August 23, 2019

Believing Hunters Will Wipe Out Remaining Montana Wolf Population

Ignorance is bliss, isn’t it? A writer claims Montana has only 625 wolves and that hunters are going to kill them all.

At the beginning of this year, there were only 625 wolves in Montana, a slight drop from the year before. If only 2.1% of hunters issued a permit this year reach their bag limit, the wolf will disappear from Montana altogether. As wolves are pack animals, a single hunter will likely be able to kill several wolves in a single trip.

I suppose it is some kind of back door compliment to think that hunters have some kind of special ability to “kill several wolves in a single trip.” And that happens how often?


U.S. Senate Webpage Wrong on 2A

According to an article found on Breitbart, the U.S. Senate website, on information about the U.S. Bill of Rights, specifically the Second Amendment, has it all wrong; probably at least 5 years out of date.

The page in question, found here, says:

Whether this provision protects the individual’s right to own firearms or whether it deals only with the collective right of the people to arm and maintain a militia has long been debated.

And as the author points out, the District of Columbia v. Heller, Supreme Court case, resolved the question of individual vs. collective and McDonald v. City of Chicago, Supreme Court case, reaffirmed that ruling.

Hmmm! Must be sequestration preventing updating of the website.


Montana Gun Owners’ Health Care Privacy Effective October 1


Gun Owners Health Care Privacy Becomes Effective October 1st
Providers May Not Ask About Guns

Missoula, MONT. – The Montana Shooting Sports Association (MSSA) reminds Montana gun owners and health care providers that House Bill 459, enacted by the 2013 legislative session, becomes effective on October 1st. HB 459, now Montana law at 50-16-108, M.C.A., prohibits health care providers from asking patients questions about firearm ownership, possession or use. This new law does allow health care providers to inquire about patient possession of a firearm on the person of the patient at the time of treatment.

HB 459, carried by Rep. Krayton Kerns (R-Laurel), was passed by the Legislature and signed by Governor Bullock to address concerns by gun owners that medical interviews and computerized medical records might be used as a tool to collect and centralize information about individuals’ firearm ownership. Gun owners were also concerned that anti-gun bias by a health care practitioner might cause information about patient firearms to skew a practitioner’s patient assessment or treatment.

According to Montana law, health care providers and facilities affected by this new law includes both medical and psychological practitioners.

MSSA President Gary Marbut commented, “When originally introduced, HB 459 only specified that health care practitioners could not refuse treatment because a patient declined to answer questions about firearms. However, the Senate Judiciary Committee expanded the measure to also forbid providers from even asking patients questions about firearms. The House approved that change and the Governor signed the bill.” “Because firearms are so ubiquitous in Montana and so unrelated to health care,” Marbut continued, “we think this is very positive public policy by the Legislature. This new law is very suitable for Montana people and for Montana culture.”

MSSA is the primary political advocate for gun owners in Montana and has gotten 63 pro-gun and pro-hunting bills passed since being founded in 1989. See:

– 30 –


50-16-108. Privacy in health care — ownership of firearms. (1) No health care provider or health care facility may:
(a) refuse to provide health care to a person because the person declines to answer any questions concerning the person’s ownership, possession, or use of firearms; or
(b) inquire about a person’s ownership, possession, or use of firearms as a condition of receiving health care.
(2) For the purposes of this section:
(a) the terms “health care”, “health care facility”, and “health care provider” have the meanings provided in 50-16-504; and
(b) the term “possession” does not apply to the presence of a firearm on the person of a patient at the time of treatment.

50-16-504. Definitions. As used in this part, unless the context indicates otherwise, the following definitions apply:
(4) “Health care” means any care, service, or procedure provided by a health care provider, including medical or psychological diagnosis, treatment, evaluation, advice, or other services that affect the structure or any function of the human body.
(5) “Health care facility” means a hospital, clinic, nursing home, laboratory, office, or similar place where a health care provider provides health care to patients.
(6) “Health care information” means any information, whether oral or recorded in any form or medium, that identifies or can readily be associated with the identity of a patient and relates to the patient’s health care. The term includes any record of disclosures of health care information.
(7) “Health care provider” means a person who is licensed, certified, or otherwise authorized by the laws of this state to provide health care in the ordinary course of business or practice of a profession.

Gary Marbut, President
Montana Shooting Sports Association


In Russia Golden Eagle Attacks Deer

Lazovsky State Nature Reserve, in Russia, is where cameras captured the attack of a golden eagle on a small sika deer. This link will take you to a photo gallery.


RMEF Celebrates Conservation on National Hunting and Fishing Day

MISSOULA, Mont.–The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation stands tall, shoulder-to-shoulder alongside hunters and anglers nationwide to support National Hunting and Fishing Day, a day set aside to celebrate America’s conservation accomplishments.

Signed into law in 1972, and instituted on the state level that same year in all 50 states, National Hunting and Fishing Day marks its 41st anniversary on Saturday, Sept. 28.

“Our mission is to enhance the future of elk, other wildlife, their habitat and our hunting heritage,” said David Allen, RMEF president and CEO. “We firmly recognize the role outdoorsmen and women have in funding, supporting and embracing land and wildlife conservation. Those efforts further solidify our mantra that ‘Hunting is Conservation.'”

As wildlife numbers dwindled across the country more than 100 years ago, hunters were the force behind a movement to encourage and support conservation and science-based wildlife management. President Theodore Roosevelt, among other hunter-conservationists, called for an end of the commercial taking of species. They also lobbied for the creation of hunting licenses leading to a funding mechanism to assist with growing sustainable wildlife populations.

“The actions taken by Teddy Roosevelt and the fellow sportsmen of his time led to the foundation of the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation which spells out that wildlife belong to us and need to be managed in a way that populations will thrive forever. That model is the only one of its kind and remains the most successful in the world,” added Allen.

In 1937, hunters requested an 11 percent tax on guns, ammunitions, bows and arrows, with the proceeds directed solely toward funding conservation. To date, that tax raised more than $7.2 billion for wildlife conservation, including a record $522.5 million in 2012 alone. Through state licenses and fees, hunters pay $796 million a year for conservation programs. They also add $440 million a year to the effort through donations to conservation organizations like the RMEF.

“We are proud of the more than 6.3 million acres of habitat RMEF protected and enhanced across the country and the hand we had in reintroducing elk back on their native range in six states, but we know there is still much to do. We salute our dedicated volunteers for their efforts in raising funds to ensure the future of elk and elk country nationwide,” added Allen.

Allen urged sportsmen and women to show their support of National Hunting and Fishing Day by honoring actions of the past and by taking our children and grandchildren into the outdoors this weekend and in the future.


How To Testify Against Wolf Delisting – For Kids


It is important to note the indoctrination and propagandizing of children at very early ages. Also note that nothing in this propaganda piece is science-based – only playing on the emotions of other children and adults. I doubt this video was created to instruct a child on how to be a witness at a public hearing as much as it was to be passed around to others in order to wrongfully corrupt a child’s thinking and ability to learn to think on their own.

This is pure propaganda, which exists at all levels of government and society and should be recognized as such. What will it accomplish? The further brainwashing of children who will someday be forking over their money to the NGOs, who, if you will take note, sponsor and support this video.


Wolf Incident With Hunter in Washington State

Details are very sketchy at this time. One report from the Northwest Sportsman says that one female, uncollared, wolf was shot and killed in an area where wolves are protected under the Endangered Species Act. This incident took place in northwestern Okanogan County, according to the report. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) are investigating and at this point in time are very close lipped.

There is discussion taking place at the Hunting-Washington message board. One participant says the incident took place in Hart’s Pass. Rumors are flying everywhere. I cannot substantiate any of the claims.

It appears, from one “reliable” source, that the person who shot the wolf, was a hunter, and reported the incident to the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife. The turned the investigation over to USFWS because of jurisdiction.


Seventh Grader Kicked Out of School For Shooting Air Gun in His Own Yard

Here it comes America. Still thinking some of us are nuts and insist on burying your head in the sand because truth hurts?

We have officially become more than a police state, I believe, and proof of that comes from an expulsion from school of a seventh grade boy because he was seen on his parents’ property, waiting for the bus, and shooting a toy air pistol. He didn’t bring the toy gun on the bus nor to school and yet the Virginia Beach City Public School System kicked him out of school anyway.

<<<


Don’t Sensationalize Bear Behavior

I’ve beaten this dead horse about to death. While I am spending countless hours and writing countless articles attempting to properly educate people on black bear behavior, and other wild animal behavior, we then get letters to the editors showing how effective the brainwashing by environmentalist, animal worshipers has become.

What’s most amusing about the letter is that the author blames the state fish and game departments, along with the media, for spreading wrong information about bears.

This is groundless fearmongering, something the media uses instead of proper reporting. And, sadly, something that our wildlife agencies encourage.

We can agree on one thing; It’s the fault of fish and game and media, and they are not engaging in “proper” reporting, but for mostly complete opposite reasons.

Fear-mongering never works when attempting to educate people. The biggest obstacle is breaking down the years and years of brainwashing, and figuring out how to hack into the minds of people programmed to not think but only to follow authority……blindly……without question.

Beyond that insurmountable task, is then to properly teach people about animal behavior so that THINKING people can decide for themselves what risks they are willing to take.


Life on Earth Good For Another 2 Billion Years

Really? But Al Gore says………but, but, but wait.

Simple cells first appeared on Earth nearly 4 billion years ago. “We had insects 400 million years ago, dinosaurs 300 million years ago and flowering plants 130 million years ago,” lead researcher Andrew Rushby of the University of East Anglia in the United Kingdom said in a statement.” Anatomically modern humans have only been around for the last 200,000 years — so you can see it takes a really long time for intelligent life to develop.”

East Anglia? Isn’t that where they lied about climate data?

For those still retaining even the smallest ability to think for themselves, how can on the one hand people like Al Gore, still making millions off his global warming scam, proclaim the demise of earth because of man’s mere existence, and on the other, liars at East Anglia saying we’ll be around for another couple billion years?

And aren’t us nasty, rotten humans using up ALL the natural resources?

Is any of this making a lick of sense?