August 3, 2015

Win for sheep ranchers in ongoing litigation

A federal judge has spared a Montana ranching family from removing 8,000 head of sheep from their federal range this summer. This is one piece of good news for the Helle family—but the lawsuit by an anti-grazing group is not over.,News

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Concealed Carry Permit Holders Across the United States by John R. Lott, John E Whitley, Rebekah C. Riley :: SSRN

Since President Obama’s election the number of concealed handgun permits has soared, growing from 4.6 million in 2007 to over 12.8 million this year. Among the

Source: Concealed Carry Permit Holders Across the United States by John R. Lott, John E Whitley, Rebekah C. Riley :: SSRN

Forced Vaccines: 21 Century Cure Act

Bank Robbers and USFWS

*Editor’s Note* – Below is a continuation of the letters and emails being sent by Jet Ferebee concerning the illegal introduction of fake red wolves (mongrel hybrids) onto private property; an illegal act and one in which the North Carolina fish and game has resolved and instructed the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to remove those wolves from private property.

The question in my mind becomes obvious. If, as is indicated, USFWS Director Ashe has halted mongrel introduction and if there is actually an investigation, realistically, what can and will be done?

I’m reminded of a lower court ruling of Wyoming Farm Bureau v. Babbitt. Back shortly after Federal criminals illegally introduced gray wolves into the Northern Rocky Mountains “Distinct Population Segment,” a “Non Essential Experimental” population of wolves, initially the court ruled the introduction violated the Endangered Species Act and ordered wolves removed. But of course, we operate within a rigged system and a simple appeal solved the problem and allowed the illegal introduction to stand and no criminal charges have ever been brought, as they should be.

There is a decided difference – at least as I see it – in the fake red wolf illegal introduction. It appears that Ferebee has vetted lots of information, some of which is provided below, that shows that the USFWS admittedly introduced fake mongrel wolves onto private land – a violation of the ESA and the Final Rules of the Federal Register.

But within a rigged system, will that matter any? More than likely not. The United States Federal Government, seemingly at every level, has undertaken criminal activities with absolutely no checks and balances or rule of law. It is prevalent in the White House, why then, would it not be prevalent in dealing with mongrel wild dogs forced illegally onto private property?

My hats off to Ferebee for his hard work and persistence, however, I think, short of a miracle, Ferebee might be in for a disappointment. In addition to his written proof that USFWS illegally introduced fake red wolves, the North Carolina government wants those wolves removed. Any bets as to who wins out in that battle? Ultimately the courts will decide and we know the Courts are part of a rigged system. Environmentalism will win out – it always does.

The point to all of this, is the hope that readers might just begin to open their eyes enough to see what is actually before them. Our government is operating as a criminal enterprise; like a gang of thugs, trampling over rights and the rule of law.

Please understand this and speak up about it, for surely our destruction is at hand.

Director Ashe,

Your news release on June 30th, “Service Halts Red Wolf Reintroductions Pending Examination of Recovery Program”, was a step in the right direction and I sincerely thank you. In your news release, it was stated that USFWS would also strictly operate the Red Wolf Recovery Program within the Federal rules for this nonessential experimental program.

With this in mind, do you remember your Solicitor’s letter?


And do you remember the resolution from our State’s NCWRC?

As Director of USFWS, what is your immediate action plan to remove these illegal “wolves”?

For USFWS to ignore our North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission and not remove these illegal “wolves” is certainly not in keeping with your most recent commitment to strictly follow your own Federal rules. You are also certainly not regaining any trust by continuing to make more empty promises to the citizens of North Carolina.

As a matter of fact, this would be akin to a bank robber finally getting caught and then telling the judge he will not rob any more banks, but he fully intends to keep the money he has stolen so far.

The citizens of North Carolina await your response and action plan for the immediate removal of these illegal “wolves” in keeping with your commitment to operate within the Federal rules for this program.

Jett Ferebee

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Forced Veganism: That World HAS Gone Mad

No wonder people like Obama want all Americans to go to college, regardless of whether they can afford it or it makes any sense for them personally or professionally. The leftist brainwashing taking place on college campuses is beyond anything you will see even from the media. Beliefs and attitudes are being installed by people like Professor Steven Best of the University of Texas at El Paso, whom the Chronicle of Higher Education describes as “one of the leading scholarly voices on animal rights.”

Source: Moonbattery » Professor’s Manifesto Calls for Terrorism to Impose Vegan “Abolitionism”

Grizzly bears, wolves killing cattle in western Wyoming

JACKSON, Wyo. (AP) — It hasn’t taken long for grizzly bears and wolves to start taking a toll on livestock this summer in the Upper Green River drainage in western

Source: Grizzly bears, wolves killing cattle in western Wyoming

Group asks Acadia National Park to ban bottled water sales

*Editor’s Note* – The United States has become obsessed with banning anything and everything that people have been brainwashed to believe is a bad thing. Of course the downside of this, never realized by those seeking to ban everything, is what it is doing to destroy the freedoms of others as well as themselves. It is dumber than dumb.

Perhaps it is time to ban, banning! Now that’s funny!

BAR HARBOR, Maine — Citing the impact that disposable water bottles can have on the environment, an advocacy group is petitioning Acadia National Park to ban the sale of bottled water at concession sites in the park. The group, Think Outside the Bottle, has the support of College of the […]

Source: Group asks Acadia National Park to ban bottled water sales — Hancock — Bangor Daily News — BDN Maine

Maine: Governor LePage Signs NRA-Backed Bill for Permitless Carry

Constitutional/Permitless Carry legislation, Legislative Document 652, was signed into law today, July 8, by Governor Paul LePage.<<<Read More>>>

Governor Hassan vetoes women’s rights. Allows discrimination to continue

*Editor’s Note* – Self protection, i.e. the right to be able to defend oneself from violent-seeking subhumans, is but one aspect of fighting the fascist lovers who feel empowered to take away everyone’s rights, including those rights given to me by God at birth. Government is not my god, neither is any man or religious leader.

In a brief discussion with a person recently concerning Second Amendment issues, I was asked what I was afraid of that I NEEDED to carry or own a gun? I laughed because it showed the ignorance about rights. A right is something that ALL people should enjoy without other idiots asking what am I afraid of and thus I shouldn’t enjoy and exercise any of my God-given rights.

I don’t NEED to own or carry a gun. I CHOOSE to own and/or carry a gun. The key here is that because I am a man I have the right to make my own decision, not some fascist, totalitarian who finds no value in God’s gift of freedom.

When Justice Scalia wrongly stated all rights come with limits, he left wide open the door to embolden fascists, like the New Hampshire governor, to place limits on my rights. Scalia, even though he might think otherwise, is NOT God. He is, in his own mind, a gOD.

Today Governor Maggie Hassan vetoed Senate Bill 116 aka Constitutional Carry.

Source: Governor Hassan vetoes women’s rights. Allows discrimination to continue – Manchester Political Buzz |

2 states to see final push for constitutional carry this week

*Editor’s Note* – Below is a statement taken from the linked-to article. It is absolute and utter nonsense. We should not keep allowing these lying idiots to keep spreading horse manure like this.

“LD 652 eliminates an important tool that law enforcement uses to prevent dangerous people from carrying concealed, loaded weapons in public,” said retired Chief Bob Schwartz (Ret.), Executive Director of the Maine Chiefs of Police Association in a statement. “By passing this bill, the Maine legislature has put politics ahead of the public safety of Maine’s citizens, and the police officers who put their lives on the line every day to keep our communities safe.”

Source: 2 states to see final push for constitutional carry this week