December 16, 2018

Two Shepherd Dogs Attack Bear Win Hall of Fame Award

A woman out for a walk with her two German shepherd dogs was attacks by a bear. The dogs fought off the bear and saved the woman. The dogs were given some Purina brave dog award or something.

Perhaps if the two dogs had followed the advice of authorities and barked loud and looked big, the bear would have run away and NOBODY would have been hurt. The report says nothing about the condition of the bear.




Another Predator Taking Control of People’s Lives

The fisher, Martes pennanti, now can be found just about everywhere in Connecticut; enough so that people are beginning to see them in their back yards…….really? Claimed to be nocturnal, one science teacher, captured one on video during the middle of the day.

And as one has become accustomed to hear, “Officials from DEEP also say it’s unlikely “fisher cats” will bother humans. Officials recommend removing any food sources such as garbage cans from your property.”

The bit of irony in this story is that wildlife officials in 1988 captured fisher cats in Vermont and New Hampshire and introduced them into the northwestern area of the state. Now, since 2005, licensed trappers can harvest the animals for often times valuable fur.

Connecticut awaits the Loup Garou!



Deer Herd Numbers Plummet Due to Demands for Ethanol

Kreil said more than 2 million acres of wildlife habitat has been converted to cropland in the past year due to higher commodity prices. Tree buffers known as shelter belts also are being removed at an “unprecedented” pace, especially in the eastern two-thirds of the state, he said.

“It’s being done for additional farmland and the easier movement of farm equipment,” Kreil said.<<<Read More>>>


Furglary? Furs Only Stolen From S. Dakota Business

“On Easter Sunday, the owner of the Claw, Antler & Hide Co. shop in Custer discovered that someone had quite cleanly broken in through a roof skylight and stolen $35,000 worth of furs and hides. The next day, officials with the Pioneer Museum in Hot Springs also discovered that someone had entered through a boarded up window and stolen two animal skin coats and some other historic items.”<<<Read More>>>



Bears Can Break Down Garage Doors But Can’t Manage Round Door Knobs

“With bears in Whistler emerging hungry from hibernation, Dolson and Busink are telling locals to take immediate action to bear-proof their properties. “It’s one of those things where if a bear has to be destroyed because it’s entered a house, it’s completely preventable,” Busink said. “The onus is on the residents of Whistler to be (proactive).”

To that end, officials say residents should keep all garbage indoors, clean barbecues and remove bird feeders. On top of that, bears can learn how to open doors with lever handles and Whistlerites should use only round doorknobs on outside doors while keeping deadbolts locked, they said.”<<<Read More>>>

Stated above concerning “bear proofing” your home, that failure to lock up your garbage and causing the death of a bear is, “completely preventable,” one has to wonder if that statement is any longer true. We now have documentation of a bear busting down a garage door to get at that “locked up” bear food. If that’s the case, then what’s to stop a bear from breaking down a front or back door or coming in through a window to get some food?

Bear proofing your home helps but it doesn’t make it, “completely preventable.”



Bear Peeks in CT Front Door Window

“The Barry family said bears appear on their property a couple times a year, but this is the first one to show up on their doorstep.”<<<Read More>>>



House Committee Claims Advancement Toward ESA Amendments

Some members of the House Natural Resources Committee are claiming at least 4 bills being sponsored are a step toward much needed Endangered Species Act reform. But is it really? The bills mostly call for “transparency” but no changes in how the Act is administered. Big deal!

The Endangered Species Act needs serious reforming in order to protect both humans, their rights and property and to protect all wildlife where practicable. Offering transparency so more people can more easily see who is screwing who does little to accomplish that. And true to the political mumbo-jumbo always being fed to the public, these bills are, “making headway to improve the ESA for both species and people.”

From the Western Livestock Journal Online:

“The four bills and their sponsors are as follows:

• H.R. 4315, 21st Century Endan gered Species Transparency Act; Doc Hastings (R-WA4);

• H.R. 4316, Endangered Species Recovery Transparency Act; Cynthia Lummis (R-WY at large);

• H.R. 4317, State, Tribal, and Local Species Transparency and Recovery Act; Randy Neugebauer (R-TX19); and

• H.R. 4318, Endangered Species Litigation Reasonableness Act; Bill Huizenga (R-MI2).

All of the bills are tiny by usual governmental standards and overlap in content. Both H.R. 4315 and H.R. 4317 seek to amend the ESA to require the government to disclose information regarding listing decisions. H.R. 4315 would require that all information used in listing decisions be made public on the Internet, while H.R. 4317 would require the data used for listing decisions to be furnished to affected states, counties and tribes.

H.R. 4316 and H.R. 4318 focus on the lawsuits that often revolve around the ESA. Of the two, H.R. 4318 is the simplest, just seeking to amend the ESA to limit who can be awarded attorney fees from “any” to people and groups already listed in the U.S. Code. H.R. 4316, on the other hand, seeks to require the government to publish online the expenditures paid out to litigants regarding the ESA following each fiscal year. Though the Equal Access to Justice Act (EAJA) is not directly mentioned, the language of the bill is reminiscent of bills attempting to amend the EAJA.”<<<Read More>>>


The Stupidity of Animal Perversion

The society of the United States has grown to become one of animal perversion. People are obsessed with, if that even accurately describes the mental affliction, animals to a point where humans come in at least second in the grand scheme of priorities.

There is such a thing as having a “healthy” respect for all animals and even enjoying them at many levels but living with them, eating with them, sleeping with them, exploiting them for profit and even using them for psychological therapy, brings the human into a world of perversion as well as a distorted view of reality and the way life is intended to be lived.

One small example of this happened at Washington University where a woman, with a “traveling zoo” brought a bear cub on campus as a, “stress reliever during exam season.” Believed to help student relieve stress, one has to wonder how getting bitten by a bear putting humans at risk of contracting rabies and a myriad of other not so cool diseases can relieve stress. I suppose if you are just plain ignorant of things and believe the false claims made by other perverse animal lovers, nothing of importance much matters.

The owner of the traveling freak show says she is defending her “business practices.”


Them “Illegal” Things



NCSU “Sleeping” Bear Had Been Hit by Vehicle

Remember the “sleeping” (dead) bear campus officials found stretched out on a campus bench? An unofficial necropsy indicates the bear probably had been hit and killed by a vehicle. Following an investigation charges could be filed.