February 7, 2016

NJ Man [Exit 29] who Shoots 3 Problem Bears gets $4,000+ Fines and Fees

In October, 2014, a 76-year-old New Jersey resident shot three problem bears on his property.  One was an adult sow that was on his deck and looking in through his sliding glass door.  The location of the two juvenile bears when they were shot, is disputed, but was either on the deck or close to […]

Wolf sighting prompts warning to school kids in Three Forks, Montana

The sighting was reported in an area north of Three Forks off of U.S. Highway 287 in the area of Wheatland Drive and Rolling Glenn. Because of the sighting the three forks School District posted a warning to parents in the area – not to leave their kids unattended at nearby bus stops. Source: Wolf sighting […]

Lawsuit Challenging Wildlife Services’ Authority to Kill Oregon Wolves

The totalitarian group, Western Environmental Law Center, and their puppet regimes, have filed a lawsuit to end the killing of wolves in Oregon by the Federal Government’s Wildlife Services. This is but another money-making scheme promoted by totalitarians forcing the ideals onto others at great cost. I refuse to provide any links to this story, […]

Marenisco, Michigan Fighting Wolf Problem

“It’s a big problem up here,” he said. “I know the DNR’s hands are pretty much tied as far as what we can do about these wolves since they’ve been relisted (on the endangered species list) by court order, but I live this every day and I’m responsible for the safety of these people. I […]

Christie in N.H.: ‘For all of you who want bobcats killed, I’m your guy’

*Editor’s Note* – If Christie answering a question about whether he would support a proposed hunting/trapping season to cull 50 bobcats isn’t bad enough, consider that some person(s) had nothing more important to ask. It reveals the extent of the animal perversion in this psychopathic society in which we now live. “I now have a […]

Az Sen Flake Proposes Amendment to Energy Act to Delist MGW

I have received information from Veritas Research Consulting, that Arizona Sen. Flake has introduced Amendment #3164, as part of the Senate Energy Act (S.2012) to remove from the Endangered Species Act List Mexican gray wolves (MGW) from federal protection and placing management within the appropriate states where MGWs live. The amendment – found at this link […]

100-Plus Years to Realize What Settlers Learned in an Instant

*Editor’s Note* – I’ll never cease to be amazed at ignorance and how deeply ingrained into our society it is….or, this is simply a good money-making, job-security undertaking – “managing” wolves and acting stupid. As settlers moved West, it was only a matter of hours before they figured out wolves were a problem. Add a […]

Predator-Prey Study: Wolves not threat to deer you may think

*Editor’s Note* – I have not read the entire report referenced in the below link. Most of the information presented is sensible and seems to substantiate most all other real scientific studies on predator prey relationships. However, it still amazes me that Mr. Beyer, one of the DNR researchers makes some puzzling and seemingly contradictory […]

Landowner scares off wolves that had surrounded dog – Washington

Members of the Dirty Shirt wolf pack confronted a female Great Pyrenees at a home northeast of Chewlah, Wash., in Stevens County on Jan. 25. The resident, who was not identified by the department, reported to the Stevens County Sheriff’s Office that at least five wolves surrounded his female Great Pyrenees in a field outside […]

Of Course It’s Coyotes Eating Mushrooms…Dummie!

It’s possible that the canines are eating wild mushrooms, inducing psychedelic-like visions, which encourage them to attack. Source: Hallucinogenic Mushrooms Possible Cause of Strange Coyote Run-Ins | Field & Stream Share