November 22, 2019

Canadian Woman Recovering From Black Bear Attack

A Peterborough, Ontario woman is recovering after being attacked by a black bear. The woman was taking a walk with her two dogs near their camp. Her dogs eventually chased the bears away. And, just as the animal rights perverts would have it, it appears the family has decided not to return to their camp anytime soon.




Colorado Man Attacked by 3 Coyotes

A Colorado man who appears to live in a Denver, Colorado suburb of Niwot, was attacked by three coyotes while walking to work in the darkness. He fought off the canine attackers with a flashlight he was carrying.

I wonder what the “dog song” was these nasty varmints were singing?

The map below shows the general area of suburbia where the attack took place.

75th Ave. Niwot, colorado - Google Maps 2013-10-19 08-58-54


Rescheduling Mexican Wolf Hearings


Depending on the hearing dates schedule, we can still request an extension of the written comments.


A public hearings on two proposed rules: (1) Proposal to Remove the Gray Wolf (Canis lupus) from the List of Endangered and Threatened Wildlife and Maintaining Protections for the Mexican Wolf (Canis lupus baileyi) by Listing it as Endangered; and (2) Proposed Revision to the Nonessential Experimental Population of the Mexican Wolf was scheduled to be held in Albuquerque, NM on 04 Oct 13. Due to the recently ended government shutdown this hearing was cancelled. We are currently in the process of rescheduling hearings for Arizona and New Mexico. As soon as information is available on the new locations and dates for the hearings we will send out an updated email and news release. In addition, we will continue to update our websites with current information.

At this time, comments on these proposals are being accepted through October 28, 2013. For more information or for links to submit comments on the Gray Wolf delisting proposal go to To learn more on the Mexican wolf proposal go to and click on the link 2013 Proposed Revision to the Nonessential Experimental Population of the Mexican Wolf.

Jonathan Olson
Environmental Planning Consultant

Mexican Wolf Recovery Program
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service


Bears And Fat People

The poster below reminds me of an old story and is actually somewhat depicted in this very poster. Two men were out fishing. They had caught several fish, when from out of the brush came a grizzly bear. At first they thought the bear just wanted their fish but when they began to run, the bear chased them.

The two men were side by side running as fast as they could. One man asked the other, Do you think we can outrun that bear?”

The second man replied, “I don’t know but from my perspective I think all I have to do is outrun you!”



The Most Important News Story of the 21st Century

*Editor’s Note* – I place this and sometimes other stories on this website for the enjoyment of readers in order that they can disseminate as they wish.

What is the most important news story of the 21st century? I think I know what it is and can also tell you that the vast majority of the world’s citizens, our elected leaders, and most in the mainstream media who should be telling us about it, haven’t the slightest clue what it is.

There are many candidates for the title. For example, what is more important than the latest Middle East conflict, more important than Iran and North Korea with ‘the bomb’, more important than the declining influence of the US on the world scene, more newsworthy than the next intractable, deadly virus? What could possibly be more important than the out-of-control US debt, more scary than residual Fukushima radioactive waste. Aside from some unpredictable astronomical event that takes place every few million years or so, what could be more unnerving than the possibility of the next global economic collapse, more treacherous than the Chinese trying to kill the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency, or more important than who the next leaders of the USA, China, and Russia will be?<<<Read the Rest>>>


Could Widespread Tapeworm Infestation Destroy Life In The Northern Rockies?

Published in 1963, Farley Mowat’s book, “Never Cry Wolf”, probably did more than anything written before or since to spread and perpetuate the misconception that wolves only kill the old, the sick, and the weak – making herds healthier. While published as a true story, the book has been proven to be pure fiction, in which the author wrote himself into the lead role, as a research scientist sent alone into Canada’s wild north to determine if wolf predation was the cause for the dramatic loss of hundreds of thousands of caribou.

In reality, he was the junior member of a research team, which indeed did come to the conclusion that the herds were being decimated by wolves. However, in his fictitious story, Mowat reached a completely different finding. He blamed the loss of the great herds to the spread of diseases and parasites – and there is likely some truth to that. What he failed to share was the origin of all those cysts found on the internal organs of the caribou he claimed to have dissected. <<<Read the Rest>>>


Bear Spray Manufacturers Pimping Their Products

I have yet to see any so-called bear spray data that wasn’t outcome based and usually paid for by the manufacturers of bear sprays.

According to The Outdoor Wire, the “Wildlife Management Institute (WMI) and Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee teamed up with renowned Hunting Journalist Craig Boddington and the Boone and Crockett Club” to make a video geared toward convincing hunters in grizzly bear country to carry bear spray for protection against bears instead of using your gun. Their claim is guns take too long, are cumbersome and in a “panic” situation, a hunter will be unable to shoot accurately to defend themselves. They claim spray is much more effective citing 92% effectiveness.

While carrying bear spray might, in certain circumstances, do the job and is certainly better than carrying nothing for protection, remember, this video and promotion of bear spray is nothing more than a giant advertisement campaign for bear spray manufacturing companies.

Proof of this can be found in the last paragraph of the Outdoor Wire article:

Additional financial support for production of the video was provided by bear spray manufacturers Universal Defense Applications Products (UDAP), Counter Assault, as well as the Montana Outfitters and Guides Association, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Idaho Department of Fish and Game, Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks, and Wyoming Game and Fish Department.

This is also an effort to protect the grizzly bear. Due to the history of some of those involved in this advertisement campaign, I would NEVER trust any so-called outcome-based research they cram down the throats of people.

If you are going into grizzly bear country, take something for protection. If you are not comfortable with a gun, and know well how to use it, bear spray might provide a level of protection.

I wonder how bear spray works on wolves and mountain lions?


It’s the Meat, Stupid!

New Research Shows Hunters Increasingly Motivated by the Meat

Reasons Include the Recession, the Locavore Movement, and More Women Hunting

HARRISONBURG, Va. – Recent national and state-level research conducted by Responsive Management reveals that obtaining meat is an increasingly important motivation among American hunters to go afield. “While there are several reasons for this growth in the segment of hunters who engage in hunting for utilitarian reasons, several of Responsive Management’s new studies make clear that the trend is widespread and unmistakable,” explains Mark Damian Duda, executive director of Responsive Management, who managed the research studies.<<<Read the Rest>>>


Elk Chasing Motorcycle Gunned Down by the Law

VIDEO: I’m not sure who has more intelligence in this event – the elk, the people, or the killers. What do you think? Comment below.


Millions to take part in global earthquake drill

LOS ANGELES (AP) – Hoping to survive an earthquake, many Californians and people in earthquake prone regions around the world were gearing up for a major earthquake drill.<<<Read the Rest>>>