February 17, 2019

So Cold Fish Frozen in Place

I can’t say I ever remember seeing this unbelievable phenomenon happening before, but I’m guessing it probably has. Evidently it got so cold so quickly that these fish were frozen in place as they swam.<<<More Pictures and Info>>>



On Amazon: “The Real Wolf”

RealWolfCoverThe Real Wolf: The Science, Politics, and Economics of Co-Existing with Wolves in Modern Times – Paperback
by Ted B. Lyon and Will N. Graves

How have thriving elk populations of thousands dwindled to mere hundreds in just a matter of years? Author Ted B. Lyon asserts the wolf is at fault. He also blames the wolf for the rampant spread of infectious diseases among livestock populations and the decimation of wild deer, moose, sheep, and domestic animals alike. A trial lawyer with over 37 years of litigation experience, Lyon proves his case in The Real Wolf: The Science, Politics, and Economics of Co-Existing with Wolves in Modern Times. In this detailed yet easy-to-read essay collection, authors Ted B. Lyon and Will N. Graves investigate the majesty and myths surrounding wolves in the United States and offer a new, true picture of the wolf in contemporary America. The Real Wolf is an in-depth study of the impact wolves as a federally protected species have had on big game and livestock populations. Each chapter in the book is meticulously researched and written by authors and scientists who have spent years studying wolves and wolf behavior. Contributing authors Rob Arnaud, Dr. Arthur Bergerud, Karen Budd-Falen, Jess Carey, Dr. Matthew A. Cronin, Dr. Valerius Geist, Don Peay, Laura Schneberger, Heather Smith-Thomas, and Cat Urbigkit each describe a unique aspect of the wolf in the United States. The Real Wolf does not call for the eradication of wolves from the United States, but rather advocates a new system of species management that would allow wolves, game animals, and farmers to live in harmony.

*Note* I was privileged to be asked to write a book review of “The Real Wolf”. Subsequently it became the foreword for this book. If you would like, you can read a copy of that below: (this review has been slightly edited from this original submission.)

Book Review: The Real Wolf
The Science, Politics, and Economics of Co-Existing with Wolves in Modern Times
Ted B. Lyons and Will N. Graves and other contributions

It has been nearly 30 years since United States Government employees undertook steps to import Canadian wolves into Yellowstone and Central Idaho; much of that event done illegally. To pull it off, the greatest sales pitch, or con job, in U.S. History had to take place. Wolves were sold as something they were not. Wolf advocates deliberately lied[this has been changed to something more politically correct], brainwashing masses of people with images of the gray wolf as a “keystone predator”, an “indicator species”, a “flagship species”, and all wrapped up in descriptions of wolves “balancing nature” and “sanitarians” of the forests. This was all done for one purpose: to sell the people about introducing wolves into the Lower 48 States. After all, if people were reminded of the truthful history of wolves globally, they would not have fallen for the idea.

It has taken nearly 30 years to compile between two book covers all the facts to explain to the American people that they were lied[also changed] to about the wolf. Everything you need to learn about the truth concerning wolves, can be found in “The Real Wolf.” The Real Wolf is destined to become the encyclopedia of wolf facts, loaded with resources from some of the most renowned scientists, researchers, investigators and historians the world has to offer.

The Real Wolf presents hundreds of pages of documents, facts and real life stories about gray wolves, including over 450 references, footnotes and links to sources and facts.

What began in this country at least 100 years ago, a deliberate effort to change the minds of American children, cannot be reversed in one book publication, but as far as the repulsive fairy tales that have been told about gray wolves around the world, The Real Wolf is a strong first step. It should be the foundation of understanding the wolf and required reading for all wildlife managers and biologists.

For those always wishing they had at their disposal a comprehensive publication in which to share with others and increase their own knowledge of “real wolves”, The Real Wolf is certainly something to add to your library.

Some of my favorite researchers and scientists have contributed to this book: Will N. Graves, author of Wolves in Russia: Anxiety Through the Ages; Dr. Valerius Geist, a leading ethologist and professor emeritus University of Calgary; Dr. Tom Bergerud, the world’s leading authority on caribou; and Dr. Matthew Cronin, a research professor of Animal Genetics at the University of Alaska in Fairbanks.

The Real Wolf will teach readers of wolf history across the globe, wolf introduction in the United States, the more than 50 diseases wolves carry, how U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service alters science to fit agendas, how mongrel mutts are being introduced as pure wolves, the devastation wolves have had on other wild animals and private property depredating livestock and the unbelievable affect it has had on people, plus a whole lot more.


RMEF Opposes Lawsuit over Idaho Wolf Management

MISSOULA, Mont.–The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation stands shoulder-to-shoulder with the Idaho Fish and Game Department (IDFG) in opposition to a lawsuit aimed at stopping the management of wolves in the Frank Church-River of No Return Wilderness.

“There is nothing illegal about this management activity,” said David Allen, RMEF president and CEO. “It clearly falls within the guidelines of Idaho’s federally-approved wolf management plan.”

IDFG hired a hunter in late 2013 to track and kill wolves from two packs in central Idaho after determining wolf predation is a major factor preventing ailing elk populations in the area from recovering.

“The wilderness is a special place, but it is different from a national park,” said Virgil Moore, IDFG director. “Backcountry hunting, fishing and wildlife viewing are treasured opportunities, and Fish and Game has actively managed wildlife in central Idaho since before the area was designated wilderness.”

Moore stated aerial surveys in the Frank Church Wilderness indicate elk populations dropped 43 percent since 2002 and wolf populations are too high in relation to elk numbers. He also said there are at least six documented packs in the Middle Fork Salmon zone and several more across the wilderness area.

“Wolf hunting and trapping by sportsmen in the Middle Fork zones have not been sufficiently effective in reducing elk predation. Even if successful, this action will in no way come near to eliminating wolves,” added Moore. “That is not, and never will be, our goal.”

Last year IDFG managers estimated Idaho’s wolf population at 683, an 11 percent drop from 2012, but more than 300 percent above the original minimum recovery goal of 150 established in the mid-1990s. The highest total was in 2009, when it estimated 859 wolves were in the state.

“There is a small fraction of people that believe the wolf deserves special rules and designations above and beyond all other wildlife. Wolves need to remain under state management like elk, deer, bears and lions in order to ensure balance and that there is sufficient habitat for the survival of all species,” added Allen.

RMEF also remains committed to learning more about wolves through research efforts. Since 1989, RMEF invested nearly $664,000 in research grants to advance scientific understanding of wolves, wolf interactions with other species, and overall wolf management. The total includes more than $200,000 in science grants in just the past five years. Most of the contributions paid for independent research by leading universities, state and federal wildlife conservation agencies and tribes.


Welding With Jumper Cables and a Pair of Batteries

VIDEO: Great information for those who spend great deal of time in the bush.


Gun Control Freaks Using “Overton Window?”

Overton Window is a tactic in which very absurd legislation is presented with the notion that perhaps through compromise or a dumbing down of the original legislation, what was actually desired for law is achieved.

In the linked to the article below, it is suggested that this Overton Window might possibly be in play when a Missouri state senator proposes a law that would make criminals out of parents who fail to notify their schools about their ownership of guns.

From the article:

As you might or might not be aware Missouri state senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal (D-Jefferson City) has proposed a law in Missouri that would make it a crime for parents not to tell school officials if they have guns in their home. Specifically Missouri State Senate Bill 549, if passed, would fine parents $100 if they didn’t tell their children’s school about the guns they own, and would even go so far as to prosecuted parents for gun crimes committed by their children. Those who keep up with Missouri politics might remember that Maria Chappelle-Nadal introduced this same legislation almost a year ago but it never got anywhere.

<<<

On the flip side of this absurdity, Missouri lawmakers are attempting to find ways to stop the Federal Government from creating and enforcing gun control laws believed to be unconstitutional.

From the AP:

Having failed in an earlier effort to bar federal agents from enforcing gun regulations in Missouri, conservative lawmakers are trying a new tack this year: banding together with other like-minded states to defy certain federal laws at the same time.

Supporters believe it will be more difficult for the federal government to shrug off such statutes if more states act together.

Missouri’s latest proposal, introduced this past week, would attempt to nullify certain federal gun control regulations from being enforced in the state and subject law enforcement officers to criminal and civil penalties for carrying out such policies.

<<<


Federal Court Rejects Injunction to Ban Weapons Carry on Federal Land

From attorney for Mountain States Legal Foundation:

“FYI – a good day…

Last Friday, in a case in which we represent the Mountain States Legal Foundation, the Idaho federal district court rejected the attempt by federal lawyers (a U.S. Department of Justice attorney was flown into Boise to argue the case) to dismiss the MSLF lawsuit on behalf of two Idaho individuals who seek to carry loaded firearms on Corps of Engineers managed recreational lands. In addition, over the federal government’s objection, the district court granted a preliminary injunction barring the Corps from enforcing its unconstitutional regulation. The district court’s opinion is quite strong on the fundamental nature (relying on Heller) of the right guaranteed by the Second Amendment, both while in tents on federal land and for the purposes of self-defense. Bear in mind that the Corps has property open for public recreation in 43 States. I have attached the opinion.

Best Regards,

John L. Runft
Runft & Steele Law Offices, PLLC
1020 W. Main St., Suite 400
Boise, Idaho 83702


The Modern Child

Humor: True stories:

A young lady of perhaps 3 was with family and making quite a mess eating an ice cream cone. She was told by one family member that she needed to learn how to eat an ice cream cone without making such a mess. The 3-year-old replied, “Well, I need more practice.”

Later on that day, the 3-year-old emerged from a store after shopping. It was raining. The young lady said, “Oh, God!”, in disgust of the weather. The mother explained to the little girl that we shouldn’t use God in that manner. In response, the little girl said, “Well, damn it! It’s raining!”

Once again her mom explained that that wasn’t a proper way of speaking, to which the little girl replied, “Well, shit! What am I supposed to say then?”

I take it the subject was dropped.


Engraving Can Be A Beautiful Thing




RMEF Membership Tops 200,000

MISSOULA, Mont.–For the first time in its 30-year history, the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation surpassed the 200,000 member mark. Membership now stands at an all-time high of 203,703. The new total, as of the final day of 2013, is 7,624 higher than the end of 2012. It also marks record growth for the fifth year in a row.

“We are extremely thankful for all our members and volunteers who believe and invest in our mission to ensure the future of elk, other wildlife, their habitat and our hunting heritage,” said David Allen, RMEF president and CEO.

The surge in membership continues a trend that began in 2008. Since then, hunters and conservationists joined RMEF to increase overall membership by more than 25 percent.

Evidence of RMEF’s growing membership also exists in its growing social media presence. RMEF recently passed 100,000 likes on Facebook and set an organization record by reaching more than 2.1 million Facebook users over a seven day period in late 2013. RMEF is also active online via its website and blog as well as Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter and YouTube.

“More and more people are finding out that RMEF stands tall alongside sportsmen and women in support of conservation, wildlife management and hunting,” added Allen. “Hunters remain the driving economic force that funds land and wildlife conservation in North America. We will continue to press forward in our quest to conserve and enhance vital habitat, create and secure public access, restore elk to their native range, strengthen and ensure the future of our hunting tradition, promote the management of all wildlife including predators and spread the fact that hunting is conservation.”


Kalifornia Labels Gasoline as Cause for Global Warming

I have always read that Californication is the testing ground for how much Americans can take and how they react to issues that are intended to be implemented in the One World Government as part of the New World Order.

For those who actually thought most people had caught onto the fraud of global warming, isn’t this proof the Governments don’t care? So what do you call a state that does exactly what it wants, when it wants and to whom it wants and to hell with the people? Answers due by noon tomorrow.