March 22, 2017

Free-Market Criticism of Starbucks CEO’s Liberal Agenda Brewing for Annual Investor Meeting

Press Release from the National Center for Public Policy Research: Activists Ready for Third Appearance at a Starbucks Shareholder Meeting   Business Insider Reports Starbucks’ “Brand Has Taken a Beating” After Coffeehouse Giant Challenges Trump Agenda Seattle, WA/Washington, D.C. – Trouble is brewing at Starbucks, and the nation’s leading proponent of free-market investor activism is set […]

Will The Synagogue Of Satan Mock With Truth?

Of course they will. Is Skiba Hall? I don’t know. Is he a Freemason playing a role? I suspect so. I’ve looked at this guy for quite some time and I like what he’s doing but I also don’t trust him. The Prophecy Club with Tom Horn and Steve Quayle I don’t trust at all.. […]

Drudge Report: A Psyop

Donald Trump’s Spiritual Advisor

The Purpose of Welfare

I had a brief but interesting exchange of emails from a close friend the other day. The foundation of the original email was concern over a growing trend in Maine of home invasions – something rarely found in the Pine Tree State, and as a result more people are taking to arming themselves for protection. […]

Trump – Savior Or Psyop?


Disclosure – Absolutely Free

Disney’s Response to Fake News: Deny, Deny, Deny

Press Release from the National Center for Public Policy Research: National Center for Public Policy Research Takes President Trump’s Fight Against “Enemy of the People” Media to Disney Shareholder Meeting Disney CEO Robert Iger Claims ABC News “Extremely Fair” – Despite Wikileaks Exposure of Documents Showing Hillary Clinton Campaign Coordinated Coverage with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos […]

Liberals Attack Disney’s Free Speech and Freedom of Association

*Editor’s Note* – Open your eyes for a second to understand what is going on. This should further substantiate that we are living in a “Post-Normal” world, i.e. white is black, black is white, good is bad, bad is good, etc. “Liberals” are looking to censor and destroy rights. A liberal would not do that. […]

Executive Order Protecting The Nation From Foreign Terrorist Entry Into The United States

For those with interest in actually reading the Executive Order: