April 28, 2017

First Snow

Parts of Maine woke up to a bit of snow this morning. On my way to work this morning, I caught sight of this beautiful creature experiencing the first snowfall of the year. She better look out. Maine is in the midst of deer hunting season and some hunters are getting very interested in filling their freezers.

Wolf Management and Hunter Manipulation_ The Cause of the Destruction of Our Herds.

The following video clip is from a work in production by Rockholm Media, “Ghosts of the Rockies.” Whether intended by the author or not, what I find inexplicable is the contrasting care and attention being given to a nasty, disease ridden, useless wild dog, and that of the elk, what’s left of them, left to rot and be destroyed. The elk is a useful creature for many things including a food source to thousands of people and human beings. With mixed-up priorities, valuable money and resources are being spent to protect a useless creature, where life existed just fine for many, many years without it, allowing for the destruction of the elk, deer and moose.

Talk about screwed up in the head.

Video: Car Collides With Bull Moose

The moose might be sore in the morning but he won.

Motorcyclist Hits Bear

Momma Bear Shakes, Breaks Tree to Get Cub Down

Why Don’t You Come Up and See Me Some Time Big Boy

Or, barking up the wrong tree? Or maybe, get the hell out of my tree!

One Tough Bear!

Ghosts of the Rockies – Trailer Number 2

Much of this movie trailer is a conversation that includes Tim Kemmery about the existence of wolves, including breeding pairs, in Idaho prior to wolf introduction.

Deer Jumps Through Bus Window

And once inside the bus, the deer runs around acting like it has no clue and doesn’t know what to do or where to go. Kinda like Obama in the White House.

The Osprey: Quite the Fisherman