April 19, 2019

The Kiss of Death…Or Why Murdering a Baby Is No Big Deal

What a disgusting, mixed up, perverted society we have become. We now embrace the slaughter of unborn babies while demanding capital punishment if a dirty old man, whose proven himself to be dumber than a bag of rocks, has been accused of hugging, kissing dirty hair, and rubbing noses with women and children, who at the time didn’t seem to mind and in most cases made expressions of actually enjoying the act. After all, to many he is but just another man-god.

Within this toxic society, one would think (something bred out of most of us) any person with a brain (thus Joe Biden’s bag of rocks brain) would understand that a mere look at a woman spells accusations of sexism; that wearing a black hat is a sure sign of racism, etc. and would refrain from all acts of….well, living. Note: There is racism, sexism, etc. and then there’s insanity. Insanity rules!

The Scriptures have taught us (well, some of us) that in the Last Days, Yahweh will send “strong delusion” – an act that will place the masses in a stupor of sorts, that is those who have been spared that can actually recognize the strong delusions. The same Scriptures can teach us that there will be a lot of confusion and willful blindness that will make us do things like promote the sanctity of “my body my choice” while condoning the murder of one of Yahweh’s creations and finding shock and awe over outward signs of affection.

Poor Joe Biden, that Jesuit dirty bastard who has had his finger in murder and corruption all of his life, is being called out for touching women and children and in some cases kissing them or whatever it is he is doing when he sticks his nasty lips someplace he probably shouldn’t, while turning a blind eye to real child abduction rings, sexual molestation, and murder.

Poor Joe Biden, who thinks he wants to run for president…again…and maybe can’t because he’s a perverted hugger and kisser and his colleagues, friends, fellow politicos, etc. all eagerly participate in having parties complete with little children to have sex with, child slave selling, and the murder of children in sacrificial acts headed by the Queen “Mum” and centered in selected places around the globe…like the Vatican.

Poor Joe! He gets targeted for all this and the rest not only go free but their acts are not even discussed. Abortion is “settled” immorality. The cries go up “my body, my choice” and yet the same evil bastards want to force everyone to take a deadly vaccine regardless of “my body, my choice.” If that’s not a totalitarian, tyrannical, one-way street, what is?

Strong Delusion is the norm for the day. “Forgive them Father. They know not what they do.” How much more can we be so confused, hypocritical, immoral, incapable of discerning right from wrong? Are we presently in “as in The Days of Noah?”

We have morphed into a hateful, misguided, confused, raging society (Satan’s trademark for he is the god of this world) and we are incapable of recognizing our own demise. Not only do we not recognize this, we are actively working to bring our own destruction about. That’s how bad it has gotten.

If you don’t see what I am talking about, perhaps it’s time to look up the definition of “delusion.” The original Hebrew use of this word is “plan?” – “objectively fraudulence; subjectively a straying from orthodoxy or piety: – deceit, to deceive, delusion, error.”

Add to that the adjective “strong” (efficient) and it’s no wonder we are in a mess and don’t know it.

And if you still can’t see all this you are delusional and probably insane.

What a mess!!


More of What to Expect in The End of Days

Yesterday I shared with readers Yahweh’s words to the scribe Baruch about what we can expect during the “End of Days.” Near about the same time as Baruch ben Neriah was getting information and instructions from Yahweh, he had a vision/dream. Baruch’s vision was about waves of “black waters” followed by waves of “bright waters” inundating the earth. Baruch prayed to Yahweh and asked that this vision would be interpreted for him.

Yahweh sent his angel Ramael to interpret. Here is some of what was told Baruch about the final wave of the most “black waters.”

2 BARUCH 48:31 And the time will come of which I spoke to you and that true is appearing which brings affliction. For it will come and pass away with enormous vehemence; and arriving in the heat of indignation, it will be turbulent.

2 BARUCH 48:32 And it will be in those days that all inhabitants of the earth will live with each other in shalom [peace], because they do not know that MY judgment has come near.

2 BARUCH 48:33 For in that time there will not be found many wise men and there will also be not many intelligent ones, but, in addition, they who know will be silent more and more.

2 BARUCH 48:34 And there will be many tidings and not a few rumors, and the works of the phantoms will be visible, and not a few promises will be told, some idle and others affirmed. (emboldening added)

2 BARUCH 48:35 And honor will change itself into shame, and strength will be humiliated to contempt, and the strong one will be broken down, and beauty will become contemptible.

2 BARUCH 48:36 And many will say to many in that time, “Where did the multitude of intelligence hide itself and where did the multitude of wisdom depart?”

2 BARUCH 48:37 And when one thinks about these things, jealousy will arise in those who did not think much of themselves; and passion will take hold of those who were peaceful; and many will be agitated by wrath to injure many; and they will raise armies to shed blood; and they will perish with those in the end.

2 BARUCH 48:38 And it will happen in that time that a change of times will reveal itself openly for the eyes of everyone because they polluted themselves in all those times and caused oppression, and each one walked in his own works and did not remember the Torah of YAHWEH the Mighty One.

2 BARUCH 48:39 Therefore, a fire will consume their thoughts, and with a flame the meditations of their kidneys will be examined. For the Judge will come and will not hesitate.

2 BARUCH 48:40 For each of the inhabitants of the earth knew when he acted unrighteously, and they did not know MY Torah because of their pride.

2 BARUCH 48:41 But many will surely weep at that time-more, however, because of the living ones than of the dead.

The final “black waters.”

2 BARUCH 69:1 With regard to the last waters you have seen which are blacker than all those preceding which came after the twelfth, those which were brought together; they apply to the whole world.

2 BARUCH 69:2 For YAHWEH the Most High made a division at the beginning for only HE knows what will happen in the future.

2 BARUCH 70:2 Behold, the days are coming and it will happen when the time of the world has ripened and the harvest of the seed of the evil ones and the tov [good] ones has come that YAHWEH the Mighty One will cause to come over the earth and its inhabitants and its rulers confusion of the ruach [spirit] and amazement of the heart. And they will hate one another and provoke one another to fight.

2 BARUCH 70:3 And the despised will rule over the honorable, and the unworthy will raise themselves over the illustrious. (emboldening added)

2 BARUCH 70:4 And many will be delivered to the few, those who were nothing will rule over the strong, the poor will be greater in number than the rich, and the impious will exalt themselves over the brave. (emboldening added)

2 BARUCH 70:5 The wise will be silent, and the foolish will speak. And the thought of men will not be realized then, nor the counsel of the strong, and the hope of those who hope will not be realized. (emboldening added)

2 BARUCH 70:6 Then it will happen when those things occur which have been said before will come to pass, that confusion will fall upon all men. And some of them will fall in war, and others will perish in tribulations, and again others of them will be troubled by their own. (emboldening added)

2 BARUCH 70:7 YAHWEH the Most High will then give a sign to those nations which HE has prepared before, and they will come and wage war with the rulers who will then remain.

2 BARUCH 70:8 And it will happen that everyone who saves himself from the war will die in an earthquake, and he who saves himself from the earthquake will be burned by fire, and he who saves himself from the fire will perish by famine.

2 BARUCH 70:9 And it will happen that everyone who will deliver himself and escape from all things which have been said before; both those who have won and those who have been overcome; that all will be delivered into the hands of MY Servant, the Anointed One.

2 BARUCH 70:10 For the whole earth will devour its inhabitants

HEAVENLY FATHER, I pray that you will lift the strong delusions that blind the many, that you will shield them from the anger, hatred, and confusion and cause the many to return to your love and knowledge.


Yahweh’s Words About The End of Days

I’ve been rereading the two books of Baruch. Baruch ben Neriah was noted as the scribe of the prophet Jeremiah. Baruch spoke directly with Yahweh on a couple of different occasions, once being discussions about what it was going to be like at “the End of Days.”

Here are some of those writings for your enjoyment:

2 Baruch 25:3 – When horror seizes the inhabitants of earth, and they fall into many tribulations and further, they fall into great torments.

2 BARUCH 27:1 And YAHWEH answered and said to me: That time will be divided into twelve parts, and each part has been preserved for that for which it was appointed.
2 BARUCH 27:2 In the first part: the beginning of commotions.
2 BARUCH 27:3 In the second part: the slaughtering of the great.
2 BARUCH 27:4 In the third part: the fall of many into death.
2 BARUCH 27:5 In the fourth part: the drawing of the sword.
2 BARUCH 27:6 In the fifth part: famine and the withholding of rain.
2 BARUCH 27:7 In the sixth part: earthquakes and terrors.
2 BARUCH 27:8 In the eighth part: a multitude of ghosts and the appearances of demons.
2 BARUCH 27:9 In the ninth part: the fall of fire.

2 BARUCH 27:10 In the tenth part: rape and much violence.
2 BARUCH 27:11 In the eleventh part: injustice and unchastity.
2 BARUCH 27:12 In the twelfth part: disorder and a mixture of all that has been before.
2 BARUCH 27:13 These parts of that time will be preserved and will be mixed, one with another, and they will minister to each other.
2 BARUCH 27:14 For some of these parts will withhold a part of themselves and take from others and will accomplish that which belongs to them and to others; hence, those who live on earth in those days will not understand that it is the end of times.

I think that 2 Baruch 28:1 requires knowledge and wisdom just to grasp its meaning: “But everyone who will understand will be wise at that time.”

2 Baruch 29:1 And YAHWEH answered and said to me: That which will happen at that time bears upon the whole earth. Therefore, all who live will notice it.

2 Baruch 29:3 And it will happen that when all that which should come to pass in these parts has been accomplished, the Anointed One will begin to be revealed.


College Admissions Scandal: Like It’s Something New

This is all a joke….right? As though the idea of somebody bribing somebody else for preferred treatment is something new. This has to at least be the second oldest profession in the world.

I smell a Hegelian Dialectic dirty rat here.

With laughter, I was reading an opinion piece in Bloomberg. It’s all about hypocrisy and the failure to uphold the mythological egalitarian standard that’s as steadfast in our culture as moral idealism. But, this doesn’t mean some of the things the opinion writer said don’t apply. For instance:

“Yet most top schools tolerate rampant grade inflation and gently shepherd their students toward graduation.”

No kidding! Much like finding a cure for “cancer” or __________ (take your pick) there is no profit to be made. So long as “money” finds its way into the coffers of the brain(less) factories, the odds of these universalities (correct word) latching hold of long term donations into the future stands to profit the school.

So what else is new. Did everybody just wake up as they were dumped off the turnip truck? Why all the fuss over bribery?

What else did the opinion writer have to say? “My second worry is that the number of bribery cases suggests that many wealthy Americans perceive higher education to be an ethics-free, law-free zone where the only restraint on your behavior is whatever you can get away with.”

Oh, shucks! It isn’t? Since when? The Left, through the power of the infiltration of the Jesuits into every facet of our lives, including education, controls every aspect of who gets into the universities that do the brainwashing necessary to perpetuate the evil that rules. More on this in a moment.

“Like most of us, I draw a distinction between laws we are expected to follow, and laws we aren’t.”

And where does the hypocrisy lie? Isn’t this part of the moral decay of a society that “draw[s] a distinction between laws we are expected to follow and laws we aren’t?” What, therefore, is the purpose of instituting laws to begin with. If society deems that only those laws that apply to their social culture should be obeyed (progressivism), then why are we, in our own hypocritical immorality finding unbelievability in the fact that bribing is a mainstay of American culture?

“They take [those involved in the scandal] its governing rules as optional and conditional, depending on convenience, much as we do many speed-limit signs.”

Again, I ask, since when is it a shock that “governing rules” are viewed as “optional and conditional?” The U.S. Government lives in that realm in their entire existence. We might sputter and carry on but we tolerate it, probably because that is the way we would prefer to live. Rules are for everybody else…right?

“These inegalitarian results are tolerated, even engineered, by the very same American institutions that pride themselves on their supposedly egalitarian values.”

AMEN! Once again I have to ask if this is, in fact, the common theme within our manufactured, immoral, in your face, decadent and perverse culture?

I may be critical of the hypocrisy, and also the hypocrisy of hypocrisy, but I’m not suggesting, because somehow those who are as guilty as those wanting to cast the first stones, seem to be gasping at this “illegal” behavior, it is somehow right and should be overlooked. On the contrary. Until such time as a society can go back and find Truth from their Creator, prepare for much worse – “Strong Delusion.”

In a society that finds that murdering babies up until the day they are born acceptable, why then are we spending so much time focusing on bribery as though it was some new phenomenon; a sin greater than murder?

Perhaps there is more to this bribery “scandal” than most know…or want to know. Nothing is ever what it seems. Certainly some of you have learned that over the years.

The Global Power Structure must ensure that they manufacture their leaders of the future. Because the Jesuits, the Society of Jesus, the military arm of the Vatican, controls every level of our education establishments, it is necessary for them to guarantee that sought-after candidates (those easy to brainwash) are given a seat in the universities of their (the Vatican’s) choosing. Because the Jesuits control every aspect of our lives, this will include representation in sports, wealth, politics, teaching, news reporting, etc. etc. etc. With this knowledge, one must ask who is really behind this so-called “bribery scandal” and is the Media’s insistence on embellishing a fake crisis all just part of the scam?

What’s in your wallet?


As In The Days of Noah

To even those who study the Bible from one end to the other, they do not know when Yeshua (CHRIST) will return again. Many parables were spoken but no date was ever given of this coming event.

In Matthew 24:37-39 (1599 Geneva Bible) we read: “37 But as the days of Noah were, so likewise shall the coming of the Son of man be.

38 For as in the days before the flood, they did eat and drink, marry, and give in marriage, unto the day that Noah entered into the Ark,

39 And knew nothing, till the flood came, and took them all away, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.

This passage of Scripture really doesn’t tell us much about how things were “as in the days of Noah.”

Much research can reveal some ideas of just how bad things were at the time of Noah (preceding the flood) that Yahweh (GOD) would opt to destroy everything on the earth with the exception of Noah and his seed.

Studying the Complete Book of Enoch, Dr. Jay Winter (ebook), in Chapter Three, “Fallen Angels,” we read information that might give us a better idea of what life was like “as in the days of Noah.”

According to Enoch, a group of 200 angels banded together in Heaven and swore an oath to go to Earth and take wives from the human decedents of Adam. This “Great Sin” resulted in the birth of children who became “giants.”

Genesis 6:4, 1599 Geneva Bible reads: There were giants in the earth in those days: yea, and after that the sons of God came unto the daughters of men, and they had borne them children, these were mighty men, which in old time were men of renown.”

Enoch says these “giants” were 3000 ells tall. According to Google Search a “Biblical ell” is the same as a cubit. A cubit is described as being the approximate length of a man’s arm from his elbow to the tip of his middle finger (perhaps 18 inches.” 3000 ells would equal approximately 4,500 feet. This is difficult to fathom. (The World Trade Center, by comparison, is 1,268 feet.)

The Book of Enoch tells us that these giants, “…consumed all the acquisitions of men…and when men could no longer sustain them, the giants turned against them and devoured mankind.”

In addition, the giants “began to sin against birds, and beasts, and reptiles, and fish, and to devour one another’s flesh, and drink the blood.”

Have you ever wondered how men figured certain things out, if they actually did? For example, which plants to eat and which ones did what to you when you did eat it? Or how about how to extract iron from the ground to make things, or about valuable gems and minerals?

Enoch tells us that “as in the days of Noah,” the giants, “…taught men to make swords, and knives, and shields, and breastplates, and made known to them the metals of the earth and the art of working them, and bracelets, and ornaments, and the use of antimony, and the beautifying of the eyelids, and all kinds of costly stones, and all coloring tinctures.”

We further read, “And there arose much godlessness, and they committed fornication, and they were led astray (the people), and became corrupt in all their ways.

The leaders of tens of the Fallen Angels taught the people certain things. “Semjaza taught enchantments and root-cuttings, Aramaros the resolving of enchantments, Baraqijal taught astrology, Kokabel the constellations, Ezeqeel the knowledge of the clouds, Araqiel the signs of the earth, Shamsiel the signs of the sun, and Sariel the course of the moon.”

The higher angels in Heaven saw what was happening and heard the cries of those people being tormented by the Giants. They spoke with Yahweh and told of some of the things that were going on: [The Fallen Angels] “…hath taught all unrighteousness on earth and revealed the eternal secrets which were in heaven, which men were striving to learn…And they have gone to the daughters of men…and have slept with the women, and have defiled themselves, and revealed to them all kinds of sins. And the women have borne giants, and the whole earth has thereby been filled with blood and unrighteousness.”

With the exceptions of the fact that there are no 4,500-foot giants controlling all things and teaching everyone about all the sins, those “giants” are present today with much power to teach and cause all manner of sin. These powerful may not be 4,500 feet tall but nonetheless they rule over everyone causing all of the same kinds of sin as we saw “as in the days of Noah.”

If the Messiah said he would return when things were “as in the days of Noah,” certainly one has to realize that we are living today much as life was before Yahweh called upon Noah to build an ark to save him and his seed.

Some see it and some don’t. As in the days of Noah, those who saw the evil, cried out to Yahweh and he answered their call.

Call out to Yahweh. Call out loud and without seizing.


Hermaphrodite Of Licentious Liberty Melting

Scorpion Stinger Flame Still Burning Bright…


It’s A Bad Bad Bad Bad World

There’s a scorpion stinger right there on the globe earth, there is the stinger there’s the tail the tail wraps around the Scorpions body there are the legs and there is the claw of the scorpion and this guy at the head of the crowd that makes up the scorpion that’s running away, he is right in the claw that’s grabbing him and he’s running after the hugest distraction that is fake money that buys everything shiny that gleams in the human eye..It’s a mad mad mad mad world system.. Holly-Rude has been mocking the world with cleverly hidden truths for decades.. This of course is in relation to Rev. 9.. The Locusts with Scorpion tales coming out of the pit..

Thank You Lord Almighty for this message…

This Lawless Nation

It baffles a sane mind to see this nation becoming completely lawless. But oh, you might say. Listen to all the “Law Makers” creating more and more laws, which, we once would be accurate in determining that such actions actually contributed to the destruction of rights and liberty.

It has taken much study, research, and prayer to gain the knowledge and wisdom to understand that there is a difference between making laws thought to be a means of controlling a people, whether necessary or for sinister reasons, and going about our every day in a lawless fashion. There is less and less an inward desire toward respect of persons or the laws, meant to curb chaos, confusion, and disorder.

We do mirror the actions of those who have power over us. It is our sinful nature. Why do children grow up to have so many of the same actions and attitudes as their parents or guardians? Why do sports teams, whether hometown activities, amateur, or professional sports athletes, copy the behavior of their coach or coaches? And doesn’t this same emulation, one of programmed desire, occur with the masses of people seeking to be the same and act the same as the corrupt politicians and lawmakers who, in their complete misunderstood existence, provide for the “Bread and Circuses” that create the existence of willing submission and slavery?

Then again, perhaps it’s as simple as the nation is becoming more lawless because there are too many people – too many that can’t be controlled by the police state all the time and thus are willing to take the risk of breaking the “laws” figuring they won’t get caught, if caught will not be stopped because of other diversions or bigger fish to fry, or that they can buy their way out of any real prosecution. (copy our leaders)

Regardless, while we are mostly subjected to only the “big” headline-making news, small crimes, a product of a growing, out-of-control- society are growing in intensity.

Take for example what I witnessed yesterday – the day of “Satan Clause.”

I traveled north of where I am now to share a holiday dinner with friends and family. On the return trip home, I was traveling on a major highway. I reached a section of this highway, where it began to enter to larger metropolitan area and the highway began to shrink in size down to two travel lanes and in the center of the highway a near continuous turning lane (or at least a turning lane is what I had come to once believe it was. It’s purpose to move vehicles wishing to turn left across traffic out of the travel lanes to keep traffic moving creating fewer traffic jams.)

I don’t like to drive at high speeds anymore – not that I really ever have in my history of driving. However, sometimes I am forced (meaning it’s a safer decision) to drive higher than the speed limit in an attempt to keep irate drivers from getting so pissed off they begin to put other’s lives in danger.

The posted speed limit was 40 mph. I was traveling at 45 mph, not necessarily keeping up with the traffic in front of me. I looked in my rearview mirrors and could see a steady flow of cars passing traffic in the so-called turning lane. Most of these cars were whizzing by me at 55 or maybe 60 mph.

It mattered not to these careless and lawless drivers whether there was clear and ample sight-vision to conduct any resemblance of a “safe” pass. They, in their programmed minds, had someplace to go and the way they drove and behaved, certainly they must have needed to get there “right friggin NOW!”

Small potatoes some or many would say, but is it more? Isn’t it more of a symptom of a bigger issue that is at the bottom of the proverbial kettle that, as it boils, will come to the surface and eventually boil over?

In Proverbs, Solomon wrote: “Where there is no vision, the people decay: But he that keepeth the law is blessed.” – 1599 Geneva Bible Chapter 29, verse 18.

Yahweh’s Scripture in the context of what is provided, pertains to a people ruled by unfaithful ministers of the Word of Yahweh. The 1599 Geneva interpretation chooses to replace King James’ use of the word “perish” with “decay” – perhaps a more precise description.

If we could but only see (let those with eyes see) the missing moral and Scriptural leadership, void of the right vision and lacking the example of leading by the Word of God. Instead they have chosen to lead by the words of men, and thus we see the decay – eventually the perishing.

As the pot boils, it would be my prayer that more people would slow down, look for the leadership by example of Yahweh’s Word, and to have their eyes opened to the lawlessness and Spiritual emptiness that is guiding them; that they will seek Yahweh for answers and not the empty, meaningless words of men.


Isaiah 52:5

Isaiah 52:5 1599 Geneva Bible (GNV)

Now therefore what have I here, saith the Lord, that my people is taken away for naught, and they that rule over them, make them to howl, saith the Lord? and my Name{and my followers} all the day continually is [a]blasphemed?[with taunting and mockery of salvation]

The world system and it’s lies are the mockery, and those managing that system who know the real story hide the key to eternal salvation and mock those who are lost in strong delusional distraction.. They are doing this because there is no salvation for them as their crimes against the LORD GOD YHWH are unforgivable.. They die with this world system.. All the news, all the entertainment, the scientism, all of the political left right THEATRICS are mockery.. They’ve formulated a monstrous illusion and they laugh at those lost in that illusion..


  1. Isaiah 52:5 To wit, by the wicked, which think that I have no power to deliver them.

“I have said, Ye are gods, and ye all are children of the most High. But ye shall die as a man, and ye princes shall fall like others.”

Psalm 82 1599 Geneva Bible (GNV){{All Churches and all English Bibles have taught us all a terrible lie}}

82 1 The Prophet declaring God to be present among the Judges and Magistrates,?2 Reproveth their partiality.?3 And exhorteth them to do justice.?5 But seeing none amendment,?8 He desireth God to undertake the matter and execute justice himself.

A Psalm committeth to Aspah.

God standeth in the assembly of [a]gods: he judgeth among gods.

How long will ye judge unjustly, and accept the persons of the [b]wicked? Selah.

Do right to the poor and fatherless: do justice to the poor and needy.

Deliver the poor and [c]needy: save them from the hand of the wicked.

They know not and understand nothing: they walk in darkness, albeit all the [d]foundations of the earth be moved.

I have said, Ye are gods, and ye all are children of the most High.

[e]But ye shall die as a man, and ye princes shall fall like others.

O God, arise, therefore judge thou the earth: for thou shalt inherit [f]all nations.


  1. Psalm 82:1 The Prophet showeth that if princes and judges do not their duty, God whose authority is above them, will take vengeance on them.
  2. Psalm 82:2 For thieves and murderers find favor in judgment, when the cause of the godly cannot be heard.
  3. Psalm 82:4 Not only when they cry for help, but when their cause requireth aid and support.
  4. Psalm 82:5 That is, all things are out of order either by their tyranny or careless negligence.
  5. Psalm 82:7 No title of honor shall excuse you, but you shall be subject to God’s judgment, and render account as well as other men.
  6. Psalm 82:8 Therefore no tyrant shall pluck thy right and authority from thee.