September 24, 2016

Go Ahead! Make My Day!

How Much “Sacrifice” of “Liberties” is Too Much?

*Editor’s Note* – This is another example of the revelation to fascists and totalitarians as to the willingness to cede rights that some clown deems reasonable. I’ve written before that Maine’s Question 3 is, in fact, a referendum by the gun stealing lobby to determine how much Mainer’s are willing to give up, in order […]

Question 3 And Collateral Damage – It’s Real

Many say that the newly-passed gun control law in Oregon is a clone to the one fascist Michael Bloomberg is trying to buy in Maine with his Question 3 referendum. Blind followers refuse or don’t care the real implications of such a draconian law, and to somehow justify their positions they simply deny any suggestion […]

Restraining Order

If Someone Killed My Son, How Would I Feel?

Among the dense forest of facts, lies, opinions, propaganda, brainwashing, ideology, nonsense, ignorance and anything else that’s worthless, comes an opinion piece published in a Maine newspaper in which the author asks, “If there was only one firearm-related murder in Maine this year, and it was your son, how would you feel?” That’s very easy […]

Question 3: Don’t Be An Asshat!

*Editor’s Note* – It’s just in the genetic makeup of some people. To say Maine’s Question 3 three “doesn’t touch the Second Amendment” is akin to telling the guy who just had his tongue cut out, he didn’t have his freedom of speech “touched.” I think I know someone who’s touched. “Question 3 satisfies the […]

Doh! Because We Live in a Police State

“It’s too bad that an law enforcement agency has decided to get involved in that debate,” alliance Executive Director David Trahan said. “It’s going to be an enforcement nightmare … so I’m surprised that they would weigh in and support that.” Trahan contended that the proposed law is ill designed would place undue burden on […]

Black Rifles Matter Insanity Won’t Stop

  The insanity continues over “black.” I guess if you want to be an idiot, a moron, or get cramps in your butt, one excuse is as good as any other. And, so, I’ll repeat the old-timers’ saying from years ago: A man wanted to borrow his neighbor’s ax. When he asked him to borrow […]

The World’s Insanity Strongly Revealed in Boothbay Harbor, Maine

Back in August I posted on this website a photograph of a hand-made sign displayed, legally, on a person’s front lawn in Boothbay Harbor, Maine. Here’s the photo: It appears as though one Maine newspaper decided they would write a story about how the sign is racist. Upon further review, i.e. reading the article and […]

A Worthless Statement for Those Who Refuse God

Frederick Bastiat: Introduced the Parable of the Broken Window. Essentially the Broken Window parable claims that it is not beneficial to anyone to expend money and resources to fix a broken window, while claiming to have created jobs and generally being a boost to a local economy. In other words, spending money to recover from […]