March 22, 2017

Will The Synagogue Of Satan Mock With Truth?

Of course they will. Is Skiba Hall? I don’t know. Is he a Freemason playing a role? I suspect so. I’ve looked at this guy for quite some time and I like what he’s doing but I also don’t trust him. The Prophecy Club with Tom Horn and Steve Quayle I don’t trust at all.. […]

Babylon Rising

Donald Trump’s Spiritual Advisor

To Pastors Against Flat Earth

Leonardo DiCaprio Is A Complete Idiot

DiCaprio has always been to feminine for me..  I think he’s a pussy in real life.. And as Paul Watson shows DiCaprio is a hypocrite..  

Space The Final Frontier Where Mars Is In New Mexico And Canada


The Goat God King Of The Dorks

  Fascinating. The Evil GOAT God Is Rising… The War For Morder is simply a perverted Biblical take off of the Baphomet Goat god making another attempt at world domination other wise known as the Great Tribulation or the worst time in mankinds concluding history.. Tolkien was a Roman Catholic.. I don’t know if he […]

“Lady” Gaga {Gag} A Fitting Name For A Tranny


Is The Spinning Globe Model The Strong Delusion?

Dear Reader Did You Drool Over A Tranny?

What is the Baphomet? Their gOd is a Hermaphrodite.. ITS THEIR RELIGION! Baphomet penis with boobs they have to pervert/corrupt body so the demonic spirits can inhabit it. Demons cannot fully dwell in a normal man or woman body MADE IN THE IMAGE OF GOD. They  need one made in the image of inversion/perversion/deception.. Huedman-woman.. […]