June 19, 2018

Globe vs Flat Earth Debate


Change The Term Plane For the Term Corporation When Listening To Hicks

Hi-jacking privately owned corporations doesn’t work either… And it never will….


Bob Fanning For President

Political charters for centuries have been instruments for the creation of corporate countries. Given an understanding of the nature of Chartered, contractual, compacts constitutions, it becomes clear as to why the following can be seen to make sense.. 28 U.S. Code § 3002 – Definitions
(15) “United States” means—
(A) a Federal corporation;
(B) an agency, department, commission, board, or other entity of the United States; or
(C) an instrumentality of the United States.
In the phrase given as, ‘of the United States’, what is the United States ?
(A) a Federal corporation

In control of all corporations federal or private which have been created using the same corporate model as the Federal Corporation..

It’s all business..

“All countries throughout history have been and still are, of necessity, personally owned private corporations created from personally owned ‘copywritten’ private political charters (constitutions), and that the governments and political assemblies, for example, parliaments and congresses, created under the authority of those constitutions, are mere agents to the owners of corporate countries. As an owner to a constitution, you are within your rights to by-pass your representative political governments and your political assemblies.”—Thereisnodebt

So obviously the citizenry are not the owners deciding what their private corporation does with it’s vast properties..

Countries are therefore, The Great Trading Corporations of their Owners
Read under the title heading, §6. The Great Trading Corporations, on page 7 of,
A treatise on the law of private corporations
by Elliott, Charles B. (Charles Burke), 1861-1935; Abbott, Howard S. (Howard Strickland), 1864-1944
Published 1911

Better yet, each state government is a privately owned corporation, a replica of the federal corporation.. A simple way to look at the fifty states, estates, is as if one is observing a fifty unit corporation complex.. And each unit has a manager with an administration, a staff helping the manager manage the estate..

One of these corporations objectives all along has been to create a mystery, a mythical concept of ownership, to cause confusion, to eliminate any and all challenges to its claims of title and authority over all resources within it’s boundaries.. Including those of you still foolish enough to recognize yourselves as property, human resources property.. Which has to be owned by someone and or some instrument of corporation that someone has created..

Dear citizens; Please show title.. Or face up to the fact that you have been conned..

Ok… back to fixing a business model that was never and will never be yours to do with what you want…Meanwhile our resource wages have been dramatically cut, and the real owners are still making cuts.. Less wood, less meat, less land, less economic opportunity..

I’ll be around when you various levels of Federal Employees both public and private finally comprehend what it is you’re actually up against…

Until then;

Enjoy the delusion…


Fake Science, Fake Experts, Fake History, Fake News, Fake Medicine, Might As Well Have Fake Food

It’s a fake fake fake fake world;


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All The WORLD’S a Stage Where Masonic ACTORS Play Their Parts

Bashar Al-Assad seen below with his Masonic golden necklace (Maltese Cross) symbolizing that he’s part of the Masonic International Brotherhood – Knighted Knights of Malta. You can also trace his family background. Along with Donald Trump, George Bush, Barack Obama, Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong Un, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and all Zionist political parties of the world that are all members of the Masonic Brotherhood, which are playing Hegelian Dialectic roles. Thesis, Antithesis, Synthesis! Confucius say: Signs and Symbols Rule The World Not Words and termed Legalese..

Edward Bernays author of Propaganda believed that society could not be trusted to make rational and informed decisions on their own, and that guiding public opinion was essential within a democratic society. In other words, for a society to function properly it was essential to remove the democratic aspects of that society.

Edward Bernays formulated the term “spin” to describe his techniques of emotional manipulation. When something is spun – it is twisted. It is twisted Newspeak using double speak, reverse language trickery to insure that a society stripped of it’s democratic aspects merely appears to be a democracy. This is exactly what the Public Relations Regime established by Bernays has accomplished in maintaining the fiction that the US is a functioning republic/democracy.There is a lot of history that leads up to all wars and especially the war on terrorism. If one is to truly grasp what these war “events” means in context, understanding that there is no government as the public perceives due to Ministry of Truth deceptions. What there is, is a masonic society making war upon all mankind outside of their own little orders.. Preservation of their power while they take everything this earth has to offer for themselves as their own property, including all human resources not of their own Legal bloodlines..

“The Government” is a stage play scripted by the Public Relations Regime.

They’re all on the same team, team fraud..