May 21, 2018

N.H. State Representative in Hit and Run Kills As Many As Six

AFLACO! AFLAC, uh huh! I wonder if the AFLAC duck can help real ducks?

In a bizarre and yet perhaps typical event in this day and age of political elitism, hatred, and always in a hurry to get to the next corruption event, New Hampshire state representative David Campbell was witnessed running down a group of tame ducks in front of the Crowne Plaza in Nashua, killing perhaps as many as 6 of them and yelling as he fled the scene that the ducks should have gotten out of the way.

Here are some suggested excuses this turdhead can use in his defense.

1. If you like killing ducks, you can keep killing ducks.
2. I “misdrove.” (new word for politician scum)
3. Let me make this perfectly clear, I wasn’t responsible for the ducks. I only heard about it on the news, just like everyone else.
4. I did not have sex with that duck, Ms. Henny Penny.
5. It was a video that caused the accident.
6. I may have run over a few ducks but I have “saved or created” millions of ducks.


RMEF Opens 13,000 Acres of Oregon Elk Country, Secures Public Access to Public Lands

MISSOULA, Mont.–The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation headed up a successful collaborative effort to permanently protect and open access to 13,082 acres in the Headwaters of the John Day River in northeast Oregon. By purchasing the land and conveying it to the United States at a bargain sale price, the transaction also secures and improves access to tens of thousands of acres of publicly-owned National Forest System lands.

“This is a victory for hunter-conservationists, anglers, hikers and anyone who wants public access to more than 13,000 acres of what was previously inaccessible private land in the heart of Oregon’s elk country,” said David Allen, RMEF president and CEO. “We are grateful to a family that understands the importance of conserving crucial elk habitat and wildlife management while also providing a way for improved access to a landscape loaded with numerous vital resource values.”

“My husband loved the outdoors and hunting,” said JoAnne Johnson, wife of D.R. Johnson and co-owner of D.R. Johnson Lumber Company. “Don always felt that ultimately blocking up our sections with the Forest Service property made the most sense. It is the family’s hope and desire that now this beautiful and unique area will remain accessible for hunters, fishermen, and all outdoorsmen, and that it will receive some much needed forest management as well. It is a bittersweet moment for us, but we believe Don would want the citizens of Grant County to be able to enjoy this amazing property for generations to come.”

The acreage, which was a vast checkerboard ownership pattern of alternating private and public sections south of Prairie City, is now consolidated into one mass block of public ownership under management of the U.S. Forest Service (see map in link below). It is located in the Strawberry Mountains on the Malheur National Forest.

“This is wonderful news,” said Pacific Northwest Regional Forester Kent Connaughton. “It’s a huge present for the people of Oregon and the nation. The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation is to be congratulated for inspiring and leading this key project.”

“The project area covers a 40-mile landscape around the origin and main stem of the John Day River as it flows north to the Columbia River and provides crucial linkage with existing public lands and all-important wildlife corridors,” said Blake Henning, RMEF vice president of Lands and Conservation.

The Headwaters not only provide first-class habitat for elk but also for mule deer, black bears, pronghorn, mountain goats, grouse, quail and a host of other wildlife. Four federally listed birds and four federally listed mammal species of concern inhabit the property. The area is also of critical importance to salmon, steelhead, bull trout, redband and westslope cutthroat trout due to the cold water inputs the headwater tributaries provide to the John Day River.

“The most important aspect of this transaction is the entire project area is no longer threatened by development,” said Allen. “And not only is new land available to the public, but public access to existing federal land will be improved and new links can be made to existing trails.”

RMEF partners include the D.R. Johnson family, the U.S. Forest Service and the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation.

For a look at a detailed map of the acquisition, visit the URL below:


Wolves Were Not Wiped Out During Salmon, Idaho Derby

It should come as no surprise to the informed, non-emotional, that holding a “predator derby”, aimed at killing coyotes and wolves, would produce zero dead wolves. I suppose I could say I told you so.

According to information provided by Steve Alder of Idaho for Wildlife, there were no wolves taken by derby participants this weekend and only 21 coyotes. Wolves and coyotes are still in high enough numbers to kill game animals, threaten livestock and threaten people.

Idiots can stop flogging themselves.

Below is a copy of a report I just received in my email.

ZERO wolves were harvested during this predator derby! 21 Coyotes were taken.

We had over 200 hunters in the field for two days. Let this be an educational moment for the radical anti-hunter environmental groups. Sport hunting for wolves is not a very effective tool to manage wolves. This is why IDFG has implemented trapping and other control methods to better manage wolves. World renowned wolf expert Dr. David Mech has admitted, “That to hold a wolf population stationary it requires an annual take of 28-50% per year.” Dr. Mech also stated that “Normal regulated public harvest such as is contemplated in the NRM is usually unable to reduce wolf populations. IDFG’s own 2011 Idaho IDFG Predation management Plan for the Lolo and Selway Elk Zones that isn’t being followed claims, “Wolf removal rates of 30-35% or less typically do not cause any long-term changes in wolf abundance, while sustained removals of 40% or more may cause long-term reductions.” I can assure you that in the last two days while this derby was taking place, more wolves and wolf pups died in Idaho’s back country due to starvation and or cannibalism from other wolves due to the depleted prey base. Since the well being of wolves is predicated on the ungulate prey base, once that prey base is eliminated, the wolves will kill themselves off or starve. They do not self regulate. The urbanites and wolf advocates need to understand the ungulate prey base controls wolves. Wolves do not control the prey. This is why wolves must be controlled and yes killed!

Attached are elk hunter harvest graphs in the vicinity of where the Salmon wolf derby took place. These graphs contain elk harvest numbers from 1989-2012. This data reveals why Salmon Sportsmen are frustrated with the damages caused by wolves. The average Salmon medium household income is approximately $12,000 below the average Idaho income. In 2009, the income of Salmon residents was 35.5% below the national poverty level.

Elk are very important to rural Idahoans. Sustenance hunting is still very crucial to those who are financially strapped. The Attached PDF, (Wolves) contains a 2009 study that suggests wolves are costing Idaho approximately 7-24 million per year in revenue. Idaho Fish and game revenues are down considerably for this reason. It is estimated that each elk provides an average of $750.00 in value to Idahoans.

We want to apologize in advance to the radical anti-hunting enviro’s. We will not be publishing or flaunting any photos of dead animals so you can exploit this opportunity to play upon the emotions of the naïve for your next fund raising campaign.

Best Regards,
Steve, Idaho for Wildlife


Global Warming Scientists Frozen Into Ice in Antarctica

Perhaps if God isn’t just he has a decent sense of humor! Oh, the irony. Climate scientists heading into the Antarctic to study global warming and the presence of that nasty carbon dioxide, which Algorites say is destroying the planet with unwanted warmth, causing sea ice to melt and raise sea levels, are trapped in rapidly freezing ice and nasty winter storms. Alas! Summer’s coming down there.


Bear Visits Florida Home for Christmas

‘Twas the day after Christmas and all through the house not a creature was stirring until a big black bear broke in.<<<Read More>>>


Maine’s Ice Storm

PHOTO: As was the case in the 1998 ice storm, some are wondering what will become of the trees if it doesn’t warm up soon and melt this stuff.



Killing Owls at $1,000 a Bird, To Save Owls

Insanity runs rampant these days and way out in front is the United States Government. It’s representative sprinter appears to be the Endangered Species Act, part of Team U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS).

USFWS has “specially trained biologist” who have killed 26 barred owls, part of a $3.5 million program to “experiment” with killing one species to save another; in this case the spotted owl.

When one considers some of the outward display of insanity, doesn’t it become clear that there is something seriously wrong here? And why aren’t people questioning the insanity? Is it because it’s not recognized or doesn’t want to be recognized?

Remember the reason given many years ago, along with the abusive power of the Endangered Species Act, as to why the spotted owl was supposedly in danger of going extinct? It was that man was destroying “old growth timber.” Guess what? That didn’t seem to pan out well for the environmentalists fascists and so they are on to their next hypocritical trick; killing another species to save the spotted owl, hoping it might be the barred owl this time. But that’s only a guess, as was running the timber industry out of business in the Northwest (Oh, wasn’t that really the plan.)

So, at $1,000 a barred owl assassination, where are the environmentalists who claim balance of nature? Where are the environmentalists who claim that if man just minded their own business and left “nature” alone, everything would be alright? Where are the environmentalists who claim that wolves, coyotes, bears, lions and all large predators have no effect on the ecosystem that isn’t “natural?” Where are the environmentalists who demand that predators, like the coyote, can’t be trapped in order to protect the Canada lynx? The list is unending.

This is all insane. Trial and error wildlife management. And that’s found where in the Endangered Species Act these clowns love to manipulate for financial gain?


USSA Leader Nominated for SHOT Business Award

Bud Pidgeon, former president and CEO of the U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance (USSA) and the U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance Foundation (USSAF), has been nominated by SHOT Business magazine for their Person of the Year award. SHOT Business is the official publication of the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF).

The award “recognizes the individual who has done the best job of promoting the shooting sports and presenting a positive image while making great personal sacrifices—both in time and financial resources—in an effort to preserve our hunting and shooting heritage and protect our firearms freedoms.”

“I am certainly honored and humbled to be recognized by SHOT Business and NSSF,” said Pidgeon. “This recognition is not possible without the USSA and the legion of sportsmen supporting our efforts.”

Pidgeon led the USSA and USSAF for 16 years, retiring in August of this year.

Many of the organizations most impressive victories occurred during his reign including the creation of the Trailblazer Adventure Program which to date has attracted over 1.7 million youth and their families to experience outdoor sports, many for the first time. Pidgeon also played a leadership role in creating the Families Afield campaign that has resulted in over one million apprentice licenses being sold in 35 states to date.

The SHOT Show (Shooting, Hunting, and Outdoor Trade Show) is the largest conference for firearms, hunting and shooting accessories in the world, and recognizes leading individuals and corporations in the business through its SHOT Business Awards. Winners will be announced at the Bonnier Outdoor Group SHOT Show industry breakfast on January 14, 2014.


WaterCar: What Can’t It Do?



Gorgeous Picture of Mule Deer

PHOTO: Very Nice Mule Deer Buck