November 18, 2018

The United States Department of Peace Building

No! Really! Imagine another cabinet position called the Department of Peace Building. According to the Maine Wire, peace building is different than peace making; what I don’t know, but make note that two of the functions of this Nazi-esque government proposal would be finding ways to curb gun violence – what possibly could go wrong? – and to reduce “violence against animals” – and what could really, really, really go wrong? Here kitty, kitty, kitty!

Can you imagine? Over the years our Department of State hasn’t been able to conjure up enough “peace” with diplomacy? Or, that the Secretary of Defense couldn’t find enough ways to “defend” our borders? But this proposed department for pacifists, would also be in charge of anti-bullying and probably things like putting out your trash too early on pick up day. What would a member of the Peacebuilders have at his/her disposal that “Lurch” Kerry doesn’t have?

Think for a minute, while refrains of Kumbaya waft through the air and into your brain, peace! Think peace! I’m reminded of a church song. Something to do with peace and a valley, where the lion lays down with the lamb. Could this be the culmination of, wait……..wait for it…….the Department of Peacebuilding? Maybe it will be the second coming of Hillary Clinton!

I hate terribly to burst our moment of humming bars of “I’d like to Teach the World to Sing”, but there’s one problem that leads to many problems with this idea of a Department of Peace……oh, sorry Peacebuilding. First of all, it’s a creation of man and therefore, it can only be corrupt; before it even starts. And now that I’ve brought corrupt into the topic of conversation, ask yourself if bankers, you know them evil bastards who run the world (from Timothy Franz Geithner all the way up to Joseph Aloisius Ratzinger), ever made any real money during peace time? If you don’t know, perhaps it’s time to find out.


John Deere May Be in the Hot Seat at Today’s Shareholder Meeting

From the National Center for Public Policy Research:

John Deere Executives Face Backlash for Helping to Brand Conservatives as Racist

International Farming Giant Criticized for Kowtowing to Tiny Leftist Pressure Group

Shareholder Activist to Ask “What’s Next?”

Moline, IL/Washington, DC – Today at the annual meeting of John Deere shareholders in Moline, Illinois, a representative of the National Center for Public Policy Research plans to ask Deere CEO Samuel Allen why his company caved in to a tiny left-wing pressure group when the leftists demanded that Deere stop working with a respected, 40-year-old national organization of conservative state legislators.

Deere caved in to Color of Change after Color of Change demanded Deere stop working with the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) because ALEC, like more than 70 percent of the American people, supported voter ID.

John Deere had been working with ALEC’s Commerce, Insurance and Economic Development Task Force when Deere Senior Vice President and General Counsel James R. Jenkins sent a letter to Color of Change announcing Deere was leaving ALEC.

“Color of Change is a tiny organization co-founded by ‘9/11 truther’ and admitted communist Van Jones. It operates as a race bully for the organized left as they collect online petitions and threaten to run commercials in black community media against targeted corporations,” said National Center Free Enterprise Project Director Justin Danhof, Esq. “John Deere is a Fortune 500 company. It is incomprehensible that this multinational corporation would capitulate to a tiny group that trades on race and accepts donations through a retail mailbox store in Oakland, California.”

Color of Change primarily objected to ALEC’s work on state-level voter ID measures aimed at curbing voter fraud, and falsely and maliciously claimed these safeguards are racist to target businesses that fund ALEC. The Color of Change website charged that “These companies have helped pass discriminatory voter ID legislation by funding a right wing policy group called the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). ALEC’s voter ID laws are undemocratic, unjust and part of a longstanding right wing agenda to weaken the Black vote.” Using this racial rhetoric, Color of Change managed to intimidate John Deere and many other corporations into dropping their ALEC memberships, despite the fact that the racism charge is ludicrous.

“The U.S. Supreme Court declared that state-level voter ID laws are constitutional in 2008, and a majority of Americans support such laws,” said Danhof. “In fact, a comprehensive Washington Post poll found that 74 percent of Americans support voter ID laws – including a majority of Republicans, Democrats, independents, Hispanics and African Americans. It appears Color of Change’s true agenda is to demonize free-market advocates and defund their causes. In vociferously opposing voter identification laws, they have themselves become enablers of voter fraud just like the Brennan Center for Justice and the NAACP,” said Danhof.

In response to John Deere and others dropping their memberships, ALEC stopped working on voter ID measures, but the National Center for Public Policy Research announced a Voter Identification Task Force in part to pick up the slack.

National Center Chairman Amy Ridenour explained at the time: “Corporate CEOs who cower in the face of liberal boycott threats need to understand that the left never gives up… If these corporations do not reverse course and immediately grow enough of a backbone to say no when the left tells them what to do, conservatives may as well consider them part of the organized left. It doesn’t matter if corporate executives have free-market sentiments hidden deep inside them if they continually surrender to the left’s Trotskyite strategy of making relentless demand after demand in public.”

In less than a year, the National Center has become a leading national voice for common-sense voter integrity laws. In fact, today, the U.S. Supreme Court will hear arguments in a pivotal voting rights case on the same day as the John Deere shareholder meeting. The National Center’s Project 21 black leadership network submitted an amicus curiae brief that asks the Court to treat all states and localities fairly and equally under the Voting Rights Act.

“In the end, John Deere’s true sin was not just dropping support for ALEC, but in lending corporate clout to race-hustlers and helping them to further demonize those who want to protect law-abiding citizens of all races from having their votes stolen. I hope that Deere’s leadership will see the error of its ways and rejoin ALEC, because – even though it no longer works on voter integrity – ALEC’s work toward free-market reforms is still badly needed in these times of burdensome government regulations and increased taxes.”

A copy of Justin Danhof’s question at the shareholder meeting, as prepared for delivery, can be found here.


Is Washington, D.C. a State?

It was only just before I began “sub primary” school, that’s what they called kindergarten back right after Columbus landed, the United States had grown from 48 states to 50. I know I wasn’t the greatest student on any campus but I did enjoy geography and thus I learned and remembered the 50 states. I could even find them on a map. No really! The United States is just a few miles west of Rome.

Evidently while I wasn’t looking, perhaps it was Tavistock or Obama, but I’m asking myself, “When did it change?”

During Senator Obama’s campaign for presidency, he told the people he was sooooooo busy he had visited 57 states. Man, I guess he was busy. Perhaps he was so busy that he needed the help of a Navy “CORPSEman” before he became a corpse…….or a man.

Now we find out that the White House has put a list of all the “51” states and what is going to happen to them if we don’t just send Obama every nickel we got. According to the list, the District of Columbia is now a state.

So, how many states do we really have?

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Sequester Scamester

And the beat goes on! Run Henny Penny! The sky is falling! Is all this hot air being exchanged about budget cuts and Armageddon a bunch of posturing political manure? Or is it real? I have read or heard that life as we know it will change. Sorry, that’s already happened. I’ve heard that the way the sequester was designed it created a 2% (roughly) across the board cut for all aspects of the federal budget. I’ve heard a 50% cut in defense, that planes will crash, people will starve, foreign countries will invade and that President Obama can simply sign a piece of paper to provide for the administration to shuffle any cuts however he wants them. So what’s the big deal? Is any of this real?

Take the survey and/or add comments below.

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Obama’s “Jewell” Not Much of a Gem

It seems that President Obama’s choice to succeed Ken Salazar as head of the Department of Interior, Sally Jewell, has some skeletons in her closet that the media doesn’t seem much interested in vetting.

A few days ago, I introduced you to a story about a family business that was being destroyed by big government/environmentalism/Agenda 21, etc. Guess who was behind that? According to Human Events, Sally Jewell:

Mr. Lunny runs an 80-year-old California oyster business that had the bad luck decades ago of being enclosed in a federal park. On Monday, as Ms. Jewell polished her acceptance speech, a federal judge ordered the business evicted. Among the organizations working hardest to destroy the livelihood of Mr. Lunny and his 30 workers was the National Parks Conservation Association. Ms. Jewell is vice-chairman of its board.

This should NOT be encouraging as proof of an environmentalist, pushing Agenda 21 and furthering Obama’s agenda at economic and rights destruction.

However, it appears that Sally Jewell, as CEO of REI, was the recipient of one of President Obama’s tickets of exemption to Obamacare.


Why Does Big Sis Need 1.8 Billion Rounds of Ammo?

Last evening my wife and I were having a discussion. I brought up the subject that the Department of Homeland Security, ala, Janet Napolitano, aka, “Big Sis”, had placed another order for ammunition of an additional 21.6 million rounds, therefore bringing the total, by some estimates, to 1.8 billion rounds (B – illions)

“Holy cow!” my wife replied. (No really. Holy cow. She doesn’t cuss.) “That’s a lot of ammunition…….isn’t it?”

So I began thinking and then told her it sure seemed like a lot but I really needed something to compare that to. In the photo below, a caption I found with this picture suggested this might be 15,000 rounds of ammunition. Geez! That’s a lot!…………isn’t it?


I had a friend and reader send me an email with a link to a story written by Andrew Malcolm at He writes:

According to one estimate, just since last spring DHS has stockpiled more than 1.6 billion bullets, mainly .40 caliber and 9mm. That’s sufficient firepower to shoot every American about five times. Including illegal immigrants.

To provide some perspective, experts estimate that at the peak of the Iraq war American troops were firing around 5.5 million rounds per month. At that rate, DHS is armed now for a 24-year Iraq war.

As they would say in Maine, “Damn, Mistah!” That would be a lot of bullets.

Now that we can say that at least one person has provided us with a better perspective on how much 1.8 billion rounds of bullets are, do you suppose someone up there in Washington can inform the people what the hell they need them for? And while they’re at it how much that cost us taxpayers? It would end a whole lot of speculating and……..oh, wait! Speculating is good. It gets people riled up. I mean if they get scared and mad enough, no telling what they might do. They might even take to the streets, burning and looting and stuff.

I bet then we would find out what all them bullets are about.


Free Markets Have No Place in Club of Rome Communism

Graeme Maxton writing for his brainwashed, ignorant, non thinking followers of communism/socialism on the Club of Rome’s website, essentially dedicates one paragraph to free market/free enterprise:

The free market is still the best way we know to allocate many resources. It ensures that goods and services are delivered to those that need them in the most efficient way, for the lowest possible price. Moreover, it strives to improve this process continuously, making the system ever leaner and driving prices ever lower. By making every penny go further, this makes us better off and so improves our standard of living. The free market is also exceptional in that it not only pushes down prices, it raises profits too. It serves everyone by stimulating growth, supporting investment and aiding human development. It is also astonishingly flexible, with the ability to respond to the changing needs of the market without falling apart. The system is fair too, or at least mostly fair. It rewards those who are efficient and competitive while stragglers are swiftly killed off.

The remainder of the article is spent explaining why the free market no longer has a use in the new world order of socialism/communism. For all the haters of humans, themselves excluded of course, this piece of propaganda clap-trap should be right up your alley. It is complete with how free markets destroy the planet, i.e. global warming, species extinction, forests being destroyed, all the fish caught, etc.

Take note that Maxton says there is nothing any better that exists for its purpose than a free market system and yet, he and his associates at the Club of Rome, no longer want that. It is a threat to them. It is a danger toward their ability to wield power over the masses, to control the food, control the products, control all manufacturing; in essence control all the resources but most of all, a free market society extols independence and that is the biggest threat to people like Maxton.

Destroy that independence and their jobs become so much easier.


Environmentalism, Tyrannical Government Destroys Business and Family Lives


Here’s the story of a family that finally gave up trying to fight the government-backed environmental movement and will lose their business, family farm and put 31 working people out of jobs, etc.

As Americans we often turn a blind eye to this sort of totalitarian government-backed events, passing them off for unknown reasons mostly. It’s very unfortunate that people don’t wake up and realize that when it happens to them, and it will, it’s too late.


Ann Bressington on Agenda 21 and Club of Rome

“Environmentalism should become the new One World Religion.”


Day 20 – No Executive Orders


Now that President Obama has put his campaign machine back in order and taken to the streets to push his Second Amendment destruction, some in the media are backing away from any reference to Obama’s dog and pony show, used to incite violence and further divide the country, of signing 23 executive orders on gun control and confiscation, while exploiting children.

I’m not holding my breath that any orders will ever be published, because I knew the day Obama lied about signing 23 executive orders, he had not written them and there were no details concerning any of the orders. Obama does not want Americans to know about details. If any executive orders are ever published it will be in the cover of darkness. But, the point is he deceived the people, lied to them and using Adolf Hitler-like tactics drove another wedge to divide the people and incite violence; something he has yet to be able to accomplish, with the exception of individuals who have, against many odds, died of late. The latest victim being Chris Kyle.

In the meantime, while Obama and his band of True Believers are working feverishly to disarm Americans, Homeland Security continues to arm itself and are buying and stockpiling assault weapons and ammunition. Why would Homeland Security need to do that? Isn’t defense up to the Department of Defense?