November 13, 2018

Shall Not Be Infringed Against Empty Words

The Bill of Rights should have been the Supreme law of the land. The Bill of Rights is NOT the Supreme law of the land. So how can an inferior “law” subject to constitutional authority Not be infringed against? Because under the correct constitutional methodology the federalists can do whatever they want to any Amendment of the Bill of Rights.. The two documents are and always have been in opposition against each other.. The Bill of Rights should have been the Supreme law of the land NOT included in the Constitution as Amendments thus in clever legal terms has been placed in the inferior position of the Constitution itself, which is why if there were the constitutionally legal action to amend or remove any of the Bill of rights amendments they can do so and call that legal under Constitutional law.. Such as altering the 2nd Amendment to suit the anti private gun ownership mentality in the country.. Which is why the 2nd Amendment is constantly under duress because the constitutional legal power to remove the 2nd Amendment exists.. Thus that “right” can be removed, thus that isn’t a right it is a privilege.. According to their legalese… Worse yet the U.S. constitution is inferior by it’s own wording to International Law… So shall not be infringed against is empty legal rhetoric..


A “True” Newspaper Wolf “Story” From 1856

Ok so back in the day of the best trackers and woodsman a wolf pack kills a girl and all that can be found is a shoe and part of a dress.. No blood trail, no partially eaten corpse no bones just a shoe and part of a dress.. Ok.. Uh huh.. This BULLSHIT is believable..Those wolves ate up the bones… Nobody could track down the remains of the girl aye? Sure… Now maybe this is a true tale and maybe it isn’t.. But it is nothing but a lousy piece of so called proof.. Besides, all large carnivores will kill and eat people.. We know this.. That’s inarguable, large carnivores will do that.. But I wonder when they stopped swallowing the bones.. Same thing with the boy, no blood trail on the hard frozen ground and no remains located.. Sounds like something else entirely..  This is your proof? Ok, onto your next whiskey soaked speculative evidence Scotty… And and and we’re all emotional because the media is still lying to us about everything.. Lincoln complained about the bullshit newspapers back in his day amigo…


Some of the worst appeals to emotions BS I’ve ever read…

I wonder if the editor of that 1856 piece thought the populace was really this stupid? Hell an argument could be made that a serial killer did those killings based on so little evidence as that paper presents..

I should say here that having collected many books and journals from that era, evidence with factual explanations and sources back then by professional historians were then and still are excellent works that can to this day still be vetted on their accuracy.. Newspapers are only good for lighting up wood…


No Grizzly Hunt

No surprise.. I expected this outcome months ago.. I knew all along the hunt was not going to happen.. By design, all involved just put on a political charade for the purpose of further instilling hatred between pro and anti hunting clowns and of course hatred for large carnivores that have more rights than citizen serf slave subjects that can’t figure this game out.. Judge Dana Christensen at the 9th Circuit in Missoula keeps the Grizzlies on the endangered species list after 27 days of alleged legal deliberations. No hunting the big bad bears… The United Nazis Environmental Policies wins again…

A little piss ant lawyer in a black robe playing goddess helps the mad  scientismists save their bears..




The All Time Greatest Super Bullshitter Is

The Head Flunky Holding That High Office In The Building Known As The Divine Snake In Rome.. There’s this worlds systems sovereign son of Satan.. The little god man manager of all the nations on the earth.. Controlling all of those societies with lies…

What do you think you’re looking at when you’re looking at the Vatican? What do you think it means when a guy’s standing inside of a building that’s in the shape of a

serpent singing to lucifer donning his own creation…Did ya get that? there’s a guy standing inside a giant snake and he’s singing to Lucifer his flame donning his own creation? Is it open source knowledge that everybody on the earth knows? Do the Catholics go saying oh look at our beautiful Vatican it’s a giant snake and those priests in there sing to Lucifer his flame donning his own creation?

The divine serpent wearing a crown upon it’s head… It’s out in the open they’re busted…


Are You a Member of a Community Managed By Communitarians?

Yes indeed you are..

Here’s a couple pieces of brainwashing trash going around…Cartoons to instill their belief in myths…


All politicians of all political persuasions, in their roles as prominent corporate congressional and legislature businessmen, are extremely adept at corporate congressional and legislative office-politics; politics being a key term to draw on, in understanding that politics was known to mean ‘the art of deceit’ throughout antiquity. Nothing in its then meaning, in respect of the term politics being an art that deceives its audience, has changed that meaning to this day.

The above art is colorful corporate propaganda and is 100% bullshit…



Roadside Garbage Time

The most depressing thing about living anywhere in the U.S. in the fall is the filthy trash put up by campaigners for their pet candidate. The trash is rotten, cluttered, disgusting, depressing, useless, filth promoted by corrupt politicians who believe anybody gives two rat’s behinds about some goddamn sign.

But who decides how many, how long, and where this garbage gets dumped along the side of our highways? Well, the corrupt, stinking rotten politician lawmakers themselves. Just like the fake “Do Not Call” bill the dirty bastards crafted. They exempted themselves from having to obey that law and so during campaign periods, which these days seem to last 365 days a year, the lying, cheating, child molesting crooks can call your phone incessantly.

Think about it for a minute. For anybody who actually cares about voting for any of these corrupt slimeballs do you think a campaign sign is going to influence how somebody votes? Please. This is biased, ignorant party politics.

If this was truly a nation founded by the people (not the People) and for the people (not the People) we would get rid of the filth along the sides of our roads (and in all government)…forever.

People demand rigged laws that prohibit dumping trash anywhere. Why are campaign signs any different?

It would be nice in early October to take a ride in my car into the hills and backcountry to take a look at the awesome foliage colors and not be subjected to the trash and most of all a constant reminder of the corruption that embodies the rigged two-party political system.


The Hilariousness of Anti Grazing Public Lands Advocates Crying over AUMS fees

And labeling the American rancher welfare queens..


The Real Size of the Bailout

“The price tag for the Wall Street bailout is often put at $700 billion—the size of the Troubled Assets Relief Program. But TARP is just the tip of the iceberg of money paid out or set aside by the Treasury Department and Federal Reserve. In her book, It Takes a Pillage: Behind the Bailouts, Bonuses, and Backroom Deals from Washington to Wall Street, Nomi Prins uncovers the hush-hush programs and crunches the hidden numbers to calculate the shocking actual size of the bailout: $14.4 trillion and counting.”

The bankers bailouts blow the ranchers subsidies out the window…

OK anti grazers; shut up!


Naïveté is Not Innocence, It is Gross and Moribund Ignorance.

There apparently is no longer a man in this country who understands not only the meaning of actual freedom of will and conscience but also fails to comprehend the yearning for individual freedom of will and of conscience for any man with the high intelligence to understand extrication from this system of slavery is the only way. A man who grasps the true nature of freedom of will and conscience and justness not found in a system of granted privileges that amounts to permissible liberty under the systems definitions of pseudo justness known as Justice if those seeking it can afford it as only the super wealthy can acquire it..

Only stupid people haven’t realized that the world is run by self serving conniving sons-of-bitches. I say stupid people, not “ignorant”, because the ignorant can learn when they are presented information. One is a stupid person if they are offered the information, and they compulsively hand wave it off, claim disinterest as a cop out and go off and hide in the false comfort of a group that practices suppression and censorship and of self censor by ignoring the reality and clinging to falsehoods.. Why? Because they are lazy suckers, too stupid to realize they have been conned – over and over again, by the same psychopaths that have run the world for centuries. Tyrants get away with it because they can always count on the lowest common denominator for support..

The War Powers is the emergency Powers in the Constitution where it says that they have the power to pass all laws necessary and proper. The War Powers actually extends that to all agencies and agents under federal control.. Which means they can actually make law on the streets, in their offices, on the fly. The Necessary and Proper Clause doesn’t just extend to the Congress it extends to all governmental agencies and agents.. Saying they did anything illegal, was a crime is silly.. Because they never get arrested then charged then tried then jailed…Outside of their occasional mock trials with their disguised professional actors..

The Supremacy Clause bares this truth out as well.. As does the Necessary and Proper Clause.. They can say anything they want and take it back anytime they want whenever and however they want, even in secret.. Oh yes they have a Secrecy Clause as well..18 U.S. Code § 798 – Disclosure of classified information. That’s just for starters. And they make the determination of what data is kept secret from everyone except themselves all the time.. They can set up any type of sting operation they want as well.. Such as their states rights based on the states Tenth Amendment Sovereignty issue taken up by ignorant citizens playing the Sovereign man citizen card that is a legal impossibility explained in numerous law books used in the establishment of a politically chartered privately owned Nation/State Empire such the United States.. The COTUS provides a secrecy clause as well..

According to Madison’s Notes, the exact language of the secrecy rule was: “That nothing spoken in the house be printed, or otherwise published or communicated without leave.” The delegates adopted these rules without debate. And for the most part they adhered to the rule of secrecy.

Major Themes at the Constitutional Convention: 1. The Rule of Secrecy

The Supremacy Clause

The reality of citizen serf subject slave in this system of this world has been deconstructed by those of us who truly objected to it..

a method of critical analysis of philosophical and literary language that emphasizes the internal workings of language and conceptual systems, the relational quality of meaning, and the assumptions implicit in forms of expression.
. . .
Full Definition of deconstruction
: a philosophical or critical method which asserts that meanings, metaphysical constructs, and hierarchical oppositions (as between key terms in a philosophical or literary work) are always rendered unstable by their dependence on ultimately arbitrary signifiers; also : an instance of the use of this method
: the analytic examination of something (as a theory) often in order to reveal its inadequacy
. . .
Synonyms and Antonyms of deconstruction
the separation and identification of the parts of a whole
Synonyms anatomizing, anatomy, assay, breakdown, analysis, dissection
Related Words assessment, diagnosis, evaluation, examination, inspection, investigation, muster, scrutiny; arrangement, assortment, cataloging (or cataloguing), categorization, classification, codification, indexing; enumeration, inventory, itemization, tabulation; division, reduction, segmentation, separation, subdivision
Near Antonyms agglomeration, aggregation, amalgamation, assimilation, coalescence, conglomeration, consolidation, integration, synthesis, unification
. . .
Deconstruction, form of philosophical and literary analysis, derived mainly from work begun in the 1960s by the French philosopher Jacques Derrida, that questions the fundamental conceptual distinctions, or “oppositions,” in Western philosophy through a close examination of the language and logic of philosophical and literary texts. In the 1970s the term was applied to work by Derrida, Paul de Man, J. Hillis Miller, and Barbara Johnson, among other scholars. In the 1980s it designated more loosely a range of radical theoretical enterprises in diverse areas of the humanities and social sciences, including—in addition to philosophy and literature—law, psychoanalysis, architecture, anthropology, theology, feminism, gay and lesbian studies, political theory, historiography, and film theory. In polemical discussions about intellectual trends of the late 20th-century, deconstruction was sometimes used pejoratively to suggest nihilism and frivolous skepticism. In popular usage the term has come to mean a critical dismantling of tradition and traditional modes of thought.

Deconstruction in philosophy
The oppositions challenged by deconstruction, which have been inherent in Western philosophy since the time of the ancient Greeks, are characteristically “binary” and “hierarchical,” involving a pair of terms in which one member of the pair is assumed to be primary or fundamental, the other secondary or derivative. Examples include nature and culture, speech and writing, mind and body, presence and absence, inside and outside, literal and metaphorical, intelligible and sensible, and form and meaning, among many others. To “deconstruct” an opposition is to explore the tensions and contradictions between the hierarchical ordering assumed (and sometimes explicitly asserted) in the text and other aspects of the text’s meaning, especially those that are indirect or implicit or that rely on figurative or performative uses of language. Through this analysis, the opposition is shown to be a product, or “construction,” of the text rather than something given independently of it.

Style and Form are everything; Substance and Meaning arise in their wake.

Perhaps we’ve learned something this morning concerning the conspiratorial aspect of American History.. One can hope..

For those of you struggling to salvage your servitude in slavery to those psychophants well have a nice day…


COLLECTIVISM – Leftist Rightist Communitarianism

A government given the responsibility to care for a peoples every vital need—MUST be given the power to carry such a task out, which means the power to rule your every vital action. This is the very definition of TYRANNY.
Representative tyranny yet still TYRANNY.. They even have the left right paradigm citizenry begging for more..

What are the left and right paradigm citizenry doing exactly? Simple.. Asking the government to care for their every vital need for them… So they deserve what they get when that government determines what those vital needs are.. See the UNEP manual for a clearer understanding of how big government has outlined in great detail how they intend to carry that task out… The left and right paradigm citizenry has given the choice away to those with political authority to better represent their vital needs for them because they apparently don’t know how to do it for themselves..

As usual I will be watching and observing those unpleasant decisions made by big daddio government and of course the ongoing constant wailing and complaining by those who apparently love to complain about their self inflicted political misery…


Obama Just Another Man of Sin