February 21, 2017

Did Man Extirpate the Caribou from Maine?

I was reading Part II of V. Paul Reynolds’ report about “Wildlife Restoration Projects.” He wrote mostly about Maine’s two attempts to restore caribou to northern Maine and seemed to suggest that with years of gained knowledge, perhaps it was time to try again. I’m not so sure about that, but….. I did want to […]

When It’s Winter Up in Maine…..

You better think it over twice….or maybe three or four times. And you better have some of this stocked up ahead of time. Bwahahaha  

Comments on Some of Maine’s Proposed Hunting/Fishing Rule Changes

For what it’s worth, I was reading George Smith’s article that listed some of the proposed pieces of legislation in Maine that he deemed perhaps interesting. I thought I would offer my two cents worth on some of them. To be completely forthcoming on this, I have not taken the time to pull up each […]

Maine’s “Bear Team” at Work

The following link will take you to a pretty interesting story of some of the events that surround the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife’s “Bear Team.” The Team tracks down collared bears in the dead of winter to check on their progress, health, condition, including any offspring. Read the story here.

L.D. 31 Amendment to Maine Constitution

The following is the proposed amendment to the Maine Constitution that would require signature gathering for any “Direct Initiative of Legislation” comprise a percentage of voters for each of the two Congressional Districts. It is my opinion that this would be a good thing. It should provide a more favorable sampling of diverse voter representation […]

MDIFW Should Design All Game Hunts Around What I Want

I think that is what I am hearing. No, not that the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife (MDIFW) is designing all it’s hunting plans around what best suits my fancy. What I think I am hearing though is that everyone else wants MDIFW to pay special attention to their needs, I guess, thinking […]

Killing Deer to Kill “Deer” Ticks

I was reading George Smith’s article about how the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife (MDIFW) is making plans within their proposals to draft 15-year management plans for deer, to figure out how the state can manage a “socially acceptable” population of deer and at the same time mitigate the affects of Lyme disease, […]

Of Course It’s the Signage…DUMMY!

Officials believe (True Believers?) a reduction in auto collisions with moose is, “because of increased awareness and new markers at high-crash locations.” I’m sorry I’m still cleaning up the juice I spurted out my mouth the first time I read this. There are so many distractions now within an automobile, it is impossible for a […]

Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine Pushing Three Bills This Session

I have heard that the Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine (SAM) is pushing for support of three bills being presented before the Maine Legislature, that are described as in support and protection of hunting, fishing and trapping, changing the way signatures are gathered for public referendum items, and banning public referendum on wildlife issues. Let me […]

Socially Acceptable Levels of Nonsense

It’s beyond foolishness that fish and game departments across this totalitarian nation – that thinks it’s a democracy – aim to implement “socially acceptable levels” of wild animals as it pertains to their legislative mandates to “manage” them. Wildlife management is a science – even though more often than not that science is severely fouled […]