April 7, 2020

Concealed Carry: Keep Criminals Guessing




Moose Are Afraid of Wolves They Haven’t Seen in Nearly 100 Years

How can people actually learn what animal habits are when the information they get is confusing, contradictory, biased, and/or just plain wrong? The media, being the lazy copy and paste outlets that they are (I wonder if Fascist Feinstein defines a journalist as a copy-and-paster?), just repeat what they hear or better yet embellish information, sometimes creating it themselves, in order to sell copies.

So, here we go again. Wolves are misunderstood, black bears run away from humans because they are scared of them, and moose attack people. Is this good information?

The latest comes off the OutdoorWire, about moose in Colorado attacking people. Outdoorwire and the Colorado Parks and Wildlife are saying, in their headlines, “Dogs and moose do not play well together.”

It seems there have been a few moose/human encounters, especially in the parks, and domestic dogs are involved. Colorado officials are telling people that, “moose can be aggressive when dogs and humans get too close.” Isn’t this true of all wild animals? However, we are told bears will run away and wolves are misunderstood.

But I do have a question concerning information provided readers in the press release put out by the Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW). They said:

Moose in Colorado have very few natural predators and they are not generally frightened by humans. However, state wildlife officials caution that the large ungulates see dogs as a threat due to their similarities with wolves, their primary predator.

Really? Aren’t wolves misunderstood? Sorry, I had to add that. According to information available on the CPW website, there are estimated to be 2,000 moose now in Colorado. In addition, moose, “were introduced to North Park from Utah and Wyoming in 1978 and 1979.” So, that establishes the moose herd which reports say is growing very well in size.

But, there are no “known” wolves in Colorado. I do understand that certain instincts get passed along in wild animals, but 33 or 34 years of living in the parks in Colorado and moose still associate dogs with wolves? Really? But, wait. That’s not all. Moose were transplanted into Colorado from Utah and Wyoming in 1978 and 1979. According to the “experts” there were no wolves in Utah or Wyoming, “since hunters extirpated them” back in the 1920s and 1930. So, it’s really been almost a century since moose have had any encounters with wolves, according to expert information. So are we really to expect that moose in the parks of Colorado think people’s pet dogs remind the moose of wolves?

I’m selling a bridge in New York too!

Maybe the CPW can’t get tourists to understand that bringing their pet doggies to a wildlife setting in the woods is not a good thing and they are trying the “dogs and moose do not play well together” tactic.

What is confusing though is whether humans are supposed to believe everything they are told about wild animal behavior, or are animals supposed to be doing what the “authorities” say they are supposed to do?

I think the animals might get it. I’m not so sure about the humans.


Give Up Liberty for a Little Security?

Obama says the Founding Fathers got it all wrong. I guess then the comparative quotes below between Obama and Franklin seem at least 230 years apart.



Bill Clinton Disarmed the Military


According to the Libertarian Republic, former President Bill Clinton, shortly after taking office, prohibited the carrying of weapons at military installations. This makes the location of the latest mass shooting, in Washington, D.C., where it is illegal to have a gun, a “gun free zone.” Don’t all mass shootings occur in “gun free zones?” How’s that working out?


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Watch Out for Foxes Dressed Like Bobcats

I suppose there was once a day in this country that if someone spotted a wild creature about a children’s school, the teacher or perhaps principal would have gathered kids around to point out the animal and talk about it. Not any longer. You lock the kids down in their school in total fear of an animal, and as it turns out, the school officials didn’t even know what the animal was.

At a South Florida school someone reported seeing a “bobcat” roaming around the grounds of the school. A shutdown ensued. Now read the idiot comments made about bobcats:

They typically eat small mammals such as squirrels, rabbits and raccoons, and have a natural fear of people, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission said.

“They’re very shy and reclusive. The only time there would be a concern is if there was rabies,” said Carli Segelson, FWC spokeswoman.(emboldening added)

So if bobcats are fearful of people and are very shy and reclusive, what was it doing at a children’s school playground? Oh, it must have rabies! What if it doesn’t?

Oh, but wait! That doesn’t really matter as it seems the bobcat was really a fox, or turned into a fox. It’s just really not clear.

The important thing is those kids got locked up. Right?

What have we become?


Bear Kills Villager, Villagers Club Bear to Death

Video Included

In or near Karminagar, Andhra Pradesh, India, a bear that had been bothering the local villagers, attacked and killed one of the people there. It is difficult to distinguish the talking in the video but it sounded a couple times as though the reporters were saying the dead villager was attacked while riding a bicycle.

Villagers attempt to scare the bear away from the dead man, with sticks, only to have the bear turn on the people and attack at least one other man. A great number of villagers descend on the bear and club it to death. At some point during the clubbing, a man, whose identity I don’t know, showed up with a rifle and fired two shots at close range at the bear.

Perhaps none of this would have happened if these people had sufficient resources to defend themselves. The report states that the villagers complained that authorities had done nothing about this troublesome bear.


Woman Whacks Bear in Head With Baby Gate

The Kennebec Journal online is reporting that a woman in New Hampshire used a baby gate to fend off an attacking bear so the bear wouldn’t get her dogs.

Hasn’t this been the story all across the country where bears live this summer? Attack after attack, after attack. And still the idiots continue to report how rare it is, blah, blah, blah.

Not to worry though. Everybody is taught to believe that it’s man’s fault that bear get hungry and need to eat and so, everybody continues on in the usual manner as it depicted in the photograph below.



List of Fatal Bear Attacks in North America – 1870s thru 2010s

I didn’t know this until someone emailed me the link. Wikipedia (yeah, I know) has a list of fatal bear attacks in North American dating from the 1870s through present. Here’s the link.

List of Fatal Bear Attacks