Declaration it stated at Section III ” …that should any of the Rights just mentioned be in violation of the HOLY ALLIANCE (1213 Treaty), …it is as if this Declaration was never written”.

So we know that the English Declaration didn’t fly, so what makes you think the 1774 Declaration of Rights in this British Colony would work. Weren’t these people doing the same thing as the Barons did in 1215 A.D. to King John? A contract is a contract. Look at Article 1, Section 10, Clause 1 of the U.S. Constitution. Can anyone obligate a contract? Were the “founding fathers” trying to obligate a contract between two parties that still have heirs living today?
Question 4. How important is the “ultimate benefactor”, the Pope, The HOLY SEE, in the scheme of things? Move through history till modern times and pull Public Law 88-244, which follows Public Law 88-243 – the institution of the law- merchants Uniform Commercial Code. Are you shocked that the Pope is listed in this Public Law?

Doesn’t the United States have an ambassador in the Vatican? Why? Is it a government like all other nations such as France, Japan, Spain or Brazil? The Vatican runs the world, it controls the British Crown. Is it any wonder they separate man’s Church and government? They don’t talk about the Lord Almighty’s Church (government) do they.(5) “Organized churches” are given special tax privileges because the Vatican dictates to the sixty United States trustees through the trust document, the U.S. Constitution created by the 1783 treaty between the King, frontman for the Vatican, and Adams, Hartly, Laurens, & Franklin who were operating for the King and not the people of America. Look at Article VI of the Constitution for the United States for your answer as stated in the “New History of America”.(6)

You see we are still under the Pope who rules over all nations as he declared he did back in 1213. The 1783 Treaty did say in the opening statement quoted exactly as it appears in olde English; “It having pleafed the Divine Providence to difpofe the hearts of the Moft Serene and Moft Porent Prince, George the Third, by the grace of God, King of the Great Britain, France and Ireland, Defender, of the Faith , Duke of Brunfwick and Laurenberg, Arch-Treafurer and PRINCE ELECTOR OF THE HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE, & C. AND OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, . . ..”
(Emphasis added in caps).

Did you catch the last few words? This is from a King (man) who can supposedly make no claim over the United States of America because he was defeated? The King claims God gave him the almighty power to say that no man can ever own property because it, “goes against the tenets of his church, the Vatican/Holy Roman Empire, because the King is the “Elector of the Holy Roman Empire’”

What about the secret Treaty of Verona, made the 22nd of November, 1822, which shows the power of the Pope and the Vatican’s interest in the US Republic.

Here is part of The Secret Treaty of Verona. “The undersigned specially authorized to make some additions to the treaty of the Holy Alliance, after having exchanged their respective credentials, have agreed as follows:
ARTICLE I. The high contracting powers being convinced that the system of representative government is equally as incompatible with the monarchial principles as the maxim of the sovereignty of the people with the divine right, engage mutually, in the most solemn manner to use all their efforts to put an end to the system of representative governments, in what ever country it may exist in Europe, and to prevent its being introduced in those countries where it is not yet known.
ARTICLE 2. As it cannot be doubted that the liberty of the press is the most powerful means used by the pretended supporters of the rights of nations to the detriment of those of princes, the high contracting parties promise reciprocally to adopt all proper measures to suppress it, not only in their own state but also in the rest of Europe.
ARTICLE 3. Convinced that the principles of religion contribute most powerfully to keep nations in the state of passive obedience which they owe to their princes, the high contracting parties declare it to be their intention to sustain in their respective states, those measures which the clergy may adopt with the aim of ameliorating their own interests, so intimately connected with the preservation of the authority of the princes; and the contracting powers join in offering their thanks to the Pope for what he has already done for them, and solicit his constant cooperation in their views of submitting the nations.”

Do we have a false God before us and worship him and his church instead of the real Lord, Jesus and his government. The divine right of kings exists in Clinton and every Governor of the states in corporate Union. Well let me go on record and say that the Lord gave me the same right as the Pope claims was given to him. Am I not a Steward upon the land of the Lord as a mere sojourner, the same as the Pope? Are not you also a Steward?

Did the Lord make a covenant with Adam and Eve to subdue the earth and reign over the animals and to populate the earth? Doesn’t that contract still exist? And doesn’t it exist with you also? And we, the true believers in that contract, can we take all the nations (mans) laws in the world and dump them in the ocean to regain our rightful place on this earth under the Lord’s Natural Law to thwart the contract between King John and the Pope that appears to defeat the original contract the Lord made with man?

Yes, let us go back to the original contract and destroy the Vatican’s control over everybody. Before 1066 the Pope did not claim all the land as the people claimed the land and didn’t pay taxes on it to anybody. Didn’t the Lord say to the people after coming out of Egypt, “why do you want a king when you have me and my contract?” Which Lord do you want to live under, a Pope, a King, President, Governors, Senators, Representatives, or a real Lord called Jesus Christ. “Christians,” are ridiculed and put down because they read the Word of the Lord correctly and could defeat even the best the Pope has to throw at them.

The King James version of the Bible is just that. A version concocted by the King under the guidance of the Pope so as to hide the real truth. I was taught by the church I went to, which is government controlled as it has to be by the treaty of 1213 and reiterated in the 1783 Treaty between The Pope’s Elector, King John and the First President of the United States, Sam Huntington and Charles Thompson, Secretary. I read the passage, when Jesus was on the cross, from a very old manuscript that said, “Forgive them NOT, for they know what they do.” This is different than what most people believe he said, “Forgive them for they know not what they do.” Bottom line is that when men write, transcribe, translate, update, and copy over thousands of years they always alter the interpretation, words and insert their own meanings. You can see this in just the 200 years that our country became separated from England, but still remains a colony under different compact and use of clever wording. But that is another whole subject that you do not know about.

Eminent domain and Allodial title:
Why and where did “eminent domain” rear its ugly head? Right after the King’s government was formed here in America. Eminent domain replaced the Law of Mortmain of England and when government wanted your land they claimed eminent domain thereby destroying that to what people think they have allodial title. Allodial title only existed in America when the King granted the use of the land to the likes of William Penn, ………

But it could be taken at any time. Are you or were your great, great, great grandfathers ever free to hold land that could never be taken away? Ask some of today’s farmers and see how many lost their farms to the government that belonged to their past family and I’ll bet none of the land goes back to the 1789 era. Well it’s a wonderful world to live in the end times, isn’t it. Read Revelations to see where the false preachers come from. Who is the “Harlot” in Revelations?

Does the Vatican come close with a mortal calling himself the “vicar” of Christ?

Here is the definition of vicar in Webster’s 1828 American Dictionary of the English Language.
Vicar: “In a general sense, a person deputed or authorized to perform the functions of another; a substitute in office.”

The Pope PRETENDS to be vicar of Jesus Christ on earth.

Pretend; To hold out as a false appearance; to offer something feigned instead of that which is real; To exhibit as a cover for something hidden.”

You bet your life the Pope has something to hide. He is no more powerful than You. The King is no more powerful than You. The American President and Governor’s are no more powerful than You. You allow THEM run your lives …WHY.?

Thinkers, you cannot fight the Pope or the King on their contract even though you are affected by the contract. You must go elsewhere for relief. Remember the first contract in history, God with Adam and Eve? You had better because you were a part of it as an heir and it is your saving grace. Why do you think the “courts of common law” are despised and Government and States are taking action to stop them? See where the power lies when this happens? Clinton, the Governors, and Congress of the United States and the Legislatures of the several states are only following orders and delegate to the 60 U.S. Trustees, who always show up in bankruptcy generated mostly by IRS actions. Isn’t that a starting point?

What do Trustees administer? A trust? The Constitution is a trust, correct? It was created by the 1783 Treaty, correct? It is not the private man’s trust contract, correct? Only those entering into the contract are UNDER the constitution and are bound by it, correct? Look up the definition of “under” in words and phrases and a good dictionary such as Webster’s 1828 at Vol. II, 101. I, my dear readers, am not “under” some damn corporate trust (constitution) drafted in secrecy by the King and corporate lawyer esquires (you call them the “Founding Fathers”) whom were controlled by the Treaty of 1213, wherein the Vatican still ruled over all. It was never “my constitution” and never will be. The Constitution does not apply to me nor will it ever.

However, some of the states’ representatives in 1776 realized that the Constitution was a commercial contract among the Founding Fathers to protect their financial interests in the Americas and in Europe. The Articles of the Bill of Rights is designed to keep those United States citizens whom are bound by the Constitution (contract) from encroaching upon my natural Law Rights, (With this hint in mind you may discover where the IRS gets its purported power that makes you liable, because you claim to be UNDER the constitution, but they will never admit it because only a few know the real reason and they are not about to tell their agents. The same goes for any license issued to you by the corporate States). I hope you have read the Supreme Court cases of State and United States cited in my previous books that prove beyond any shadow of a doubt I am correct in my previous two sentences. Yet you always fall back into the trap by claiming citizenship of the United States AND THE STATES.

No! You are not a citizen of the corporate or organic State if you want to be free. You cannot claim it is your constitution and remain free. You cannot claim representatives in the legislatures and remain free. How about your estate? State and Estate come from the same contract.

Webster’s 1828 Dictionary defines it;

“ESTA’TE, n. 1. In a general sense, fixedness; a condition; now generally written and pronounced state. (6) The general interest of business or government; hence a political body; a commonwealth; a republic.

But in this sense, we now use State.” Get the picture? We are the ryots tenure holding the “estate” of the King called your estate. Belong to a body politic and you are a slave. In my previous books I told the people a “republic” is a fraud, for then you belong to the estate of the King which makes you a law-merchant holding as a trustee the King’s land that he is holding in trust for the Vatican. The States are the “estate ” of the Vatican/King cabal with the money changers along for the ride are a full blown consortium which includes the Congress/President/ Governors et al. I don’t want to drive you crazy, since you might not comprehend all that is here. Once you know the truth and let go of all you were taught by the government and the preachers you don’t become the drowning man grasping at the lies to stay afloat. Have you ever wondered why you were sinking while pleading case law and their constitution to protect you?

Bye till next time,
The Informer

(1)(WHY?). Because the Pope claimed all lands as the vicar of Christ and the king owed money from the Vatican that was to be collected by the Church of England. The church reduced their parishioners to mere serfdom. When they died the church got the property and the King, in order to preserve what property he had instituted the law of Mortmain. This prevented the people from willing the land to the Pope. When the pope got wind of this he excommunicated the King. That’s the explanation for the Why?

(2)  This is a fact that is documented in the English documents of History at the Leeds Library.

(3)The conflict between each of the Holy Sees, one controlling the western front (America) and the other controlling the China side with the dividing line somewhere in Spain and France through Germany. The Pope is the figurehead, remember and the best way to explain it is Congress is Alexandria and the Senate is Antioch.

(4) (Why doesn’t the Magna Charta hold more force and effect than a later contract between the king and the Pope? Because the Pope decreed it null and void as it would break the contract he had initiated with the King. The Magna Charta was a contract breaker by third parties and that was a no-no in any law. Besides the Pope owned England and how could the Barons take the land that the King pledged let alone all the surfs that the Pope still controlled through the church of England? He can’t and so the Magna Charta was declared Void. Now the Pope, through the front man, The King, could create the other contracts called treaties and no one is the wiser. Remember, the Pope was being controlled by the creditor, The Rothschilds to whom the Pope was indebted.

(5) Why? It is clear as a bell. The “church” of GOD is ‘Government of GOD and man created all these religions and made churches for them. They, man, cannot allow the Government of the Lord “Church upon this rock” to get in the way of the government of men, now can they?

(6) “New History of America”, by The Informer

People you can read this for yourself in American Council of Christian Laymen: “How Red Is The Federal Council of Churches”, Madison, Wisconsin, 1949. Now you may better understand James Montgomery’s latest as to why all the declarations, Magna Charta, etc. have no effect. Read on to see why.

See: James Montgomery’s – “British Colony III” on the Internet. To further prove what I say that the declared rights were also at the mercy of any previous charters or grants from the king of England you must read section 25 of the 1776 North Carolina Constitution, Declaration of Rights which states;09?And provided further, that nothing herein contained shall affect the titles or possessions of individuals holding or claiming under the laws heretofore in force, or grants heretofore made by the late King George II, or his predecessors, or the late lords proprietors, or any of them.”


PDF – The Beginning of the Big Lie – The Informer


The Atlantic Charter

His Majesty would be Caesar in Rome.. Pontifex Maximus..

Thanks goes out to “There is No Debt” by Six Honest men…

70 years ago after the Second World War –
Commemorating the UN charter
Charter of the United Nations
San Francisco, 26 June 1945
We read –

“The President of the United States of America and the Prime Minister…representing His Majesty’s Government in the United Kingdom…”

cubanc_41_1_00365831a, 6/5/09, 1:52 PM, 8C, 6312x9168 (795+463), 100%, Custom, 1/30 s, R45.6, G27.0, B55.6

cubanc_41_1_00365831a, 6/5/09, 1:52 PM, 8C, 6312×9168 (795+463), 100%, Custom, 1/30 s, R45.6, G27.0, B55.6


Atlantic Charter
Definition of And
Used to connect words of the same part of speech, clauses, or sentences, that are to be taken jointly:
‘bread and butter
they can read and write
a hundred and fifty’
Both the President of the United States and the Prime Minister are representing His Majesty
We read –
” In the Declaration by United Nations of 1 January 1942, the Allies pledged adherence to this charter’s principles.”
“The Atlantic Charter set goals for the post-war world and inspired many of the international agreements that shaped the world thereafter.”
The policy was issued as a statement; as such there was no formal, legal document entitled “The Atlantic Charter”.
Atlantic Charter
The United Nations “pledges” adherence to the Atlantic Charter, means that the United Nations“allegiance” is to the Atlantic Charter. It is therefore the Atlantic Charter that is in ownership of the United Nations and it, the Atlantic Charter, is in turn in the ownership of the Office titled His Majesty, which Office of Monarchy will pass to the Heirs of that Office.
How interesting that we read, that even before the end of the Second World War, the Atlantic Charter ‘somehow’ prophetically determined the ‘designs’ of the post-war world.
The United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) forms the central coordinating core instrument and forum of the United Nations, representing as ‘plenipotentiary’, the direct will of the Office of Monarch:
We read, second paragraph –
‘The ECOSOC serves as the central forum for discussing international economic and social issues, and for formulating policy recommendations addressed to member states and the United Nations system.’
United Nations Economic and Social Council
Under the title heading, ‘ECOSOC at a Glance’, we read –
‘The Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) is the United Nations’ central platform for reflection, debate, and innovative thinking on sustainable development.’
From Encyclopaedia Britannica, we learn –
Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)…responsible for the direction and coordination of the economic, social, humanitarian, and cultural activities carried out by the UN. It is the UN’s largest and most complex subsidiary body…ECOSOC was established by the UN Charter (1945)…The council was designed to be the UN’s main venue for the discussion of international economic and social issues. ECOSOC conducts studies; formulates resolutions, recommendations, and conventions for consideration by the General Assembly; and coordinates the activities of various UN organizations…Most of ECOSOC’s work is performed in functional commissions on topics such as human rights, narcotics, population, social development, statistics, the status of women, and science and technology; the council also oversees regional commissions for Europe, Asia and the Pacific, Western Asia, Latin America, and Africa…At the ECOSOC World Summit in 2005, it was mandated that the council convene annual ministerial reviews, designed to monitor progress on internationally agreed development goals, and a biennial Development Cooperation Forum.
Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)
From the United Nations Environment Programmes (UNEP) office in New York, we read and learn –
‘The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), established in 1972, is the voice for the environment within the United Nations system…UNEP acts as a catalyst, advocate, educator and facilitator to promote the wise use and sustainable development of the global environment. To accomplish this, UNEP works with a wide range of partners, including United Nations entities, international organizations, national Governments, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), the private sector and civil society.’
We learn under the subheading, Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD) –
‘The United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD) was established by the UN General Assembly in December 1992 to ensure effective follow-up of United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED), also known as the Earth Summit.’
UNEP Office New York
NGO Branch, Department of Economic and Social Affairs
About ECOSOC and its Subsidiary Bodies
Are we to understand the Atlantic Charter to be law, given to mean that it is the will and wish as personally owned private law, through that of the Office of His Majesty, and not that of a legal document constituting a bilateral offer.
From the preceding, it perhaps could be seen that the Atlantic Charter constitutes, in effect, a unilateral offer that brings into employment as employee’s, those that wish to accept ‘acting out their lives’ through continued employment to it. Then from there, it could be said and seen that the Offeror, having fulfiled an obligation to perform in making available the written instrument through which acceptance can be made to it, would have honoured his bargain. As with all else in line with ‘political charters’.

Definition of Unilateral Contract
Definition of Unilateral Contract
What’s the Difference Between Bilateral and Unilateral Contracts?
Under the subheading, ‘Drafting the Declaration’, we read –
“One major change from the Atlantic Charter was the addition of a provision for religious freedom, which Stalin approved after Roosevelt insisted.”
Declaration by United Nations
Declaration by United Nations

We read –
“The Governments signatory hereto,
Having subscribed to a common program of purposes and principles embodied in the Joint
Declaration of the President of the United States of America and the Prime Minister of the
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland dated August 14, 1941, known as the
Atlantic Charter.”
Declaration by the United Nations (January 1, 1942)

Fascinating world of deception we live in.. That NWO is already 100% in power..

Lets not forget about their 1100+ page book for the regeneration of Genesis their way.. Bringing back what man lost..

Paradise on Earth.. Aren’t the little man gods cute?