September 21, 2018

Romance Biology About Wolves

By James Beers

*Editor’s Note* – James Beers has published a rebuttal to a Washington Post opinion piece, presented as factual by the Post, by Jane Goodall, monkey expert, about wolves. Here is the link to the Goodall piece.

It is presented as a photo essay with captions along the right hand side. The comments and information Beers presents about Goodall, are found in those captions.

A Letter to the Editor of the Washington (DC) Post re: a 5 January 2014 article by Jane Goodall on WOLVES.

A Romance Novella about Wolves

That Jane Goodall writes lurid nature propaganda (For wolves a struggle to survive, 5 Jan.) about select species is no surprise: that The Washington Post publishes such stories as factual about wolves is surprising.

Where to begin? The “Buffer Zones” around federal lands are private property under state jurisdiction. If Ms. Goodall decries local communities, through their governments, managing wolves that harm their economies, their hunting and their “domestic Tranquility”; please remind her that the USA is not some African country without our Bill of Rights and Constitution.

Wolf packs do not “disintegrate”, like all other animal species they fluctuate like the weather for almost as many disparate reasons. Silly assertions like a den site “occupied since the 1940’s” (i.e. 70 years) are akin to climate change assertions of the past 40 years meant only to line the pockets of researchers, increase bureaucratic power over the citizenry and gain re-election for career politicians.

We are to bemoan the fluctuation of “the most famous wolf pack on earth”? Who regrets the demise of the Lolo Idaho elk herd, or the N Yellowstone elk herd, or Minnesota moose: all of which have been eradicated to levels wherein millions of dollars in state license revenue and hundreds of millions in revenue to rural communities have been wiped out by and for as long as introduced wolves remain at high, unregulated densities.

Wolf counts down? Earth to Ms. Goodall; wolf counting like wolf hunting is a notoriously difficult matter and to think it can be done consistently and comparably year-to-year is simply ludicrous. This goes too for the “sky-is-falling” warning about sightings going down as a cry for even more federal intervention.

Yellowstone wolves have not declined because of hunting et al around the Park. Wolves have declined because they have eradicated the once-vast elk herds and moose that fed their population explosion for 20 years and are no longer available to feed them.

Finally, wolves were not “hunted” to extinction in the Lower 48. They were purposely and with great effort of time and expense eradicated over a period of 300 years by our wise forefathers that would not tolerate the dangers (over 30 deadly diseases and infections, human attacks and livestock losses, etc.) wolves create. When you assert that wolves “are beneficial to the ecosystem” you are merely dressing up your personal desires with a patina of meaningless gibberish: your wolf “ecosystem” is no more legitimate or desirable than my hunting/ranching/rural jobs/human safety/recreational safety “ecosystem”.

I suggest, as a Minnesotan that misses the moose that protected wolves have eradicated, that readers of the Post and Ms. Goodall interested in wolves disregard her African brand of environmental species tyranny and embrace the American system. Have the state agencies of Virginia and Maryland and the District wildlife agency steal some money (like the federal wolf introducers did from the States to introduce the wolves out West) and trap some wolves in Canada (they are bigger and fiercer there) and release them in western Virginia and Maryland. (Question: why has the East been spared this “wonder” to date?) Soon enough: dog owners, hunters, families with kids, livestock producers, campers, hikers, fishermen, the elderly and many others will join Western and Midwestern rural communities in howling to severely reduce wolves in some areas and eradicate them in others.

Those that think majoritarian rule should be used to forcibly impose wolves on their neighbors should remember Prohibition and all of its similar claims and unintended consequences.

Jim Beers
5 January 2014

FYI My Bio:

Jim Beers is a retired US Fish & Wildlife Service Wildlife Biologist, Special Agent, Refuge Manager, Wetlands Biologist, and Congressional Fellow. He was stationed in North Dakota, Minnesota, Nebraska, New York City, and Washington DC. He also served as a US Navy Line Officer in the western Pacific and on Adak, Alaska in the Aleutian Islands. He has worked for the Utah Fish & Game, Minneapolis Police Department, and as a Security Supervisor in Washington, DC. He testified three times before Congress; twice regarding the theft by the US Fish & Wildlife Service of $45 to 60 Million from State fish and wildlife funds and once in opposition to expanding Federal Invasive Species authority.


Studies Show: Guns Don’t Deter Crime?

ROFLMAO“If more citizens were armed, criminals would think twice about attacking them.” That was the splashy lead in Friday’s Detroit News story about new police chief James Craig.

Craig, who served on the Los Angeles police force for 28 years, explained at a press conference on Thursday that it takes “an act of Congress” to get a concealed weapon permit in Los Angeles, and he compared that to his recent stint in Maine, where they freely distribute those permits. “I changed my orientation real quick,” Craig told reporters. “Maine is one of the safest places in America. Clearly, suspects knew that good Americans were armed,” he said.

But wait, there’s more! This is classic!


Don’t Fear Them Bears!

Environmental Protection Department spokesman Larry Ragonese tells The Star-Ledger of Newark a senior wildlife biologist chased the bear away on Wednesday. Ragonese says the bear was reluctant to leave and lethargic.<<<Read More>>>

And don’t forget the comments!

And then there’s this profound statement: Hiding from the hunt: Bear hunkers down in vacant Hopatcong house during hunt

It’s not written in the article, but I’m quite sure that Gov. Christie has a mobile bear psychology and response team. And after extensive therapy with the bear, officials stated the bear finally admitted he was hiding out from hunters. That’s the first step toward recovery. One day at a time. One day at a time. That’s it! Honest to god! (Wink! Wink! There are some that might think I am serious. Wink! Wink!)(There are some who won’t even get the “Wink! Wink! So for you, Gov. Christie DOES NOT have a mobile response team for bear psychology, but he is coming for you. Look out!)

And, again. Don’t forget the entertainment in the comment section.


Live Free Or Die?

PHOTO: Humor



Wildlife Services: “An Agency Whose Time Has Passed”

DeFazio says the time has come to revisit the agency’s mission and determine whether it makes economic and biological sense for taxpayers to underwrite a service, however necessary, that he argues should be paid for by private businesses.

“Why should taxpayers, particularly in tough times, pay to subsidize private interests?” said DeFazio, ranking Democrat on the House Committee on Natural Resources. “I have come to the conclusion that this is an agency whose time has passed.”<<<Read More>>>


Global Warming Irony?

Oh, I think not! At least not in this piece of propaganda nonsense, disguised as journalism or some kind of “ism.”

This video epitomizes all that is wrong in this country….by design. No really, but you can’t see it if, 1). you don’t want to, and 2). you are a heavy “True Believer” on one side or the other. “Come out of her!” That means get your head out of your astronomically large air raid shelter and use it for something besides a hat rack.

The video contains one lie after the other, and not because you think I think one “side” is right and the other is wrong. There is virtually nothing spoken in this video that is the truth…..nothing, by any one on either “side.” And yet it is designed, as it always has been, to convince each of us, individually, to fall into a one “side” or the other “side” paradigm. This works marvelously to deflect attention away from what is actually occurring.

But if you watch and watch closely, you will see some of what is really happening but it isn’t presented that way. It is presented as a lie by? You guessed it. The other “side.”

You are in the middle. THEY know this and the game is to get you to take a side….not because you have done your own investigating but because one “side” said or did something your manipulated mind likes the sound of. And, who wins?

Remember, the foundation (corrupt extortion of money from unsuspecting people) of “global warming” is based on the premise that whatever is happening with weather and climate IS BECAUSE OF MAN-MADE GLOBAL WARMING. That’s like a UCMJ Article 134 or The Coach’s Rule (1. The coach is always right. 2. See Rule 1)

It’s totally laughable to watch this guy talk of how the “right” is trying to use a research ship stuck in the ice in the Antarctic to promote their position as “deniers.” Gosh, the Algorites, never did anything like that before.

And to give you an example of ignorance (remember, this isn’t about fact. It’s only about making one side or the other look correct. I mean both “sides” can’t be right or wrong…..can they?), check out the video where the narrator claims that the “Right Wing”, the “Deniers”, have spent as much as $1 billion dollars to convince people that global warming isn’t real. And then in the next series of frames it talks of how “science” has spent in excess of $100 billion dollars to “prove” man-caused global warming. But, if you are a “True Believer” that’s a good investment because the planet will be saved.

I’m still laughing my frozen ass off!


Let’s Introduce Wolves to Washington, D.C.

Bringing in predators is more or less what some brilliant folks are suggesting. Rock Creek Park in Washington, D.C. has too many deer (someone has determined this because someone else said they were smart and could.) To solve this problem of too many deer, the park service is hiring somebody – defined only as “sharpshooters” – to go into the park at night, whenever they feel like it, and kill a few deer. Their quota is said to be 106 deer.

In a Scientific American article, the author says, “The growth [of deer] has been blamed on a lack of predators and growth of deer-friendly residential areas outside cities.”

Reading the comments from readers below the article explains a lot as to why I have my doubts that man ever really landed on the moon. I guess the solution, by some, is to bring in predators big enough to kill deer and kill humans who want to live in a house.

To swear by the statement that predators balance “ecosystems” (what is that anyway?) is akin to swearing that police departments prevent crime. In case you were wondering, sometimes they show up to clean up a crime scene, but generally speaking that add to crime, just as predators add to the problems of those mystical “ecosystems.”

Some fear the deer will spread disease, like Lyme Disease. I wonder if some of these tick-infested deer could be moved over to graze around the White House and Capital. By dumping a handful of very hungry wolves into Washington, D.C. might give them bastards on Capital Hill a taste of how it feels to be surrounded by and fall victim to ravenous wolves, as we are to their corrupt politicking and robbing us of our money and rights.

As was pointed out in one comment about this article, man is The predator. Let him take care of this problem, kill a few deer and feed some hungry people. It shows the usefulness of deer and intelligence of man, in that they can feed people. Brilliant!


Wolf Management and Hunter Manipulation_ The Cause of the Destruction of Our Herds.

The following video clip is from a work in production by Rockholm Media, “Ghosts of the Rockies.” Whether intended by the author or not, what I find inexplicable is the contrasting care and attention being given to a nasty, disease ridden, useless wild dog, and that of the elk, what’s left of them, left to rot and be destroyed. The elk is a useful creature for many things including a food source to thousands of people and human beings. With mixed-up priorities, valuable money and resources are being spent to protect a useless creature, where life existed just fine for many, many years without it, allowing for the destruction of the elk, deer and moose.

Talk about screwed up in the head.


Global Warming?

Man, right about now there’s certainly a lot of people wishing and wanting for lots of that global warming. This is a snapshot of the current conditions in Farmingdale, Maine (south central part of state). Tonight, the forecast calls for temperatures to dip down approaching -30 degrees F.



Does Maine Want Wolves?

Follow the link, read the article and then answer the poll question.

“While most wildlife experts agree that Maine would be a great place for wolves because it has abundant habitat to support them, they say there is no resident population of breeding wolves here.”<<<Read More>>>

Abundant habitat? There may be lots of forest but what is it that a bunch of wolves in Maine going to eat? I know, Canada lynx!

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