May 5, 2016

It Must Be The “New Way” We Are to Talk About Wildlife Management

First, let’s dispense with what we are told are the reasons we shouldn’t react to the increase or decrease in the number permits issued for lottery, to harvest deer and/or moose. An article in the Portland Press Herald informs readers that, according to Maine’s expert deer biologist, hunters should look at how the permit increase for […]

The deadline to apply online for the 2016 Maine Moose Permit Lottery is 11:59pm on May 16!

Press Release from the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife: The deadline to apply online for the Maine Moose Permit Lottery is fast approaching, and hunters who want the chance to hunt moose in Maine need to visit and complete their online application by 11:59pm on May 16. The online application process is fast and […]

Has MDIFW Lost It’s Collective Minds?

I didn’t attend this meeting of the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife (MDIFW) in Orono, Maine to discuss “big” game. However, I make reference to what Bangor Daily News reporter, John Holyoke, reported as a comment by Matt Latti of MDIFW: Mark Latti of the DIF&W hinted at things to come after a […]

Moose Mortalities Providing Secrets About Moose Survival |

*Editor’s Note* – I changed the title of the Inland Fisheries and Wildlife (MDIFW) moose study update and changed the word “clues” to “secrets,” as it appears that MDIFW is more interested in telling us they are collecting data and less about sharing any of the “clues.” In the comment section, one readers says, “I […]

Ticks Cause of New Hampshire Moose Deaths

But, people calling themselves biologists insist on using non scientific, nonsense about man-caused global warming to explain increased numbers of ticks. A New Hampshire Fish and Game biologist is encouraging Granite State moose lovers to get involved in the fight against climate change so the species can continue to live here. According to Kristine Rines, […]

Madison Paper Mill Shuts Down. What Will The Repercussions Be?

Now that the world lives in and has ignorantly embraced a global economy, run by globalists, in what George H.W. Bush called, “…a big idea. A New World Order,” people are now scratching their heads and asking why are there no jobs? Why have the jobs gone out of this country? Maine has announced that […]

How Many Environmentalists Does it Take to Screw in a Light Bulb?

The Grinning Moose says:

With Eyes Wide Shut – WE BELIEVE!

Most choose to believe that what their state’s fish and game department tells them is the truth. I think there’s a difference between belief and faith. A belief is a choice to accept something and like it, regardless of any measure of actual existence. Faith is having trust. I suppose therefore, many trust the Maine Department […]

More Moose Harvested in Maine’s WMD9

I’ve always shown my anger when any fish and game agency makes decisions on how to manage wildlife based on social demands instead of science. Maine has been no exception and yes, I understand that the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife (MDIFW) claim that by law they are required to do what the […]

IFW Releases 2015 Moose Harvest Data

You can find it on MDIFW’s website by clicking on this link.