December 16, 2018

It’s the Meat, Stupid!

New Research Shows Hunters Increasingly Motivated by the Meat

Reasons Include the Recession, the Locavore Movement, and More Women Hunting

HARRISONBURG, Va. – Recent national and state-level research conducted by Responsive Management reveals that obtaining meat is an increasingly important motivation among American hunters to go afield. “While there are several reasons for this growth in the segment of hunters who engage in hunting for utilitarian reasons, several of Responsive Management’s new studies make clear that the trend is widespread and unmistakable,” explains Mark Damian Duda, executive director of Responsive Management, who managed the research studies.<<<Read the Rest>>>


Elk Chasing Motorcycle Gunned Down by the Law

VIDEO: I’m not sure who has more intelligence in this event – the elk, the people, or the killers. What do you think? Comment below.


Millions to take part in global earthquake drill

LOS ANGELES (AP) – Hoping to survive an earthquake, many Californians and people in earthquake prone regions around the world were gearing up for a major earthquake drill.<<<Read the Rest>>>


Passive, Programmed Sheep Herders of France. Is America Next?

This video could just as easily have been filmed in the United States as this country has become a socialist’s haven with the majority of its citizens much like those depicted in this film from France – passive, brainwashed, programmed, True Believers of anti human existence.

Note in this film that each of the sheep breeders express their mental torment and financial anguish, while the government representative(?) offers them a hotline where they can call someone that will listen to “how they feel,” and provide psychiatric help.

Sheep breeders, the invisible bites – MSA by MSATV


Special counsel to investigate armed EPA mining raid in Alaska

Alaska’s governor, Sean Parnell, announced Thursday that a special counsel has been named to investigate raids by conducted by federal and state authorities near the town of Chicken. <<<Read the Rest>>>


Man Seeks Asylum Due to Global Warming

Can Al Gore’s product of climate change fear and insanity get any whackier than a man seeking asylum in New Zealand because he fears rising ocean water levels? Living on a small Pacific island, Kiribati, on the Equator halfway between Hawaii and Australia, a man supposedly fears rising sea levels due to Al Gore’s fake global warming and thinks that 30 years from now his island, with a population of 100,000, will be underwater.

I suggest we send him a snorkel and a rubber raft.


Jim Beers’ Rebuttal: Why Recruit Hunters?

*Editor’s Note* This information has been provided by Jim Beers.

The following letter to the editor by a reader of the St. Pail Pioneer Press poses a question well worth considering and answering. What follows his letter is a letter I submitted to the St. Paul Paper in response. Since such letters require brevity, please forgive my less than comprehensive treatment of this matter. Jim Beers 14 Oct.

*Note* – Not fully knowing the copyright infringement rules of the Pioneer Press, I opted instead to provide just a link back to the original Letter to the Editor.


Recently a reader challenged DNR Commissioner Landwehr’s commitment to “recruit more hunters”. Although by reading between the lines I suspect the author is what might be termed an “anti-hunter”, I find myself (an avid hunter) in partial agreement with his position.

I disagree with his statement that, “If the DNR needs more money, just raise the subsidized fees on the current hunters”. In truth the DNR wildlife folks, like other state’s wildlife agencies, and unlike other state functions like Parks, are almost entirely supported by excise taxes on arms, ammunition, archery products, and fishing tackle/products (termed “user fees”) PLUS the license revenue from state licensing of hunters and fishermen. That the wildlife agencies get or require “subsidies” is due to all the non-revenue producing and mandated activities like wolves, songbirds, native species and other activities that appear as somehow worthy but are, in fact, intended to overwhelm and replace hunting and fishing management by state governments.

I do however agree with his incisive question that since “the state doesn’t recruit more golfers” etc., “Why do the fish and wildlife sectors of our economy need to be subsidized by the general population?” As he correctly observes, limits could be “increased” and fees could be “raised” although the latter, like raising taxes, would likely backfire and ultimately result in lower revenue as people adjust. Hunters and fishermen are free Americans, not pawns of the state.

The real answer to “why” is state bureaucrats’ pay, promotions, bonuses, retirement and growth. It is all the Ducks Unlimited’s and Pheasants Forever’s memberships and staff’s pay and benefits. It is the sporting’s goods dealers and their business. It is the federal bureaucrats and all the “strings” they have on state agencies that have made them little more than federal subcontractors. Finally, it is all those state and federal politicians and “wannnabee”-politicians that reap votes and support from unsuspecting hunters and fishermen as they pander to the illusion that catering to the anti-hunters and anti-fishermen is somehow good for hunters, fishermen and the cultural traditions and sport they so love.

Jim Beers
14 October 2013

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Jim Beers is a retired US Fish & Wildlife Service Wildlife Biologist, Special Agent, Refuge Manager, Wetlands Biologist, and Congressional Fellow. He was stationed in North Dakota, Minnesota, Nebraska, New York City, and Washington DC. He also served as a US Navy Line Officer in the western Pacific and on Adak, Alaska in the Aleutian Islands. He has worked for the Utah Fish & Game, Minneapolis Police Department, and as a Security Supervisor in Washington, DC. He testified three times before Congress; twice regarding the theft by the US Fish & Wildlife Service of $45 to 60 Million from State fish and wildlife funds and once in opposition to expanding Federal Invasive Species authority. He resides in Eagan, Minnesota with his wife of many decades.

Jim Beers is available to speak or for consulting. You can receive future articles by sending a request with your e-mail address to:


RMEF Expands Conserved Elk Habitat in Colorado

MISSOULA, Mont.–The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation worked with it partners and a private landowner to protect an additional 237 acres of elk habitat in northern Colorado. The property represents the third phase of conserved lands between RMEF and the Flying Diamond Ranch. When combined with previous work by the RMEF, Colorado Cattlemen’s Agricultural Land Trust, and Colorado Parks and Wildlife on the Flying Diamond Ranch in Routt County, 1,928 acres of the 3,095-acre ranch are now permanently protected.

“This transaction is a testament to the continuing commitment to elk, elk country and conservation by the Adams family,” said Blake Henning, RMEF vice president of Lands and Conservation. “Thanks to their cooperation and passion, this conservation work permanently protects the agricultural, wildlife and habitat values of the property.”

The ranch is a year-round cattle operation that lies just a few minutes outside of Steamboat Springs off State Highway 131 on the high northern ridges of Thorpe Mountain in the Yampa River Valley. The newly protected lands are highlighted by a mile of Oak Creek, floodplain pastures, Gambel oak and sagebrush. More than 200 cow-calf pairs graze on the ranch during the summer months. The ranch also provides summer and winter range for elk, and habitat for black bear, mountain lion, bobcat and mule deer. Wildlife species of concern on the property include the Columbian sharp-tailed grouse, the greater sage grouse, and the northern leopard frog.

Since this conservation easement prohibits any subdivision or development, it protects a ‘million dollar’ vista at the southern entrance to the Yampa Valley.

“The Adams family is proud to participate in the conservation of open space that has long been a vision of the residents of Routt County. We thank the Purchase Development Rights Program (PDR) and the Board of County Commissioners for choosing the Flying Diamond Ranch for this conservation effort,” said John Adams.

Rural subdivision currently encroaches the property from the east and the north while conservation easements are already in place to the west and south. Other neighboring protected land includes parcels held by the Bureau of Land Management, two state wildlife areas, a state park, and four private ranches with conservation easements protecting an overall area of more than 17,000 acres.

Partners in the Thorpe Mountain conservation easement include the residents of Routt County, the Great Outdoors Colorado Trust, the Purchase Development Rights Program, and the Board of County Commissioners.

RMEF’s mission is to enhance the future of elk, other wildlife, their habitat and our hunting heritage. That holds very true in Routt County alone where RMEF funds totaling $146,596 conserved or enhanced nearly 26,000 acres of land since 1988. Statewide, RMEF and its partners completed 572 conservation and hunting heritage projects with a combined value of more than $147 million since 1987.


To Fend Off Attacking Bear Grab Bear’s Tongue

Imagine yourself walking through the woods near your home, when a bear jumps out and attacks you. That’s what happened to Gilles Cyr who lives near Grand Falls, New Brunswick, Canada. Grand Falls is located just over the border and east of Limestone, Maine.

Cyr says once the bear attacked him, “When I opened up my eyes it was on top of me.” That’s when he decided that being that the biggest thing he could see was the bear’s tongue, to grab it and not let go. Each time the bear tried to bite Cyr, he bit his tongue, perhaps saving him from more personal injury or this life.

Cyr was able to escape behind a tree and suffered “superficial claw wounds.”


*Note*: For those incapable of knowing the difference between reality and fiction, the picture of the bear above is NOT the same bear that attacked Gilles Cyr. The bear in the photograph is actually not a bear at all. It’s a slightly doctored up picture of Nancy Pelosi before she’s had her morning coffee.


Animal Perverts Ain’t Too Smart Either

It’s the typical crap sandwich you read about when animal perverts go about trying to save animals because they believe humans and animals exist at the same level, sharing in the same rights. Some even believe animals are as intelligent as humans and that is probably well displayed in the Lake Tahoe area where bear loving perverts are interfering with efforts by officials to trap nuisance bears and relocate them.

No longer is it the objective of these mentally damaged perverts to do as much as they can to help ward off the inevitable death sentence of a bear that becomes habituated to humans, these morons are now prohibiting officials from trapping the bears and relocating them to more wilderness areas. One deviant imbecile even stated that moving a bear into the wilderness was scaring the bear back into the city.

But, as is typical of these types, they have resorted to violence, death threats, harassment and destruction of government property and then deny they are responsible.

Here’s a short list of some of the profound comments made by bear loving freaks:

1. “They are just gorgeous creatures, and they are so misunderstood,”
2. “If you don’t get rid of that trap, we’re going to kill you”
3. “We’re going to destroy your business and screw up your boats and destroy your property.”
4. “We are the intruders here,” – Note: This one always gets me. The pile of sticks who make this comment also said, “If you want to live in a beautiful area like this, let’s learn how to live with the animals that are here.” How ignorant and self centered can a totalitarian fascist be? If this person really had all this “love” for animals, why did THEY choose to live where the bears do? These ignorant fools think they have the right to live where they choose and THEN dictate to all those around them how they are to live because they choose to live in a beautiful area. They are the biggest hypocrites in the world today.
5. “There is something special about bears. It’s hard to explain. The more I am with them, the closer I feel to them.” – Note to bear pervert – Get a life!
6. “Carl Lackey [biologist] is the ultimate bear serial killer,”
7. “Oh, please beat the crap out of this guy,”
8. “When a bear is where he shouldn’t be, tell him right then and there. Wave your arms and stomp your feet. Once the animal has fled into the forest, you stop and say, ‘Good bear.’” – Note: This epitomizes the mental illness associated with a perverse affliction with animals. I mean seriously. Are you kidding me? Sick! Sick! Sick!
9. “People who don’t like bears don’t like us.”
10. “I am not a terrorist, and I don’t break the law.”
11. “He [a bear] doesn’t seem to be in any mood to harm anybody.”
12. “Animals who grow up around our villages… are the least likely to harm a human.”

These freaks should just pack up and move back to the city. What idiots!