August 19, 2019

Appollyon Mission Lands On Nimrods Penis

The Apollo-yon mission deception projected on the Washington D.C. Monumental Nimrod Penis. Apollyon is the messenger from the pit messaging it’s servants. Heliocentric-ism is the world systems religion. Kabbala Talmud mental disease..These lying Nimrods just won’t quit lying..


Monarchy and the American Founding


To The Ones I Count on One Hand


Poor Kato In All the World’s a Stage


Locust Nugent is an ACT..

Nugent should be in prison along with tRump and Epstein.. For acting.. Because it’s all an act.. The Epstein character is finally being killed off. The actor playing that role will move into other roles.. Same with Trump..

Noted conservationist, social crusader, and clairvoyant, Ted Nugent is an Actor playing multiple roles..

And they have fooled the leftists and the rightists.. Thats some pretty good acting… OR the leftists and the rightists really are as dumbed down and ignorant as they seem to be…

Demonically influenced but then the sad atheists will never comprehend that… It’s not talent, it’s demons… BeingDemonstrative through their human host puppets…

It’s mockery.. Via demonically influenced demonstration, acting..

The left right paradigm is an ACT.. It’s really SAD observing somewhat intelligent people being completely FOOLED by these ACTORS..


Hailey Idaho Making More Human Behavior/Action Illegal

Support the city of Hailey Idaho which has a new police enforcement plan that is expected to generate an increase of $50,000 annually in court fines which will hopefully help the city cover 2020s increased expenses. Source, the weekly SUN-July 10-16-2019 Be sure and tell the magistrates you’re being patriotic and supportive of your community because they need the money… See crime does pay. Make everything a crime to help collect more revenue.


Use of Satan’s Weapon of Mass Destruction Grows Horns?

Let’s laugh for a second and then take this seriously for much longer. For whatever the reasons, centuries of image portrayals of Satan seem to always reveal “horns” growing from his head. I’ve never seen Satan (at least the real one, that I am aware of) and I doubt, from what I have read and researched, that Satan is in a fleshly form like you and I, although one day (Soon?) when released from locks and chain in the Bottomless Pit, we will see him as a fleshly image claiming to be God. I still doubt that he/she/it will have horns…but you never know.

Cell phones, tablets and the like are Satan’s weapons of mass destruction. As of this time in history, no other item has caused more destruction to our spiritual existence (and fleshly existence) than cell phones. Deny it if you wish. It doesn’t matter. We are all addicted – by design – and do not have the desire or the willpower if we did, to remove this destruction from our lives.

Perhaps there is a message to be sent and learned from a story out of Australia where supposedly it has been discovered that X-rays taken of people between the ages of 18 and 30, showed “horn-like” skull growths forming at the back of their heads.

If we are going to willingly allow Satan’s technology to control our lives, then why not begin to look like that horned devil?

Okay! So, the laugh is over. Seriously, you are what you eat, as the saying goes. Run as fast as you can away from Satan’s technology and seek the Word of God Almighty. You’ll be glad you did.


Cesare Borgia The Cup of Poison


“St. Peter’s” Alter Is A Dead Sheep


Dizzy Witches Casting Myths And Spells From These Lands