May 30, 2016

Government Will Investigate Government in Maine Warden Service Conundrum

*Editor’s Note* – I have written previously on this subject. Follow these links for more information and commentary – HERE – HERE – HERE – HERE I told you so! Back on May 13, 2016, in response to a news report that the State of Maine would conduct an investigation into possible illegal or improper tactics […]

A Maine National Park Would Be Racist – a Place to Lynch Black People, Promote “White Privilege”

You can’t make this stuff up. It’s just too bizarre and perverted. However, the National Park Service Deputy Director for Communications and Community Assistance, Mickey Fearn, told the world that black people don’t visit our national parks because there are trees there and those trees remind them of lynchings – this according to Sultan Knish on […]

SAM “Perplexed” Over Why Sen. King Sponsoring Meetings to Promote National Monument in Maine

Just like flies to dung heaps, politicians must take care of the money supplies that got them elected. GEEZ! Haven’t grown men actually figured this out yet? Coming off 7-plus years of perhaps the most overt of political pay-offs with President Obama and those who bought his election, the Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine(SAM) says they […]

Record Snowfall in Maine Yesterday!

Understanding Coyote Behavior Can Contribute to Better Study Results

Below I emboldened part of a statement found in the article I linked to. Anyone who has maybe just slightly more than a basic understanding of how and when coyotes prey on fawn deer, would know that this killing occurs within moments of birth. Coyotes are bright animals and territorial. They know their habitat. They […]

Senator King Will Sponsor Meeting to Discuss National Monument Land Designation

Press Release from the Maine Heritage Policy Center: Don’t let special interests drown out the voices of the local towns who voted against federal control of the North Woods!  When: Monday, May 16 Time: 5:00 p.m. Where: Collins Center for the Arts, *2 Flagstaff Rd., Orono On Monday, Senator Angus King will hold two meetings, […]

Media and IFW Deflecting Attention Away From More Serious Problems with FOAA

As anyone involved in the corruption of governments, politics and media in general should easily recognize, focusing on one issue to deflect attention away from a more serious issue, is a common event. Such may be the case in Maine where officials of the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife (MDIFW), the Maine Warden […]

Maine’s Warden Service Undercover Tactics Raise Questions

*Scroll Down to bottom of page for updates and information* I really haven’t wanted to touch this story with a ten-foot pole…for obvious and not so obvious reasons. However, it is time to weigh in with questions, of which there seems to be few, if any, answers. Of late, the uproar was reignited when Portland […]

Nuisance Bear Hot Spots in Maine

The Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife (MDIFW) provided followers on Facebook with a map that shows locations around the state that they deem to be “Nuisance Bears Hot Spots.” The comments left by followers range from ignorant to showing side effects of total lobotomized brains. According to the majority of those who left […]

When Pocket Warming is Perceived as Being Global

This morning I was reading an article in Scientific American. I have decided not to provide a link to the story, because I’m sick and tired of providing readers with links to go and read mostly utter nonsense – or as Jim Beers calls it, Romance Biology and the marriage of Romance Biology and Voodoo […]