March 19, 2018

Moose Attacks Woman in British Columbia


And Germany Now Deals With Problem Wolves

GOERLITZ, Germany — German police reached the accident to find what news stories would describe as a scene from a horror show: Seven horses, huddled on a small, dark, highway, had been ripped to pieces by two speeding cars. The drivers had been badly injured. Investigators found pieces of auto wreckage and horseflesh scattered around the site.

But the reason the December car wreck remained national news for weeks had only a little bit to do with the carnage. Instead, what’s made the accident the talk of Germany is its suspected cause: wolves, which reportedly spooked the horses into the paths of the oncoming cars.<<<Read More>>>


GE Makes Major Global Warming Concession

Leading Free-Market Activists Score Major Concession on Global Warming-Related Spending from General Electric

After Years of Fighting Disclosures, Lobbying for Energy Subsidies and Pushing for Government Control of Carbon Emissions, GE Formally Agrees to End Projects Designed Solely to Seek Carbon Dioxide Reductions Due to Climate Change Concerns

Washington DC – After years of meetings, shareholder proposals, media campaigns, protests and activism, the National Center for Public Policy Research received a commitment from General Electric that the international conglomerate will no longer engage in any environmental project solely to address so-called climate change concerns.

“General Electric’s pledge to only pursue environmental projects that meet common business criteria is the culmination of years of efforts and a recognition that sustainability and the free market can work in concert,” said Justin Danhof, Esq., director of the National Center for Public Policy Research’s Free Enterprise Project. “For years, GE has been the poster boy for crony capitalism and corporate America’s green energy cheerleader. Now, GE shareholders have confirmation that the company’s strategies will henceforth be led by true market forces and not by blind adherence to global warming zealotry.”

Late last year, the National Center submitted a shareholder proposal for inclusion in GE’s 2014 proxy statement and annual meeting materials that sought certain commitments regarding the company’s sustainability operations and carbon dioxide reduction efforts. The proposal “request[ed] that the Board of Directors adopt a policy that General Electric not undertake any energy savings or sustainability project for the sole goal of seeking carbon dioxide emissions reductions due to climate change concerns, except as required by law.”

The proposal noted, in part, that “[g]iven the Company’s goal of reducing energy use (carbon dioxide emissions) and its admission that balancing this task with common business metrics is ‘difficult at best,’ shareholders are concerned that the Company may make some decisions in which the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions is a higher priority than maximizing financial returns.”

Typically, General Electric and other publicly-held companies work to ensure that shareholder proposals – especially those perceived as critical of a company’s operations – never see the light of day. Companies have the right to petition the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission to exclude proposals for a myriad of technical and substantive violations of federal guidelines. Corporations such as GE usually hire expensive law firms to combat shareholder proponents.

“Rather than contesting the National Center’s free market shareholder proposal, GE’s management team made the strategic decision to amend its corporate documents to align with the parameters of our proposal,” explained Danhof. “We applaud GE for codifying its dedication to free-market principles and shareholder value. More companies should take cues from GE on this issue.”

Officially, GE revised its corporate documents and “its policy statements regarding Corporate Social Responsibility (the ‘CSR Policy’) to explicitly set forth the Company’s policy that it will not undertake any energy saving or sustainability project solely to address the issue of climate change.”

After the change, GE unequivocally stated that “[t]he plain language of the CSR Policy thus makes clear that the Company will not embark on any energy savings or sustainability initiative where the sole goal is to address climate change concerns.”

To read the entire exchange between the National Center and General Electric as catalogued on the Securities and Exchange Commission’s website, go here.

This year’s victory for the National Center for Public Policy Research comes after years of shareholder activism directed towards GE’s destructive environmental policies and other crony practices.

The National Center’s Free Enterprise Project has aggressively fought liberalism at GE for the past six years. At 2008’s shareholder meeting, for example, the National Center confronted GE’s CEO Jeff Immelt about the company’s dealing’s with Iran, calling them “blood money.” Immelt responded that GE was in the process of getting out of business dealings with Iran.

At the 2009 GE shareholder meeting, the National Center confronted Immelt over left-wing bias at the company’s then-owned NBC television channels and criticized the company’s crony relationship with President Obama that was being used to advance green energy legislation. The company responded by shutting off the microphone as the National Center staff member was still asking the question. In fact, Immelt was so upset by the National Center’s questions that he ordered company-wide retaliation against news outlets that reported the story.

In 2010, three National Center staffers, including National Center President David Ridenour, questioned Immelt over the company’s lobbying in favor of cap-and-trade global warming legislation, ObamaCare, and the liberal slant on MSNBC. Immelt refused to answer Ridenour’s question about MSNBC’s extreme anti-conservative bias.

Also in 2010, the National Center called out Immelt for exploiting President Ronald Reagan’s legacy by pandering to conservatives by hosting a celebration commemorating what would have been the 40th President’s 100th birthday.

At GE’s 2011 shareholder meeting, the National Center participated in a rally seeking to oust Immelt as CEO for his support of ObamaCare, President Obama’s stimulus spending bill and federal cap-and-trade legislation. The National Center also submitted a shareholder proposal, which GE fought at the Securities and Exchange Commission, asking the company to disclose the business risks associated with climate change regulations.

In December 2011, National Center Chairman Amy Ridenour also called out GE for its support of a de facto ban on the traditional incandescent light bulb, which was pushed on the public as an anti-global warming measure.

At the 2012 GE shareholder meeting, the Free Enterprise Project questioned the conflicts arising from Immelt’s position as chairman of President Obama’s Council on Jobs and Competitiveness while still serving as GE’s CEO. Immelt, incredibly, claimed there was no conflict.

At last year’s GE shareholder meeting, Danhof asked Immelt if he would consider a proposal “to repeal ObamaCare’s medical device tax while keeping the move financially balanced by simultaneously ending taxpayer subsidies to the wind power industry.” Striking a more collegial tone with the National Center, Immelt said the proposal was “interesting” and agreed that the idea was worth considering.

As far back as 2011, Immelt began making some concessions that GE might someday abandon its crony push for cap-and-trade global warming legislation. He told an MIT Enterprise Forum audience that he had “lost interest in calling on the United States to develop a more comprehensive energy policy.” But as National Center President David Ridenour pointed out at the time, “talk is cheap.”

But in adopting the National Center’s proposal this year, GE formally amended its corporate documents and can be held to account if it strays from its commitment to abandon all projects that are solely focused on climate change concerns.

“All too often, shareholders find themselves facing almost insurmountable odds when they believe the company they have invested in has strayed from free-market principles. In this case, the company has done the right thing,” said Danhof. “Not only is this a victory for General Electric’s shareholders and employees, it is a victory for all Americans.”

“For the past quarter-century, government and corporate efforts have plowed billions into the promotion and exploitation of the human-caused catastrophic global warming theory,” added Amy Ridenour, chairman of the National Center for Public Policy Research. “The result has been higher taxes, greater deficits, higher prices, job loss and greater government control over our daily lives – all in service of a theory based on computer models that are not coming true. More and more people around the world are waking up to the fact that the global warming theory is about hot air, all right, but that a startlingly high percentage of that hot air is coming from people pushing the theory, not hardworking people going about their daily business. Slowly but surely, the expensive, job-killing and liberty-encroaching global warming leviathan is being defeated. We commend General Electric for taking this step and encourage other corporations to follow its lead.”

The National Center’s Free Enterprise Project is one of the leading free-market activist groups in America. In 2013, representatives of its Free Enterprise Project attended 33 shareholder meetings advancing free-market ideals in the areas of health care, energy, taxes, subsidies, regulations, religious freedom, media bias, gun rights and many more important public policy issues.
The National Center for Public Policy Research, founded in 1982, is a non-partisan, free-market, independent conservative think-tank. Ninety-four percent of its support comes from individuals, less than four percent from foundations, and less than two percent from corporations. It receives over 350,000 individual contributions a year from over 96,000 active recent contributors.

Contributions are tax-deductible and greatly appreciated.


Counter Offensive to Stop Efforts of Wolf Crossing to Thwart Killer Wolves

From The Opposition:

Folks the animal activists are at it again, trying to force ranchers to live with spree killing Mexican wolves. They are upset because only one wolf may be removed. There are up to 9 wolves killing bred cows with 15 killed in the last month alone. Please call those numbers and urge FWS to follow the RULE and remove that pack. Lethally if necessary. Ranches and JOBS they provide should be more important than a pack of problem wolves.

USFWS Southwest Regional Office
Mexican Wolf Recovery Coordinator: 505-761-4748
External Affairs Office: 505-248-6911
Main Office: 505-248-6920

USFWS in Washington, DC Public number: 1-800-344-9453

New Mexico Senators:
Senator Martin Heinrich DC: 202-224-6621 ABQ: 505-346-6601
Senator Tom Udall DC: 202-224-5521 ABQ: 505-346-6791


Firearm safety/self defense class – April 12th – Missoula

Gun Safety for Personal Protection and
Concealed Weapon Permits Course
Saturday, April 12th, 2014

MISSOULA – A course entitled “Gun Safety for Personal Protection and Concealed Weapon Permits” will be hosted in Missoula by the Montana Shooting Sports Association on Saturday, April 12th, instructed by Gary Marbut.

This one-day course will focus on safe handling, storage and use of handguns suitable for personal protection, selecting a personal firearm, issues of personal protection, allowable use of lethal force, concealed weapon permits, kids and gun safety, shooting skills and more, and will include both classroom and shooting range sessions.

Graduates will receive a credential qualifying them to apply for a Montana concealed weapon permit. The class will begin at 9:00 AM, and finish about 4:00 PM.

Class size is limited to the first 20 registrants. Pre-registration is required. Tuition is $100 per student. Students should be 16 years or older (exceptions possible upon request – call).

For further information or to register, reply to this email or call 549-1252.

To register by email, reply to this email and provide:

U.S. Mail or residence address, including City, State, and Zip
Contact phone number

NOTE: These classes fill quickly, so reply soon to this email if you want in on this class. If you can’t or don’t make it into this class, you will be notified of subsequent classes by subsequent emails. I’ll conduct however many classes it takes to clear my any backlog. Watch your email for further announcements.

Expect an email confirmation of your class registration. If you don’t get an email confirmation, call me.

Further class information and instructions will be supplied by return email once you register.

Please forward this email to interested others.

Gary Marbut, President
Montana Shooting Sports Association
Author, Gun Laws of Montana


Why My Website Was Down for Over 6 Hours Yesterday

From the management of the company that owns the servers:

“At approximate 8:58 EST customers on an output distribution panel were affected by an outage which lasted just over an hour. The problem occurred when an electrician who was installing a breaker slipped and caused a line-ground fault which did irreparable damage to the distribution panel. While under the fault current condition, the UPS attempted to make to an internal bypass to protect the electronics of the system. It successfully made the internal bypass, but afterwards irreparable damage occurred on the static transfer switch.

“Our data center was able to replace the distribution panel and one of the standby generators was put into operation to provide protected power while the repairs were completed. During a 4 hour period, the static switch was replaced, tested and brought back online. All operations are now running normally.

“The data center has reviewed their work place safety standards and implemented new procedures so that this type of accident will not occur again in the future.”

Gee! I hope so. A lot of people lost a lot of money yesterday during that 6 hours.


Man Chased By Wolf Pack – Learns Nothing From It

Below is a teaser and a link to a story of a man in Washington state, while walking some 400-500 yards to his car, is chased by a pack of 4 wolves. The story is entertaining and at times can leave a reader wondering just how dangerous are these wolves.

The author of the piece states that at the end of the article he has included “bonus facts” about wolves. Bonus is right I guess because what he shares is not of much practical use to the next person who ventures into wolf country who needs to know how to prepare. Learning about wolf howling and how gray wolves became domesticated does little to educate about wolf behavior prior to and during attack and the diseases they spread and how to best deal with them.

From the article:

“Now, I’m no dummy. I did not come unprepared for such a scenario… well, OK I wasn’t expecting wolves. Coyotes, sure. They are always around on the property (or were before the wolves moved into the neighborhood), as are sometimes bears, an occasional cougar, and the like, but they pretty much leave you alone if you leave them alone, and generally run away if they see you from my experience- or in the bear’s case, amble off and ignore you the whole time. But just in case for something like coyotes who were really hungry because it is winter, I had a hatchet… in my hand… A gun had never seemed necessary up to this point, but at the moment, I’d not have turned down an M134 if one was offered…”


Rally to Stop B.C. Trophy Bear Hunt

“I realized that when we go out on location this spring it will be the same time as the spring trophy hunt starts again. It’s just appalling to me. It breaks my heart to think that one day we’re working with these bears and shooting them with our cameras, and the very next day trophy hunters can show up and shoot them with their high-powered rifles.”<<<Read More>>>


RMEF Seeks Intervener Status in Idaho Wolf Management Case

MISSOULA, Mont.–The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation filed to intervene in a lawsuit by animal rights groups seeking to thwart the management of wolves in the Frank Church-River of No Return Wilderness.

The Idaho Department of Fish and Game (IDFG) hired a hunter in late 2013 that successfully removed two packs of wolves. He since departed the central Idaho area where predation is having a severe effect on dwindling elk herds.

“This was a legal management activity that is part of a long-standing cooperative relationship between Idaho Fish and Game and the National Forest Service,” said David Allen, RMEF president and CEO. “The judge in the case also denied two preliminary injunction requests by the same groups to stop the effort.”

“The wilderness is a special place, but it is different from a national park,” said Virgil Moore, IDFG director. “Backcountry hunting, fishing and wildlife viewing are treasured opportunities, and Fish and Game has actively managed wildlife in central Idaho since before the area was designated wilderness.”

IDFG has an agreement with the U.S. Forest Service to use each other’s facilities when carrying out missions.

Moore also said aerial surveys in the wilderness area indicate elk populations dropped 43 percent since 2002 and wolf populations are too high in relation to elk numbers.

RMEF has a rich history in leading wildlife research efforts around the country including lifetime grants of more than $725,000 to advance the science of wolves, wolf interactions with elk and other wildlife, and overall wolf management. In just the past two years, RMEF granted more than $210,000 directly to the state wildlife agencies in Idaho, Montana and Wyoming.

“There are those who believe the wolf deserves special treatment above and beyond all other wildlife. Wolves need to remain subject to effective state management like elk, deer, bears and lions in order to ensure balance and that there is sufficient habitat for the survival of all species,” added Allen.

RMEF is also an intervener in lawsuits brought by animal rights groups regarding wolf management in Wyoming and in Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin while also active in a second Wyoming suit.


Threat to Environmentalists’ Cash Cow

The link below is to a one-sided report of how the evil Republican Party and their even more evil “Tea Party” are proposing changes to the Endangered Species Act. The excerpt below is a good indication that those who make a lot of money in non governmental agencies that are nothing more than subsidiaries of the U.S. Federal Government, are getting nervous that their bread and butter will be taken away from them. For this they are scrambling hard to prevent that from happening.

In the meantime, for me anyway, all inquiries to members of the House Committee on Natural Resources about proposals to amend the Endangered Species Act have returned nothing……not even a courtesy reply of “thank you.” Yup! Them slimy, good for nothing, corrupt politicians have no interest in doing anything with the Endangered Species Act to “improve” it. Their interest is in saying and doing anything they can to get a damned vote so they can corruptly steal from taxpayers for another 2 or 6 years.

“The Republicans’ proposal is little more than a laundry list of unverified complaints from cherry-picked witnesses from the six hearings held by the Natural Resources Committee over the past three years,” said Brett Hartl, endangered species policy director with the Center. “It’s telling that 118 of the citations in the report are from unsubstantiated statements from its own selected hearing witnesses and the statements of Republican members of the Committee. There’s not a single reference to a peer-reviewed scientific publication — not one — to support any recommendation for changes to the Act.”<<<Read More>>>