July 24, 2016

Investigative Report of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s Mexican Gray Wolf Program

For whatever the dog and pony show of a fake “investigative report” of the USFWS is worth, you can read and/or download a copy of the report that reads, “This is a version of the report prepared for public release.” BUT, DON’T GO LOOK!

If It Never Rained Again, Nothing Would Get Wet

Brilliance! And a complete waste of time, money, resources and ink to publish a ridiculous bunch of nonsense in the New York Times about why the East should “let cougars return” in order to save lives because they would eat deer that causes deaths due to automobile collisions. But that’s not the issue I have […]

Modern Days “Ecologists” Advocate for Wild Predator Habituation To People In Urban Areas

Let’s Get Real, Coyotes are the New Urban Terrorist! http://www.citywatchla.com/index.php/the-la-beat/11459-let-s-get-real-coyotes-are-the-new-urban-terrorist Coyotes do not belong in town, in your community, in your neighborhood, or in your back yard.  The habitat in these places is not ecologically sound for coyote habitat. Concrete, asphalt, bricks, busy city streets, school yards, grocery story parking lots, lights every where, dumpsters […]

Fed Investigates Self, Nothing New in Mexican Wolf Lie

It’s a continuing amazement that the Fed’s investigate themselves and come to conclusions that absolutely do not matter when all the damage has been done and any rulings are worthless and meaningless. I suppose now some will do the happy dance and declare a victory. “The investigation by the Department of Interior Office of the […]

The Reintroduction of Wolves in the Northern Rockies was a Method of Making Money Under the Guise of Ecological Restoration..Redux

Rattler Rider; According to these excerpts below from the 1984 study of Wolves in Central Idaho by Kaminski and Hanson including involvement with IDFG questionnaire data, many Idahoans were telling the truth about Idaho already having wolves before the 1995 wolf reintroduction fraud which wolf advocates and some retired USFWS employees still profit from to […]

Removing Eastern Puma From the Federal List of Endangered and Threatened Wildlife

*Editor’s Note* – Perhaps the title of this would be accurate to state that the USFWS is doing everything it can to delay and/or reverse course on removing the cougar from the list of Endangered and Threatened Species. This process has been going on for how long now? And now they are going to reopen […]

Maine Moose Study: All Dead Moose Had Echinococcus Cysts in Lungs

According to a report filed in the Bangor Daily News by outdoor writer George Smith, information not yet officially made public (and I have to wonder if all of the information will be made public) about Maine’s ongoing moose study, while extremely disturbing that the study is showing a terrible moose calf survival rate, it […]

Southern Maine’s Invasion of Black Bears

Here we go again! Bears are showing up in places in southern Maine, where most people necessarily do not expect to find bears wandering around in the daylight, and Maine officials are “rounding up the usual suspects.” (Note: As an explanation to the preceding quote, I refer to the movie Casablanca, in which “Louie,” the […]

Mother bear killed after attacking marathon runner in New Mexico

New Mexico game wardens on Monday tracked down and killed a black mother bear that had attacked a marathon runner this weekend in the Valles Caldera National Preserve. Source: Mother bear killed after attacking marathon runner in New Mexico – AOL

Bear sought in attack on Valles Caldera marathon runner

Press Release from the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish: New Mexico Department of Game and Fish Public contact, Information Center: (888) 248-6866 Media contact: Lance Cherry: (505) 476-8003 lance.cherry@state.nm.us FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, JUNE 19, 2016: Bear sought in attack on Valles Caldera marathon runner JEMEZ – Department of Game and Fish officers are […]