August 23, 2017

Colleges can’t ban guns, rules Florida court in major 2nd Amendment victory

“The Florida appeals court ruling that the University of North Florida was violating state law when it prohibited a woman from storing a gun in her vehicle while she attended class will spill over to cities and counties statewide, an attorney said Wednesday.

And it’s one of many nationwide where anti-gun activists are trying to do at the local level what they can’t do in the statehouse – restrict Second Amendment rights.”<<<Read More>>>


Animal Rights Activist Charged With Animal Cruelty

“Interesting news from Colorado: Taylor Radig, an animal rights activist who was a contractor of the vegan group Compassion Over Killing, has been charged with animal cruelty following the release of an undercover video that she filmed. Why? Because she waited too long to report the crime to police. Radig shot video from July through September, and yet the video wasn’t turned over to the local sheriff until November.”<<<Read More>>>


2-Day Idaho Coyote and Wolf Derby



Guns Cause Suicide

In Maine, the Portland Press Herald editorial staff has gone out of their way to convince readers that the presence of guns causes people to commit suicide. They demand that lawmakers in Augusta make the ability to exercise one’s right to keep and bear arms more difficult in order that fewer people commit suicide.

Maybe this is akin to requiring background checks and verbal testing on people before they are allowed to speak. Certainly things people say to other people (bullies for one) must have caused some to commit suicide? This is insanity as well as ignorance.

What is most tragic is that not once in the editorial garbage that the Press Herald put out, did they attempt to address anything about suicide or suggest ways and/or generate discussion in what causes people to want to take their lives and what can be done to correct the problem other than using mental issues to attack ownership of guns. What obvious fraud and dishonesty, while exploiting a serious mental condition that causes people to consider ending their lives. Maybe poor editorials contributes to one’s depression. Should we reconsider freedom of the press? It’s all insanity!

To pretend and attempt to convince readers that guns cause suicide is as utterly ridiculous at the graphic shown below that cold weather causes murder.<<<Source>>>

A Tale of Two Cities 2013-12-13 07-47-22


An “Irruption” of Snowy Owls in the Northeast

*Editor’s Note* – It seems silly to have to do this, but due to the sudden destruction, worldwide, of brain matter, I have to qualify this article as satire (that means it’s not very serious).

I just don’t get it. I admit I don’t go around boasting about not being the sharpest knife in the butcher’s block but somebody help me out here. I was reading in The Outdoor Wire, that “waves” of snowy owls are headed to the Northeast, U.S.

“The sudden influx of these birds, called an ‘irruption,’ may be the first wave. More Snowy Owls are poised to head south looking for food and will be attracted to wide open expanses, such as airports, because they resemble their native tundra.

“More than likely these Snowy Owls are moving south from the Arctic because of a shortage of their favorite food up north-lemmings, or because of a bumper crop of young.

Not wanting to be accused of being a “smartass”, I will admit right up front that I am here, but why is it that cherry picking of certain information, done to fit nicely into one’s narrative, never ceases to amaze? The usual mantra that we would hear in this instance is that the snowy owl is in danger of going extinct due to that dreaded “global warming.” But not here. In this case the raptors are moving south, into Northeastern America looking for food…..or airports.

If there is global warming, wouldn’t it stand to reason – that is using the Al Gore system of logic, maybe we could coin it, “Gorogic”, – the snowy owls would be heading north, where it’s colder.

And are snowy owls so stupid that they really think JFK and LaGuardia airports look like “the tundra?” I mean, look below. First photo of tundra and the second photo of JFK Airport. Do they really look alike?



In addition, the report claims that the snowy owls have had a, “bumper crop of young.” Come on man! Haven’t we been told that wild animals, when they visit family planning centers, decide on how many offspring to have based on available habitat and prey to feed the young-uns? If there’s a shortage of lemmings, “Gorogic” tells us there can’t be “a bumper crop.”

However, I think I have it figured out (God I’m brilliant). It has to be one of two things and global warming has nothing to do with any of it. Yeah, I know. Shocked aren’t you! I’ll give you a chance to get up off the floor.

You see, the snowy owl’s favorite food is the lemming (better check out the definition), and the snowys have heard that Washington, D.C. and the brain trust in New York City, are chuck-a-block full of “lemmings.” Why do you think there’s an increase in raptors being found in urban areas?

Or, the owls are heading south, into Maine because they’ve discovered millions and millions and millions and millions and millions (am into billions yet?) of pounds of Dunkin’Donuts from leftover black bear hunter’s bait sites.



Outdoor Life Explains HSUS’ Slimy Tactics of Fraud Against Hunting Interests

“First, HSUS will identify an area of vulnerability. Usually, this comes in the form of a newly-created hunting season or the hunting of a new species that hunters have not yet developed an allegiance to.

It then follows up by creating a “citizen’s” group that includes the name of the state in it to make it appear as if local residents are the ones behind the actions. HSUS will seek out local “hunters” willing to speak out against the hunting of the new species.

Then it spends money. The group will flood the airwaves and mailboxes with propaganda that contains very little truth. As an example, during a fight over dove hunting in Michigan a few years ago, HSUS spent millions on TV ads that made the following claims: No one hunts doves. Hunters don’t eat the doves that they kill.

The above formula is the precise path the group is taking in Maine where HSUS is funding a front called “Mainers for Fair Bear Hunting.”

Despite the home-grown title, the group’s mandatory campaign finance reports show that of the $85,000 reported in the group’s 2013 report, all but $881 of that came directly from Washington-based HSUS.

It’s the same story in my home state of Michigan.”<<<Read More>>>


30-Year Climate Prediction Calls for Cooling Extreme Weather

The latest and newly revised version of the quarterly Global Climate Status Report (GCSR), Edition 4-2013, from the Space and Science Research Corporation (SSRC,) was published as of 5PM December 10, 2013. According to this report, compiled by the Space and Science Research Corporation, the earth has entered into a transition period toward a cooling climate. Based on natural climate and solar cycles, what appears to be a rapidly cooling climate will make for some severe weather heading into the next 30 or 40-year cycle.

For those interested, you can obtain a copy of the full report by visiting the SSRC website.

Global Climate Status Report


Black Conservatives Discuss NRA Founded to Protect Slaves

VIDEO: An interesting discussion on the founding of the NRA and the reason for it. Listen carefully to the historic references and then ask yourself if they are true – go find out.


What To Do About Isle Royale Wolves

An article at Pioneer Press,, has blubbering about what is to be done about wolves, if anything, on Isle Royale. Here’s the link.

I’ll make a brief comment and then lastly will be followed by Jim Beer’s perspective on what the article actually is saying.

From this bit of information found in the article:

A debate is raging in the scientific community, the public and among Park Service officials on whether humans should intervene to rescue an isolated wolf population that some experts say appears doomed due to genetic inbreeding that’s causing physical deformities that are affecting wolves’ life expectancy.

Others say climate change might have a major impact on the island’s wolves, and the Park Service has formed panels of experts to look at genetics and a warming climate to evaluate their effects on wolf numbers.

Park Service officials have said they have three basic options: doing nothing; waiting for the wolves to die off and then reintroduce new wolves; or introducing new wolves soon while some wolves still are present.

I think other options are not listed and I think the options should be based on what the brain trust decides to finger as the reason wolves have disappeared on Isle Royal and not on the mainland and moose have increased on Isle Royale but decreased on the mainland. For example, climate change. If the special interest “scientists” on the panel that will decide the cause, opt for climate change, not only will they have some explaining to do for their decision but there is little reason to do anything about wolves until they have solved, as gods, the climate change issue. Let me explain further.

If it is decided climate change is the reason, or at least a substantial contributing factor, by their own fake standards, then the same people need to explain why, then, the moose population on Isle Royale has exploded to 1,000, as the wolf population has disappeared, while at the same time climate change has been fingered as the cause of the reduction of moose in Minnesota (Isle Royale is part of Michigan but the island is closer to the Arrowhead of Minnesota than any part of Michigan mainland including the Upper Penninsula.)

Using the same logic and faux science as those thinking climate change is the major factor in a dwindling moose population, and now wolves, why rush into wasting taxpayer money to introduce more wolves if an unresolved, man-caused, climate change issue has not been resolved?

I am of the opinion that the reason that we have not seen more wolves “crossing on the ice” (like they did in 1949 – wink, wink) to repopulate the island is because too many people are watching too closely.

My opinion: Don’t waste my dime on fake science that contributes nothing to the realities of wildlife management outside of a rare closed, incomplete ecosystem.

Jim Beers Perspective:


1. “A debate is raging in the scientific community, the public and among Park Service officials on whether humans should intervene to rescue an isolated wolf population”

The “public” and the “Park Service” are what they are but consider that “the scientific community” is supposedly pure and composed of incontrovertible facts and experts that justify every manner of government intervention. If a “debate” “rages” there: on what basis does it revolve? The answer here as elsewhere in government plant and animal machinations is that “science” and “scientists” are ideologues and advocates every bit as much as the urban animal “rescue” lady or the lawyer working for The Defenders of Wildlife. They are as worthy of the deference shown them in court or their argument-settling role as some Conscientious Objector wearing his Dad’s Service uniform and medals is worthy of consideration in setting Defense Policy in the Pentagon.

2. “Others say climate change might have a major impact on the island’s wolves”.

Minnesota DNR bureaucrats and “scientists” have told docile Minnesotans that “climate change” was the leading factor on the steady demise of the moose population in the State. Twice each year in prominent newspaper articles the State bureaucrats and scientists asked for more money to investigate how “climate change” explained why moose were disappearing. Every such article characterizes those who say, “If moose are disappearing as wolves have been and continue to increase, what about predation of wolves on moose?” as red-necked, jack pine savages that probably flunked out of grade school and lead an alcoholic existence in some trailer back in the North Woods somewhere. So how can “climate change” decrease wolves on Isle Royal while wolves increase on the mainland? How can “climate change” be responsible for the decline of moose throughout Minnesota while their numbers are exploding on Isle Royal? Is there a scientist in the house?

3. “Allow public discussion on wolf management on the island, a designated federal wilderness area.”

This is a “two-fer”. First, I wish to humbly thank the Park Service for their kind offer to “allow public discussion”. For such august bureaucrats to deign to “allow” the rest of us to publicly discuss such matters is so benevolent that I for one can merely express my eternal gratitude. Think about that folks, think about how low the American citizen vis-a-vis his government has sunk. Second, I thought NOTHING could be “managed” in a “federal wilderness area”? Does this mean that downed timber or fire-hazard brush can be removed or burned safely? Can firewood be cut with a chain saw or water scooped from a stream to fight a fire or uses like logging, grazing, vehicle travel, be considered on the (formerly?) precious “Wilderness Areas” at the sufferance of federal bureaucrats? Inquiring minds would like to know.

4. “Isle Royale has a long-standing history of broad ecosystem management,”.

This is gobbledygook. They aren’t even supposed to “manage” wilderness. Ecosystem is a maligned term that has been perversely mangled over the past 45+ years into a meaningless word alone and a word that can mean everything in the ear of the listener or the eyes of the reader. That these insular bureaucrats claim, and the media validate, that their personal work to pander to powerful radical organizations for their own benefit is “broad” ecosystem management is simply ludicrous.

5. “It’s believed that moose first swam to the island in the early 1900s and for decades thrived with no predators. Wolves are relatively new to the 45-mile-long, 143,000-acre island complex, having crossed Lake Superior ice to get there in 1949.”

And wolves that have been somewhere only for 61 years are what: “endangered”, “vital”, “native”, “keystone sp.”, what? Why aren’t they (bureaucrats and scientists and their financier-enablers) treating these moose and wolves that are such recent arrivals (radicals call them “Invaders”) to Isle Royal like they treat pheasants, Hungarian Partridge, Brown Trout, Great lakes Salmon, and all the other dreaded “non-natives” and “introduced” species they want to eradicate, that is to say with contempt? The vast majority of these desirable “non-natives” (radicals call them “Invasives”) have been in place and benefitting human society far longer than these moose and wolves on this Island.

6. “Wolves are no longer performing their function as predator on the island,” “There just aren’t enough to have any real impact on moose.”

So, let me get this straight: wolves on Isle Royal “perform a function as predator” on moose on which they are expected to have a “real impact”. Simultaneously, in the rest of Minnesota (yes Isle Royal was once widely considered to be part of Minnesota until federal controls and hegemony became so powerful that everyone believes the federal estate to simply be separate and distinct from States and Local Communities despite their window-dressing “allowing” of “public discussion”) moose decline as wolves increase and we are instructed to not listen to those fools that say there is a connection between the two. This stuff belongs on Prairie Home Companion.

7. “The situation is so unusual that it’s affecting other species on the island”.

Oh my word! Attention, “species” are being “affected” somewhere. You mean like elk and moose disappearing when wolves are forced into rural enclaves that do not want them? Aren’t “ecosystems” supposed to be like “climate” in that any (well not quite any) change is an emergency that only more government, more spending, more laws and more regulations can control before we all die? Actually, if bureaucrats and radicals want wolves or grizzlies somewhere they haven’t been for a century that is OK: if the same suspects want to eradicate wild species or domestic animals from somewhere that is OK: only if you or I want a landscape and rural environment safe and productive in which to live comfortably and safely raise our families and this is at odds with an all-powerful government acting as a shill for radical organizations –that is NOT OK! My God, “species” go up and down from moment to moment and saying that it is government’s job to intervene with no more cause than that things will be different is an abuse of government power for an unachievable purpose that could drain the world’s debt and GDP’s combined.

8. “It will be up to the National Park Service to decide”.

Unless you are one of the few that think of the Park Service or Fish and Wildlife Service or Forest Service (curious that word “Service” as in who or what do they “SERVE?”) as in your pocket, such common words these days should send a chill up your spine and heartburn down your throat.

9. “With wolf numbers so low, moose numbers on the island have exploded, more than doubling in recent years to more than 1,000. That’s the opposite trend from moose in Minnesota, where numbers have plummeted in recent years to the lowest levels in decades. While moose in Minnesota face bears, humans and deer-related diseases as predators, moose on Isle Royale have only wolves as threats”.

Finally, the piece de resistance! Like the President and his minions explaining what he “really” meant when he said we could keep our doctors and our insurance policies; these bureaucrats, scientists, and their media enablers are faced with a dilemma. How to explain how wolves decimate moose on Isle Royal and not on mainland Minnesota and why when the wolves are about to disappear moose populations are exploding on Isle Royal? If we knocked down dramatically the wolves on mainland Minnesota would moose recover? (The answer is YES.) Yet the Park Service will milk the federal Treasury for more money and people for this mysterious “situation” just like the Minnesota DNR bureaucrats and the University “scientists” have and are milking the State Treasury for more and more money and people to conduct “research on this mystery. Like the explanation of the President’s repeated use of the word “period”; these government con artists add “bears, humans and deer-related diseases” to the growing and irrelevant reasons for the mainland moose declines.

Oh well, it sell papers and garners urban votes to keep in power State pols maintaining unemployment with handouts and building stadiums (Romans called it “Bread and Circuses) and Federal pols signing UN Treaties to sell our sovereignty while taking away our property and our Rights. You couldn’t make this up if you tried to.

Jim Beers
7 November 2013

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Jim Beers is a retired US Fish & Wildlife Service Wildlife Biologist, Special Agent, Refuge Manager, Wetlands Biologist, and Congressional Fellow. He was stationed in North Dakota, Minnesota, Nebraska, New York City, and Washington DC. He also served as a US Navy Line Officer in the western Pacific and on Adak, Alaska in the Aleutian Islands. He has worked for the Utah Fish & Game, Minneapolis Police Department, and as a Security Supervisor in Washington, DC. He testified three times before Congress; twice regarding the theft by the US Fish & Wildlife Service of $45 to 60 Million from State fish and wildlife funds and once in opposition to expanding Federal Invasive Species authority. He resides in Eagan, Minnesota with his wife of many decades.

Jim Beers is available to speak or for consulting. You can receive future articles by sending a request with your e-mail address to:


RMEF’s Hunter Christmas Exposition Coming to Las Vegas in 2014

MISSOULA, Mont.–The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation is proud to announce the all-new Hunter Christmas Exposition, presented by Cabela’s, coming to the Las Vegas Convention Center on Dec. 4-7, 2014.

“We are extremely excited to bring the Hunter Christmas Expo to Las Vegas during the first four days of the National Finals Rodeo in 2014,” said Steve Decker, RMEF vice president of Marketing. “Judging by the reaction so far, others are excited as well. This news release marks the first public announcement of the show and we are nearly halfway sold through our 560-plus available booth spaces.”

The National Finals Rodeo represents one of the largest gatherings of Western lifestyle enthusiasts in the United States. In 2012, Cowboy Christmas and Cowboy FanFest welcomed more than 186,000 attendees over the 10-day event and so far this year they are on pace to exceed last year’s numbers. Las Vegas Events reports the number of visitors in Las Vegas during what many refer to as the ‘Super Bowl of rodeos’ is actually 2-3 times that number because of all the watch parties and NFR-related activities outside the arena.

“Hunting and fishing rank among the highest activities enjoyed by this fan base, but there are currently no hunting or outdoor shows in Vegas during the NFR,” said Decker. “We feel Hunter Christmas fills a much-needed niche for these fans.”

The Hunter Christmas Exposition will take place alongside the established Cowboy Christmas and Cowboy FanFest Shows at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Hunter Christmas will be in the Central Halls while the Cowboy Christmas and Cowboy FanFest will be in the adjacent North Halls of LVCC.

Hunter Christmas will be presented by Cabela’s and feature industry leaders like Browning, Buck Knives, Leupold, Nosler, Remington, Federal Premium and many others. It will bring the best in firearms, optics, outfitters, archery, and hunting apparel, and all things hunting and outdoors to tens of thousands of outdoor enthusiasts. Additionally, Hunter Christmas will feature a full archery range conducted by PSE, the NASCAR Experience from Nationwide Insurance, the Gun Genie from Gallery of Guns allowing firearm purchases from the show floor, special television coverage by RFD-TV and seminars from top hunting pros.

“Las Vegas Events is proud of the partnership that we have created with the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation,” said Pat Christenson, president of Las Vegas Events. “They have been one of the core components of Cowboy FanFest since its inception in 2012. Offering new and exciting elements for rodeo fans each year is a goal for both of our organizations, and we look forward to working with RMEF in the future.”

RMEF is also moving its annual convention, Elk Camp, to the same dates of Dec. 4-7, 2014, also in Las Vegas at The Mirage.

“We feel this will bring a new level of energy and excitement to Elk Camp allowing us to do things unlike we have ever done them before at our annual event,” added Decker.