August 1, 2014

MDIFW Provides Conflicting Information HSUS Claims as Facts

One of the biggest arguments members of the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) and their blind followers have wrongly stated throughout the latest anti bear hunting campaign in Maine, is that in states that have banned bear hunting over bait, there has not been any problems with bear numbers. Colorado is one state that the antis love to cite as being a state where there was an increase of bear hunters and bear populations remain stable.

However, according to information found at the Maine Public Broadcasting Network website, in a story told there of baiting bear, Jen Vashon, a Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife (MDIFW) bear biologist, provides information that is contrary to the information being spread by HSUS.

Conflicts between bears and people account for about 500 complaints each year in Maine. Vashon says that’s a small number considering the size of the bear population. She says other states that have restricted bear hunting have seen those complaints rise. Including one western state that banned the use of bait and hounds more than two decades ago.

“Colorado is a great example,” Vashon says. “Their bear population has doubled since their referendum. They have about 1,000 bear complaints each year and in 2012 alone, 400 bears were killed in backyards to protect human safety and almost 100 were killed on roadways.”

HSUS makes the claim that baiting bears is what causes an increase in bear populations. If this claim was true, then Colorado’s bear population would not have doubled in twenty years. This false claim has been levied against all states that have banned bear baiting and it just isn’t factual that bear baiting causes populations to grow.

Here’s a link to a related story out of Colorado where bears are posing a serious problem.

Humane Way to Die

Whether your own personal preferences of how to hunt and harvest game includes bear hunting over bait, one has to seriously consider this statement: “Taking a bear over bait is probably the most humane way a bear could possibly die.”

Black Bear Invades New Jersey Kitchen

VERNON – A resident in northern New Jersey got a scare after waking up and finding a black bear in the kitchen.<<<Read More>>>


Get The Facts BEFORE You Vote

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Alaskan Romance Biology

Guest post by James Beers:

Regarding the following drivel presented as a quasi-book review/interview by Emily Schwing about Marybeth Holleman and wolves:

Wolves howl for “joy” like anthropomorphic biologists confuse the very human question (“How many and how much impacts of wolves can or will WE tolerate”) with the very judgmental ideology that somehow wolves are above, or superior to any human concerns.

While it is a testament to a free and prosperous nation that folks like Dr. Haber and Ms. Holleman can somehow spend (actually get paid for) a “lifelong effort to chronicle the lives of wolves”; too often the results are not HOW WE might better live with or manage said wolves, instead it becomes a social infection around which coalesces fevered movements to protect and sanctify the wolves in spite of human needs and desires where wolves exist. Invariably this modern saga is painted as below wherein the villains, i.e. the “old timers” and the “Board of Game” are fomenting a “dark future” for wolves and all that lies between them and Armageddon is the memory of a beloved Doctor, “environmental groups” and a lady’s paean to that memory. All that is missing is the interviewer closing with “Go Girl Go.”

The reality of the presence of wolves; what that means; and what must humans do if they are to live with them is an important matter in constant need of research and (public) dialogue. This romance biology, that is also common in locations like Minnesota and the West Coast States, only quashes dialogue in the ooze of feelings and emotions intended to substitute fantasies in the minds of the widest and most far-away voting blocs to use raw government might on those living with and directly affected by not only wolves but bears and cougars and every other fish, fowl and critter that will:

1. Generate election donations and votes for accommodating politicians.

2. Generate donations for radical organizations and their subsidiaries from lawyers to “specialists.”

3. Generate budget and personnel increases, promotions, autonomy from control, bonuses and increased power to federal bureaucrats.

4. Generate #3 for State bureaucrats.

5. Generate greater and steadier cash flows from government to Universities.

My lifelong passion concerns those affected by wolves and what works and doesn’t work. So I will pass on a book about details concerning wolves and why WE should avoid affecting them despite what those humans being affected believe and experience.

The subject of either people manage wolves or wolves manage people is like the “question” of is a human fetus a “person” or a blob of tissue. Any sentient person know the answer to each question but persons with other agendas bob, weave and deny the answer so often and with such vehemence and threat of government retribution that too many of us stay quiet and watch our children come to believe the unbelievable as we smile and avoid comment. The only thing worse than this romance biology about wolves is the Quisling government “biologist” or the traitorous “hunter’ or “rancher” warbling about how WE should forego any management of wolves because of everything from “they belong or were here first” or “they only eat the old and infirm” to “fladry works” and when their “old and sick” food supply dwindles, they will too.

Take a stand or eventually be run over by these “concerned” romantic’s et al.

Jim Beers
22 July 2014

USFWS Publishes Draft EIS for Mexican Wolves

I’ve not had the opportunity to read this document yet but readers should be aware that the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has published its Draft Environmental Impact Statement for Mexican Wolves(DEIS).

Readers should take note of what they might expect in this DEIS. If what I discovered, due to a reader pointing out certain information, is indicative of the entire DEIS, it is a typical action in the creation of fiction, promoted by outcome-based romance biology, all for the purpose of protecting wolves and filling the countryside with nasty, disease-ridden varmints.

Beginning on Page 64, an entire section is dedicated to public safety. The USFWS uses an outdated 2002 study, takes information out of context and presents statements declaring there have been no wolf attacks on humans and further claims that accounts of historic wolf attacks and human deaths caused by wolves worldwide, is based on unreliable information and cannot be substantiated. What lying bastards!

In addition, tiny steps appear to have been taken to MENTION that wolves carry Echinococcus granulosis but then repeats themselves that it is no threat to humans.

In short, if this one section is indicative of the rest of the DEIS, which I’m inclined to believe it is, just like the FEIS(Final Environmental Impact Statement) for Northern Rocky Mountain wolves, it is criminal and the drafters of this document should be charged with fraud.What lying bastards!

Wolf Stamp Hearings Set for August 14

From Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks:

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks will conduct hearings on Aug. 14 at several locations on proposed new rules to establish a voluntary wolf management stamp for anyone to make a donation to Montana’s wolf management program.

The proposed rules would direct FWP to make available for sale a $20 wolf stamp and would define how the voluntary donations would be allocated to wolf management activities.

The hearings are set for 6 p.m. on Aug. 14, at the following FWP locations:

Helena: Headquarters; 1420 E. 6th Ave.
Bozeman: Region 3 HQ; 1400 S. 19th Ave.
Billings: Region 5 HQ; 2300 Lake Elmo Dr.
Glasgow: Region 6 HQ; 54078 U.S. Highway 2 West
Great Falls: Region 4 HQ; 4600 Giant Springs Road
Kalispell: Region 1 HQ; 490 N. Meridian Road
Miles City: Region 7 HQ; 352 I-94Business Loop
Missoula: Region 2 HQ; 3201 Spurgin Road

Under the new rules, money received from the sale of wolf management stamps would be considered a donation and must first be used to pay for the cost of administering the stamp program. The remainder would be required to be equally distributed for livestock loss reduction program grants, wolf monitoring, habitat projects, scientific research, public education and outreach, and law enforcement.

The public comment deadline has been extended to Aug 22. Comment via the FWP website at Click Public Notices. Or write to: Wolf Stamp Comments; Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks;Communication Education Division; P.O. Box 200701, Helena, MT 59620-0701. Email comments to; or Fax to 406-444-4952.

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Maine Bear Facts You Need to Know


Bears in Canada on the Rise Along with Applications for Gun Permits for Protection From Bears

Are Canadians bad at keeping records of bear attacks on humans? This recent article indicates that data provided by provinces are unreliable and can’t be trusted. What is interesting though is that because there appears to be some scrutiny about the accuracy of bear attack data, there exists more concern by more people because of an ever increasing number of bear/human encounters across North America; enough that Environment Yukon is now keeping an updated “Bear Incident Map.” And for those interested, there’s this study of accounts of black bear attacks on humans in North America from 1900 – 2009.

And then we find that applications to carry a handgun in Alberta and British Columbia have gone through the roof and driving that demand is the increase in human/bear encounters.