June 28, 2016

How “Bearing Arms” Can Work

Two legally armed citizens stopped a shootout in an Augusta, Maine Wal-Mart parking lot. Police stated they would recommend the legally armed citizens have fled the seen and “become good witnesses.” Witnesses to what? The shooting deaths of 4 people? Police state. “Daniel Chavanne walked over to the nearby scene of the shooting and dispute, […]

Maine Moose Study: All Dead Moose Had Echinococcus Cysts in Lungs

According to a report filed in the Bangor Daily News by outdoor writer George Smith, information not yet officially made public (and I have to wonder if all of the information will be made public) about Maine’s ongoing moose study, while extremely disturbing that the study is showing a terrible moose calf survival rate, it […]

HR 2578 Just Like Bill to Delist Wolves

When efforts were put forth by totalitarians pushing back against fascist wolf lovers to remove wolves in the Northern Rockies from the Endangered Species List, a bill was drafted and added to a budget omnibus bill to accomplish that task. In that bill was wording that stated that the authority and reach of this wolf […]

Southern Maine’s Invasion of Black Bears

Here we go again! Bears are showing up in places in southern Maine, where most people necessarily do not expect to find bears wandering around in the daylight, and Maine officials are “rounding up the usual suspects.” (Note: As an explanation to the preceding quote, I refer to the movie Casablanca, in which “Louie,” the […]

Perhaps All of Us Aren’t As Stupid As Collins/Ayotte

“There are more amendments that could still come to the Senate floor.  One such amendment could be an anti-gun Collins-Ayotte amendment. In press reports, Ayotte has bragged that her amendment would “only” apply to 2,500 individuals on the “No Fly” and the “selectee” lists. But there are many problems with her language:”<<<Read More>>>  

Right-To-Know Panel Dog and Pony Show?

According to the Portland Press Herald, “The Right to Know Advisory Committee met Wednesday for its regular meeting and was not scheduled to address the issue. But board member A.J. Higgins, a Maine Public Broadcasting radio reporter, made a motion to take it up when the committee next meets. The motion passed unanimously.” Perhaps at […]

Maine Warden Service Needs More Women and Baiting Deer?

While the problems at the Maine Warden Service (MWS) continue to fester, much because government and law enforcement have opted to “investigate” themselves, denying any wrongdoing and to hell with anyone who thinks they might have, writers are offering their own suggestions of how to remedy the Maine Warden Service’s problems. First, one writer suggests […]

The Continued Crime of “Scientific Study” Based on Unproven Theory

When will this nonsense ever cease? Is there nothing as worthless as money and time spent on what is casually called “scientific study” when all conclusions are based on unproven theories involving climate change? Once again I find an article written about another college student writing about how moose are dying due to winter ticks […]

Stings raise questions of entrapment vs. fair prosecutions

*Editor’s Comment* – Yes, yes, yes! But what about the government’s refusal to release documents? The use of undercover agents and informants sometimes can be the only way to crack especially tough cases. The technique, however, also invites abuse. For both types of operatives, the incentive and ability to cut corners are always present. Reputations […]

Maine senators King and Collins back gun sale ban based on terror ‘watch lists’

*Editor’s Note* – Non thinking, unreasonable robots of our demented society may think this a great idea. While it would be ideological to think guns could somehow be kept out of the hands of any criminal, “terrorist” or not, due to the programming of minds in this no longer free nation, few have the capability […]