January 24, 2020

The Convenient Evolution

Evolution is a convenience and evolution is a quick-fitting answer to things not liked. For the evolutionist, Evolution answers all convenient questions, the difficult ones get blamed on man, like global warming. Most evolutionists readily accept natural regulation but then, like we read below, “if you want to make the world a better place, you have a much better chance if you have a sophisticated knowledge of evolution.” By the guidelines of Evolution isn’t natural regulation the Nirvana the worshipers think they seek? And yet, using Evolution as the excuse, man, who is most often the cause, must be enlightened into a sophisticated world of evolutionary knowledge (scientism) in order to change the natural to something that an evolutionist will call “a better place,” i.e. the unnatural.

Most of us know that evolution within a normal scientific realm exists otherwise nothing would survive. Because all thing of “nature” are ever changing, it only makes sense that everything that lives within that existence of nature evolves and adapts. Evolution (capital “E”) is quite a different story. However, it is capable of placing unlimited amounts of money into the pockets of those bright enough to pull the wool over the eyes of the masses.

Evolution is a remarkable thing to those that require it to be so. And yet, it’s not so remarkable when it becomes convenient and profitable.

“We need evolution to understand ourselves and the policies that we form, and we need evolution to understand the natural world we are trying to manage in a sustainable fashion,” Wilson said. “If you want to make the world a better place, you have a much better chance if you have a sophisticated knowledge of evolution.”

Most people think that evolution is a very slow process, that it is basically standing still, Wilson said. But the speed at which creatures and cultures evolve is actually quite quick, he said.

“One of the things we’ve learned over the last few decades is that…evolution is a fast process, and it basically takes place on ecological time scales. So, your white-tailed deer today, your cod today, your lobster today, are not the same as their counterparts even five or ten years ago. That’s how fast evolution is taking place,” Wilson said. “So that means if you want to be an ecologist, you need to also think of evolution as an ongoing process.”<<<Read More>>>



Astronauts Nots Gone Wild


Rockefeller’s Zika

Rockefeller Foundation discovered the Zika virus in 1947, in monkeys from the Zika forest in Uganda.  The virus was patented and the first case of Zika was in 1954.  It symptoms; a very mild form of disease involving low fever, sore body, headaches, and a mild rash in very few people.

Experts in the field of genetics observed something very curious. The Zika virus had currently emerge exactly from those areas where the GM mosquitoes were released in 2015 to contain the dengue! The mosquitoes were released by a company called Oxitech in collaboration with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF). Could one virus have been replaced with another?

full story at GreenMedinfo


The Earth Is Not A Ball




An epigenome consists of a record of the chemical changes to the DNA and histone proteins of an organism; these changes can be passed down to an organism’s offspring via transgenerational epigenetic inheritance. Changes to the epigenome can result in changes to the structure of chromatin and changes to the function of the genome.  (wikipedia)


In the “2015 Lubbock Conference Session 4:  Rob Sibka – Nephilim Genetics and the Rise of the X-Men” video, changes in genes via the epigenome are explained in short detail neat the time-frame of 104 minutes.




The Copernican Principle; Darwin’s Trojan Horse


The Global Lie


Such a Legalese Web They Weave

The Document, “Federal Public Land and Resources Law” never states that the u.s. citizens own the federal public lands nor the resources. Obviously if a corporate entity is going to establish such a document the corporate owners are establishing via precedent that the corporate owners own the lands and resources. The only connection to the land for the subjects is multiple use privileges. Subjects are shareholders, stakeholders in multiple use. The clever owners have the subjects fighting over the multiple use because they want that use ended permanently. Best way to do that is to get the subjects to end it. And they are.  Who is the “owner”, well for the satanists the owner is the corporate entity called the Vatican via their ownership rights of National and International Law and Elements of Ecclesiastical Law. The King, or Caesar, His Holiness the Pope. They own it.  They have owned the u.s. corporation from the beginning. The Holy Trinity mentioned in the Paris Agreement of 1783 is, the Pope, The King of England, and the Managers of the Londinium Banking Cartel, the Rothschilds, the managers of the Vatican Wealth. Mystery Babylon. They own the private property as well. Don’t pay your property taxes and they will send their little uniformed slaves out to punish you by murdering you if you resist being removed from your home. You wanted a King and got one.  The real owner of the lands is the creator of the lands and all life. His rental fee was a lot better, recognize his law and HIM as the KING and you live here in your own homes free of charge. You just grow your food, share with your brothers and sisters. Your lands are well managed, your bountiful harvests are consistent.. Instead you have evil men reversing His law and using their law to benefit themselves as you all suffer.

I own the 1996 Case Supplement to Federal Public Land and Resources Law 3rd Edition. And the 4th through 6th editions. Guess what? We don’t own it.
I’ll probably get the 7th edition just to see how nasty the climate change legalese is. Thats right, even though they have NOT scientifically proven their CC=33 case they are steam rolling out Political hogwash while writing legalese to bust us with. They can likely condemn your home if it “pollutes” the natural environment by leaking hot air.. 











There is an old saying, You’d better know your enemy because if you don’t they will kick your ass all over the land..

Welcome to Mystery Babylon.. Where the air keeps getting thicker.. Or more expensive.. Can you afford it?


The Scientism Cult Exposed

People are so easily duped by Gnostic Patriot movement, environ-mentalist movement, pseudo scientism movement, as they trust controlled Masonic opposition movements. Agnostics duped by gnostics is the ultimate in moronic.  Been going on for decades. The false scientific reality paradigm is pushed by group think dynamics. Social engineering and the peer reviewed clergy..



The Religion of Pseudo Scientism – Faithful Followers Believe They Are Smart

Science does not normally proceed in an orderly fashion from truth to truth to truth.  Better to say it advances from error to correction to correction and in one such pseudo scientific theory of many the “scientific” case of don’t manage fluffy the wolf more corrections that are needed proving management is required are suppressed… Time to grow up you little scientismists.. Research findings in all fields of scientific study being found to be false are not uncommon in the world of pseudo sciences. You know, science fiction..The environ-mentalist movement thrives on pseudo science.. The movement has become the laughing stock of all movements, even more amusing than half baked conspiracy theorists singing out unproven criminal activity, intentionally of course as the RICO establishment with its constituted authority controls all alternative “truther” sites as it does controlled opposition environmentalist groupies.. Published research findings that turn out to be false are a common occurrence in peer reviewed science publishing, sometimes with serious consequences and resistance to correction.. Imagine that. Worse are the faithful followers of the published pseudo science.. They’ve proven they’re ready to go to war over the lies rather than work to correct them.. Ah, but then the bastardization of “science” by the fools might be serving its own purpose as some, very few mind you, can see they have been duped and are stepping back and reanalyzing their scientific faith. That being said the majority of the pseudo science crowd do have their eyes glazed over, insanity is sanity.. Oblivious Scientific Bliss..  The Dead Heads Society. Where Ph.D means genius..