November 21, 2014

Female Coyotes Birth Wolf Hybrids in Captivity

“During the 2012 and 2013 study, the scientists attempted to inseminate nine captive western coyotes with sperm from eight different gray wolves at the U.S. Department of Agriculture Wildlife Services National Wildlife Research Center Predator Research Facility in Logan, Utah. Three coyotes became pregnant, and one successfully birthed and nursed six live, healthy pups, currently housed at the Wildlife Science Center in Forest Lake, Minn., north of the Twin Cities.”<<<Read More>>>

*Editor Comment* – Common sense (absent today) would tell a once 8th grade science class that if two animals can successfully breed, they are of the same species. These clowns, however, are suggesting it’s reason to create another subspecies of wolf and then protect it as in endangered species.

I Suppose For Some It’s Better to Live in Outer Space

This is a copy of a letter sent to Steve Alder, head of Idaho for Wildlife, that will be hosting a predator derby hunt this coming winter in Idaho. When you don’t live on this planet, I can only assume understanding how Earth dwellers live becomes a difficult task, as this letter points out.


Europe Proposes Protecting Feral Dogs Believing They Are Protecting Wolves

On display in Europe is either the epitome of ignorance, a perverted love affair with wild dogs or plain corruption targeting the destruction of public health and safety, property and the agricultural economy. Because these clowns don’t understand that hybridization threatens even the existence of their precious wolves and they don’t know how to deal with an event in which they have created by forcing, through over protection, wolves to coexist in human-settled landscapes, they are deciding whether or not to just protect all wild dogs.

From the Standing Committee of the Convention on the Conservation of European Wildlife and Natural Habitats, in part, their proposal:

“Aware of the challenges posed to the conservation of wolves (Canis lupus) by hybridisation between wild wolves and domestic dogs (Canis lupus familiaris);

Noting the need to address these challenges through effective preventive and mitigation measures, including the detection of free-ranging wolf-dog hybrids and their government-controlled removal from wild wolf populations;

Noting, at the same time, that it is in the interest of effective wolf conservation to accord free-ranging wolf-dog hybrids a similar level of protection from the general public as wolves – given inter alia the difficulty of distinguishing between wolves and wolf-dog hybrids – and to ensure that the removal of any detected wolf-dog hybrids is conducted exclusively in a government-controlled manner;

Noting that the national legislation of several Contracting Parties already accords free-ranging wolf-dog hybrids a similar level of protection as wolves;

Mindful of the approach to hybrids taken under the Convention on Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), in particular CITES Resolution Conf. 10.17 (Rev. CoP14) on Animal Hybrids;

Defining, for the purposes of the implementation of this recommendation, the term ‘wolf-dog hybrid’ as meaning a wild living animal with both wolf and dog ancestry which can be confirmed by the current taxonomic techniques (using both morphological and genetic features);”

Read the entire analysis and proposal.

Wolves and Public Lands Are Mine and Only For My Purposes – STAY OUT!

“Competitive hunting for wolves on public lands in Idaho has never before been authorized, according to the plaintiffs, who say the derby is “incompatible with modern-day wildlife management principles and ethical hunting practices.”

Isn’t this a bit like saying nobody has ever hunted polar bears in Miami?

“The contest occurs in the middle of the holidays on the weekend following New Years Day,” the complaint states. “During this time, many families have time off work, can recreate on public lands and head out to test out new skis, snowshoes, sleds, snowsuits and snowmobiles. The derby concentrates shooters on public lands.”

“There were once more than 350,000 in the Western U.S. before hunting and trapping devastated the population.”

I’d like to see the science on that magnificent claim. With that many wolves, how did Lewis and Clark ever survive their exploration? They must have also lied in their journals, not reporting some of the 350,000 wolves.

<<<Read More of the Nonsense>>>

“Pack of Dogs” Kill Woman on Shoshone Reservation

“It’s not really been an issue, we’ve not had a series of dog attacks or anything like that against people,”<<<Read More>>>

Blind Ignorance and Eating Bear Meat

National Public Radio presents and article written by David Sommerstein about eating bear meat. The article, as a whole, is interesting and probably many people would enjoy reading it. I did. I would, however, like to take issue with a comment that was written in the article that made me shake my head in exasperation over why writers sometimes write things that can spoil their entire piece by exposing lack of depth in thinking, and exposing their ignorance of a subject. This writer might know something about cooking and eating bear meat, but he should leave issues about bears living in the woods and how they survive to others.

Here’s my beef. The author writes: “”There’s more sprawl. There’s more people living in bear habitat,” says big game biologist Steve Heerkens with New York state’s department of environmental conservation. Yet fewer, if any, natural predators are still around to keep the bears in check.”

Obviously, the first part of this quote from the article, is a quote from a “big game biologist” who says, “There’s more sprawl. There’s more people living in bear habitat.” This comes right after a statement that says bear populations are growing. Therefore, isn’t a more logical and accurate description to say that there a more bears now living in human habitat? But this really isn’t my point.

The author follows this up with, “Yet fewer, if any, natural predators are still around to keep the bears in check.” Maybe the author should have taken a little bit of time to educate his readers and tell us what “natural predators” aren’t around anymore to keep bear numbers in check. I’ll wait.

On second thought, I can’t wait for ever. Isn’t it obvious that this article is telling us that man is not consider either natural or a predator? There really are no “natural predators” of bears, except man. First let me make a possible exception to this. Perhaps if New York, or any other state, imported wolves, maybe 4 or 5 cubs would be yanked out of their dens in mid winter and gobbled up by a pack of hungry wolves. Other than that, man is about the only “natural predator” of the bear.’

Consider, if you will, that New York is the third most populous state with about 20 million people. Now there is 20,000,000 NATURAL PREDATORS of the bear and yet any thoughts of man being a natural predator to “keep the bears in check” are often poo-pooed as unnatural and inhumane.

It just kind of makes me angry when the tone of a statement leads people to think that when it comes to wildlife, man somehow is always the bad guy in the room.

BLM Grants Idaho for Wildlife Predator Derby Permit

“We are aware of the social controversy regarding the event,” said Joe Kraayenbrink, Idaho Falls District Manager. “However, from our analysis, we could not find significant conflicts with other environmental resources that would prohibit the competitive event from occurring.”

Decision Record For the Predator Hunt Derby

Center for Biological Diversity files suit to block hunt.

Wolf Killed Dogs Honored

In the Province of Varmland, Sweden, some 90 dogs have been killed by wolves in the past 10 years. Nearly 200 people gathered at the main square in Karlstad on Wednesday evening, in honor of those dogs that have been killed by wolves.


Maybe It’s Not a Good Idea to Move Wolves to Washington’s Olympic Peninsula

“An Eastern Washington lawmaker made a tongue in cheek proposal to move wolves west of the Cascades. But more than a decade ago, U.S. Fish and Wildlife seriously studied relocation at the insistence of a governor and westside congressman.”<<<Read More>>>

Study in Search of G8/G10 Strain of Echinococcus

“In Custer and Lemhi Counties in Idaho, a trained team of volunteers has been collecting fecal and intestinal samples from Primary host species such as fox, coyote, wolf, pine marten, and cyst samples (liver and lung) from ungulates. The collected samples are part of a Genotype Study being sponsored by Colorado State University. This spring the Genetic Strains identifying the Echinococcus tapeworms we have on our landscapes have been found to be of two Genotypes, G8 and G10. No Sheep Strain G1-G3 have been found in any of the samples analyzed. Since our counties in Idaho were the first to recieve introduced Canadian Grey Wolves we could also document that the E.g tapeworm hosts, both primary and intermediate were not domestic dog and sheep as had been previously suspected but using the DNA analysis we can track the G8/G10 right to the Canadian Grey wolves and their forebearers in Canada. Elderly populations of Domestic Sheep and Cattle have been screened for E.g Cyst presence since 2010 and no evidence of any have been found. Both the E.g Strains G8/G10 are Cervid Specific and are of Eurasian origin. These two strains are very agressively colonizing deer and elk in Custer and Lemhi Counties with the Liver and Lung Cysts estimated to be in as high as 70% of our Cervids. Both counties are considering severe containment strategies to attempt to break the disease cycle. Tragically the disease is Non-native Invasive. The prognosis is grim, both for residents of Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming and their Wildlife. The costs of Containment Protocols and Safety Standards will be high and must be borne by parties responsible. Mr. Jiminez is correct only superficially in stating that the Wolves introduced from Canada were treated for Tapeworms. The deception of his sta tement is glaring as the ONE dose of anthelmentic given the captured Canadian Grey Wolves was not at all adequate to clear the upper intestinal tracts of these canines. The proper dosing is 3 Doses of Praziquantal at 2 week intervals, with all feces cleaned daily from holding pens. We are happy to provide any interested persons with the Genotye Study results if they should so desire.”Tim Kemery, E.g Field Sampling Coordinator Custer County, Idaho.