October 24, 2014

Another Anti Bear Hunting Commentary of Useless Proportions

Not that anybody really cares what this person has to say about anything:


Maine Judge Says HSUS Can’t Restrict Free Speech

““Restricting speech on contested public issues is directly contrary to the public interest, which favors a robust and dynamic public discourse,” Wheeler said in her 15-page decision. “It is [for] the voters, not the plaintiffs or the courts, to assess the relative merits of conflicting speech.

“The public interest would be adversely affected if plaintiffs’ request for a temporary restraining order were granted when DIF&W’s speech is on topics squarely within ‘its competence as governor’” of statutory directives from the Legislature.”<<<Read More>>>


Maine Bear Basics

*Editor’s Note* – This came to me by a longtime and loyal reader and supporter. Thank you!

TOM: SAM has put together a series of articles with the intent of educating folks on Black Bear in Maine. Superlative. I sent this to several of my family members and hunting buddies this morning. The new website is linked on the SAM website.

Need to learn a lot more or just refresh your memory about Black Bears in Maine here’s your chance. The Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine has put together the best thing I have seen for help in voting on the Bear Referendum . Click the snip below and it will take you online to read 13 essays (at the top of the page) from Bear Groceries to a Maine Bear Attack. Set the greater part of an hour apart and read some well-written essays. It will likely do you good. It did me.


Maine AFL-CIO and Tourism Association Urge a NO Vote on Q 1

Why? Because People Want to be Controlled

V. Paul Reynolds, in a recent column in the Sun Journal, said that the one thing he doesn’t understand is:

The one that resonates the most with me, however, is this: Why on Earth would any confident, self-respecting Maine citizen tolerate a monied Washington, D.C. lobbyist organization sticking its nose in our business and telling us how we should live our lives? This is more Big Brotherism in a clever, emotionally seductive disguise, a mere variant of an unwanted, expanding Federal presence and blatant usurpation of state’s rights.

It sounds like a good question and I would suppose that it is. However, few want to know the real answer to that question.

It began long ago. Perhaps it was Secretary of War – Henry Stinson’s comment: “Unfortunately I have lived long enough to know that history is often not what actually happened but what is recorded as such,” that begins to describe what a “confident, self-respecting Maine citizen” would be doing accepting some crooked organization to come tell them what to do. The unwanted answer is because too many people are NOT confident nor are they self-respecting. That has been bred out of them by those same power brokers who recorded history as they wanted it to be, not necessarily what it was. The short of it is, what you see is the result of a planned event. Non thinking citizens, THINKING they have self-respect (self-esteem really because communist education factories “taught” self esteem.) dysfunctional unless someone is leading them. They care not where the source is from and who is running the show. The mindset is; hold my hand and tell me what to do – I need that.

The truth is, people today, manipulated to have no independent thoughts, cannot function without somebody calling their every move….right or wrong.

Televised Maine Bear Debate: Camuso and Cote vs. Pacelle and Gray

The Moose With the Crumpled Horn

It was reported to me, along with the enclosed photograph, that during this season’s moose hunt in Maine, Kenny Brackett of Rangeley bagged this young bull moose showing the crumpled right antler.


Changing Demographics in Maine Bear Referendum

The Times Record newspaper is saying that the Humane Society of the United States, in a radio ad, is saying that the Times Record supports the bear referendum, Question One. The newspaper says this is due to an error of placing a news article in the editorial section of their paper. The Editorial Staff are setting the record straight that they do not support Question One.

It’s important for us to point out — despite the continued use of our paper’s name in the propaganda campaign — that we are not endorsing the ban.

But more importantly, according to polling information provided by the Times Record, opposition to Question One has grown.

A more recent poll, conducted with 441 likely voters at the end of September, showed that 53 percent of them opposed the ban, 41 percent supported it and 6 percent were undecided. The newspaper article stated the poll had a 4.4 percent margin of error.

I would like to point out that polls are a worthless instrument as far as revealing the actual intent of voters. Polls are rigged and always have been. Polls are used ONLY to influence public opinion, mostly because people think polls tell them facts and they don’t.

The bottom line is to get educated about the issue and make your decision based upon facts. Stop trusting the media, polls and campaign rhetoric.


Take a minute to vote NO in this online poll!



Results as of 8:45 am October 16, 2014

MDIFW Commissioner Opposes Question One

“You are not going to hunt them like deer. If you think you are going to walk in the woods and follow them you are wrong,” Woodcock said, as additional measures mentioned in the referendum question are needed to have a chance at getting a bear. “Hunting over bait is probably one of the best and most ethical ways to hunt. You have a choice of what you want to do.”<<<Read More>>>