April 26, 2015

Norway imprisons five men for hunting wolves – UPI.com

Norway on Tuesday handed down prison sentences to five men accused of hunting wolves last year, the first such case to be prosecuted in the Scandinavian country, where wolf populations are drastically low.

The case at the South Oesterdal District Court in eastern Norway ended with the main defendant receiving a one-year, eight-month sentence, while four others were given sentences between six months and a year, as well as hunting bans of various lengths. A sixth defendant was not charged.

Source: Norway imprisons five men for hunting wolves – UPI.com

For copy of wolf necropsy report in this case.


Kids’ school trip cancelled over wolf fears – The Local

Kindergartens in Lower Saxony have cancelled a trip to the forest for their pupils over parents’ fears that the children might be attacked by wolves.

Source: Kids’ school trip cancelled over wolf fears – The Local

Rep. Newhouse Introduces Legislation to Remove Gray Wolf from Endangered Species Act List

April 23, 2015 Press Release

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Rep. Dan Newhouse (R-WA) introduced H.R. 1985, the Pacific Northwest Gray Wolf Management Act of 2015 to remove the gray wolf from the “List of Endangered and Threatened Wildlife” under the Endangered Species Act (ESA) and return management authority for the species back to the individual Pacific Northwest states. Rep. Greg Walden (R-OR) and Rep. Chris Stewart (R-UT) joined Rep. Newhouse to introduce this legislation as original co-sponsors:

“This is a commonsense bill that would allow states to provide a more flexible management program and move forward with the implementation of the gray wolf delisting efforts, which are long overdue,” said Rep. Newhouse. “States are fully qualified to manage gray wolf populations responsibly and are better equipped to meet the needs of local communities, ranchers, livestock, and wildlife populations. Delisting the gray wolf under ESA would allow state wildlife officials to manage wolf populations more effectively.”

For the text of the legislation, click here.


On June 13, 2013, the U.S. Department of Interior and U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (FWS) released a proposed rule that would have removed the gray wolf from the “List of Endangered and Threatened Wildlife.” This determination was made after FWS “evaluated the classification status of gray wolves currently listed in the contiguous United States and Mexico under the Endangered Species Act of 1973” and found the “best available scientific and commercial information indicates that the currently listed entity is not a valid species under the Act,” according to the proposed rule.

The statutory purpose of Endangered Species Act (ESA) is to recover species to the point where they are no longer considered “endangered” or “threatened.” The gray wolf is currently found in nearly fifty countries around the world and has been placed in the classification of “least concern” globally for risk of extinction by the Species Survival Commission Wolf Specialist Group of the International Union for Conservation Nature (IUCN). Ample populations in the United States and Canada have already led to the delisting of the gray wolf from ESA in the Northern Rocky Mountain and Western Great Lakes region.

11 Wolves Killed to Save Caribou

*Edited for corrections 4/23/2015*

Understand this logic(?) if you can. In North America there are an estimated 61,000 – 69,000 wolves alive. In the South Selkirks 11 wolves were killed, leaving 10 behind. This, they say, was done to save the caribou. There are an estimated 14 caribou left in the South Selkirks.

Where wolves live near caribou, one adult wolf kills 15-20 caribou in one year.

In all honesty, does this make any sense at all?

Rare Double Litter Wolf Packs?

The Jackson Hole News and Guide has an article about “rare” large wolf packs, stating that the Lava Mountain Pack is the biggest in the West, boasting a brood of 24 and describing it as, not only “rare” but composed of a “double litter.”

I find it odd that the article quotes Mike Jimenez, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s (USFWS) regional wolf coordinator, calling the double litter “uncommon” along with the rarity of a pack of wolves numbering 24, while spending several paragraphs to explain the history of the many large packs of wolves in the West, including some larger than the Lava Mountain Pack. It has now become a common occurrence to read and hear about “Superpacks” sometimes numbering around 200.

Another issue that sent up a red flag for me was about the double litter, or the “uncommon” multiple litters and “rare” large packs. Dr. David Mech once wrote:

“Calling a wolf an alpha is usually no more appropriate than referring to a human parent or a doe deer as an alpha. Any parent is dominant to its young offspring, so “alpha” adds no information. Why not refer to an alpha female as the female parent, the breeding female, the matriarch, or simply the mother? Such a designation emphasizes not the animal’s dominant status, which is trivial information, but its role as pack progenitor, which is critical information. The one use we may still want to reserve for “alpha” is in the relatively few large wolf packs comprised of multiple litters. … In such cases the older breeders are probably dominant to the younger breeders and perhaps can more appropriately be called the alphas. … The point here is not so much the terminology but what the terminology falsely implies: a rigid, force-based dominance hierarchy.”””(emboldening added)

Because wolves are a brand new species in the Lower 48 states, at least in modern times, we know comparatively little about wolf behavior and hierarchical structures of packs and everything that influences them. In addition, if we add to this complicated matter the existence of inbreeding, interbreeding, cross-breeding, we end up with the existence within wolf packs of things we know little about.

Forcing humans and wolves to share space may be causing much of these problems of inbreeding, interbreeding and cross-breeding. Studies tell us that there is ample cross-breeding going on all over the world. One example is a study done that showed how wolves in contact with livestock attending dogs regularly cross-breed.

This disruption is believed by some to be at least partly to blame for changes in inbreeding and interbreeding between pack members, resulting in double or multiple litters.

An Alaska Fish and Game report, states the need to determine what was causing very large increases in wolf populations and the effects, of not only a large population of wolves, but populations of wolves within packs with double or multiple litters. The report states:

…it remained unclear whether inbreeding, possibly as a consequence of social disruption, contributed to multiple pregnancies and increased population productivity.

Other studies are underway and there are implications that inbreeding, interbreeding and cross-breeding may have a much larger impact on what the Alaska Fish and Game report was concerned about, i.e. that this causes multiple pregnancies and multiple litters within packs and adjoining packs.

The reality is we don’t know enough to be able to make a strong scientific determination. The concern for everyone should be that forcing wolves into settled landscapes and protecting them in those locations may be causing the most harm and puts at risk the protection of the wolf in the long term. With continued cross-breeding, the existence of any “pure” wolves will, in time, diminish and possibly disappear. These events change conventional wolf behavior.

To call the existence of large wolf packs rare and multiple litters as uncommon, may soon become a thing of the past if efforts are not put in place to severely limit the cross-breeding of mongrel dogs with wolves.

Are Urban Coyotes Becoming More of a Threat?

They’ve been spotted in Central Park. They live in downtown Chicago and suburban Atlanta, and they stroll through cities and throughout the country like they own the place.

Like it or not, coyotes are everywhere. Their numbers are increasing throughout their range, and they have invaded regions where they have never been seen before. And they are devouring cats and dogs, killing livestock, and biting people more than ever.<<<Read More>>>

Arctic Wolves Walk Right Up To Workers and Sniff Them

The following comment was made by Dr. Valerius Geist who has studied and documented wolf behavior. He has published his findings here.

This is an excellent video of wolves EXPLORING (ALTERNATIVE PREY)! This is exactly what wolves of the first misbehaving pack we experienced here on Vancouver island were doing! This is what wolves on Vargas Island, an hour and half from here, were doing before they attacked and seriously wounded a camper. (He was rescued by other campers). Wolves came almost as close to me, my wife and brother-in-law, as seen in this video. Please compare what these wolves are doing with my description of the pre-attack phase of wolves switching to a new prey (Humans, in this case).

This video is a treasure! Distribute it!

Val Geist

PS And remember, wolves do not play. They explore in deadly earnest.

A Senseless Poll Says 58% of Idahoans Don’t Want Wolves Protected

Just the idea that people were asked if they wanted protections for the wolf in Idaho is stupid and shows why polls are a worthless instrument, unless the purpose of the poll is strictly to create an atmosphere where people argue and fight over utter nonsense.

The news article shows it’s intent by making the statement, which I assume came from the same useless poll, that, “72% of Republicans oppose protecting wolves while 71 percent of Democrats favor protection of the animal.”

And thus we have the perpetuated and very fake paradigm of us and them, right and left, republican and democrat, liberal and conservative. This is being done all the while the poll shows nothing. The question is just too vague. I contend the majority of those polled don’t even no what “protection” for wolves means in the context of the poll survey. Therefore, the respondents, like the programmed robots they have become, answered the question as they want to believe it should be – they are either on the left or the right.

The bottom line here is that wolf introduction was a criminal act, in my opinion – criminal at many levels by many people, many governments and many organizations. The entire effort has been a disaster, with the protection of a rotten, stinking animal, sold to humans by perverts of its amazing wonders and importance to fake “ecosystems.” Any effort that destroys rights, property and a person’s ability to be fruitful and multiply, is simply wrong. If there was common sense, anymore, it would tell us that. This is, however, the insanity that is being perpetuated.

The distraction comes from media companies that promote their nonsense polls for purposes of which they probably don’t even realize. If you read the comments following this article, you will see the results of this article/poll and the many years of mind manipulations – brainwashing. It’s really quite sad. Attention is focused on the need to hate someone who blindly chooses the label of republican or democrat. All the while, we as a society, work to destroy the God-given rights of God’s children all for the purpose of placing the value of an animal above that of “the image of God.”

Ignorance and hatred causes people to defend animals because they are God’s creation. All of God’s creations have a place and a purpose in our lives (we were given dominion), for the short span of time we are here on earth. If God intended wolves, or any other animal, to have a place at the table with humans, they too would have walked upright, had thumbs, had a brain capable of knowing right from wrong, and could sit down over a cup of coffee and talk things out.

Another Example of Human Perversion Of Protection of Animals Over Humans

People need to understand that this action by humans to protect predators, or any animal, over the protection of humans, their property and livelihoods is an extreme mental illness, a perversion that goes beyond normal comprehension. When will we get it?

“Wolf attacks have been particularly prevalent in the region over recent months, with this incident the 129th in 2015 so far. Nearly 300 sheep have been killed, with the Roquebillière area particularly affected.

“The [current] regulation is still not sufficient…if effective measures are not taken, our shepherds will disappear,” concluded Estrosi.”<<<Read More>>>

Wolves Change Rivers and Self-Domesticate

Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, the magical, mystery wolf now has another feat of marvel to add to it’s list of wonder works – the animal can domesticate itself.

The piece linked to may contain certain elements of truth – maybe! It is the way that it is presented that ticks me off. Of course, if the presented historical timeline is accurate, then common sense would tell us that as more and more humans occupied more and more space, wolves and humans encountered one another. The lifestyles of both species changed. To some people that is bad. To others it is a natural event. It was the efforts humans that are responsible for cross-breeding of wolves and the domestication over time of the creature. Wolves did not “self-domesticate.” The information is misleading.

In much the same way as others have claimed that wolves change the paths of rivers and stream and do all kinds of remarkable things, such claims are dishonest. There is no balance. Everything is in a constant state of change. What happened in nature yesterday, may not happen today or tomorrow.