January 26, 2020

Luray Aerial Saw – Trimming Power Lines

How long, if not already, before the environmentalist idiots find a way to ban this activity?


We Should Arrange a Human Interaction “T-Group” For Coyote Attack Victims

The National Training Laboratories (a brainwashing organization founded by psycho-king Dr. Kurt Lewin) use to conduct their brainwashing sessions in my tiny hometown of Bethel, Maine; population, 1,000. Famous in those mind controlling sessions were what Dr. Lewin called “T-Groups”; a chance to take mind altering drugs, get in touch with your inner self (and outer body’s of others) and learn to control the minds and thoughts of others around you. Perhaps in Chicago, murder capital of the world and the center for all things corrupt, T-Groups are needed for pet owners, citizens in general and of course we must call in the coyotes.

But seriously…..no, I just can’t do it. Chicago has a coyote problem. I’m not sure why anyone might think the Chicago area is going to do anything about coyotes attacking people and pets. They do nothing to stem the murder rate of humans in that city of filth and sin.

Back to the coyote problem, a boy was recently attacked by a coyote in a nearby park and all we seem to hear about from the Windy City is people complaining to police about coyotes attacking their pet dogs.

In Wheaton, police are so serious about the welfare of you and your pet, they issued a solution to avoiding a coyote attack: “Anyone encountering a coyote should shout, clap, run toward it or throw something in its direction.”

During the Lewis and Clark expedition, I think I read somewhere in their journals where they told their men to use this tactic if ever attacked by a predator……and any Indians that might happen along. I think the “throwing something in it’s direction” might have involved lead and powder.

Humans murdering humans in Chicago? That’s fine. Coyotes attacking humans in Chicago? That’s fine too. Coyotes attacking pets? Well, that’s not exactly fine because above all else, protect the pet….sort of. That’s why the police stepped in and told people how to protect their pets.

Above all else, DON’T HARM THE WILD DOGS!

And if you are in Chicago and encounter a coyote, I suggest you find the nearest pile of coyote scat and throw it at the police. The officer will coming running and then make them shout, clap, run toward the coyote or throw something at it.

Kill people! Save Wild Dogs!



The Antlers Behind the Fence

What? Do you see the moose antlers just over the top of the fence? Is this Wilson the Moose? Remember the show Tool Time, with Tim the Toolman Taylor and his next door neighbor who was always just over the fence and we never got to see him – just the top of his head or hat?


Photo by Al Remington


Supporting The Second Amendment

PHOTO: I do like those backstraps! Yum!



Statement: Predators Kill the Sick and Weak Prey Species

Yesterday I posted a video that showed a woman representative of PETA who wrote a letter to a young girl who had been attacked by a bear. PETA wanted the girl to sympathize with the bear because the girl deserved to be attacked for being a hunter. In that video, the PETA representative made the statement, that we hear on a regular basis, that bears kill only the weak and sickly of their prey species. Do readers fully understand how ridiculous that statement is?

First of all, I believe that for anyone to make such a statement and believe it true, they are placing human traits on animals that just don’t belong. This, of course, has gone on for many years as people have been programmed to think that animals have equal rights with humans, have emotions and feelings like humans and, we know that corporations, like Disney, have made billions of dollars, fabricating human-like animals and forcing them onto our children.

However, if you believe that a large predator (after all, the talking point is that all large predators kill only the sick and weakly of the prey species and that this makes for balanced and healthy ecosystems.) kills only the sick and lame prey, then you must believe that the predator possesses the ability to recognize when the prey they are seeking is in poor shape, diseased, going to die; whatever condition fits into the narrative of those worshiping the predator to justify its protection.

If someone was to tell me that a predator might be able to recognize a badly limping prey species and over the years had learned that that’s an easier catch than a non limping prey member, I might have reason to believe that as a possibility. How else does a large predator recognize “the weak and sickly” of the prey species? Can a mountain lion stare at an elk and recognize that the elk’s lungs and liver are full of Hydatid cysts, and know that elk can’t run so far and so fast because of the cysts. Do they recognize rabies, or Taenia krabbei or Taenia arctos in the muscle tissue of the animal they are about to chase and kill? What constitutes lame, sick, weak?

I think you might be getting my point.

But let’s turn this around a bit. Let’s agree that a large predator possesses a natural ability to recognize the sick and lame (undefined) of the prey species. If so, isn’t this predator just as capable of recognizing a healthy prey species? Isn’t this predator capable of recognizing a pregnant prey species? If we wish to place human traits on animals, then one would have to ask why a predator would want to kill and eat a disease-laced prey species? Yuck! (Human reaction here. Follow along.)

Boots on the ground observations and studies have revealed that wolves, for example, love to kill pregnant elk cows, rip out the fetus and have a favorite feast. Did the wolf recognize the pregnant cow? Or was it a coincidence that the wolf must have noticed a limp in that cow and it was only a bonus that that limping cow elk was with calf?

Also yesterday, I covered much of an article that Dr. Charles Kay had written originally for Muley Crazy magazine. In that article Dr. Kay spoke of how advocates for wolves wanted to have things both ways in the roles that wolves play on our ecosystems; that being that wolves were a “keystone” species but did not have any substantial effect on the population of their prey base. And this, by definition, is impossible.

In much the same way, making claims that predators kill only weak and sick prey is an attempt at dishonestly convincing people that the predator is only smart enough to kill and eat bad food and not capable of picking out a preferred meal. Silly isn’t it? Predators, by definition, “prey” on their food. If you’re a prey species and you happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, you’re a quarter-pounder with cheese to go.


PETA Asks Girl Attacked by Bear to Sympathize With Bear

What is on display in this video, at least out of the mouth of the woman from PETA, is that she is either a useful idiot, robotically repeating the lies she has been brainwashed to believe about animals (bears) and hunting, along with the usual suspect of claiming animal rights on an equal playing field with humans. If more than a useful idiot, she is change agent, trained by the agencies that are run by the ruling elite to turn what once was right to wrong and wrong to right.

However, make no mistake about it, the news anchor is trained to do the same thing and for this reason it is extremely difficult to disseminate between lies and truth.


EPA “Climate Expert” Gets Jail Time for Million Dollar Fraud

Federal Judge Ellen Huvelle called Beale’s crime of defrauding the U.S. government of over $1 million “inexplicable” and “egregious.”

Beale said that he did it for “greed, simple greed, and I’m ashamed of that greed.”

Perhaps Beale’s most bizarre fraud was falsely posing as a CIA agent as a cover to avoid his official duties. Federal prosecutors described Beale’s deceptions as a “crime of massive proportion.”<<<Read More>>>


RMEF Team Elk Expands to Year-Round TV Schedule

MISSOULA, Mont.–The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation’s award-winning television show is going bigger and better than ever. Season Four of RMEF Team Elk, presented by Cabela’s, will now be broadcast all year long on the Outdoor Channel.

“This is a bold endeavor for us,” said Steve Decker, RMEF vice president of Marketing. “Expanding production from 26 weeks to 52 weeks a year gives RMEF a greater opportunity for outreach and education by featuring more elk hunting, elk country and telling the story that Hunting is Conservation.”

Season Four premieres the week of December 30. It features RMEF President/CEO David Allen and Life Member Bill McBeath as they hunt Nevada and focus on land protection for the state’s wildlife populations.

Episodes of RMEF Team Elk will air every Tuesday at 12:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Thursday at 10:30 p.m., and Friday at 11 p.m. (all times ET) on Outdoor Channel.

Highlights of Season Four include memorable hunts chasing big bulls in Utah, Montana, Idaho, Kentucky, New Mexico and on other beautiful landscapes across elk country. Among featured Team Elk members are country music artists Easton Corbin and Josh Thompson, Chris Sprangers of Cabela’s, former Indy race car driver Johnny Unser, Eberlestock founder Glen Eberle, PSE founder Pete Shepley, Kristy Titus, host Brandon Bates, and four teenage girls on their first deer hunt.

RMEF Team Elk represents a nationwide RMEF membership of nearly 200,000. The series delivers RMEF’s mission of ensuring the future of elk, other wildlife, their habitat and our hunting heritage with a theme of Hunting is Conservation to 34 million households per week on the Outdoor Channel.

“Our goal is to help viewers gain a better appreciation and understanding of the link between elk, hunters, the land and conservation,” added Decker.

Presented by Cabela’s, RMEF Team Elk is not possible without the support of our partners, including Browning, Buck Knives, Danner, Yeti Coolers, Eberlestock, PSE Archery, Zeiss, Flextone Game Calls, Archer Xtreme, New Holland, Nosler, Hunting GPS Maps, DeWalt, Yamaha, Sitka, Budweiser, Peak and Montana Canvas.


What Others Think About My Hunting

PHOTO: Editorial commentary



Fox Hunting Mice Under Deep Snow Pack

VIDEO: Fascinating