October 22, 2016

How Much Are Mountain Lions “Eating” Into Your Hunting Opportunities?

*Editor’s Note* – It was nearly 7 years ago that I wrote this article on mountain lions and the effect they might be having on hunting opportunities. It seems, almost as a yearly event, Maine begins another debate as to whether there are mountain lions in the Pine Tree State. Such is the case again, […]

Retired Maine State Police Colonel Says Vote No on Question 3

There is a plea going out for funds to help keep the effort to stop Bloomberg. To donate:

Question 3: Maine’s “Cheap Date”

On November 8th, Maine citizens will go to the polls to cast their vote for several apocryphal referendum questions. From marijuana to the minimum wage, it appears liberal minds had their way with the ballot this year and did their best to mock the process. However incredulous these questions may seem, there is no greater […]

Question 3 Proponent’s Lies Revealed During Debate

Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine To those that will be listening to the rebroadcast of the MPBN debate on Question 3 between David Trahan and Bobby Reynolds tonight at 8pm, there was a blatantly incorrect statement by Bobby Reynolds that needs correction. Link to MPBN to listen to rebroadcast:http://mainepublic.org/post/debate-ballot-question-3… Bobby Reynolds claimed that Kittery Trading Post […]

Requirement of Background Checks for Private Gun Sales a “Challenge to Constitution”

The city of Missoula, Montana recently passed an ordinance that requires background checks on all private gun sales within the city limits. (Note: I’ve been unable to find the actual text of the ordinance, but here’s some information about it.) Through legal channels, it has been requested that the Montana Attorney General investigate and come […]

The Question 3 Debate Continues

The sometimes idiocy that the debate on Question 3 brings to the surface continues. Not only are readers with half a brain subjected to the recurrence of thought and voice that giving away “reasonable” amounts of our supposed inalienable rights is good and an acceptable way to counter the fascists, but we also see when […]

SAM Exposes More of Who’s Supporting Question 3

According to an article, Online, at the Boothbay Register, Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine executive director, David Trahan, further exposes the dishonesty and cover-up of those funding and supporting Question 3, worded as implementing “universal” background checks. “Trahan criticized Yes on 3’s media campaign as being “distortions and paid for by out-of-state money.” One endorsement features […]

The Staged Bangor Gun Heist

What a laugh. A person would have to be blind and stupid to not see that the recent break-in of a Center St. pawn shop in Bangor, Maine, where 16 handguns were “stolen” is a put up job by anti-gun extremists who will go to whatever lengths necessary to pass Question 3 on the November […]

Wardens raise concerns about gun-sales background check proposal

“The Maine Warden Service says ballot Question 3 could be difficult or impossible to enforce, as supporters and opponents launch ads and announce endorsements.”<<<Read More>>> “The Maine Warden Service, the law enforcement bureau of the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife, is concerned that Question 3, if approved by the voters, will have negative […]

Maine Sheriffs Voting No on Question 3