May 6, 2016

National Shooting Sports Foundation Supports Gun Control

President Obama has announced his intention to mandate so-called “Smart Gun” technology – to render guns useless except to some previously identified user via finger print or other technology. Make no mistake about it, Obama’s “Smart Gun” mandate is nothing more than another incremental step toward complete registration of guns, control over the Second Amendment, […]

The Flam-Flam of Designating Critical Habitat?

If the Department of Interior(DOI)/U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service(USFWS) is given complete discretion over designating critical habitat for Threatened or Endangered Species, who will this act benefit? We see below the summary of what has been published in the Federal Register, by the USFWS, where they change their mind about designating critical habitat for the northern […]

No New Nation State Shall Succeed – All Will Fall

  The CONstitution, Bill Of Rights, and The Declaration Of Independence all written by Jesuits, proving the Jesuit Order founded ameriKa (Carroll’s, Calverts, Washington) Not Bible believers ! And in setting these corporate ideologies up they used the LAW OF NATIONS, which they own as well.. Masonic Vattel was subservient to The Pope.. American researcher […]

Everything Free….With One Exception

Maine Supreme Court Decision Against HSUS Not Necessarily a Victory for Sportsmen

Maine sportsmen shouldn’t go off half cocked and with swelled chests believing that the decision by the Maine Supreme Court to uphold Superior Court Justice Joyce Wheeler’s ruling that a lawsuit, filed by Katie Hansberry and the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), declared “moot,” was some kind of major victory for sportsmen. The […]

Tragedy And Hope 101

Why There is Hatred Among Us

It’s time to move on. It’s time to gain understanding. But nobody will because they have been crafted as mindless followers, True Believers of anything told that sounds good. Oh, my! Below is a video. It’s filled with information – some good, some bad, but mostly purpose-driven. It begins as a support of Donald Trump. […]

Patrick Henry, Powers of a King Speech June 7, 1788

I have thought, and still think, that a full investigation of the actual situation of America ought to precede any decision of this great and important question. That Government is no more than a choice among evils, is acknowledged by the most intelligent among mankind, and has been a standing maxim for ages. If it […]

Line Up For Your Own Money to Compensate for Wolf Losses Along with Destruction of Food Sources

*Editor’s Note* – People cannot and will not see the evil that is behind this action. Non thinkers, programmed by government, for government, will ignorantly think I have something against ranchers being compensated for livestock losses due to wolves. I don’t and readers who have followed me realize I will support what rights a property […]

Gov. LePage’s Attempt to Block Quimby “Monument” Ends in Fluff With No Puff

Some used to think we lived in a democracy, of which they also considered a good thing. No longer and it was never good and only slightly better than an oligarchy, dictatorship, etc. It is quite clear from events in Maine that the people aren’t interested in another useless national park, one that, if established, […]