February 9, 2016

Keeping Campaign Promises for a National Park?

*Editor’s Note* – We all know Angus King was bought and paid for, mostly with Michael Bloomberg money and being in lockstep with Obama. Voting against action that would place more authority in state’s hands to prevent the Federal Government from continuing its onslaught of land stealing, one has to wonder if Angus King (with […]

Coyotes Kill Two Beagles-One Survives… 

This Piece Will Appear in the Next SAM News This is an important story to tell-please share It is sad, but, unfortunately it is the risk we now live with here in Maine and some want to bring wolves to Maine Told to David Trahan by Jeff Tilton The young girl in the picture is […]

Maine Author Seeking “Big Foot”

Reports are surfacing that a Maine author is interested in interviewing anyone who has seen “Big Foot.” It has also been suggested that such an author shouldn’t have to look too far.

Warden service investigating killing of doe

ST. ALBANS, Maine — Officials from the Maine Warden Service are investigating the killing of a doe in Somerset County earlier this month. Cpl. John MacDonald said the adult doe was shot and killed on Jan. 8, and was part of the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife’s winter severity study on white-tailed deer. […]

Sierra Club Maine to support national monument as step to park 

“It is part of their ongoing admission that in spite of spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in the past year to consultants and public relations specialists that they have failed to convince the local communities and the congressional delegation that their park scheme is a good idea,” Meyers said. “After years of giving lip […]

Battling Wind Energy in Maine – Update

From the Partnership for the Preservation of the Downeast Lakes Watershed: Jan 4, 2016 Happy New Year to one and all. You’re probably aware that Maine’s wind law has created a large area that is “pre-zoned” as suitable for wind development. The area is known as the expedited wind permitting area (EWPA). It was the […]

Maine DIFW Looking for Volunteer Safety Instructors

Do you enjoy teaching others and sharing your love for the Maine outdoors? The Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife is looking for volunteer instructors to assist with the delivery of our safety programs. We annually offer safety classes to approximately 10,000 students statewide in the following disciplines:  Firearms Safety         […]

If We Evolved From Monkeys, Why Are Some Dumber Than a Monkey?

Everyone has a right to an opinion. With that opinion there is no guarantee that it will even be intelligent. Such is the case of a full-blown moron who writes about what he believes is the Myth of Hunting Conservation. It really doesn’t get any more stupid than the utter nonsense written. The Bangor Daily […]

Outdoors in Maine: The dastardly spruce budworm returns

I remember it well. By the early 1980s the spruce budworm had destroyed more than 20 percent of Maine’s fir forest. The budworm assault has been likened to a “slow-moving hurricane.” Timberland owners had little choice: harvest the defoliated trees immediately or lose the economic value of huge tracts of forest. The result, of course, […]

Mountain lion running wild in Springvale? Maybe

The animal sprung from a ditch with its paws outstretched in a Superman pose, touched down briefly on the pavement, then leaped to the other side of the roadway, Spaulding said. “When it sprung from the ditch, it was airborne,” she said. “… The size of the front legs were massive. I saw that flying […]